Why Arsenal MUST rest Sanchez…..

It is headlines like these that should make Arsenal fans worry. by Jansen

Arsenal confident that star man Alexis Sanchez can shake off hamstring injury ahead of weekend trip to Norwich

How often have we heard Wenger admit he might have brought a player back a bit too early from an injury? Or how often have we heard him say “this or that player is at the limit.”?

Will we ever learn? We all thought Sanchez would get rested after the last international break for the game at West Brom – but supposedly we could not afford to rest him. We lost the game anyway.

I understand that sitting in 4th with teams breathing down our necks and gathering momentum is uncomfortable. But unfortunately in a league like the PL every game is a must win game and every game is difficult. We are not speaking about the CL final or another big game like that, it’s Norwich. No player can play in every game, they are all going to need a few games rest here and there. So you might as well listen to their bodies rather than looking at your fixture list, because each fixture is difficult and the body will break down when it is overused no matter what the fixture is.

If we don’t rest Sanchez at the right time, instead of being without him for one game we might be without him for 4 games or more. That fact that he is nursing a hamstring problem reeks to me of an early warning sign of his body telling him it has gone beyond its limit.

For me it is another Wenger gamble, like not buying an outfield player this past window, that simply should not add up for a mathematician like Wenger. If you dramatically reduce the odds of losing a player for a series of games by resting him for one, that seems like an easy choice. Same goes for Ozil, he should be watched closely as well, no matter how good those two players are playing right now, we need to get them to the pay-off part of the season, or the run in, in good health and fitness.

Losing them for a month because we were afraid to rest them for one game simply reeks like more points lost than gained.


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  1. Flaminowski says:

    I swear every time there’s a chance for Alexis to rest, he never gets it.

    Same old story

  2. Colin says:

    It looks like it’s both Alexis and Campbell who have niggles, which makes it a more difficult decision. There is no doubt in my mind that Alexis should be rested as it must be risky to play him, but there just now may be no choice but to risk both Alexis and Campbell and swap them out for Rambo and Ox as the match goes on. Hopefully by the time they are subbed, they will have done the necessary damage to Norwich.
    Thenext game is Sunderland, and by then both Rambo and Ox will have more match fitness and perhaps more opportunity for Wenger to rest Alexis.

  3. muda says:

    when last did Cr7 got a rest? they both needs 1 thing in common (playing) and i think he can cope with it. So, lets stop worrying, use him when we can.

    1. Colin says:

      I believe La Liga doesn’t play over X Mas. There is a gap from 21 Dec to 4 Jan. Whan CR7 played for ManU Fergie rested him after the XMAS period sending him on a holiday.

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Sanchez should start the Norwich game if he passed a late fitness test on Sunday. Arsenal cannot afford to rest a fit Sanchez for the Norwich game. Because it’s a BPL away match and this match will be tough. I watched Chelsea on TV beat Norwich City 1-0 last Satuday and Norwich proved difficult for Chelsea to beat. Norwich maybe 16th in the table and have not won in their last 8 outings in the league. That’ll make it more hard for the Gunners to beat them as the Canaries look to recover. Norwich will like to win this game or at least get a point from it. They will fight like Trojans that are trying to infest the memory of a data running application to render it into obsolete state. Therefore, Arsenal MUST go to Carrow Road with all their big Guns and start them as anti-malware to block the Trojan-Canaries from infesting the Gunners’ game app data running of: PUT THE CANARIES INTO CAGE TO STOP THEM FLYING(stop them from playing their game and hit them 3 times.)

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Hey Jansen,
    Does WE =WENGER?

    You keep saying we but WE ? all know that it is Wenger that makes all the decisions ? and not we ?

    Talking of we’s… We also know that wenger will play Sanchez against Norwich and that Sanchez will finally get his rest when he joins Jack and Danny for a spot of Fifa bashing on their ps4 during match days.

    #Wenger knows Less! ???

  6. ozildatrequartista says:

    Sanchez is not a child. He is a top notch athlete.(with doctors n physios n all lots of other fancy stuf). He can play if he wants. And when did we ever have a chance to rest him? Against wba we lost! And he was our best player!

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