Why Arsenal mustn’t underestimate Brighton’s interest in strike-target

Brighton are claimed to be in the hunt to sign Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard, but should they be considered strong rivals for his signature?

The Gunners have been linked with the French Under-21 striker for at least 18 months, and with just 12 months remaining on his current playing deal, a move appears near-certain this summer.

While the Seagulls might not appear as though they should be considered strong rivals for his signature, they may have more going for them than some others.

Leicester were previously linked as leading the race to sign the striker, with Brendan Rodgers having been in charge of the Scottish giants when they signed him, initially giving him his chance at the senior level.

The Foxes interest may have to take a back-burner however, following Kelechi Iheanacho’s impressive form, which you would imagine would rule out the need to add another first-team option up front.

Arsenal similarly will need to either offload one of their current options in Alexandre Lacazette or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to be able to guarantee Edouard first-team football, which could open the door for Brighton to swoop in instead.

While the Premier League side may not appear as the big club you would expect could tempt Edouard to England, under Graham Potter they have an extremely organised side, and one worthy of considering, with first-team guarantees an important part of negotiation for them.

Will Brighton’s interest mean that Arsenal will need to speed up on their decision to try and sign Edouard?


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  1. Our business should not depend on any other club and what they are doing.

    We should have been identifying and analysing players over the last 6-12 months already. There should be clear goals and objectives in place for the transfer window and we get our business done early and efficiently.

    If we don’t manage to land our main targets, whether rejected or snapped up by other clubs, that means our scouting has been poor as a probability analysis should have been done on the chances of signing these players. This includes the speed in which we can complete the business.

    1. Spot on. We need to start acting like Arsenal Football Club again instead of the Mickey Mouse club over the past several years.

  2. He looks good, but we won’t buy a new CF if we can’t sell one of our senior strikers

    1. It’s foolish to renew Laccazet contract at this stage and more foolish to not sell, so am hoping we are selling laccazet and nketia

        1. GAI,

          50m EUROS at maximum I’m afraid.. They’re both on last year of their contracts unfortunately..

          1. That should be enough to get a new CF. Aubameyang can be the second choice for the CF role and Balogun can be the third one

      1. I really think that Auba should be the one to leave. Laca is still showing he can contribute to this side and we generally look more dangerous when he’s playing. Auba looks finished and I have a feeling he won’t pick up next season. Hope I’m wrong because the signs are that he’s staying on.

          1. I also agree about Auba he seems to have lost some pace, his main asset. My one concern is, can we attract a top CF?

          2. @Andrew Elder : Yes. If the top CF comes from less popular clubs, such as Wout Weghorst, Andre Silva and Yussuf Poulsen

            London life and big salary could be attractive to them. We also got Aubameyang from Dortmund, despite not having a CL ticket

        1. Verdy is 34 and still puts in a decent performance
          I don’t think aubameyangs problems has anything to do with his age
          Only aubameyang and Arteta can tell us why a golden boot striker suddenly looks so bad. Regression is not what you wake up and you are regressed

    1. 👍 Me too!! ‘We have to sell before we buy’ has already been mentioned… One thing which has caught my eye though is Xhaka and Roma! Apparently we’ve set a price of 20m….

      1. @Sue,

        £20m for Xhaka would be perfect.

        Apparently Ruben Neves is available, quoted around £35m.. Anyone fancying him? As far as I’m aware, he also plays as deep lying playmaker.

        1. They want to offer around £10m for Xhaka reports are saying. I’d take 15 and run if the offer came in. Xhaka will probably thrive at Roma so will be good for both.

          Also seems that Grealish is now on City’s radar.

  3. Seems like mighty Brighton and Aston Villa have set themselves clear targets as to who they hope to sign, based on which positions need strengthening. Arsenal on the other hand seem to be linked with everyone and no one. It’s hard not to be cynical after all these years of Kroenke induced paralysis. Don’t be surprised if we end up with more Brazilian mercenaries . Edu has to show his bosses that he is deserving of his salary. Coutinho to Arsenal anyone?

  4. Glad he isn’t coming to Arsenal. Anyone who has watched him consistently will know that he’s not what Arsenal need. Absolutely Not Arsenal’s quality. Brighton seems about right for him.

  5. Martinelli will surely be a starter next season and hopefully Folarin Balogun will be making his mark. If we sell either Aubameyang or Laca we will be set. A new proven striker would be good but Martinelli must be No 1. With Buendia as top schemer and assist maker and Pepe finding his boots, Martinelli will take the Prem by storm, plus a right back to match Tierney’s level. Saliba is back in town, because Holding is OK but a bit slow and ponderous, and we may step up. The danger is the bitter and twisted Arteta will clear out Saliba due to his deep jealousy and antagonism towards Emery’s signings. Definitely Arteta is a control freak micro-manager and if he screws up it will be because of that. Hope William Saliba and even Konstantinos Mavropanos stay. I’m sad because it looks like Arteta does not have an eye for true talent so we have to hope that the Hale Ender’s produce enough talent to cover for Arteta’s woeful deficiencies. Arteta should be forced to wear L plates as he has failed his football manager driving test.

