Why Arsenal must send a clear message by keeping Alexis to his contract

What is at stake here is not so much Alexis Sanchez as an individual but the principle and the respect for Arsenal Football club. When Sanchez signed the original contract it was not stated anywhere that if Arsenal is not in Champions League he would leave. Everyone is obliged to respect the contracts they sign.

Secondly, if Arsenal just succumbs whenever a player expresses the wish to go we shall always lose our best players to the likes of Man City who think they have a lot of money. Whereas previously we sold our best players to pay for the Stadium, the situation now is completely different. Hence we need to send that message loud and clear both in word and action. We need to assert that when we say no we mean exactly that.

In life there are some risks we take to achieve certain objectives. If the risk is losing 50 million today so that in the future we might gain more so be it. Besides if in the course of the season the team performs well Sanchez might see no reason to leave and thus be persuaded to sign a new contract. Also if we win the Premier League we shall get much more money than the 50 million. This would be like a defensive wall for the club against marauders who think any time they can snatch the players they want from us. It would also give us a psychological edge over our rivals..

As for Sanchez being a bad influence in the dressing room this can only happen if the team is not performing well. Players love it when they are winning games and Sanchez will be so motivated to achieve the ultimate success that he will have no reason or time for bickering.

Let the talking be done on the pitch….

David Rusa


  1. Mark my words
    Alex will go and we will have one panic buy to appease the fans

    Oh and brozovic is bang average

    1. I agree

      Brozovic wouldn’t be much of an improvement
      He is a jack of all trades and master of none
      He isn’t strong defensively and not creative like Cazorla

    2. Both Arsene and Sanchez have stated he has a year left on his contract… so he is staying I would imagine
      Arsenal should definitely keep him and at Xmas time both parties can decide…. Sanchez will be 29 by then and will have to replicate his form to get either a nre big contract or a big transfer… he should remember has has only had one very good season … no guarantees he will repeat though we all hope so and he puts in a good shift!

      He also contributed to the poor form around Xmas which coincided with his and Ozils contract stalling.
      And it very arrogant to say I want to win the Champions League…. so does every arsenal pkayer and Arsene !!

    3. We Arsenal fans overrate their player’s a lot.No wonder when our players leave to another club eventually their quality always declines even if they’re world class.Take a look at all the top players who have left Arsenal and look at their careers.Things start well and end badly.It is unfair to say Sanchez is irreplaceable because none of you can know until you give the chance to another player and no one knew he would have this impact.This should tell you that until you try you can’t know.I hate it when we allow players to treat us like this.Why not sell him abroad and get a top winger to replace him instead of allowing him to go for free?How do you know we will or won’t win the league with him or if another top winger comes in.We might really really regret this season if the future of some key players are not sorted out.We overrate our players a lot its a joke.

    4. If he goes, that won’t be the end of Arsenal. Many had gone before.
      He should remember he was not that wanted again at Barca that’s why they sold him to us.
      (You know Barca don’t sell their needed players).
      But if he has to go, let him get us a team that will give us 80M.
      If not, he must stay an honour his contract.
      Get Lemar and one other good player and he will regret.
      Am optimistic this time. Sanchez is not bigger than Arsenal and he should respect us.
      A lot of big Man U and Chelsea players were not near CL ground last year and yet Chelsea players stayed and won the league. Just tired of Sanchez distraction. Keep him or else let fund his transfer of 80M like one Fabrigas.

  2. I just want want Arsenal to make up their mind and stick to it so that we are certain about who will be with us in the next season. I am now indifferent on whether Sanchez should stay or go but l want the club to assure the fans on who will be staying or going. We are also long overdue with the third signing, not sure why it’s taking forever because both Mahrez and Lemar have made it public that they are keen to join us, so the delay should be us. Why can’t we just do business early and start preseason with all our signings?

    1. “The delay should be us” …Have you ever heard of a club called Monaco or Leicester city? Oh there’s a phrase known as “transfer fees” too, it’s what you pay for a player under contract, the reason why Sanchez is singing the Champions League anthem, wearing baby blue in front of his mirror and not somewhere in Manchester.

