Why Arsenal must NOT wait until summer for DM transfer!

As well as there being hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours linking the club with almost every central defender and central midfielder the media can think of, there have been a few reports that suggest Arsene Wenger may be trying to get one of the midfield player in on a temporary basis until the end of the season and then use the summer transfer market to bring someone in permanently.

I really hope this is not the case because it could turn out to be a disaster for the Gunners. The January transfer window may not be the best and you may have to pay a bit more to persuade a club to sell one of their stars halfway through the season, but there are some benefits as well.

The reason I think we could be in trouble if Wenger waits until the summer is twofold; Man United and Liverpool. With Steven Gerrard leaving Anfield in the summer, Brendan Rodgers has already told his bosses that Liverpool must bring in a world class player to replace him, rather than the promising and young signings that he has tended to make so far.

And Man United are in the same boat with the aging Michael Carrick and will be ready to spend big money again in the summer. So Arsenal must strike now, while the needs or these two big rivals is not so pressing. Morgan Schneiderlin anyone?

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  1. I wonder how many times we will be linked to a certain player or certain type of player before the window closes.. I wonder how many times we will search the net, wait with baited breath on talk sport transfer update or sky sports when they mention arsenal only to be let down for the whole window or be mildly happy if we loan someone or sign an injured Swedish legend ‘just’ because we had signed someone..
    If arsenal fail to strengthen in this window then regardless of the players returning- the inevitable will happen and either Sanchez kos and giroud will get injured..or even all 3!!
    Needless to say there’s no point discussing the obvious transfers we need- as Wenger never sees the obvious as he is the all seeing eye of good- or is it evil…

        1. So what would u do? Probably spend £27m on carvalho? A younger player unproven in the epl also. I am not saying coquelin is the answer but it hasn’t been 2 games, he looks much better than before, strong in the tackle. His awareness is good his vision and inspire of what Jonathan Pearce said he distribution is as good as most dms. For me it’s flamini and arteta that should be worried and as for diaby he needs to retire. That we we can free up.some space for the signings we need.

          1. seeing as we havent seen him as a dm against the elite teams- or even over a run of 10 games- ur being premature.

            an yes its been a few games- as he was at charlton on loan til recently

            when did i say carvalho? presumptions tut tut

            1. I can’t see why Schnderlin would leave the saints and come to arsenal with wenger as our manager I am sure chambers have hugh regrets about that move. We have been getting worst while everyone else gets better.

              1. We need a leader in defence, a general to organise and dominate the proceedings. A John Terry type but without the baggage!

              2. @disgusted1: Money my friend: He knows he will be an automatic starter for years to come + triple wages + CL.

                Southampton are in with a shout- but he knows he is someone who can tilt the balance in Arsenal’s favor !

            2. Ok then Muff let’s hope Coqhelin has the next 2 games and after the City one which will still be in the window of new players make your judgement then His last 2half games shows he is now better and deserves his place even before Arteta or Flamini both are passed it so let’s give Coqhelen a fair go,he has really not put a foot wrong I would rather money be spent on a left sided player Left back and Center back for The BFG CB

          2. I certainly wouldn’t be mad at seeing us spend on a player we felt could improve us. Thing about not being proven in the league is that you only ever can be when you’re given the chance; Carvalho we know has the superior ability. Coquelin has been with us about 7 years, not saying he doesn’t have his place, but if it was the starting 11 I’m sure we’d have known that long before the Freiburg/Carlton loans…

            1. Players mature. How good was the Ox two years ago?
              When did Ramsey finally mature into a class player?
              Coquelin has matured in a full fledged PL player this year. You can see it in his drive, decisions and toughness.

          3. Let’s judge Coqhelin after the Stoke and hopefully City game Stop criticising him or comparing him at 23 he has to be better than who else we have I rate him very high and glad he is being given the chance to prove himself CB

        2. I haven’t made up my mind on Le Coq, but does anyone, including his manager, think Coquelin is the immediate answer at DM? Le Coq is a squad player. At least for the next season or two. No, I do not think William Carvalho is the right move either, in January. Arsenal need a proven, top quality, midfield general and defensive screen for their back 4.

