Why Arsenal must NOT sell Giroud!

After finally signing a two-year contract extension at Arsenal, the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger claimed that he will be active in the transfer market this summer and look to bring in reinforcements, whilst also admitting that some players need to be let go with the squad a little ‘heavy’ at the moment. With Lucas Perez’s departure from the Emirates all but certain, the latest Arsenal star linked with a move away is Olivier Giroud.

If reports from the English media are to be believed, newly-promoted Newcastle United have tabled a £22 million bid for the striker, with West Ham also said to be interested in acquiring his services should the player opt to stay in London. The Frenchman has made more appearances off the bench this season than from the start and could be tempted by the lure of regular first-team football.

Arsenal are reported to have made a ground-breaking £87 million offer to sign Kylian Mbappe from Ligue 1 champions Monaco and rumor has it that it may be Olivier Giroud who may be sacrificed from the ‘heavy’ squad to make way for his fellow Frenchman. But while the report does have credibility as the source is L’Equipe, a deal for the 18-year-old wonderkid is still a long-shot, with the Gunners sizing up yet another offer for Lyon forward Alexandre Lacazette should the move fail to materialise.

In my opinion, Arsenal must try and retain Giroud. Despite being heavily criticised over the years, the former Montpellier man has 98 goals in 226 appearances for the Gunners, which is a very respectable goal return, if not prolific. Also, the player has shown this season that he can be a very effective squad player as well, coming off the bench numerous times to great affect, the latest occasion being the FA Cup final victory over Chelsea.

In addition, Arsenal do not have another striker in the mould of Giroud and a targetman is always a good asset for a squad to have. Besides, with the Gunners likely to play around 50-60 games next season, he will get his fair share of opportunities as well. While there is no doubt that Arsenal need to bolster their attacking options, Olivier Giroud should not be the player let go if the club needs to make space for new recruits. A player by the name of Theo Walcott comes to mind in that regard.



  1. Yup completely agree, he’s great for those physical matches and best header of the ball in our team by far, a great squad player. Even thought I would not like to sell walcoot too. For strikers giroud and welbeck are great backups and for wingers walcott and iwobi are also good enough deputies as chamberlain wants a more central “gerrard” type role.

  2. Last year was perfect time, we had money to spend and could have brought a young replacement, for now we can not. Even if we have money, we have many more weak links and bench warmers who we need to flush first and Giroud is not one of them, not this year

  3. Hopes for the window…(sanchez, ozil not leaving)

    Out – Perez, campbell, sanogo, asano, szczesny, debuchy, jenkinson, Gibbs
    In – Lacazette, Kolasinac, Onyekuru, Mahrez,

    Forwards – Lacazette, Giroud, Welbeck, Onyekuru
    Wings – Walcott, Sanchez, Iwobi, Mahrez
    Mid – Ramsey, Xhaka, Chamberlain, Elneny, Coquelin, (Wilshere, Cazorla) (dont think will really play)
    Def – Koscielny, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Monreal, Holding, Chamber, Gabriel, Mrtesacker
    GK – Cech, Ospina, Martinez

    that is 27 player above 21. so 2 need to go. Out of the 27 10 ae home grown so any 2 players can be removed.

  4. Giroud is a fantastic guy to have in the team
    He is excellent SuperSub
    However, inconsistent performance and finishing means that he should not start most matches.
    Our main CF should either be Alexis or a new Top CF (who can score over 20 pl goals per season)

    But yes, we should definitely keep Giroud

  5. I like the guy both a player and individual as he’s humble and hardworking.. However I think he should go to a club that better suits his style and ability.
    We’ve abandoned the 442 formation for well over a decade which meant there’s no relevance for a classic #9 in our team at present, especially one thats not blessed with speed.
    I’ll take a 10gps welbeck over a 20gps giroud any day, why? Because he makes the team click which in turn made us almost unstoppable.
    Giroud should be the last of his kind that the club ever purchase.

  6. He’s not going to want to stay if he doesn’t start. World Cup next summer, and he needs game time. He will leave if we want a top striker, and I’d rather have a top striker than hold onto Giroud.

  7. Who needs Giroud when Ramsey has mastered the art of poking his tongue out, when missing the target.

  8. I’ve lost count how many times Giroud’s contributions have saved our bacon, and in big games too (regardless of what many people say). Wait, wasn’t it his assist for Ramsey’s goal that won us the last FA Cup? I’ll give you my favorite quote by Charlie Nicholas about Giroud: ” … he’s not a type of player who’s going to win you titles… BUT… he’s the type of player who can help you win titles”. Describes him perfectly, IMHO. He’s extremely good at what he does, and he’s a great squad player. He can start in certain games, or come off the bench in others. I don’t get the stick he gets quite honestly, because he works his socks off, and has been nothing but a loyal servant of the club.