  3. I am amused fans are demanding for Alexis to be sold. Why? Sell him and replace him with who? No new player will guarantee 25 goals and 10 assists. A stance must be taken, no Alexis to any PL rival, the same fans demanding him to be sold will be the first to criticise Wenger when they eventually win the PL with him. Priority must be to keep him, then we then cash on him to any non English club. Even he admitted in the interview that he still have one year to spend meaning he won’t down tools even if he end up staying.

  4. What’s the point of signing a 29 year old high octane player to a four year contract at triple his current wage? Ask Man. U and Wayne Rooney.

    1. So to keep the leagues best forward player. So to have a guy who snatches results even on an off day. So to stop city che or manu totally upping their chances of winning whilst lessening ours. So to have one of those top bracket players only so many clubs can brag of. So to spit in the faces of those clubs who raid us and dominate us, and say no more ..so F***k you!! So we profit on a football pitch rather than a bank account for a change.

      1. League’s best forward? Harry Kane and Lukaku? Why can’t we be progressive for once? Alexis is a fine player no doubt and with an excellent work rate but I doubt Man City are falling over themselves to get him, if they really really wanted him and he is seen as crucial to their plans, we all know that they’d have pulled out all the stops and offered a ridiculously high amount by now, that they are not doing that should tell you a lot. Chelsea did not hesitate to show the door to Costa, Aguero’s spot on the team is shaky but at Arsenal we treat a Barca reject and now 29 like gold…I used to think Sanchez and Ozil were doing us a favor but when you realize no single link even in the Daily Sun for Ozil has been speculated, I really need to ask questions about who’s actually doing who a favor ,obviously if they were available for free I’m sure the narrative will be different but once you are over 25 and you are not in the balloon d’or contention places, you ain’t gold no more, Aubameyang is available for about 70 million but struggling to find takers. Solanke, Timo Werner, Mbappe, Dembele are hot on the heels of Kane and Lukaku, those are the ones you want to talk about. I and so many others liked watching the Arsenal that made breathtaking football look so effortless, the poise of Henry, the magic left foot of RvP, the ghostly passes by Fabregas,the Rosicky turn, the Ambidextrous Cazorla, not the leggy battering ram approach of Sanchez which has it’s uses but I definitely don’t want to watch that day in day out.

  5. Sell him or not. I don’t give a fcuk bout him anymore. If he truly made that statement, sell him outta the league and i hopes he break a leg. What more can we do for you?? You’ve were there when we played Barca, you were there when we played Bayern, you were there when we dropped unnecessary points during the season, fine the team wasnt complete. Now your coach is buying the players we need you are still acting like a spoilt brat whose candy was taken away. I know he’s very important but we lost Fabregas, Nasri..Van Persie who was the most important at that time and we moved on. If you go my ass won’t cry a bit or sulk. No room for negativity in my life, if you want to leave Arsenal, I wish i can hold the Fcuking door for you so you leave

    1. dude shutup
      about hope he breaks his leg

      not his fault we underperformed as a team and a club last season
      he got 30 goals and 16 assists last season – non stop fighting since he joined this club
      he owes us nothing- hes world class and an he was when he left barca

      just sound salty cos he wants better than europa league and the fight for fourth place
      rvp we kept through years on injury , cesc we developed

      he came here a world beater an will leave the same- owes us f all

      1. Really Muff?? Good thing you know we developed Cesc. He left us as WC didnt he?? We moved on or not?? Sanchez can leave, bro i dont give a fcuk!! this won’t be the first time

        1. Didn’t mean to rude brother
          I’m conflicted about this whole saga

          But can’t just ignore his contribution

      2. You say he owes us nothing as if any player in Arsenal does.After all it was we who gave him the chance to score 30goals and 16 assists.The team is pretty much built around the guy.The one thing I cannot live with is people saying he’s irreplaceable without any basis.Before Sanchez came here how many people knew he would score 30goals and record 16 assists in 16/17 season?This goes to prove that you can’t know until you give someone the chance.I would go mental if he leaves for free next season while he can be sold abroad this season and that money invested on another top quality winger.If the future of certain players are also not sorted out that will distract them and make their performances drop.We might be in for another long season.