          Here are some thoughts on the DM situation.

          1. Is the player better than Arsenal current pairing, Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta?
          2. Are they available? There are players who are definitely better than Arteta and Flamini, but aren’t available. Morgan Schneiderlin would be perfect, but Southampton aren’t selling their best player while they’re 4th in the table.
          3. Are they too old? Nigel DeJong anyone?
          4. Wouldn’t go to Arsenal. There aren’t too many players in this category but there are some. Philip Lahm, for example. Or DeRossi.
          5. Injury: Kevin Strootman and Javier Martinez for example. Injured now or have been seriously injured recently.
          6. Are they truly ‘defensive midfielders’? Paul Pogba fits this desciption. He’s a box to box guy. Now, if he’s available, I think Arsenal should buy him and sell Ramsay or Wilshire to make room. blasphemy, I know, but three of a club’s top five players can’t play the same position.

          Here are some options:

          1. Sami Khedria: He’s the complete package, he is almost certainly available, and he plays the way Arsenal play. The downside is, he really wants to stay at Real. He does not seem to understand the team’s galacticos philosophy. He is probably better than either defensive midfielder playing for Real, but part of the equation is also marketing the next, best thing. Khedira is amazing, but he’s old news in Madrid. Lucas Silva would be the new, hot talent; just as James Rodrigues was in the summer. Unfortunately, Bayern made it really tough to sign him in January by offering to meet his wage demands if he waits until summer and signs on a free.
          2. Maxime Gonalons: If Arsenal really want him, they can blow Lyon out of the water with transfer fee and wage offers. He is a true defensive midfielder, good with the ball and strong in the tackle. He might not want to come, or is he just looking for the best deal?
          4. Geoffery Kondogbia: He’s young but physically gifted and better with the ball than he gets credit for. He is a strong tackler and has great instincts. Relative to the players below him in the estimated value list, he has strong upside and fewer risks. Other than the two above him, my favorite.
          5. Lars Bender: He has more experience against good competition than most of the other young DM’s on the list. He’s physically just what the position demands, and he’s a humble guy. He’d be higher, but he seems reluctant to move. Is he playing coy in hopes of a bigger payday or does he really want to stay where he’s comfortable? Is he angling for a Dortmund move to play with his twin brother or a move to Bundesliga giants, Bayern?
          6. Luis Gustavo: Based on talent alone he should be second or third. He’s ranked lower because he refused a move to the Gunners last summer and last January, and there seems to be ill-feeling at the Emirates over those refusals. He may lack the confidence it takes to play in the Premier League or, more likely, if he did come, he’d be willing to move on if Bayern or one of the Spanish big boys came in for him. Still, he’s the real deal and he was one of Brazil’s few positives at the World Cup.


          1. Don’t need to sell Jack or Rambo to make room for Pogba IMO, but if we had to it would be bye bye Jackie Wilshere all day.

            Khedira – wouldn’t go near him, 80 missed games through injury in 4 years. At 150k per week he wouldn’t be worth the investment despite his quality.

            Gonalons – Good player, good option.

            Kondogbia – Good player, potentially great player. We play his team in the CL so he ain’t getting sold now.

            Benders – Both brothers are simply not blessed with bodies for modern day football, both are perennial sicknotes and as such not worth it.

            Gustavo – quality, should have guaranteed him first team football when we lost the transfer battle to the mighty Wolfsburg over that one. Big miss, would be very welcome.

          2. What’s up with Coqhelin he has got better and better if he gets a few more games he will be as good as any one that you could buy his value now has put him in the 10 million bracket at 23 he has passed Flamini past Arteta and could well be a new Vera lets get behind him now we don’t need another, with Ramsey Wiltshire Oxy to rotate fill the left side get Milner from City, centre back Chambers drop Mertisacker for a while CB

      1. Thank you for proving the mediocre mentality of some Arsenal fans. Content with 4th again this year too, or buzzing we might get 3rd?

