Why Arsenal must NOT sell Flamini

The Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini may have had to sit on the bench yesterday, even though Francis Coquelin was not playing, and the Frenchman may have been thinking that his second spell as an Arsenal player may not have too long to run.

I don´t think so because if Arsene Wenger does not use the summer transfer window to strengthen the squad in that area, I still think Flamini might be our next best option.

Imagine us playing someone like Stoke at home and Coquelin has picked up a knock or the boss just thinks he needs a rest. With either Cazorla, Ramsey or Wilshere alongside him, Flamini just has to be a destroyer and there is no other player, bar Le Coq of course, that is better at that job.

It is not as if he costs us a lot or upsets the dressing room by whinging about lack of playing time, so why it be a good idea to do anything but retain the services of our combative Frenchman. After all he could even pick up a thing or two from watching his young team mate.

Also imagine, Arsenal fans, that the dreaded happens and we lose Coquelin to injury for a while and we have a big away game coming up. Who would you want in midfield if it was more important to not lose than to win?

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  1. if coq gets injured the solution isn’t flamini looooooool we need another cdm like kirchowaik/lars bender etc

    meanwhile at chelski despite having matic Maureen is set to sign axel witsel now that’s called ambition that’s the difference between us & them while we give arteta a new contract

    1. Goddam Leo, where you been mate????? I agree with you we need another serious beast DM.

    2. Flamini shouldn’t have been taken to singapore for preseason… Now I have a bad feeling

    3. Flamini shouldn’t have been taken to singapore for Preseason… Now I have a bad Feeling…… Who says muff rhymes better L()L

    4. That’s called ambition and not being serious financially because they don’t care if a player is a flop.

      For all the ambition from Mou I D line to see him with somebody else than Abramovich.

      And don’t get me wrong. I respect him as a tactician and Abramovich as a true football fan and a man of word.

      But we can’t deny the fact that they don’t care about losing money.

    1. A couple of days ago I came across an excellent article in @Goonerholic.
      I read similar before but I think this guy put it across in a very logical
      and meaningful way. I would suggest for people to read it and see what
      they think, some may be too young to appreciate or even believe it or
      they could be not very open minded people. The article is called A sense of entitlement by TTG.

        1. Actually Bob admin here too. Thing is that he posts articles of every “side and that makes this site slso objective

  2. Lets get Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger or Vidal… Oh wait nevermind.

    Lets get Carvalho, Krychowiak, Lars Bender, Gundogan, Wyanama, Gonalons, Martinez or Sven Bender

  3. flamini must be sold..he has nothing to offer…he plays as a DM a role in which LE COQ,(RAMSAY & WILSHIRE )-tho not pure DMs are better


    Arsene is my football father,” van Persie continued, “He raised me from being a little kid, as a footballer. What he does, for players young and old, is create an environment where you feel the trust like one big family.

    “People think there was an argument between us.. On the contrary we always had a lot of respect for each other. We just had some different views at the time and I’m still talking to Arsene regularly now. He is a world class coach and manager and above all, a classy man.

    “Trust, respect, that goes two ways. That’s what Arsène gives, what Sir Alex gives, that’s what the great managers give you.

      1. On the contrary leo, rvp betrayed no one – he simply saw an opportunity to progress & win laurels & he grabbed it…how many people here (even u) wouldn’t do same?

  4. Flamini is simply not up to snuff anymore. Arteta is still useful for one more year, but if Coquelin gets a long term injury neither Flamini or Arteta can hold the fort for a lengthy period of time.

    I think we had an opportunity to try to get Kondogbia or Scneiderlin early but Wenger missed the boat. Maybe he tried or maybe he didn’t even try. But those were my top two picks.

    We still have some options IF Wenger is interested ie Carvalho, Krychowiak, Wynanama etc.

    1. Secondly Wanyama isn’t going to leave Southampton where he’s getting first team football to sit on the bench for us.

      1. And that my friend is a point that most goober don’t get. Manu and other are willing to offer first team b cuz the actually don’t have a Coq figure

  5. We are so close and yet so far from the title. There are loads of cheap players out dere who can do a better job den flamini. Honestly all flamini can do is tackle, and dat too not very well. If I remember correctly, there was time when flamini got very used to recieving the yellow card and it seemed very surprising when he didn’t get one. At this moment I would be happy to sign just anyone better den flamini. Something is better than nothing.

  6. Flamini must go. Even bielik or chambers is better than him. And from now on for every player we buy we must sell a player too as we have exact 25 above 21 players

    1. Does anyone on here believe that Ozil will sign another contract with us. Dont like thinking about it especially now that Ozil is looking a senior player for the Arsenal. However, I doubt very much he will be around next season. My guess is he will be off to one of Bayern Barca or back to Madrid. And we will take a hit on the transfer fee.

