What do Arsenal fans want to happen this weekend?

Now that all those pesky international games are out the way and all of the Arsenal stars involved for their respective countries are wending their way back to north London, we can look forward to some club football again and next up for Arsenal is the visit of Swansea City on Saturday.

All Arsene Wenger and the players can do is prepare well and focus properly on our own match, which if we do should mean three more points in the bag for the Gunners. And with Swansea being the first of three EPL matches against teams currently in the bottom five, Arsenal fans can reasonably expect to be at least challenging for top spot by the end of the month.

At the same time it would be a big help if the sides above and around us were to drop points and before they really start to build momentum under Jurgen Klopp I am hoping that Liverpool are knocked off their stride this weekend. That would mean that Manchester United either win or draw, of course, but at the minute I am more worried about the Anfield mob.

It feels like they are on the sort of roll Man City were on until they lost their last game, and without the distraction of European football they could be a big danger. It would be great if Everton and West Brom could take points off Man City and Tottenham as well, but who do you see as the team Arsenal should worry about in the race for the title?


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  1. ‘who do you see as the team Arsenal should worry about in the race for the title?’…Swansea! After that we worry about Ludogorets in the race for the Champions League…game by game.

  2. Well said bro..but in a general view I am more worried about Spurs and Liverpool in that order…

    They both seem to know how to win big matches especially Liverpool..so I fancy Liverpool to beat ManU at Anfield..but I would still hope for draw…

    However,my biggest worry is how do we line-up this weekend???
    Sanchez still has a game on Wed and I read that he will fly back on Thursday..will he be in good shape? Should we start Perez?
    Ozil was subbed,but we don’t know why,will he be in top shape to play???

    This will be my line-up based on the number of number of games our players have played season both at the club and internationally…..


    So far this season,Monreal has played more than Gibbs,Ozil more than Cazorla, Sanchez more than Perez,Mustafi more than Holding,Walcott more than Ox…etc..

    The line-up is a risk but we have to protect our best players and we have home advantage to do so…

  3. What I want is Arsenal to win by 5 goals to get revenge for that home defeat last season which ended our title hopes.

  4. as it stands, I see us having just one threat to the EPL, Man.city.
    I could care less about Liverpool n Spurs as I’m confident Arsenal ll still finish above them n hopefully United and Chelsea never get their stuff together or when they do we should be double-figures above them.
    therefore, I want an Everton win against City, Liverpool win against United, Chelsea draw against Leicester.
    and most importantly we trash Swansea.

  5. Liv are a danger, people are expecting them to fade later on because of all the running they do. If they were in Europe I’d happily believe that, but you only need look at Lei last season to see what an advantage it is. On one hand clubs and fans demand to be as high in the league as possible, it’s must to play against the best in Europe. On the other hand if you are the only big club not in it, you can put allot more effort into each and every game. Spu are a danger because of the physical power they have in their team. From the strikers all the way down to CB’s they have physically strong lads, even the winger Sissoko when he plays there is a heffer. Their CM’s are strong athletic and difficult to play against. CB’s are the only par that come close to ours, very close. Spu have set themselves up as a true PL side, they can mix it with anyone in this league, by the looks of it.

    I actually think those two teams could end up being more of a danger than city. City’s defence is the reason why I think this, city and liv have played the best football going forward so far, but the more Pep gets his ideas through to his players means the more weaker at the back I believe they will become. Three of them are of course a danger to us. But there is no point me saying what everyone thinks is obvious, so if I had to say which two will be more of a danger, I pick spu and liv.

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