          1. Idk…everything? He’s decent, and that’s fine if you’re not challenging for titles. But isn’t that where we see Arsenal?

            If so then the standard for a player in the starting 11 has to be better than Coquelin. Pretty simple, but then again he’s had two decent games so suppose he’s on par with Matic now ay.

            Christ no wonder other fans laugh at how fickle Arsenal fans seem to be.

            1. Not many rate your comments Charlie on Coqhelin Just wait till after Stoke game may not get man of match but what he dose is as good as any other mid fielder, talking about defensive not Fabergas play making which is another level but Fabergas could not do what Coqhelin does CB

    1. That is because you read the NONSENSE in the Daily Star (and all the other crap sources) and believe that those are true.

      Those sources print CRAP and Arsenal fans take it as true, when it does NOT happen , because it was NEVER going to happen, they blame Wenger.


  2. One of our main problems at Arsenal is that we tend to overrate our club to much.

    Many fans think that Wenger is the best manager in the world.
    Many think that Arsenal is one of the best in the world.
    Many think that Ramsey is Zidane and Walcott Thierry Henry.
    Many think that Giroud is as good as Suarez. and so one bla bla.

    Now what i am reading is this. Coquelin is good enough to be a starter we dont need a new Dm. Guys, i only want to remind you of the past game against Southupton. Victor Wanyama is the real deal, so if i had to choose between a new Dm or Coquelin of course i would go for a new Dm.

    Dont fool your selfs with un important wins and forget the season as a whole, dont fool your self bec of one good or bad performance and judge a player as a whole. Just keep it real for once and dont act all so fickle.

    1. Not the best but definitely one of the best in the world. Manager. Coach , well there are few ahead of him but as manager? Definitely you will have to search quite some time to find someone better.

          1. I can, not only a few but many, and the fact that i can name many, is reason enough to know that we deserve better, bec we are not a 4th place team. Or so i think.

            Not wanting to tllk about the old fart, i want to stick to the topic and ask you if you think that Coquelin is good enough for Arsenal or that we should get a new Dm. Your openion not Wengers, if possible, plz.

            1. Coquelin looks promising in the DM position but he needs game time. Therefore we must look for a quality DM. A proven one. Which you will not find in the January window unless you pay 50 mils and give a 200k wage. And most probably will be cup tied.

              1. There arent even 2 dm’s worth that much in the world. The most expensive dm i know of is Bayern Martinez, and even his price has droped. So howe come you come up with such a stupid figure?

                Geat real man. You are so bad into being a Wengerit that you created an excuse even before Wenger came to say something like that. You beat your idol to this, i salute you for this.

                1. This buddy is one of the worst of Wenger acolytes.i bet you those guys get a salary from Wenger for blindly defending his madness.
                  If Coquelin was the DM we needed why your genius of old coach waited 5 months inside the season to play him why he was not then and he is good now.
                  Wenger will use every trick in order to don t spend money.how a man can be miser is incredible but he will not lower his salary.that no way.
                  Every coach in the world would like to ne able to spend.not Wenger.give him 50 million he gonna spend 15.he is well known for that.shameless
                  The Akb don t really love Arsenal as even outsiders csn see the mess Wenger id doing.
                  Every window.filling the void is reporyed to next window.
                  I can tell you Wenger may be respected as a coach bit i doubt the football world think of him as a great coach.just a business man.
                  He won t buy whar Arsenal need and he will be insulted until thr season ends.watch my words

              2. What about Matic … he was a January transfer and the last time I checked he was less than 25M and just for you to remember at that time Wenger was after cheap loanee injured midfielder …
                cup tied? so what! as if we are going to win the cl … I fed up hearing wenger talk about the right price, the right player and so on … these words are wenger’s justification words of his failures.

                1. That’s not true wenger was first linked to matic that jaNuary then chelsea bought him the week after. We were also linked with a summer move for blind last January.

