Why Arsenal MUST NOT let Man City replace Nasri with Wilshere

I know that the Arsenal and England midfield star Jack Wilshere is not exactly flavour of the month with some Gooners, after another season hit by injury problems has seen the 23/year old manage just nine Premier League appearances so far.

Many have lost patience with the Arsenal academy product who looked like he would be a real superstar for the Gunners when he broke through as a dynamic and excitingly talented teenager. The high point of his early Arsenal career was probably that awesome display against Barcelona back in 2011 but you cannot hide from the fact that Wilshere’s career has not progressed as any of us hoped.

So the Arsenal transfer rumours currently doing the rounds about him being a summer transfer target for our Premier League rivals Manchester City, who are planning a big clear-out which is said to include former Gunner Samir Nasri, have not got the Arsenal fans up in arms. It seems to me that many of us are ready to let Jack leave but I think this would be a big mistake.

His injury this season was caused by a bad tackle, not from any inherent weakness in his ankle and before that he was enjoying his best run of form for years. Have we forgotten so soon how long it took Aaron Ramsey to find top gear again after his own injury? Wilshere is on a long term contract so we do not need to sell him and should give him at least another year to see if he can stay injury free and recapture the old magic. If he can then Arsenal would have a brilliant player on our hands and one who can do things that very few can.

And I thought that the days of helping BPL rivals out were well and truly over. City have made their bed so let them lie in it. Nasri and their owners deserve each other! I will be furious if Arsene Wenger let’s Wilshere join them this summer, even if we get a big transfer fee for him. What about you guys?

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  1. Nah. Long gone are these days when we had to actually sell just to scrape into EPL. For a start, Nasri will be out this summer. I fail to see how City can get Wilshere unless they are ready to pay north of 50-60 million for him. We are under no pressure to sell this time. Besides, why would we sell a 23 years old player to a rival? Besides, midfield will get really free soon when Arteta, Flamini or even Diaby will leave. Cazorla is not young either.
    Arsenal did good to start early negotiations with Wilshere.

    1. Sterling is 50 million then I would want double for wilshere to make a point to Liverpool “your player aren’t that good”.

  2. No need to sell Jack… I can see him as a future Captain…. Lets keep him and see what he will bring next Season… COYG
    Any injury updates about Koscielny and Ramsey?

    1. @misoko……. Rest assured they only had a niggle….our physioroom is empty but for the ox (who’s packing up soon)…. They should both be fine

    2. Calm down! I don’t think Arsene Wenger would be that foolish enough to let Arsenal be an academy where Man City and other rivals come and get their home-grown players after we have nurtured them.

  3. dont want him sold, jus needs to focus an get steady run in the side without injuries, develop his game further.

    then again if they offered 50 million?

    oh samir u got a few titles but u were a bit part player in those achievements-
    bit of extra cash, hope it was worth it…you were twice the player at arsenal

  4. and why would we sell to citeh or other top premier League teams?………. They should stick with their fLops or seek players elsewhere …by the way, how’s mangala and cuadrado doing?

  5. Our immediate premier league rivals have all benefited from our players helping them to win titles. Our new stadium costs was reasons for this folly. now we can’t give this excuse. No matter what,sell no players to our immediate rivals.
    Make winning the title next seasons priority and k**f all our rivals.

  6. Arsenal can’t really sell him. I’m not when or if these new homegrown rules come in, but at the moment, Arsenal need four MORE homegrown players to comply with new rules. Selling any homegrown players that are part of the first team squad just makes it harder to comply with rules.

    1. I dont get the home grown thing… just putting the lads in the teams is supposedly meant to make them much better – how?

      If thats the case well then why arent these players all in the bottom twelve PL clubs kicking ass on a weekly basis, and in the championship making those teams as strong as any pl side – they are getting their games so why arent they showing us what we are missing.

      The top PL clubs ourselves especially already have the creme dela creme basically sewn up and will continue doing that. I fear for the standards of the PL.

  7. Jack’s not leaving. This rumour was started by the daily mail by the way…
    There’s a lot bigger question marks than Jack with Rosicky’s latest statements, Diaby as well as potentially Flamini. Podolski’s unfortunately looking an unnecessary player so there will be no shortage of room for strengthening positions.

  8. i see no reason for wenger to sell jack,he grew up here and he’s gon end up here,i hope so though.

  9. No reason to sell a top player with Arsenal in his blood. He might not be first team at the moment but that’s not actually a bad thing – working for his place and getting slowly blooded back in may actually do Jack some good. Furthermore, the more we can do to stop City strengthening the more likely they will implode under FFP rules and homegrown issues. Being the only non-mercenary team in the top 4 may soon bare dividends.

  10. Never again should we sell quality players to our PL rivals (Chelsea, United, City, Spurs, Liverpool).

    Those were the worst days in our great club’s history. We are financially stronger and stronger quality now. We should strengthen our club and not our rivals.

    1. Fred, don’t know how old you are but I assure you they were a long, long way from being the “worst days in our club’s history”. The 70s and 80s were absolutely dire. 1954-70 were even worse. In 16 years between 1972-1988 we finished 5th, 2nd, 10th, 16th, 17th, 8th, 5th, 7th, 4th, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 6th, 6th, 6th, 7th, 4th, 6th won a solitary FA Cup (79) and a League Cup (87). The four years before Wenger, with the much vaunted world class back 4 he inherited, we finished 4th, 5th, 10th and 12th.

  11. Wasn’t it great to see that miserable toothy face as Man City lost again…Na$ri’s career going downhill, like most players who leave Arsenal.
    Sagna and Clichy haven’t set the world on fire either…
    …and looks like van Pursestring’s on his way out too…
    Happy days.

  12. the sooner we accept that Wheelchair is wack, d better for us. d matches WSH played last season and this season cost us d league. go and check arsenal’s win statistics when he is on d pitch. we rarely win. it is BC he is English that is why some are giving excuses for him. sell wsh and get Barkley.

    1. Could you write in English, without all those abbreviations.

      I hate any form of “text speak”, it makes the writer sound a bit thick.

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