    1. Martinelli hasn’t shown he can play as the CF yet. He’s also needs to show he can physically last a run of games before we consider making him our first choice CF. I dunno, it seems like it would be an enormous risk to bank on GM being our main striker next season – definitely deserves more playing time in general though. Might make more sense for him start games as a winger and either move inside later in games or come off the bench in games until he’s shown he can handle it. Remember how everyone knew RVP was a top player but he would get major injuries every season until his final 18 months? That hurt us because we were heavily reliant on him for much of that time, although Adebayor was brilliant there for a time. We could create the same situation with GM if we’re not careful.

    2. Sean you are too big for this comment on Arteta because to me the theory seems ridiculous. How you come up with ‘Arteta Jealous of UE so he wouldn’t use his signings’ is beyond me.
      To me MA protected Saliba by sending him away because of the enormous pressure fans placed on him due to his transfer, and also he wanted Luiz stay 1 more season to help the young back line stable , no one can deny the idea paid off, now Luiz is gone and Saliba is back to compete with Holding while Mari and Gabriel will compete for the 2nd spot. It’s simple

      1. Adajim

        Take your blindfold off. Torreira, Guendouzi, Saliba shipped off. Willian paid a fortune and played. We have played the worst Arsenal football for generations and you think that your hero Arteta is up to it. ??????

        1. Maybe you should add Ozil, Mustaffi, Sokratis , willock to the list because because you only pick a few players that came to arsenal during UE time whereas we shipped out many players from Wenger era last season does that means he hates/jealous of Wenger too?
          He played willian until December and ever since how much game did he start all through.
          Be objective for once.
          Torreira you mentioned had been dropped to the bench before UE left , it’s not as if he was having a good season but got shipped out.
          Say anything you like, I didn’t see favouritism in picking some players over another

        2. And if we want to go by your logic only Partey, Cedric, willian and Mari should be playing for us as they were the only players brought in during MA era, since he doesn’t want to play Emery signings , Pepe, Martinelli, Leno, even Ceballos , luiz, and should have been shipped out since the start of the season

          1. Wake up and smell the coffee. We have gone backwards. Have you watched our football????? Not with a clear reasoning mind.

        3. Sean, I didn’t argue about where we are, truth is we have been going backwards since 10yrs back, we are trying to find solution, is Arteta the man, I am not sure yet but I’ll like to see him try once again if result is not as expected he will have to go just like UE.
          All am saying is your comment /theory on MA for loaning out Torreira, Guendozi and Saliba are ridiculous.
          Now Saliba is back what else will you say when he start playing for us next season?

          1. Try again. Phew! Enough is enough. We should be chasing an experienced successful manager who knows what he doing. How much longer do we have to wait to see our team play football?

        4. Sounds more like a flat earth conspiracy theory to me. No evidence just plain old hate..

      2. Adajim, did Arteta call you personally and told you the reason behind sending Saliba on loan? You Arteta fan boys just make one excuse after another, did you not read what Saliba said when he was at Arsenal and when he went on loan? That clearly shows Arteta did not trust him, it was no about protecting Saliba. What next Arteta send MG on loan to protect him as well, He put Martenelli on bench even though he was fit and available to protect him and manage fan expectations.

  6. I agree with Sean, though. Arteta has shown himself to be small-minded in his footballing philosophy and preference for certain players.

  7. And Liverpool have already concluded their deal for Ibrahima Konate, just admin left to complete….no talking and wasting time like us.

    1. Once upon a time we had David Dein. Things got done back then. We need another David Dein.

        1. John, David Dein also introduced Usmanov to Arsenal, because he correctly foresaw that external sources of funding were required for the Club to compete, particularly after Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003. When he favoured the Usmanov takeover, Kroenke and the other major shareholders turned on him.
          Kroenke originally held 11.26% of the shares. Dein as a Director owned 16.6%, which by 1991 he had built up to 42% which he sold to Usmanov to become a Director of Red and White Holdings
          The other Directors, Danny Fiszman, Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith and Richard Carr between them held 44% of the Club. After saying they would never sell, when they forced Dein out, they reneged and sold out to Kroenke giving him control. They are the true villains!
          David Dein was instrumental in bring Arsene Wenger to Arsenal as well as Dennis Bergkamp, Ian Wright, Patrick Viera, et al and full seating at Highbury following the Hillsborough tragedy.
          April 18, 2007 when David Dein resigned was the beginning of the decline of The Arsenal.

          1. Well said ozziegunner i wrote something similar a few weeks back to try and explain who the real culprits where.

  8. Let us Gooners be patient and exercise patience restraining ourselves to not be over criticizing for a little while. But hold on for Arsenal this summer window. And wait to see who are the new players they’ll bid for to sign them.

    And of course as us know very well that there will be some Gunners who will exit the club this summer. But who the outgoings from the club and the incomings to Arsenal names will be, is under speculations. For, us can only speculate or make suggestions to Arsenal to act on them.

    Which they could partially or fully accept. Or even dismiss our suggestions with the wave of their hands. Even if us cry foul at the top of our voices in our shouting to say to Arsenal, sign this, sign those, don’t sign this, don’t sign those. Or sell this, sell those, don’t sell this, don’t sell those. Arsenal may not listen as us cannot force them.

    I believe Arsenal are not slow neither are they deterring in this summer transfer window . But are taking their time to weigh the pro and the con properly in regard to Arsenal transfers this summer before they act.

    So that avoid falling into mistakes and errors to sign correctly but not wrongly. And also sell correctly but not wrongly this summer as the revamp their senior team squad for greater efficient performance in all the 3 domestic competitions they are slated to playing to win laurels in them for Arsenal next season.

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