              3. Wanyama, Schneiderlin, Gonalons, Imbula, Sissoko, Khedira, just to name a few of which are better than any DM starter we have. And I don’t have a worldwide scouting network like Arsenal so I guarantee there’s several more lesser knowns.

                25mil would get any of them. Next excuse?

                1. @Atid: 6 of them are better regardless of their typical role. Anyone of those players I’ve mentioned would be superior to Flamini, Coquelin and Arteta if asked to be a strict DM. ANY of them. And as if we even have strict Dm’s….

                  Stop the excuse making, just stop.

                2. Imbula isn’t better than Flamini at the moment I’m 100% sure if flamini was to go back to marsielle in the summer he would be first choice.

                  Khedira is more a powerful ramsey than a dm.

                  Krychowiak please

    2. The lad is doing very well and he is by miles better than Flamini … Now they are all saying we found our long lost DM, but wait for the time he slips and the same same fickle ones will turn against him …
      We need to set/reset our standards … compare Coquelin with Flamini, then he is the one … first class DM’s like Matic, Mascerano, Alonso, Martínez , etc, that is my standard …
      Nevertheless, I hope wenger will give up his stubbornness for once and give the lad the full chance to shine (in case he doesn’t sign any DM, very expected) when flamini and arteta are back …

      1. Exactly this. Too many concerned with our little Arsenal bubble, you have to look at THE very best in each position to see how poor we are in some departments.

        Like the Winston Reid debacle, better than Mertesacker? Probably. Better than Terry/Cahill/Kompany/Mangala not a bloody chance.

    3. Based on finance and recent (last five years) form, Arsenal are the eighth best club in Europe, Asia, and North America. It’s hard to rate South American clubs because I don’t see them play regularly ad they play a very different style of football and it is hard to compare say, Cruzeiro to Arsenal, as they never play one another.

      Above Arsenal?

      1. Real Madrid
      2. Barcelona
      3. Bayern Munich
      4. Manchester United
      5. Manchester city
      6. Chelsea
      7. Paris St. Germain
      8. Arsenal

      The Gunners edge out Juventus, Roma, Monaco, and Athletico Madrid on consistency and average finance/ability to pay transfer fees and all the Russian clubs on quality of play and management.

      Agree? Disagree?

  3. if Coquelim can sort his decision making out then we don’t actually need any defensive player. his tackling and interceptions are on point. I would still prefer we got a world class DM and CB though.

  4. We have been here before so many times and I think everyone knows what the outcomes will be …. Everyday I say I shouldn’t be looking at any of these rumors and not being carried away with my high expectations but I can’t help it … I believe that as long as Wenger is in charge this club will never win anything valuable ever again, he just lost it … it will be always 4th spot and above that is just bonus … beating the like of Hull, Newcastle, etc, won’t change the fact that we are as good as any other team looking for the 4th spot (Tot, Southampton, Liverpool, westham, swansea)
    Wenger out at the end of the season

    1. @Twig: because the birthday candles have set their butts on fire. They are therefore on fire!! Get it?

  5. The silly AKB’s are now out as arsenal have beating european giants hull city. Dey are d problem why we are not moving 4ward

    1. Yep and Arsenal advanced to the next stage. Is something an AFC supporter should be ashamed of? If you are ashamed check a bit in the north.Spuds just beat Chelsea. They are a powerhouse now.

        1. I was never a “wengerit”, aob or akb whatever you haters splits fans into. I just love the club in good or bad times, that’s it. I have respect for everyone in the club and that includes Wenger. Well, I actually said that I hate Mertesacker but that’s another story and maybe I was pi$$ed off back then.

          1. Hate is a big word. Do you think that Arsenal can ever win again under Wenger? With that i mean the Epl or the Cl once in his life time? Ohh, and dont forget, can Wenger ever beat Moro in his life time, or are we supposed to listen tis cooky bs forever?

