Why Arsenal MUST play Podolski this week!!

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As a result of Arsenal’s rather mediocre start to the new season, there have been a handful of players who have been subject to criticism as a result of their poor performances. However, there are also established first-team players who have been more or less left in the wilderness as the Gunners continue to struggle for form. One of those players is Lukas Podolski, who chose to speak out about his situation following Germany’s 1-0 win over Spain.

As reported by The Guardian, the German international said: “I have to speak to Wenger because the situation at the moment is not good for me because I have to play, so we will see what happens. I am happy at Arsenal and happy in London but the only thing is I don’t play. I don’t get the chance to play. I play always 10 to 15 minutes. I cannot be happy with this.

“I don’t say that I want to leave or that I leave in winter. I just think about my situation and my situation is unhappy. It is like anyone who is not getting a chance at doing their job. I know that only 11 can play but when you always play 10 or 15 minutes and it happens every week then you cannot be happy. I am happy with the team and the coach and the club but I don’t play. That is the only thing.”

Statistically speaking, Lukas has not started a single game for Arsenal in the League and has only made four appearances off the bench. The former FC Cologne man’s frustration is certainly understandable and when I think of any potential reasons as to why he’s being overlooked in every game, I really can’t come up with any. There is no doubt in my mind that if his situation continues to remain the same, Arsenal will have to say goodbye to one of the undisputed fan-favouries in the squad.

But why is Poldi not being used at all this season? The 29-year-old can bring so much to this Arsenal side, including experience, leadership and a regular supply of goals. Not to mention, he is by far the most clinical finisher in the squad, not even Alexis Sanchez can top him on that aspect of the game. While it has to be agreed that the Chileans’s red-hot form has a lot to do with Poldi being benched, there are also others like Santi Cazorla who haven’t justified numerous berths in the Gunners’ starting eleven.

Quite honestly, I cannot seem to find one good reason as to why Lukas Podolski continues to be overlooked in regards to first-team selection. But whatever the reason may be, I really hope to see him back in the first-team picture as quickly as possible, there is just so much that he can bring to the team. So the German needs to start or play a decent part in either the Man United or Borussia Dortmund games, but preferably both!

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    1. Yes, Wenger has that favouritism and you too. Why can’t you fans see that Podolski doesn’t have the quality Arsenal needs to win us matches? He got a good amount of games in the past when he was started and then he disappeared. I say sell him in this January and ends this story. Wenger should do like Mourinho did on transfer, sell or loan players he don’t want to use and buy the ones we need. People here have too many feelings for Podolski. Arteta is a nice guy too, he does his job decently, he scored like 100% penalty kicks for us, yet he gets many haters on this forum. I bet if Podolski is played as many as Arteta is, you will hate him too.

      1. Love me some Poldi. But he doesn’t play for one simple reason. NO DEFENSE (or DEFENCE). Simple. Without a strong DM, he can’t run free and unabashed up front without tracking back. While our team has struggled to find form, that aspect is something we have had the benefit of with Alexis and Welbz.

  1. so in the space of six months bayern have managed to secure the services of both xabi alonso and sami khedira, two players who are arguably considered wc and play in the central midfield position and would offer greater height, physicality and distribution to our team, for what I can only assume is a combined fee lower than 20m considering alonso was bought for 8m.

    This too to a manager who not so long ago managed barca, keeping real in their shadows for a number of years. I dont know where to begin but surely we could have at least pushed for one of these players especially the prices they were going for, instead we decided to bring back flamini and turn a 30 yr old arteta into a dm

  2. yes by the look of things i want wilshere and podolski to play alongside oxlade chamberlain,Sanchez and welbeck,hoping that a imaginary 6.2+ CDM pops up from nowhere to help win against man utd rather than letting the reckless 2nd division player Flamini !

  3. Im kinda pissed that jack want wenger to play him at dm but dude really?this is barclay, you got a long way to go to master that position and you are a b2b dont get it twisted(this is not england national team this is arsenal,we need someone with height which you dont have, someone who knows how to tackle and concerntrait who we all fans wish arsenal sign)

  4. One has to admire how he manages to still be as enthusiastic as he presently is given the fact that he doesn’t play… He loves Arsenal!
    I completely agree that he has to play, not because he loves Arsenal, but because there is actually a place in the team for him… Or, at least, give him 30 minutes and not 10 minutes!

  5. I know its too early but, against United I would go for:

    Belarrine Mert Chamber Gibbs
    Flamini Wilshere
    OX Carzola Sanchez
    Bench: Poldi, GK, Ramsey, Theo, Monereal, Sanogo (I know)

    Poldi can come on in the 60th or 70 minutes depending on how the game is going.

    – Sub Carzola if underperforming for Poldi and shit Sanchez at 10 which he is deadly in and will support Welbeck well.

    – Sub Ox for Poldi and send Sanchez on the right.

    – Sub Welbeck and play Poldi and Sanchez up front.

    The best thing with Sanchez is that he gives us an opportunity to field in other players around him without disturbing the team balance too much. Playing Poldi from the on set especially against big teams wouldn’t be the wisest decision as we have players in better form than him like it or not (though the manager uses them wrongly of course (clueless)).

    Against a tired defense / our team needing a goal / our team needing more bodies to keep the opponents defenders busy and a deadly left foot Poldi is the man.

    60th or 70th minute sub regularly and starting against lesser teams – Even he would say Aha to that deal.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8mil to think about such!!!!

  6. Yes he can score goals but he lacks energy, speed and work rate. There is nothing to say he could not start up top and he could bang in a few goals if supplied by hard working fast boys behind him. However we’ve seen that he doesn’t play well up front on his own, though we’ve not really tried it with Sanchez and Walcott on the flanks.
    I still see him as an impact sub but at half time or 60 mins not at 80!
    I suspect that he will go in Jan whatever Wenger says.

    Looks like all 8 Man u players that were doubts to return for our game now going to be ready, (though maybe not fit).

  7. I am desperate for Khedira. But Lars Bender will be just ok.

    Oh, and as for our game against Man Utd,I don’t think the final score (whatever it is) will matter to me.

    1. You are desperate for a player that has missed 68 games for Real because of injury?
      Too late anyway, he is signjng for Bayern I am glad to say!

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