Why Arsenal MUST NOT sell Calum Chambers to Crystal Palace or anybody!

There has been much publicity about the fact that Calum Chambers was not included in Arsenal pre-season tour of Australia and China, but Rob Holding was also omitted and given an extended holiday. But they were BOTH left out because they were playing for the England U21s at the Ruros in Poland, and in fact Chambers was preferred to Holding in the starting line-up and probably needed the break more anyway.

Well, the latest Arsenal rumours are saying that Crystal Palace have made a 16m bid for Chambers, and another says Arsenal are willing to sell him but want 20m (which seems fair considering he is English, only 24 years old, and cost us that much when we bought him from Southampton! I am of the opinion we should not sell him at any price…

The youngster was bought as a right back, which didn’t really go down too well considering the quality we already had/have in that position, but last year, on loan at Middlesbrough, he was used as a centre-back- and that is where he was playing for England as well in place of Holding. During the tournament Calum spoke about how much he thought he had improved over last season. He said: “This season has been so important for me, playing games as a centre-back,”

“The experience I have gained in that position just from playing is so valuable to me. I just feel it’s just pushed me on another level.”

“It’s been a very good season for me. I gave absolutely everything to try to get results and keep Middlesbrough in the Premier League. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that and I was gutted.

“We have to see what happens. I’m an Arsenal player and I’ll be going back in for pre-season and concentrating on that but at the moment my focus is on England and beating Germany.”

He was a good player at a young age, which is obviously why Wenger went for him in the first place, but if he is finally maturing and enjoying being a centre-back then I think we need to keep him on. At the moment we have Per Mertesacker, who will be moving up to coaching duties, Laurent Koscielny, who is also getting on and has ongoing Achilles problems, Shkrodan Mustafi, Rob Holding, Monreal and Gabriel ready and willing to be centre-backs. But with the extra games involved in the Europa League, there is no reason why Chambers won’t get ample opportunity to show his improvement, and just maybe him and Holding could be the future England centre-back partners. And both of them will help with our home-grown numbers….

Just to illustrate my point, I went to whoscored.com and did a comparison on last season’s stats between Holding and Chambers, and Calum came out very well!

Personally I would rather we sold Gabriel…..



  1. I agree with the need of keeping Chambers at Arsenal, especially with the dreaded Spursday night football coming up this season. Trust me that ?? won’t really sink in until we start seeing the Champions league games being played on Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s.

    Anyways, some reports were suggesting that a buy back clause was going to be inserted into the sale of Chambers.

  2. never waste CAPITAL LETTERS on an article about Chambers at this juncture…I still can’t believe that no one from management has ever explained why such a frugal club spent so much money on him in the first place…we haggle for months and years with clubs for players who could have a monumental impact on the very future of our club but somehow we found $16 million for someone who couldn’t regularly crack a Southampton lineup(very fishy)…don’t get me wrong, I like what he showed at times last season in Middlesbourogh but from the handful of games I watched him play I still have some serious questions about his consistency as a back-line player in the EPL; as such he should prove himself on loan for another season, making sure that he goes to a team that wants him in the starting 11…bottom line, let’s not get bogged down with the semantics of peripheral players and focus on the real task at hand = figure out who the hell is going to be our starting 11 for the foreseeable future, which means getting contracts signed, getting rid of a lot of deadwood and bringing in talented players into the positions which truly need upgrading…the rest is just unnecessary noise

    1. very true
      why we paid 16 mill for CC when we got Holding for 2 and Gabriel for 7? it just doesnt make sense
      CC is slow and physically fragile. with Kos, Mustafi, Holding, Gabriel, Mert, Monreal and also Bielik on the line, just sell CC get rid of all deadwood ie: Jenkinson, Chambers, Wilshere, Walcott, Sczezny, Debuchi and Gibbs
      getting rid of fringe players is as important as signing new talents.

    2. I think quota re homegrown / English players had something to do with his purchase .. however looking at whar centre backs are going for now I would think a centre back oair of Chambers and Holding in the future for £22mn is a steal !

  3. If Arsenal are serious about a bid for Van Dyjk or Kabouliay(sp) than yes CC should be sold.

    I like the lad but unfortunately his greatest attribute to the club at the moment is potential, a dirty wood that has plagued Arsenal for far to long.