        1. Why? You discovered what the meaning of the word sarcasm is and you wagging your tail now? Relax, you’re smart, I get it.

  6. Bob ~ “Morgan Schneiderlin anyone?”

    I get the feeling Arsenal is not really his thing. Just like Luis Gustavo. Am I alone?

    1. there is no guarantee to no one. but man, if not wanyama and schneiderling i dont know who else i would like to have at arsenal

  7. At the moment, for me our best 11 is:
    Alexis—— Ozil ——Walcott
    ——-Ramsey Arteta
    Gibbs Kosc Merte Debuchy

    Cazorla is very impressive and could easily take Özil’s spot. Also Welbeck could come in for Giroud I guess, but with Walcott and Alexis, I think Giroud gives the attack more balance.

    There are two weak links in that team: Arteta and Mertesacker, ironically our captain and vice captain. If we get a top dm and top centre back I’d happily watch that team against any other. Real Madrid, Bayern, Barca, Chelsea, City.. We could take anyone on. We wouldn’t be the best team, we probably wouldn’t win, but we’d at least put up a fight. A top centre back and holding midfielder would cost around £50m – quite a lot, but well within our budget. It’s so frustrating being so close to having such a great team, and having the means to get it, but not actually having it..

    1. @Mick

      I’m curious why you dropped Cazorla for Ozil. Is it a favouritism or something? A honest question, who has been better for Arsenal Cazorla or Ozil?

      1. To be honest I’m 50-50 between them, both can be magic with the ball, but both are also inconsistent. Cazorla has been fantastic recently, but before a few weeks ago he was really out of form and had been for a while.

    2. Giroud ahead of Welback that I can barely take it but why Ozil ahead of Cazorla, why? I just can’t understand most of our fans put Ozil in their lineup … Is it back to performance or price tag and market names?
      With just wc players you can make it against normal teams but when it comes to big teams you do need tactics and enthusiasm and that what we really miss in our manager …
      Wenger out at the end of the season

      1. Forget that why Walcott ahead of cazorla?

        My best x1 would be

        Bellerin debuchy koscielny gibbs
        …….Wilshire cazorla Ramsey

        Bench: Szczesney chambers arteta rosicky Walcott welbeck giroud

  8. I’ll ask everyone on here now a hypothetical question – if we finished 4th without signing anybody in the window or signed 2/3 players and finished second and nearly won it.. Which if any would you rather have? Irrelevant but one scenario we would spend a shit load and another none..
    Alternatively, sign 4/5 top players in the summer and actually look really competitive in all competitions next season??
    Sad truth is we are a position to push on now with a couple of the ‘right’ players and make a real push… But really The truth is Arsene will believe his squad is good enough to make 4th..
    Sad that 4th is our highlight after doing so well last season…

    1. Signing or no signing … all I hope for is finishing 4th and new manager that can change this loosing mentality and push this team … If that takes to finish out of the top four then let it be …
      But again you said “hypothetical”

  9. Lately there has been a lot of criticism to our Players, few exceptions to be made, we have currently a good enough team with good players, if not to be contenders and aspire for the Championship or the CL, good enough to execute as they did today, it was not 100% convincing but we looked solid enough and we deserved to win, point taken that HULL did not bring their big cannons, I believe that because they are in survival mode at the brink of relegation, that is their main focus right now, FA cup was not their main objective for the second half of the season and at the end is a distraction.
    Back to our team, what we are missing other than a quality CB and DM is consistency, and that must come from WENGER, that has been and is his biggest problem….today for the first time he brought in a new team which looked pretty well, TR7 is looking great, Cocq did the job, even Campbell showed that with more game time, he can be a good SUB for ARSENAL as long as WENGER let him build confidence on himself by letting him play….with two big misses, he still looked with more potential than SANOGO, it’s time for the latter to go and open space for a new Striker

  10. The article should be Arsenal cannot wait till Summer to sign a new manager……

    we need 2 world class DM not 1……if 1 get injured we will not have a quality backup….