  9. Wenger claims that he was around Mbappe’s house last year, trying to convince him to come, he said it was very very tight ?? wtf!

      1. Hahaha ??
        I’m still not sure which crime was worse… The above or The two year contract extension? ?

    1. Agreed that Giroud must stay. He suits a super sub role.

      If we are indeed targeting a striker, Welbeck should be the one sold along with Walcott. Maharez to replace Walcott.

  10. ?? The Sheeple want change yet they want to hang on to Lamp post ?? SMFH… I thought Wenger was sentimental ?

  11. We can’t really have this discussion until we sign a starting striker. For me, if we do get one of the top available strikers, Giroud is expendable. Yes, he’s a good squad talent to have, but the problem is as soon as he scores, Wenger makes him the starter, and we look dull and out of ideas in attack. I appreciate Girouds mentality and love for the club, but he can go if we grab a top striker. Alexis and Ozil shouldn’t affect this decision.

  12. Giroud is too one dimensional in my opinion. Can’t create his own chances, no pace, poor dribbling, and highly inconsistent. The one thing he’s good at is hold up play, which slows down our attack and gives time for opponents to recover defensively. His skill set isn’t what I would associate with Arsenal style; technique, flair, creativity, etc.

    Am I wrong thinking this? I mean I fell in love with this club for the beautiful football we used to play. It wasn’t because of hold up play and a striker who relies on the service of his teammates.

    Coq falls into the same box for me; a midfielder without the technique, creativity, and decision making that helped define Arsenal style of playing.

    I could very well be living in the past still, and expecting something that doesn’t exist anymore. I’m asking honestly people, am I right or wrong? Rip me if you like, I’m only interested if I’m alone in my thinking

  13. Anyway….Giroud just scored 2 goals inside first half of the ongoing France vs Paraguay friendly. He scores goals…..you can’t beat that. He brings a different falvour to our team selection and tactics. You have to retain OG.

  14. Sell him as long he makes some good money and lets find a similiar player to him

    He went last year 15 games without scoring… A sane manager would have fixed this problem not now but some years before

    Do your job Wenger and stop hurting us with your strange favorisem towards some players

  15. Aguerro

    That’s 14 WC dudes I’d rather have leading the line next year but he sure does head the ball well.


  16. Giroud is a beast with France national team! We actually do not play to his strength in Arsenal; but I will still sell him coz of lack of pace! But if Wenger keeps him, I will appreciate him!

  17. i will say this again, Giroud is the only true striker we have at arsenal and would have had a better goal average, if we had true wide players at arsenal , who actually cross the ball properly. He may not be my ideal type of arsenal striker but teams must learn to play to their players strength. I am also of the view that Giroud is considering his France place in the world cup, which will be less guarantee if he plays on the bench at arsenal, it would be unfortunate to lose his skills, teams most be able to mix there attacking threats against different defensive styles of varying oppositions. Giroud have come off the bench to win us 3 points or 1 point in several games last season, not only through direct but indirect plays.
    Many will not see the importance of the man until he is gone, which is unfortunate

  18. Giroud is a gem for 16 million and he has performed much better than his price tag. My issue is with the fans. In the last season at different stages fans here wanted Ox, Giroud, Welbeck, Ramsey, Ozil to be sold branding them absolute rubbish. Now we almost have had a post for each of them for why we should NOT sell them.

  19. If he wants to start week in week out then let him go as long as the fee is above £20m and we can sign a better striker like Lacazette. I think Giroud is a decent player but we do not play to his strengths and I don’t think he’ll be content sitting on the bench for another season, especially as it is a world cup year.

    Personally think we should sell Giroud, Theo and Perez (like him but he’s on his way out) and get Lacazette or Morata in as a replacement (would like Aubameyang but think it’s unrealistic).

  20. I still don’t understand the flak Giroud gets. Probably because he doesn’t seem to have the flair we have been so used to. But you can’t question his numbers and he remains our most potent striker. We really haven’t been playing to his strength. He works best with another player positioned close to him as we’ve seen with him and Griezmann as well as Ramsey. You don’t sell such a player cuz there will be times you’ll need to change formation and play 3 strikers. Giroud is a menace when he comes on as a second striker. Yes, let’s get another striker who has that all round play but Giroud must stay.

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