  6. The only two people who actually know what is going on is Alexis and Arsene Wenger. All the rest of this is media speculation. I’m sure that he will honour his contract which ends next season and stay at the club. If he still wants to go after that then that’s fine but he may decide to stay, you don’t know. We cannot allow other clubs to bully Arsenal into selling our players, it’s not good for morale at the club and not good for the fans either. I say this again, 99% of this is media speculation so we’ll have to see what happens.

  7. Can’t support your best players? Not the first time for wenger. The ‘project’ continues on spin cycle. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Forever. Just another indictment of wenger and his mismanagement.
    You think keeping sanchez sends a message? To whom and about what exactly? We’re going to make you play for us? That’ll encourage players to come along and build. They’ll simply wait until someone new comes and actually achieves something. Great message that one.
    Are you wenger in disguise?

  8. Alexis, the truth is you have a contract with Arsenal up to the end of next season. You have no choose than to honor the contract to the finished. There was no agreement in the contract that if arsenal failed to played in champion league you will leave. I think Arsenal is being so soft with this guy for more than a month now. The truth is Alexis you are going nowhere. Please Man. City stop distracting this guy, you could go for Ronaldo or Messi, this one is not going anywhere. You Walt for him after one year.

  9. The other thing is that he’s 29. How much longer can he go on playing the way that he does?? Due to the way that he plays, running around so much and working that hard, how long will it be before he burns himself out? Should we be giving a £300k a week contract to a player of that age? It’s not normally the Arsenal way so in hindsight, should we just take the £50 million Man City are offering for him?? That’s another thing to think carefully about before we make a decision like this, how would the fans react if his form went downhill due to exhaustion? They’ll then say “We should’ve sold him” It’s a real dilemma for the club.

    1. Have city really offered 50million for him? They need a back up r & l back. A central defender . On top of the money they have already spent. City must have a crack a the champion league this season they have enough forward power.

  10. Hope the guy Alexis change his mind. But if he so desired to move on good luck to Arsenal FC, and hope we can find an adequate replacement the same way we brought him to replace those that left earlier.

  11. There is a way Arsenal and Alexis can reach an amicable decision. They can sit and agree on a 1 year extension with a favourable release cluase like 25M, then Alexis plays his heart out to win the EPL and place a strong challenge innthe next champions League. Would Alixis sulk if Arsenal won EPL, FA and Europa leagues this season? i doubt he would.
    Sanchez does his 25 goals, Lacazette his 25, the rest of the squad does 40-45 goals. We concede less that 15-20 we would be very strong even for Europe! That’s the playbook Wenger should put forward to Sanchez. That 1) We will be challenging with him in. 2) We shall release him cheaply if we dont win EPL and look strong for Europe. 3) The extension would allow Arsenal to recoup some small returns. Another i year extension can be discussed if we win EPL and look strong for Champions League…

  12. I think we can forget about Mbappe after what Wenger said the other day
    Lemar really wants to come here and seems to be pushing for it, so there is hope

    1. Wenger better pull his finger out, even Mahrez is looking set to be sold to Roma, the player is said to be hanging out for Arsenal. Lemar won’t be sold unless Wenger bids close to £80 million lol… Next!

      1. Yes
        In the past there have been plenty of players who were eager or at least willing to come but either Wenger wasn’t interested or waited too long

        Its really risky to play the waiting game

        1. Well, he held out for Barca before Arsenal, Riyad. Now holding out for Arsenal before Roma…on your bike boy! Ain’t no one got time for sloppy seconds.

  13. ….lets stop kidding ourselves, even if Sanchez is 29 or whatever….he is still the beast, the majority here keep on mourning bcoz he don’t want to sign a new contract, unless otherwise, all you people will be cheering him if he sign a new thing, who are u to guarantee that he wont perform when he turns 30 or more..?!

    lets accept it, he should leave though he is still our best player,more better if we sell him now for 50 mil pounds, i believe even our board likes my idea sell our best players as usual.!!