  11. Guys I agree that Coq is doing well and deserves game time BUT
    He is not the answer , he’s an excellent back up DM , he’s my reasoning, he’s been with us for a while and he’s not one of wengers favourites , then Arteta and Flamini, Jack, Ramsey get INj Wenger calls him back and now as soon as the transfer window opens wenger says he wants him to do well here, cmon your being fooled he’s done well against Hull, Wanyama bossed our midfield what will happen against city or Chels, please don’t fall for this, it’s all about money
    If we sing average get used to average
    If we don’t sign get used to this season , and here’s a warning if we do finish 5/6 th then trust me playing every Thursday then again Saturday will make it tough next season

    1. To be honest, Wanyama will boss most midfielders in the world. He’s a hard man and has surprisingly good technique for a man his size.

  12. Why are some of these fans acting like Coq. is a new phenomena, Coq was making strides 2-3 seasons ago and got injured coupled with the fact that he wanted to play right away and gave Arsenal an ultimatum. Coq has always been quick and a good tackler, what it seems he has develop is his passing. Pairing Coq with a more physical specimen in the middle may be the ingredient Arsenal needs, so I say keep Coq. and add Schnederline.

  13. Guys wake up and smell the coffee! Haven’t you all noticed that Wenger’s praise of Coquelin just coincides with the transfer window opening, which means one thing: we already have a ready-made DFM in Coquelin!
    I’m not hoping for any purchases therefore in this window although we all can see that we need 3 quality players; DFM, CB & a world class striker. Only Mr Wenger cannot see that!
    Move over Wenger!!!!

  14. To me it’s vital we get a quality cb, (to replace Per) and a dm player. It’s rumoured that wenger has 20m max for Jan, I’m not sure if this is true but if it is we’d be hard pushed to fill both roles with the ‘quality’ wenger likes. If we secure a cb and are forced to loan a class dm player with an option to buy in the summer I’d take this. Hopefully if we get a wanyamma/kondgobia type mf general wenger will see the benefits and do the business peemananently in the summer. If the 20m cap is bulls*it then we need and should buy both. Saying this if he shops well he should get both for 20m but we may get wonston reid and a tiote/diame, (not schneiderlin/bender/kondogbia etc). Intersting to see poldis transfer os being held up arsenals end, are we waiting to secure an attacking target before the paperworks completed?

    1. We could get inter to swap rannochia (their best player,cb, statistically one of the best in the league, 6months left) for podolski

      We could get khedira for 15m max that’s less than 20m problem solved

  15. we need 2 world class DM not 1……if 1 get injured we will not have a quality backup….

    considering our injury record…if our new DM gets injured…we will be left with a 2nd rate DM

  16. Considering out injury track record…

    all our ACMs are injured…

    Wilshere, Ramsay, Ozil, Rosicky etc…

    we should have sign Fab back!!

  17. Every Jan and summer its all about signing DM…

    there will still be more articles of signing even more DMs

  18. judge wenger if arsenal beat chelsea, mancity and manu.
    well, not for a long time now.
    he hasn’t been a top class manager for 10 continuing years
    average at best

  19. 1. Get the lads from Ipswich, strengthen our British core and our future whilst stopping our competitors getting the talent.
    2. Look to discuss with potential future players who we can’t get in January but save the hard graft and do the ground work now…swiftly get them in the summer.

    Bring in a DM who will take over Arteta/compete for the position from January but not necessarily be our defensive midfielder we all desire, instead bring in a swift ball passer to get the ball from defence to our attractive midfielders in a short enough time to avoid the high pressing we currently see against us, if he tackles than that’s a great addition. Nonetheless this guy is Arteta long term replacement but not necessarily our Defensive midfielder…than Man will take over from Flamini.

    Arteta and Flamini represent Fabregas and Vieria type of players (just not as good). Once Wenger decides if his team is to play ‘total football’ or one with cation than he will decide if he goes down the stronger Fabregas and weaker Vieira or stronger Vieira and weaker Fabregas road. I want to see both stronger Fabregas and stronger Vieria. It’s me being greedy but it allows us to which tactics. I know Wenger has moved the engine room up more on the attack so this player will be his final piece to his jigsaw, no more.

