Why Arsenal MUST respond to Chelsea goal power with Falcao!!

Arsene Wenger has got just two days left to add to his Arsenal squad before the transfer window slams shut – until the winter one opens in January. And those players that we have by then are expected to try to win a fairly tough Champions League group and be serious contenders for the Premier League title. I think we need more.

I understand that Wenger has strengthened from last season, when only bad luck and injuries, in my opinion, stopped the Gunners from becoming champions. I also don’t think that we need to worry about the threat from Liverpool as much, while Man United are still a mess and Man City no stronger.

But it only takes one team to finish above you in the league for you to not win it and at the moment it looks like Chelsea are the team to beat. Their new signings seem to have settled in a treat (DAMN) and the lack of goal power that cost them dearly last season seems a thing of the past.

Arsenal, on the other hand, still have a couple of our own problems to address. Hopefully the rumours about us signing Carvalho for the DM position are true, because that is one of the problems. But I also think we cannot afford not to cover for the injured Giroud. And as Wenger says, there is no point just bringing in another player who is no better than what we have, so this proposed £20m loan deal for Falcao is perfect and would, I think, see Arsenal go toe to toe with Chelski. What do you think?

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    1. Who invented the £20m figure?

      Remember this will be a 9 month loan, his wages are what they are, but the loan fee is negotiable.

      I think if arsenal sent campbell the other way (after he signed a new deal) then the fee could come right down and the wages would be offset slightly as well. The loan fee could be setup in a way that if all parties agree it comes off of the purchase price in the future. Also by loaning out campbell it opens a place in champions league non association trained list. By loaning out ryo and De listing zelalem, we would also open up the space to sign a Cb and a Dm.

      1. @atid…. *Who invented this £20 million loan figure?*

        The I will ask you a counter question, Who invented this Falcao story you so believe in?. Did he come out and said he is up for the loan? Have Monaco said anything about about wanting to sell or loan him out?

        So you only believe that one part of this rumor that suits your delusional dream while dismissing other peoples take on the same story?

        This is just a rumor that has no legs at all, it’s all speculation, and so whoever has a different take/spin or opinion on it is not more right or wrong than the other.

        1. we should just spend 40mil and buy Falcao for good. He will bring us a goal every game and that is what we have been missing since Henry left.

    2. would any of us really want to spend 20mill for a player for a single sason and then what him leave in May. Add an extra 10 to 15m and sign a top striker full time. I would love Jackson Martinz who has a great conversion rate and an instinct where to be in the box. Falcoa has only been paper talk. aFC has made no contact with him. If we had Aw would not have mentioned his name in an interview. Non runner sorry Gooner.

    3. Our squad is weak compared to Man City and Chelsea drastic measures are needed,the same Everton we drew with a week ago were annihilated by Chelsea!

      1. Game had no history after the 3rd minute. Chelsea themselves could not win it were they had to begin with a 2 goals handicap. Everton was poor even with us, no fitness compared with us that’s why we won, they were dead after 70 minutes. Few more minutes and we had won the game. In a way, Chelsea did what Liverpool did to us last season, score an early goal and build from there. That’s a lot of luck right there. City still haven’t said their last words and I would watch the spuds tonight because they’re in for blood after last season thrashing. If scouses win then better watch out for them as well as they are starting to build up if they have an away win. But if they lose then well, drop them from the competition for the 4th place because they have to play for ECL as well. They simply can’t cope.

  1. falcao 2 arsenal we can only dream it looks like remy who might join us.
    I doubt that the likes of ozil/sanchez joined us 2 play with giroud/remy why not 4 Jackson Martinez/bony they are better again wengers obsession with French akpom who is better than sanogo yet he is being wasted in the u-21 squad

    with remy we can forget the title unless something dramatic happens

    1. The way you guys are so wrapped up in the hype of players is so cringeworthy.. Ozil and Sanchez did not join us to play with Giroud or Remy?..

