Why Arsenal MUST NOT sell Giroud to Everton at any price

There are stats and there are stats, and as Bob told us earlier Alexandre Lacazette has some excellent stats from Ligue 1 spread over the last 4 seasons. But the fact is that the Gunners may now lose Olivier Giroud, with an Everton scout talking like it is a done deal that the Frenchman will be going to Goodison Park next season.

Many Arsenal fans think that Giroud won’t be missed, and Lacazette is a certain upgrade. However exclusive stats obtained by Oulala.com show the North London club could be making a huge mistake.

Their stats team have analysed Alexandre Lacazette‘s goals for Lyon in Ligue 1 last season, excluding penalties, and our numbers reveal Arsenal are about to spend big on a player known as ‘Penalzette’ in France.
On the surface, Lacazette’s 28 goals in French football’s top flight looks great. However, considering 10 came from the penalty spot, the numbers paint a very different picture.

When broken down into minutes per goal excluding penalties, Lacazette found the back of the net every 134 minutes in a league considered far weaker than the Premier League.

In contrast, Olivier Giroud scored 12 goals with none coming from penalties, registering each goal every 100 minutes, 34 minutes fewer than the man expected to replace the 30-year-old at Arsenal.

Over the past three seasons, dating back to the beginning of the 2014/15 season, Lacazette has scored 76 Ligue 1 goals. Twenty have been penalties, a substantial 26%.

£44 million for a player with exaggerated goal stats due to the number of penalties scored, in a relatively poor league.

Are Arsenal about to make a mistake in signing Alexandre Lacazette?



  1. Lacazette is an excellen Buy.. He will improve us. Someone should tell to add one solid DM, a winger if walcot should live and we ar gud to Go

  2. Are penalties not goals too?

    What if he missed them?

    We have a good striker finally, and he brings a lot more quality than just goals and penalties, can’t wait to see him banging goals at Old trafford, Etihad Stadium, Stamford Bridge and of course WEMBLY!!!

    1. Besides, most of the penalties he got himself, being fouled.

      Giroud has earned us one penalty during his stay with us. So yeah, you don’t get penalties for free.

    2. Is penalty not a goal ?, now that Wenger has spent the money , we should all support him and the team and believes that there would be more addition to the team.

  3. Giroud must stay and run out his contract if possible. He brings a different dimension to our play. We have saed who is a Good crosser and if we get mahrez another Good crosser in addition to Sanchez, cambo and ozil, Giroud will provide enormous aerial threat next season.

    IMO lacassette is a little upgrade to Giroud because he can run behind the defence and has got Good reflex.

  4. Every striker is a gamble, even Lukaku (now supposedly going to Man U) at 100 million and PL was proven is a gamble at that price.

    Great strikers have come from other leagues and failed in the PL but others have thrived. You never know before hand. For every Chevchenko there is Van Nistelrooy and for ever Falcao there is an Aguero.

    However, if we are not selling Sanchez to City because we don’t want to sell to a PL rival then we surely can not sell Giroud to Everton. Everton is every bit the PL rival that City is.

    If Giroud wants to leave because he doesn’t want to warm up the bench in a WC year, sell him to West Ham but not to Everton.

  5. it’s similar way for arsen every year loose his star and replace by other,it’s imposible to return back to top 4 even to be the champion, the time is to go for arsen & cronke.

  6. keep Giroud he may have scored only 12 goals in EPL as sub but his goals were really crucial unlike Walcott’s
    sell walcott and Perez keep Giroud for at least one more season until Laca gets EPL experience

    1. Giroud and Walcott can not really be compared. I know Walcott is not appreciated by everyone but when he is allowed to play he scores and assists. Who will replace him on the right wing? Ramsey is lousy out wide and drifts to the center making us predictable to defend against and Ramsey can’t finish anywhere near as efficiently as Theo, Sanchez has been deployed on the left but is the only player we have IMO that is better going forward as a right wing player than Theo.

      If we sell Theo to keep Giroud do you suggest we deploy Giroud on the right wing? We are light on true wide players IMO, particularly on the right.

      1. True we are light on true, quality wingers. Think we need mahrez and Lemar would be amazing if only Monaco would sell him this summer!! ???

    Lacazette is an excellent striker. Someone has to take penalties. I don’t hear you complaining about Harry Kane and Aguero taking penalties. Do you think every player has the composure to take penalties?
    Give credit when it’s due.

  8. This article is total crap. You think you can assess a player by stats only? By your stat I guess Giroud is the best striker in the world cos there is hardly any striker who has less than 100mins per goal ratio. I can find stats for you that will make even Aguero, Suarez etc look bad or average. Stats don’t say a thing. It depends on how the provider manipulates them. For instance why do you have to take away penalties? You think that doesn’t matter? Do you know how many penalties we missed last season? We missed more penalties than other top 7 club last season. Why did you not compare their conversion rate? What if I say to you that Giroud’s stats were helped by the kind of midfielders behind him. He has Alexis and Ozil. Who did Laca have?
    I’m not saying we should sell Giroud. I believe we need him but Pls don’t reduce Laca to a penalty boy only. He’s way more than that.

    1. This is exactly what i have been telling some people. He was at lyon anf and he managed to score 28 goals. No he is at arsenal and he now has the likes of alexis ozil and xhaka to supply he solid and one time passes because he is able to run behind the defense unlike giroud. This is a good signing for us lets not try to bring negativity into this. Gooner 4 Life!!

  9. Everton are building a very good team, with a very good manager, in my opinion I think Giroud should stay if he agrees that, he won’t be starting every game, not a bad option to have, but if he must leave, sell him to West Ham or back to France, not to everyone..

  10. Forget about the stats for s second and consider how our overall play will change with Lacazete up top. He is a strong and mobile player who holds the ball well, runs with the ball, dribbles well, hardly gets bullied of the ball, passes well and is clinical. Our game is based on mobility and we are at our most fluid and devastating best when our front players are mobile. Lacazette is also very good in tight spaces and shoots on site with both feet. Having him on the side will feel like having two of Alexis. Believe me, it is not the same as Giroud. But I will tell you this. Giroud should stay. Apart from him doing very well coming off the bench, he is a different type of striker. We all know about his hold up play but when teams sit deep and we need to go in the air to find goals, Giroud is easily the best header of the ball in Arsenal. He has the height and he is a strong man. So for that reason, he should not be sold. I believe that if he gets games regularly, especially around the 70th minute when the game has already been won with three or more goals, he will not mind coming off the bench.

  11. Im worried about Sanchez. I read he is demanding 400K per week. I think the club should give him an ultimatum. We need to know the situation of things with him. No player is bigger than the club. We should not loose him for free. Rather, sell him to Real Madrid or Juventus for 50m. We will do well next season. This 3 man defence is looking promising. Our defence is key for us to win the EPL.

  12. Also what this article fails to mention I he has scored no less than 23 league goals a season. That’s consistancy. He’s a supberb penalty taker. And in actual fact he scored 37 goals in 45 games in all comps last year. That’s phenomenal. Don’t care what league your in. I love Giroud but he need competition up front.

  13. What a silly comment to make about his penalties

    how many have we missed last few seasons ?!!? Any forward worth his salt would take the penalties for his team… shows hunger and ambition !

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