    Progress the assessment of injured players currently on our books. If Poldoski is to be replaced than do it now, as it will offer cover also for injured players.
    If the position is potentially an opportunity to bring in a world name like Sanchez than wait till summer…they never happen in January.
    If Welbeck is part of the solution to Poldoski, than Wenger is smart moving on Poldoski now…because there is less hype in the summer to fill the role. If so, Arsenal Must be vocal to AFC we want a world name to fill Poldoski number. This is where we make AFC hear us, not during matches with the chants (upsets team).
    Also, question is, is Campbell expected to get more game time second half of season? Is that what today was about…on that assumption…for me Campbell showed enough to get more game time.

    Go crazy on opponents with Walcott and Campbell. Be safe with Sanchez and AOC, be Deadly with Walcott and Sanchez (also my champion League choice this year), be stronger in defence if we have Walcott and AOC.

    If Mertisacker is genuinely considered by Wenger to have pasted his best…than the defender must be a considered January or summer buy.
    For me this defender must be a vocal leader of men. He must be decisive in defending (no nosense), he must have pace and most importantly he must be able to read the game.
    If Wenger agrees, than this guy is an established name and therefore he can’t come in January and disjoint Mertisacker integrity in the squad.
    Sound out the player now, save time in the summer. (Hummels?)
    If Wenger disagrees, than the guy must come in now, this will therefore be a young talent about to hit that peak of his (I would like to see Varane)
    It’s Wengers personality to more likely buy Varane than Hummels but with Wenger coming to the end of his managerial career in the near future with Arsenal…he might just go for Hummels than a Varane. This depends what’s important to him…not a trophy but leave Arsenal in good stead, or major Trophy before he leaves. I think Wenger wants both, a Major trophy and a Squad that’s in good stead, he favours on the good squad thou.
    Rather than do a SAF and give Moyes Zaha…Arsene wants to hand over a Squad.

    I think Wenger wants the Champion League. If Wenger delivered that, first for him, first for us we will truly see what magic he has, and always has had since coming…since the Anelka deal with £20m profit whilst winning the title. Wenger did that when he was first at Arsenal…from the off set. Not many managers can do that…and in today’s game that’s near impossible. Today’s game is not about making money on players, but balancing the books and making the profit on off field merchandise. Arsenal are and always have been innovators. It’s what Wenger has shown them, and work like the Emirates Cup is a money spinner.
    But if Wenger wins the league Title fans will respect him. I personally think if this is what he does, than this team will be ready to win the Champion league under the right manager to take over.

    Arsene has built 3 squads for me, this is the last and boy does he want it to be good.

    Sanchez will be our Main Man (like Henry was), Özil will become his supporting act, whilst the likes of Ramsay, Walcott, AOC, Wilshire, Welbeck will all grow together.
    Gibbs and Chambers will support these guys, whilst Giroud, Rocisky, Cazorla all will be Good additions.

    For me, Arsenal have a good chance to win the Champion League, it would be an unconventional one for Wenger because he knows we are not ready for it but give it a go, it will be like the last time we got to the final…but this time the squads better.

    Things are good for me as a fan, I know where we are. But like most I still want something exciting to happen soon.

    With Henry new to the Sky Panel, soon he will talking about Arsenal and them winning something. It would be fitting it he is commentating on Wenger Lifting the Champions League…

    Ps. Good win today.
    I will not wrote again this season unless relevant

    1. If Arsenal signed Khedira and either Hummels or Varane or Ramos in January, the Gunners could aspire to the Champions League title. As it is, they’re too light in the middle of the park and too thin at the back to beat Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Man City, or Chelsea. With luck they might make the semis, but those 5 teams are going to score 3-4 goals against the current defense and Arsenal won’t score 3-4 against any of those five.

