Why Arsenal must play Chambers and Gabriel more

It was typical of the bad luck that seems to hang around Arsenal Football Club like the bitter sense of jealousy hangs around White Hart Lane, that right before a difficult and crucial game we lost both of our first choice centre backs.

That, I suppose, is why a big club needs to have a big squad with strength in depth and why Arsene Wenger felt the need to sign Gabriel and Calum Chambers in the first place. But they have hardly played, never mind together, and that was painfully obvious at the Emirates last night, especially in that car crash of a first half.

However, we have seen both of the second choice centre backs play well before and I am sure that they are good players. The problem was being thrust into action together and that is why I think it is clear that Wenger needs to rotate his central defence more often.

The next time we have a crisis and need to call on Gabriel, Chambers, or both, they should be ready to play and more confident and that will only happen with time on the pitch. So maybe Gabriel should stay in the team alongside Mertesacker at the weekend. Then perhaps Chambers and Koscielny should get a game together, obviously not one of the really tough looking fixtures, but we need to prepare our reserves to be ready to fill in when needed, because there will come a time when we have to call on them and be able to rely on them.

How can that happen if they never get off the bench?

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  1. Really? Like seriously??
    My bed just signed me to come and sleep. What is Mr wenger waiting for… Go sign a Striker to come and score FFS!
    Goodnight peeps.

    1. starting to lose faith….
      in the window…
      pretty sure theres damp on the edges

      if we sign no one…i will …i will….arrghhhDO NOTHING

      1. I knew Wenger will screw us thats why I want Wenger out. Thumb me down as much as u want u know Im stating the facts Wenger needs to quit.

      2. From past experience, it is obvious that they do not have any plan to sign any player .
        Just look back at the reluctance to sign a cover striker last season, when theo and Giroud were injured . If Man U played it smart , they should have held on to welbeck to sabotage us on transfer deadline day .
        I personally think chambers should be sent out on loan while we sign an experienced cover for CB.
        4 CB is the ideal no and I agree that Gabriel should be getting more games .

      1. i have spoken with agent alexis and jorunalist emanuele…it is indeed true.

        wenger is waiting for olivier to ‘bless the mattress’

    2. No sooner had nemesis exposed frauds the likes of Emanuele , alexisDun, Lizarazo than another arsenal superfan named “CLaude” emerged with claims that Arsenal is negotiating to sign two players from the same team…………. Dammit claude, don’t u dare toy with our emotions…… Many Tigers here are wounded !

  2. Gabriel should be a starter, solving the Per issue … I fear for Chambers development, should be on loan somewhere, he looks worse off than when he first joined. Still expecting a big transfer deal or two from Arsenal, Wenger can be stubborn and arrogant but he’s not blind, the team needs a jump start … #TheEndIsNear

    1. Agreed Chambers was terrible. He’s Jenkinson with some of the Arsenal fanboy BS. Both are reserves. I’m suprised Debuchy stuck around to warm the bench. He’s not getting younger. Should’ve paid Sagna the money and rotated him and Bellerin! Rotate Per, Kos, Gabriel, and get another CB. I guess you boys want to wait on the youthful Chambers. Good luck

  3. Acc to @IanAbrahams (Moose) Arsenal made a bid for Cavani but PSG dont want to sell so,
    Arsenal shopping over.

    1. dammit wenger needs to call dale winton
      “the next time ur at the checkout an u hear the beep- think of the fun u could be having on supermarket sweep….
      weed makes u watch really bad daytime tv

  4. They both will do fine. I would ask Coach Bold though if it is ok to just clear it out down the pitch. They both had some trouble playing it out from the back as did Santi yesterday. I know it’s not our style but there were many times when they were pressed and gave the ball away.
    2nd half there was no pressure on them as Liverpool just played for a point.
    I thought it was funny when one of the Emirates ball boys gave a ball to the Liverpool keeper and he played it off his knees off the pitch again then slowly went after it wasting about 40 seconds all told.
    We struggle against sides that sit back with busses parked. I hope we can become more direct and bang crosses and over the top balls against the 10 men sitting in those busses.