      Sanchez I can give some leeway for now, but you don’t have the right to include Ozil who has been a liability since joining..

      We had great players like Ian Wright, Kanu, Pires, Bergkamp, Petit, Vieira, Henry, Rvp, Cesc, Ljumberg, Campbell, Adams, Overmars etc…

      You keep mentioning Ozil / Sanchez like they are some kind of Messi or Ronaldo, we are not Norwich, Stoke etc.. We are ARSENAL, a club that has had some of the world greats in football..

      1. GOONSTER
        Yes your right we did have some great players in the past and why not now??? If you think we could win the legue with this squad with NO striker then your deluded I’m hoping that AW will buy quality striker and more otherwise our hopes of wining the legue is almost impossible and as for CL no chance but all it takes is to buy couple of more right players we have more than enough funds in the bank so why why why not????? Is it because if Arsen buys quality players then there is no exuse for not wining trophies, I still belive in Wanger but I think his scared of controlling world class players so he goes for neede players or with injury history.

  2. wenger is too cheap and too timid to pay for a top striker.

    plus he doesn’t like to do the obvious things that everyone wants but something that he thinks is more clever and less obvious, costs less (and is less effective).

    i hope he proves my opinion wrong by monday.

  3. if wenger doesn’t win the title please he should leave we have all defended him when it mattered but there is no excuse we still have around 200m in bank

    wenger is an outdated manager need someone like klopp/simmeone else we will see more of hockey/tennis score line like last season

    1. So you think it’s that simple that if we don’t win the league we just get a new manager spend loads of money like van gal and we would win the league the year after clueless and were did you get 200m from wen has any club in the world spend 200m in one transfer window and blow the lot . Anyway COYG 3 points today

      1. 61 never again

        We do have around 230m in the bank and a forecast of around 70/100m (difference is pending on who we buy and pay as salary) a year profit for the next 5 years.

    2. leo, how about you keep reading garbage and come here and write about it and leave the job of Arsenal manager to Wenger? Seriously, you have no fu cking clue about managing a club so better leave that to the big boys. M’key?

  4. Chelsea look very very good, it’s frightening. I’m worried that only bad luck I.e injuries can cost them the title. If our squad stayed fit the whole season then we could capitalise on their misfortune, but as we all know it is inevitable that key players will get injured, so we will not beat them to the title without a big striker, one of reus/Cavani/Falcao

  5. he will sign for real madrid i think, all smoke and mirrors. i know deals take time but the last 24 hour deals make or break or season, and we end up a few players very short.

    Look at Jan this year, top of the league, we were crying out for a striker and support at the back, and ended up with key injuires and no depth to support a very vunerable side.

  6. 20m for just 1 year is too much, hope sanchez can turn out to be the beast of a striker we all need

  7. jupp hykenes in 12-13 built a great bayern squad which had depth there were no shortage in any pos & there was competition at arsenal most players know they can play crap & get away with it

    remy a player who failed medical at liverlol is joining us says all there is no plan & this season won’t be any different

      1. goals win you league not neccesary if they come from 1 player, look at man city last year

    1. But who would you choose between
      remy and sanchez?
      Remy and walcott?
      Remy and giroud?
      Remy and podolski?

      If remy is the answer, then we are simply not wording the question correctly.

      1. So true atid, but Wenger has experimented with Podolski, Walcott and Sanchez upfront. Neither of them are out and out strikers, so Remy would be a safer option. I do believe out of the 3, Sanchez would perform the best since his dribbling is amazing!

    1. Giffy Sigurdsson 4 assists, Nathan Dyer 3 goals, Naismith 3 goals, Chadli 2 goals, Lamela 2 assists – maybe a cheeky last day bid for all of them as well.