  4. Extend his contract and loan if we need to save on his salary, but do not sell. After Per is gone next year, he can fill the hole. We are pretty stacked this year, but Kos will have his problems in years to come

  5. The stats above indicates Chambers is BETTER than Holding

    So keep him unless we need to fund Van Dijk, Koulibaly or some other Top defender
    If some team is offering £20 million then we can’t just ignore that. We can also place a buyback clause

    1. I personally think Van Dijk would be the best signing of the year…EPL anyway
      The guy is a beast and would anchor the line for the next 1/2 decade.
      Put him in the the middle with (pick any two of our DBs ) on either side….Money

  6. There are reports that southampton want K.Gibbs Calum Chambers and k Gibbs is surly 28 million plus another 25 million for Van Dijk. Thats a very strong back 3 .the wing backs look strong we need a central midfielder to play next to xhaka and give Ramsey some competition and might bring back some of the form we saw a few seasons back .Lemar or Mahrez would add quality and if sanchez stays with ozil and lacazette plus giroud ox theo holding off the bench and hopefully corzola back fit and healthy that’s a squad that could win the premier league and throw in the europa leauge for good measure and u might aswell write or name on the fa Cup now for God’s sake that’s a given at this stage

  7. A Loan would be idea, but to be honest, he seems to steadily improve, and would give us good profit if sold in future. For now, let’s stick to him and holding as our your CBs, and the fact that he can play RB also makes him valuable

  8. Because he plays football without drama…..or passion as some will say……does not mean he is not good and bound to be better……..it will be a mistake to sell him…….what he needs is what Arsenal never gave him……an opportunity to play……and get better……he is center back……not on the wings……….he is as good as that guy at City……if not better…….I will never sell nor loan him out……he deserves to play more games at Arsenal …….,,not elsewhere…….

  9. I would keep Chambers and get rid off Gabriel, he’s always looked a bit of a reliability to me. With the loan to Boro and matches for the U23’s I think Chambers did okay. He’ll get plenty of games this year, we are bound to get some injuries in defence and need adequate cover.

  10. Van Dijk is an average player and he worth 25 -30m max. He is not different from very every single players sold by Southampton bar Bale and maybe Mane. You need to see them in other team to know they are average. There are bunch of them in arsenal and Liverpool. If we want to get value for money, we should look outside EPL.

  11. Sell Chambers for £20m and put a buy back clause for £30m. I have a feeling VVD only wants to go Liverpool and don’t think Arsenal will pay £60m so I think we should sign Manolas for £30m.
    Hopefully sell Wilshere, Debuchy, Szczesny, Ospina and Gibbs and sign Lafont and Goretzka/Danilo Pereira/Kovacic.

  12. Also the stats comparison between Holding and Chambers is pretty irrelevant. Chambers was at Middlesbrough, a struggling team that was on the back foot for most games, so he’s obviously going to make more clearances and tackles. Holding has looked far more assured, in huge games as well. Will be interesting to see how Holding develops next season and how he responds to any dips in form or mistakes, but from what I’ve seen so far he looks absolutely outstanding.

  13. Some Arsenal fans ,especially” Walcott haters” amuse me with their emotional outbursts. How can any objective person add Theo Walcott to the list of ” dead woods” to be sold? A winger that scored 19 goals last season is being vilified while the manager and some fans are supporting the purchase of Cauldrado of Juventus or Mahrez who scored 3 and 4 goals respectively as wingers.
    Walcott was the second highest goal scorer after Sanchez last season with 19 goals and some fans are insulting him and “recommending ” his sale? I do not understand their stance on Walcott especially when no winger in Europe achieved such a feat last season.
    Arsenal would have made top four if two other attackers scored 19 each like Walcott.
    Objectivity please!

  14. People seem to be forgetting how immensely Chambers played when he first arrived! If he had more consistent game time then he would have developed into a beast by now!

    Plus, we all know that we are going to be short in (add positions here) at some point in the season, due to injuries! I’m anticipating Kos getting a bad achilles injury and being out for a while!
    BFG had one good game, albeit in the cup final against Chelsea but people forgetting that the majority of fans wanted him out the door asap lol and Gabriel is a liability until proven otherwise! Although I do like him, he hasn’t stepped up and been consistent!

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