  5. Every Arsenal fan, hater, pundit, other club fans, former players, former arsenal legends, akbs,
    board and even Wenger himself knows we need a top striker and CDM but why is he showing no
    ambition ? I am really fed up of this bs every season. If Wenger doesnt sign anyone this season
    next season there will be excuse of money being stolen from bank or Kronke investing it on
    another sports team.

  6. have we missed the 14 day cooling off period for chambers?
    can we get value out of him elsewhere??

    can he make apple crumble for example?
    can he freestyle? he could be our new stadium announcer…

    LETS GET READYY TOOOO….play ramsey on the wing, never score an oohh look a prawn sandwich!!!

  7. In did not like the article talking about “bad luck” in the first sentence. Tell me with reasons what is more problematic to our club now rather than Wenger and I will accept if more than that of Wenger?
    He’s in-charge of inactivity in transfer,
    he selects players and has favorites,
    decides which player should be frustrated,
    he’s in-charge of wrong tactics,
    he decides to be predictable to other managers,
    there is nothing like plan B to him,
    the yearnings of fans are immaterial to him,
    he enjoys deceiving fans, he cannot motivate his team,
    he does not have where to keep medals again and so does not need anymore ect.
    Man, am just fade up but won’t give up.
    Can the fans get back their club?
    He had done a lot for the club, but can we move on now?
    Just unhappy.
    Thanks you.

  8. to be fair with Chambers and gabriel………when was the last time the pair played competitive football?………did u really expect a MOTM performance from chambers?….. But we keep pardoning mert….. Season after season….. Even thought his mediocrity is consistent

  9. Wenger problems:
    1. Not signing top striker and CDM
    2. Waiting for deadline day to sign players
    3. Playing players out of position like Ramsey
    4. Picking players based on favouritism
    5. No tactics

  10. Id rather we saw Gabriel and kos paired. Not sure how effective gabriel would be playing on the right in Per’s spot though. Give chambers game time in cup competitions alongside kos and gabriel. On the striker situation surely, surely wenger will sign a striker before the window closes, (even if they were not our prefered target). After all we have the#9 shirt still on ice unless wenger plans to start wearing on the touch line! What’s the odds on wenger signing a winger giving them the special #14 on their back and promoting theo to #9?! Stranger things have happened. Go no! I’m going to habe nightmares now. Oh why oh why did we sell benik afobe?!

  11. Unless wenger is sure that he has Benzema gift wrapped with a bow on top he is stupid. He wants to sign world class players yet he wants to try on deadline day… So i’m suppose to sell u my world class striker and have no time to look for a replacement????
    its beyond me how everyone has the same view as Wenger… its like he is the only person that works there…

  12. Nice article, I thought the same thing. Gab needs more game time so he can adapt, he isn’t going to do that watching from the bench! Chambo I don’t know why Wenger didn’t send him out on loan for some regular 1st football?! Should have sent out Calum and kept Hayden/another youngster to be 4th choice CB. Southampton and Everton both need a defender?

  13. Unfair criticism on Chambo! The kids 1st game in ages and he’s up against Benteke who is much bigger and stronger than him,and Coutinho who is on a run of form at the mo

  14. I still have faith in him but he needs game time! Which he isn’t going to get much of at AFC any time soon!

  15. Gabriel was good against Liverpool. Controversial but almost all our problems came through Chambers, NOT Gabby. I honestly think he earned himself a start.

    Chambers looked like a guy who hasn’t played first team football in a year. Which is exactly what he is. The problem is that we send him on loan, we have no CB cover. We keep him, he doesn’t progress as fast. This is why we need to bring him in sometimes and ease him into things.

    Chambers still has alot of promise if you ask me. Last night suited Benteke and Chambers got bullied. The constant press was hard on him and our midfield was not supporting him. In short – his badness was exaggerated.

    In short: Our defence wasn’t the only train wreck, Gabby actually played half decent and we need to be giving more game time all round.

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