  8. Arsenal has enough attack.
    Sanchez Sanogo Podolski
    Walcott Ramsey Campbell
    Chamberlain Cazorla Ozil
    Gnabry Akpom Rosicky
    Wilshere and Giroud when he returns.
    14 attack options who if they
    produce their best can win the EPL.
    Becuase the club bought early
    there is only one player needed
    a DM or CB. Sunny days 🙂

    1. 2 comments:

      1. Most clubs that win titles have a good defense and a GREAT offense.

      2. Defense is just not as sexy as offense so you will rarely get any love from other fans by promoting a defensive buildup at the expense of attacking players.

  9. i am just thinking wenger said giroud was gonna score 25 goals
    I expected him to score atleast 20

    Now where are those gonna come from

    unless sanchez and walcott both score 30 goals each
    ramsey chips in with 20
    ozil 10 atleast
    cazorla 10 atleast
    OX 10 atleast

    We are doomed

    1. Sanchez 20
      Sanogo 15
      Ramsey 15
      Podolski 14
      Campbell 10
      Walcott 10
      Ox 10
      Giroud 10
      Cazorla 7
      Rosicky 3
      Akpom 5
      Gnabry 3
      Mertz 3
      Kos 3
      Arteta 3
      Flamini 3
      Gibbs 3
      Debuchi 3
      140 🙂 approx.

  10. Harsh reality for the haters on here, Chelsea will win title and thats not becuase of Jose,Costa, terry etc , But one player we all know that is Cesc fabregas. What a player absolute World class wat is that 3 games 4,5 assists, I said then il say it again, Massive mistake by Wenger not taking him bk MASSIVE.
    Those who say “Ramsey world class” have a word will ya
    one season doesnt make u w.class hes a long way to go yet, now were possibley in for remy were becoming a laffing stock in the transfer market.

    1. Another comment revealing a complete lack of knowledge about football. You don’t win titles because of one player – that is a bunch of hype promoted by the media to create interest and hysteria. Anyone who has ever coached a team knows better.

      Messi is the best player in the world. Does Barca win every year? Did they win last season? Take away Hazard and Costa and Shurle and you Fab will still take them to the title?? Think.

      1. stupid comment.
        of course u need more players to win a league.
        letting chelsea sign fabregas WAS A BIG MISTAKE. like it or not. the guy is still a great player. chelsea already had a good squad but with the additions they made they r even stronger.

        1. I did not make the stupid comment about FAB single-handedly winning the title so I don’t know what you are talking about.

          Is it a “mistake” that Real Madrid has never gone for Messi?

          Faba is a good player, but he is JUST ONE PLAYER and there are many throughout football.

          Ridiculous nonsense spewed here.

      2. Excatly, arsenal fans will always amaze me, we started good in the league with some of our major players to come and all our fans can focus on is chelsea, chill out guys the season just started and the window not closed yet, arteta and giroud are injured and verm is gone wenger will sort either of arteta and verm and might sign a striker if he does great if he doesnt so what, he said he signed sanchez as a striker, sanchez isnt good enough for you???

  11. Can people stop including Podolski as one of our attacking threats. He is a lovely guy but he will never come up with 20= goals a year or score against the big teams reguarly. How on earth do you expect him to do that when he goes missing for 60 minutes per game

    1. When someone comments that a striker/attacker “goes missing” they have just revealed their true football ignorance.

      Strikers cannot and do not score without the ball. They cannot do anything. But ignorant fans still use ridiculous phrases like “goes missing” or “anonymous.

      I tell my young players that you can not touch the ball for an entire game and still have played your position perfectly. This is a TEAM game.

      Poldi is told by WENGER to find the little openings in and around the box. That is his role. If he leaves his position he fails in his job and Wenger will bench him for it.

      And how could Poldi score 20+ goals a season from the bench?


      1. @mohawk… Lol.. Good attackers can go missing for 40-60 minutes in like 4-5 games a season, which is understandable.. No one is perfect and can be 100% all the time..

