Why Arsenal must start reprieved Gabriel at Spurs

The Arsenal and Brazil international centre back Gabriel still has an FA charge to answer, despite the English football authorities´ decision to uphold the club´s appeal against the red card shown to him by Mike Dean at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

But our defender has until tomorrow to reply to the other charge of improper conduct about how he reacted after being sent off against Chelsea. The chances are, therefore, that he will still be handed a ban of some length. Perhaps it will be for just one game but we really do not know what the FA will do because I never expected them to rescind his red card and a lot of people are surprised that they have handed Costa a retrospective red and a three game ban.

So I think that Arsene Wenger really has to start Gabriel tonight, while he still can. With games coming thick and fast for Arsenal and Per Mertesacker only just available again after his illness, squad rotation could be vital. So Wenger could rest Koscielny against the spuds and then Gabriel will be out for Leicester but can then play in the Champions League, giving the BFG a rest after two games in quick succession.

And if the FA decide to be nice to Gabriel again, we will take that as a nice bonus.

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  1. Ospina
    Debuchy Gabriel Chambers Gibbs
    Arteta Ramsey
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

    Subs: OG, Flamini, Kos, Iwobi, Reine, Cech, Carzola

    1. Dont understand the thumbs down. ( pointles thing to do). This line up is pretty much what we will see today.

          1. Ospina
            Debuchy – Chambers – Mertesaker – Gibbs
            Arteta – Flamini
            Ox – Iwobi – Campbell

            Subs: Cech, Koscielny, Monreal, Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott, Sanchez

      1. the tumbs down is for ozil and sanchez need ti rest Gabriel needs time off. most probably,,

    2. Debuchy commited only one mistake in that CL game which led to the own goal. He ignored the left wing position and went centrally to help Kos and Gabriel. Then he grew up into the game, and did a good job.

      My only fear is Gibbs, I think he still needs to give more from himself in the game. I know he can do his job, but sometimes I feel that he doesn’t gives his 100%. He is very good for overlaps,but sometimes he disappoints in crossing. And he still has to learn defensive positioning. Maybe Monreal should mentor him and help him in becoming better.

  2. I think protecting Gabriel could be the better decision for a potentially heated London derby.
    We have 4 CB, not 3.

    CB partnership could be Per and Chambers which has shown in the past to be a good combination, it would be good for Chambers as well to get some gametime.

    Chambers long term future appears to be at CB, give him some gametime in the micky mouse cup to develop in that role. Per is going to need a good 60mins + for game sharpness, if we want him for the EPL games incase Gabriel is susp for a game then we want a match sharp Per.

    1. But if we are caught high, remember we don’t have Coquelin, it could backfire. I think either Mertesacker or Chambers should be paired with Gabriel. Gabriel should play more games as he can improve more. Gabriel and Mertesacker would be the ideal choice for me. I would like to see Chambers in DM position.

      1. I wonder how many of us would have been bemoaning the loss of Coq if he had picked up same injury a year ago? How things quickly change in football and credit to the lad!!!!

  3. I’m hoping that Gabriel will be let off considering it’s his first and hopefully last improper conduct offence.
    If he shows remorse for his actions and pleads that the injustice got the better of him and that he has learnt from his mistake, I’m sure that the FA will let him off with just a small fine and a slap on the wrist (warning)

  4. with Le Coq out (wenger’s fault for bringing no aide in)…… And Arteta or flame being incompetent……. I think i’d have no choice but to bring on BIELIK……then see how he runs the show for a few minutes…… If things tend to look unstable, would make a quick change! Or does wenger think otherwise?

  5. Wenger has already stated that he will put out a similar team,
    probably referring to the Chelsea game and that he won’t be starting with any youngsters for tonight’s game.

  6. nevertheless………i really want to see what Bielik has to offer! Even if its a 15mins cameo……… What if he turns out to be something extra-ordinary?……….

  7. Im eager to see Ben sheaf.. He is good dribbler n can shoot powerfully. I won’t be surprised if I see him on pitch.

  8. Gabriel’s child-like behaviour cost us that match. He should be made to play in order to pay back for the last match. Payback time stupid boy!!!

    1. He stands up for the rest of the weak, overly meek , smiling boys………. And u call that child-like behaviour……….oh! He should be a gentleman with a suit and tie on the pitch????? Huh!

  9. Fatboy Gooney, you are right. I too believe the FA shouldn’t slam De Abreu more than a fine, being a 1st offender. And the FA letting him off a wrongful dismissal hock that was ocastrated by referee Mike Dean, will imform the FA that the sending off was wrong in the 1st place. Subject to the Boss acceptance, my starts & bench are as follows: Ospina. BellerinRhino’DeAbreuMonreal. KamaraFlamini. IwobiOzilSanchez. Giroud. My bench: CechKoscielnyDebuchyGibbsRamseyOxladeWalcott. Arteta had zero Opta stats in Zagreb. Therefore, the Boss should leave him out of this Cup game until he can fully start. And Koscielny who failed to deal with 2 aerial goals at Zagreb and Chelsea should be given a starting rest by the Boss. Importantly, the Gunners MUST pocket any threat that emanated from Son Heung min, Harry Kane and overlapping Danny Rose. I think that’s all I want to say. THFC 0-2 AFC Full time 90” +.

  10. What would be funny is Gabriel starting and then getting an absolutely valid red card, LoL. We’ll be so trolled by Chelsea fans it won’t be funny 😀

    1. @Twig……..Nah! I guess no ref would want to be a Dean II in so short a time!……..they know Arsenal will always get vindicative footage evidence from brazil to show for ….. L()L

  11. Good or bad I just want to see a full Joel Campbel game. Also Sanchez should be rested, meaning not even be on the bench. Cazorla is suspended.

  12. I understand that this is the starting lineup
    Debuchy – Per- Calum- Gibbs
    Arteta – Flamini
    Ox- Ramsey – Campbell
    The thing about this lineup that worries me is, who will create the scoring chances and where will the goals come from?

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