      Similar subject, this Ghoulam rumour. Because of how solid Monreal helps make us I laughed off the prospect of us selling him. On further examination however the Spaniard has only one season on his contract. No news of him signing makes me wonder if there is truth in rumours. Still worth a decent transfer fee.

      Theo, still no signs of full commitment, and this Flamini business along with Sanogo Campbell and maybe a couple of others. Our team could still look quite different than everybody expects.

    1. I’m an admirer of this Krychoiwak rumour, under the radar, described as the Matic of BBVA which is a big title given the quality of Number 10’s in Spain.

      1. Are you sure that it’s not just the hype coming from Messis plaudits. Its always easy to applaud an opponent you just beat. Like with Messi bigging up Theo when they beat us and then Theo was said to be one of the most devistating players on the planet. And then it happened with Jack, and Jack was rumoured to move to Barca to play alongside Xavi. Similar happened Sterling. Mourinho called Wenger a loser because of hate/spite but then he goes praising managers and players who he just beat and who have won nothing and are even devisions below, you cant always take a pro’s word.

  7. Some big European club has bid for cavani acc to his agent. I think he will not leave if ibra leaves or give him striker role.. I think it should be manure..don’t get hopes up bcoz PSG are in for di maria.

  8. Well as per Lacazette himself he is fully committed to staying at Lyon.

    “I want to show these people who think that my head is elsewhere that I’m still here”
    “I have already said that I want to continue with Lyon”

    Question to all who do you think would fit the bill if both Lacazette and Benzema are indeed unavailable?

    1. Nobody has made an offer for Lacazette though. Lyon chiefs have already said if someone comes up with a big offer they will probably get him. And let’s be honest, besides for PSG, French clubs are always selling. I think there is still a chance Lacazette goes. And for me personally I’d take Lacazette. Benzema is a great striker but also likes to play in midfield which I just dont think we need. Someone who can make runs, lethal finisher, fine dribbler, this is Lacazette. He has some of the highest conversion rates in Europe as well. I’m just set on getting him truthfully. Obviously I won’t be crying if it ends up Benzema, as long as we improve on Giroud, but apparently Giroud and Benz dont get along in national team, and I’d rather have everyone like each other in the squad as well.

      1. I understand that but that still hinges on the player, if he has no desire to play for anyone else it’s a slippery slope trying ot force a move.

        Secondly there are 3 other interested parties, 2 from the PL alone and if it comes down to it all 3 are capable of outbidding Arsenal.

  9. Players are going and our options are reducing: Dybala, Jackson Martinez, Mandzukic, Lacazette (says he is staying), Higuain (too expensive), Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Vidal (looks like Bayern), Schweinsteiger.

    I would say our best options =
    Striker: Benzema, Lacazette (Maybe his mind can be changed. Otherwise, winger: Reus, Draxler, Greizmann
    DM: Carvalho, Wanayama, Krychowiak, Benders
    I would also prefer Daley Blind to nobody. He is as good as Coquelin and being moved to LB because United have Scneiderlin and Schweinseiger

    Chelski, United and City understand the importance of a DM. You would think Wenger would too with the unexpected emergence of Coquelin

    Regardless of who we get we NEED another top DM and top natural goalscorer

  10. Will the selling of Flamini be possible as tomorrow will be 20th and the Boss has no any plan in place to recruit any DM. Coquelin and Flamini are the only senior true DMs at Arsenal. Arteta is said not to be a natural DM but adapted to take on that role. While Cazorla and Ramsey are being used as anchor DMs with Ramsey occasionally told to play at right midfield out wide. Bielik has not come of age yet neither has Zalalem to play any positive role at Arsenal DM positions as they are touted to be DMs. And as we don’t know the plans of the Boss for this area, it is lncreasingly looking likely DM-Flamini will be at Arsenal for Arsenal’s coming summer campaign.

  11. My word Flamini?should there even be a debate as to why he should be leaving?He does not even deserve to be back.Looking at his output he should be earning less than what he earns.He might do well in one out of thousand matches but he is very poor.He should leave his place should be taken up by a more effective player.He is inconsistent and no inconsistent backups are allowed.We want to win major trophies and i think we can do without Flamini.

  12. I would prefer a player who gives Coq strong competition like Krychowiak.But if Wenger wont sign any DM then i would like him to try out Isaac Hayden.I have faith in him and i believe even at such a young age he is better than Flamini at defending and attacking.This guy would be a star one day its only injuries that are halting the rate of his progress.However i would have preferred Wenger signed someone more experienced like Krychowiak to give COQ competition.However if he doesnt sign anyone Isaac Hayden will be my best bet because he is solid.