        But Podolski made it a hobby to be anonymous in 90% of all games he plays, he will score a goal here and there from the bench but he is one of the laziest players in our team, try playing him as a striker and you will be laughing, he is clueless, half hearted in challenging for the ball, he always jumps out of physical challenges from the opposing CB, basically he is a good super sub and a very nice and likable guy, but we can’t keep spending £100,000 a week a player like him. If he can take a pay cut and come down to about £40,000 a week the maybe.. But for £100,000 a week we need a top first team player for that kind of wage..

      2. Hahaha.. *Poldi is told by WENGER to find the little openings in and around the box. That is his role. If he leaves his position he fails in his job and Wenger will bench him for it.*

        Lol, I don’t think you have watched Podolski play as a striker, he is never in the penalty box, he is always coming deep and trying to shoot from outside the box.

        All the commentators keep pointing out the fact that he always congests the midfield and kills off any attacks for Arsenal as he is supposed to be the one running in behind but he just does not feel comfortable getting in the box. He likes to stay outside and shoot like Ramsey or Lampard.

        When playing as a LW, he does the same thing, he keeps coming deep and the opposition right backs and wingers don’t have to be worried about him getting behind them, this was further highlighted in I think the West Brom game at the Emirates last season. He spent the whole first half trying to be the creator and we looked rubbish, when he pushed up in the second half we got more joy. But then he went back into his shell and was taken off..

    2. He scored past Bayern Munich. We underrate him severely! Unfortunately for Podolski, his best position is behind the main striker but that position is heavily contested by the playmakers.

  12. Think Remy would surprise a few people if he joined us hes something we don’t have a natural goal scorer this guy scored 14 goals in a mediocre team he would get score more in our team with the chances that would be created for him think its worth going for him although apparently talks are well advanced with chelski and going to be difficult for us to sign him!

    1. Might be surprised to know that “mediocre” Newcastle created more chances than us last season. Sad but true – sort of kills your theory.

  13. and if sanchez gets injured we will have to rely on our RW walcott to play as a ST

    1) he has only played 3-4 times as a ST SO HE WOULDNT START BANGING IN GOALS

    2) we will lose a quality player on RW then wenger will play rosicky
    our front behind the striker will be CAZORLA OZIL ROSICKY(so slow)

    3) ther is no guarantee walcott will excel

    BUY A F#####G ST

  14. Falcao, no cant see him coming to us!
    Remy I like and think we should have bought him earlier in the window.
    Not sure what Arsene is playing at now. If Remy joins us great, (don’t forget he can also play LW), if not and it’s just another Wenger smokescreen / Messing with Mourinho I hope we are in for someone else. Cerci, Martinez? I still dream of Reus or Cavanni.
    I wish we’d hurry up and get the CB/DM signing sorted though as this is the one we really need.
    Got to be quick as Man U are now in the hunt for similar types of players.

    Wenger could shock and surprise us with another big signing or we could fail miserably in this window, let’s hope it’s the former and deals are already wrapped and to be announced after the Leicester game is out the way.

    1. I think it’s safe to say IF the SSN sources are correct this morning and we are going against Chelsea for Remy’s services around (£10,000,000) release clause. Then all the players you mentioned are no hope. Wenger is looking at a cheap buy if he goes for a striker not a £25-40 million striker, wenger unlike everyone else feels he has enough upfront coz he keeps bigging up his forward players, players like sanogo and Campbell who haven’t scored in the EPL!! So keep dreaming…..

    2. Wenger messing with Mourinho?

      Jose has done his business and not getting Remy would not be a big deal.. His team are favorite to get win the league with us as always 3rd or 4th favorite. This annoying Moanrinho has not finished behind wenger for how many consecutive seasons? How many more trophies has Moanrinho won since 2004 compared to us?

      Wenger can’t be messing with this guy, he is messing with himself..

  15. If Poldi doesn’t get on the pitch today, (even as a sub) he’s gone!
    I hope we see something of Campbell today as the rumours surrounding Benfica are a concern.