  20. let’s be honest here.
    arsenal have got worst eventhough the debts on the stadium has been deal with.
    years of lack of investment on quality players has now come home to bite arsene’s arss.
    years of telling fans he’s been waiting for the right players to come to market, whilst chelsea and mancity have bought theirs.
    years of deceptions
    years of arsene knows best
    years of bullsheet

  21. i want my season tickets price cut by half
    and wenger’s wages cut by half
    these will go some way of redeeming years of poor football i have to watch

  22. I think William Carvalho would be a good choice. He is only 22 and is a Defensive Midfielder. He should cost around £18-£20 million. He can play CB if required.

  23. Cavani £50 mil
    Carvalho £20 mil
    Schar £7 mil

    A lot of money £77 million but will solve all out problem areas


  24. To go cheaper

    Benzema: £40 million
    Sissoko: £10 million
    Van Dijk: £5 million

    £55 million

    1. Can be funded by selling Campbell, Miyachi and Podolski. Send Sanogo on loan. In summer release Flamini, as he can be replaced with Coquelin.

      Other players to consider
      Hummels (too expensive)
      Bender Lars
      Bender Sven

    2. You are a football God Sir. You will make Real sell Benzema. You will force Celtic, you will beat Newcastle to their knees and make them sell.

      Yup, that easy !

      1. Sissokho + Schar is a distinct possibility if Wenger wants to go for it.

        Benzema difficult even in the summer! More importantly who will it be for the DM position? More than sissokho I would like to see Wenger go all out for either for Wanyama/Schneiderlin.

        If the money is there the time to bully Southampton is now !

  25. @arsenal fan-you must be living in a different Universe-“Arteta and Flamini repeesent Fabregas and Vieira”-you must be brainwashed to think such enormity….”Wenger is going to win the CL this year”-this is a good one,we are struggling to make top 4,being getting beaten by almost everybody,and you think we can bring to shame the likes of Bayern or Real.Don’t say “hop” yet,even Monaco may be too big to overcome in the weak state of form we are in…”bring Reid and consolidate our British core”-last time I checked,the last time when Arsenal was oerforming was when we didn’t have any “British core” in the first 11. As a matter of fact,this is one of the main reasons for underperforming in last few years-the so called “British core”-overrated and low quality British players,well bellow,in quality,to foreigners.To spend 32 millions on 2 mediocre English players-Welbeck and Chambers-when you can get foreign “wizzards” for that type of money is suicidal.Now,go on an analyze how much Wilshere,Gibbs,Ox,Walcott and Ramsey helped the team to be the best in the last few years.And how much,for instance,did Sanchez in only few months.Alexis is better than all “British core” combined and cost a fraction of these overrated players.The time we get rid of the british players is the time we go back on top.Time will tell…

    1. Agree..don’t really know how our scouts missed out on Tadic and Pele..Al the time we say we are short of money. Yet Welbeck on 100k, Ramsey on 100K+, Wilshere ~ 80K..how are we affording them?

      Don’t remember when Ramsey/Wilshere played a full season. The delusion of the manager continues!

  26. wenger seems to be trying to clear the decks a little with a big wage earner of the roster in poldi and that might just mean we could be getting in another big earner in hopefully in the defensive aspect and not a silly big money move for cavani (i would prefer higuain) might be worth a punt in terms of more reliability in front of goal.
    but we will see wengers count down to the end of his career with arsenal has already entered its first phase this window should tell us a little bit more about what his longer term ambition is this season might be peed up the wall atm but if he salvages something out of it we might just hopefully push on very important period of time for the wenger administration coming up in this next year or two COYG

    1. Higuain Yes..even more Benzema if he can reproduce his WC form on a consistent basis.

      Varane seems to be in the market..21 + solid defender + International..seems like the ideal man (except the 20 million price tag)

  27. I think if sisoko comes in that diaby’s days are numbered he would no doubt be his direct replacement and you would get alot more seasons out of him instead, money well spent i would say and i think he still has more gears to go through yet but as always we will see

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