Why Arsenal must NOT risk big players for FA cup

Even though it currently looks like the best chance of Arsenal picking up a trophy this season, I really do not think that Arsene Wenger should take many risks in order to get the Gunners through to the next round. Even though our third round opponents Preston North End will have the advantage of a vocal home crowd and are in decent form I feel that Arsenal have to take the chance of getting past them with a much changed starting XI.

Because of the bad luck we got with the drawing of Bayern Munich in the Champions League and with the draw at Bournemouth meaning we only made up a point on Chelsea in the Premier League after they lost, I understand that a lot of Gooners will be looking at the FA cup for some silverware to celebrate this season.

It is the Premier League title that Arsenal really want though, and if we are to give ourselves the best possible chance of challenging then the boss must make sure that no more big players join the already long injury list. He is going to leave Alexis Sanchez at home and I would like him to do the same with other key Gunners like Bellerin, Ozil and Xhaka.

Arsenal are eight points behind Chelsea but they have some tough games coming up and could well be set for a wobble and Arsenal go to Stamford Bridge in a few weeks. Of course we would all love to stay in the FA cup and go on to win it again but do you agree that Wenger must not risk our Premier League title bid to do it?



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of the youngsters, and fringe players, but then again, I said the same before Southampton in the League Cup! Ospina badly needs some game time, if he’s due to face Bayern next month, because clearly Cech’s yet ANOTHER player who doesn’t have to worry about his form.

  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    It pretty much our only chance for silverware this season, again.

    Cazorla might be out until April. But Wenger is not looking at replacement? Sounds very typical. One way to save this season would be vacating Cazorla’s spot with a big money signing. Well it wouldn’t even have to be big money signing if our scouts hadn’t been totally incompetent lately.

  3. Onochie says:

    If we play half of our young stars,we’ll have a surprise shock,when was the last time those young players ever played game together? Or do you think Preston is playing their U-21s? Wenger shouldn’t insult our club,the Champions league game is in february nd we have enough time to rest and recover till our next game,I say we play a maximum of four young stars,probably start with two and leave two on the bench,depending on the outcome of the result.

  4. Wilshegz says:

    rotate wisely, mixture on youth n experience, quantity n quality….. in this case Ramsey falls under the umbrella of quantity till he proves otherwise

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