    1. Why let Campbell go?
      He was brought back to
      show his talent.
      He has a squad number.
      So far he has hardly played
      but when he did he scored that
      beauty volley against Benfica.
      Giroud is out till the new year so why
      would we let a goal scorer go?
      Makes no sense even to think about it.
      Same goes with Podolski who is our
      only genuine left side player.

  16. This article argues that Wenger should spend more than ever before on an excellent (but over-priced) player for the striker position he clearly does not believe is that important to his squad? Do I have that right? Stranger things have happened I guess.

  17. How dumb and desperate would that be? Paying £20 million loan fee on top of his £300,000 a week wages for just 9 months?

    Costa cost £32 million to Chelski permanently. So we pay something like £30 million on a loan player we are not even sure he will hit the ground running, he might get injured again..

    Close to £30 million all together for only 9 months? Fck that..

    Get Remy and hope we are still challenging for that Top spot come January, we have had all summer to sort our transfers out and ares till waiting with 1 day to go, same old rubbish…

    Wenger is so frustrating.. F.F.S…

  18. @davidnz. I don’t want Campbell to go, but who knows what Wenger will do / think?
    Early days suggest Wenger doesn’t favour JC, hopefully he’s just holding him back due to match fitness or something.

    1. @Ronny331.
      Yes I meant generally 🙂
      I too worry about whats
      happening with Campbell and Podolski.
      The rumours about Galatasry and Milan
      are concerning. Hopefully its all
      transfer mind games.
      Guess we’ll find out in a 36 hours.

  19. This Remy interest does suggest a panic buy from Wenger due to Giroud’s injury.
    This I find very disappointing as it suggests a lack of ambition, and stupidity. Why leave it until the last minute to go after Remy when we could have signed him for a reasonable fee earlier on.
    We now have to compete with Chelsea who can offer a better financial package than we can.
    I guess we’ll see if Remy is about the money or playing time now.

    DM player please!!!

  20. @ mohawk, and ur that coach are u lol, my point was to emphasise on how good cesc fabregas as an addition to chelsea team is, he is that good that now they are clear faves and thier performances reflect that. Ur problet one of them.ans on here saying “we dony need cesc” Cesc fabregas is a world class player who makes those around him look even better he did it at arsenal, if u look at stats did it at barca but I know it didnt work out there but hey xavi,iniesta not bad players to be benched f or what do u reckon?

    Jose identified his weaknesses and Boom when straight out and bought 27mill for cesc biggest bargain around in todays market, where as wenger still twiddling his thumbs.

    injury free Cesc will dominate, dnt hate congratulate he is a arsenal.legend.

  21. If you guys have watched Jackson Martinez play with porto you would know he would fit perfectly for Arsenal. He is strong, technical, can use both feet and he scores brilliant goals

  22. I hate to say it but Mouthrinho has great tactical awareness than AW and having seen chelski vs everton I’m starting to wonder whether wenger has it to beat a Mouthrinho side ever in his career and now chelski having one of the most complete midfield in the world add to them the impact of Diego costa(whom we had every right to fight for his signature) they seem more comfortable now(maybe that explains the 3 goals they conceded). With AW’s underweight midfield and lack of an out and out goal scoring machine it will be very difficult to tame the chelski this time around. But if Wenger goes out guns blazing and get us Falcao/cavani, carvalho and we field out a side like this carvalho rambo sanchez ozil walcot falcao/cavani then we could seriously make Mouthrinho fight for his life and just park the bus as he always does

  23. Remy seems a decent bet, consistent goal scorer and hungry to show what he can do in a top team?

    Whether that is true or not, someone mentioned good defence / great attack is the way to go…

    Well, if we firm up our defence, we only have beat teams by 1 goal to win games. So technically speaking, we don’t need 100+ goals IF we have a watertight defence.

    Given the amount we have spent on defenders, and if the Carvalho rumour is true, it looks like that is the way we are heading.

    Should we become more solid defensively, then the goals will come naturally through our gifted players confidence to attack?

    Just a theory..

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