    1. You’re out of control.. We’re supposed to be a title challenging team. Hayden may have talent, but he is, pretty much, completely unproven in the PL. This coming season is not the season for blooding youngsters, if they’re close to ready, send them on loan.

      1. Its not the season for blooding players who have been average for 3 years too. Don’t you think?

      2. Gosh, I’m sick of hearing “unproven in PL” nonsense. Had you ever even heard of Henry before he came to the EPL? He certainly wasn’t ‘proven’. Was Saurez or Alexis? A lot of the greatest players to grace the PL were never proven beforehand.

        That simply isn’t a legitimate reason not to buy a player.

  13. Ok.. So did people watch last night??
    Did anyone notice we managed to play and defend well without a ‘true DM?’ Surely it was just luck!? You cannot possibly win games without a true DM!!!!

    1. You mean vs Everton in pre – season?

      So on one hand pre – season is just pre – season if Giroud underperforms but it’s worth taking note of to prove we don’t need a DM, vs Everton ?

      Which one is it?

      1. from enough experience we already know Giroud is not good enough and he’ll continue to be average. Playing without a CDM DOES work for some games, and for other games it can easily backfire. During the end of the season we even took Coq off early because it was pointless having him play. Depends on the game, Wenger has to get his tactics right.

        1. You won’t find me saying ANY team is on route for winning the title based off pre season, it’s called pre season for a reason, you don’t read too much into it and is largely for fitness.

          Feel free to keep making leaps of assumptions though

    2. I agree when I see one shot on goal against us and them playing the entire team behind the ball, our CB’s should be able to handle that and Cech should be able to come out easily for long balls. If we have that then Jack and Aaron are most certainly in the lineup.

      1. So when we didn’t win the emirates cup last year…it was pre season vs valencia …so no biggie right?

  14. IMO Flamini is nuisance value and nothing more. I know I’m not the only one who views him as somewhat of a “headless chicken” in comparison to his contemporaries, like Matic and even Coq. With him I see a lot of pointing and shouting, unnecessary bookings, and times when he switches off and lets better opponents run through the middle right at our defence whereas a better DM would get back in there hassling and tussling, even if he missed out on the first ball.

    He’d be okay for a team fighting to stay in the Premier League, but for us we undoubtedly need to be aiming higher.

    This “making do” (i.e. with Flamini and Arteta) should be a relic of a bygone era. I know AW isn’t as keen to invest heavily on defensive players and it was to his great fortune that Coquelin worked out so well. But Flamini? No. Just no. People absolutely slaughter Giroud on here, but he’s better at what he does than Flamini is at what he’s meant to be doing. Flamini is good at scrapping 80% of the time which would make him a decent option for a newly promoted side or one of the other relegation candidates, but not us.

    1. Preach on preacher – tell them what it is & hopefully wenger would be reading too…L()L!!!

    1. There shouldn’t even be a debate on weather Flamini stays or not. He is absolutely useless. Just hope a team picks him up so we can bring in someone better. If we can get someone with experience and quality then we are good to go. But Giroud tho?? Smh

  15. flamini is washed up.. we shouldn’t be thinking of keeping him.. who comes up with these articles..

  16. Just a piece of bull shxt article. Do people actually earn money through writing this kind of substandard articles?

  17. Sometimes i wonder what peeps think before writing articles like”WHY ARSENAL DO NOT NEED A NEW STRIKER”,”WHY ARSENAL SHOULD NOT SELL FLAMINI”,WHY ARSENAL DO NOT NEED A NEW DM” and many other pointless articles.The writers are just go and gather info and because they like the players they write about they try to make us see it in their way contrary to what we see on the pitch.What is this be honest with yourself for once in a lifetime.Flamini is not good enough.Absolutely pointless.

  18. @Leo
    Finally, I am seeing a true gunner not a wengerian. How could somebody tell you we need not to spend much in Summer and then expect us to challenge for title with the likes of Chelshit, shitty and manure?
    Some Arsenal fans are just like ‘in Wenger we trust’ so, if wenger said CL trophy is inferior to carling cup they’ll say that’s very correct, so disgusting.

  19. Flamini should be sold. Id love to see krychowiak at arsenal but if not lets try chambers, hayden or bielek out. Whichever player wenger thinks is most suited give them game time at the Emirates cup, (isnt that what pre seasons for?). They can then come on for coq from the bench as and when we may be leading comfortably in pl matches. One of these three options if drilled well will come good even if not against the very best attacking opponents.

  20. I want Flamini to leave but I don’t want Arteta as the backup. He is useless defensively and limited athleticly. Looked very poor in Singapore.

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