  14. There’s every need for we Arsenal fans to be positive. With or without Sanchez the season will be great success. We should support what we have not some delusional player

  15. Sanchez would have still wanted out Even if we would have finished 4th last season. He isn’t getting any younger and since he is kicking up a fuss then this is the best time to sell him and with City,Chelsea and Utd all interested I would start a bidding war and sell him to the club that offers the best player plus cash deal. Stop kidding yourselves that we will be challenge for the premiere league title this season, the last 13 years will tell you that we are a top four club that bottle it when we are in and around the Top spot and we only show real fighting spirit when top four is in danger.

  16. Personally I support the motion that arsenal should keep Alexis sanchez regardless of whether he signs new contract or not.Gone are those days arsenal sold their players to meet some certain needs especially in the construction of new stadium.Now that everything is in order,I don’t see any reason to sell our star players just because they demand for transfer,Arsenal is a big club in which all her players must respect including the board and shareholders,Arsenal especially Arsene Wenger must take his stand firmly by not allowing Alexis exit from the club,he must respect the contract he signed with the club,even if he opts to live for another club,though i also respected his decision,but Alexis isn’t bigger than the club ,to let him see off is contract come next season will really bring fortunes to the club rather than allowing him to leave.

  17. A clear message means winning trophys. And no i am not tllk about ponny trophys like cups. Another clear message is Arsenal punishing incompetence. Do we do it? No. What we do is even reward it.

    No player is entitled to stay at Arsenal. Arsenal payed them for their service, and this service about to expire.

    By doing things right you attrackt the Mbabbes and Sanchez in the football world. Money today is not a factor way to many teams have it nowdays.

  18. No player is bigger than the Club

    I am also very disappointed in what Alexis said
    We rescued him from Barca’s bench
    He won two trophies with us
    We have got a quality striker and highly likely to be in Champions League
    With Lemar we can challenge for the PL

  19. Keep Sanchez. If he doesn’t perform or does not want to play keep him on the bench rather than sell him to a rival. With World Cup coming up Sanchez will have then change his attitude and thinking and get out on the pitch and play his heart out for Arsenal.

  20. I was reading up on all the old stories of P. Vieira constantly making noises of wanting to leave for Juventus, R. Madrid, and even Manu that one season. Somehow we managed to hold onto him, and now after going back over it all, I believe we did not want to sell him to Juventus in the end as it’s more likely he wanted to go back there and prove a few things. The way he talked about Juventus, he thought very highly of them. For me that was a more difficult thing to do, keeping him here back then than now with Alexis and the money that is in football. I used to dread the summer knowing all the Vieira stuff was around the corner. We managed that and we could not compete financially with Real, Manu and Juve. So whatever they done then, whatever lengths they had to go through, they should have an idea already. I hear people saying bad stuff about Alexis and they want shot now. I don’t remember anyone saying the same about Vieira, but the game then didn’t have social media. We were right to fight for Vieira, and we’d be right to fight for Alexis.

    1. Come on Break on through…those were days when AFC was a club on ascedency and feared even by those big clubs you mention. We would win games and compete in every competition we featured. Now fourth is a trophy…

  21. Fork it, Sell him and buy G.Bale, Real Madrid want £70 million for him. ?

  22. I say we should keep him and make him see out his last year..we need to use him and anchor ourselves back into top for and maybe even challenge for the tile..Sanchez could always change his mind and getting back into top for would gain us £50m +…I don’t want any rival to.have him cause we just look like a joke all over again…and on the off chance we do sell.him to a rival we then need to put that ££ to signing Lemar pay the £80 miliion and signal intent to grow

  23. I agree with practically every single word in the original post. Myself, I’m on a fence with Alexis. On one side, I want him to stay and help us win the title. On the other, he might be a distraction, and I would hate to lose a 60+ mil player on a free next season. If the right offer comes along, I would probably sell his sorry arse and get a decent replacement in Lemar or Mahrez. If we don’t get, keep him and I’m sure he’ll play just as hard as he did because of the World Cup coming up, and because he’s still a professional football player who’d want to show everyone that he’s still got it.

  24. Sanchez, great player, love him but why keep an unhappy player when he can leave for free next year, start getting the hump with everyone around him, possibly not performing to his best and unsettling others.
    Get 50 or £60 mil now, invest in Bale or Auba or another big name and we all move on. We have seen this scenario so many times before with RVP, Nasri, Cole etc etc and it will happen again in the future, caused by bad management.

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