Why Arsenal NEED a striker to challenge for the title

Goal scoring form of Giroud and Sanogo will be of concern to Wenger by SE

Of the very few concerns that Wenger will be mindful of, the goal-scoring persona and form of his two French strikers will be primary of the lot.

Sanogo scored 4 goals against Benfica in the Emirates cup, and his clinical finishing got the kind of recognition it deserved. Giroud, when he struck that 25-yard wonder strike against Man City in the FA Community Shield, would have restored confidence in Wenger and the Arsenal faithful, but are they doing enough as specialists in their position?

Strikers, who are tasked with that crucial job of scoring goals, are of paramount importance. Yes, your final-third need not function to its potential, and still not impede your results, but it will always make you vulnerable at some point of time. Chelsea experienced it last time, with Torres, Demba Ba and Eto’o put together scoring just 19 goals between them. And, although I am in no way suggestive of Arsenal demonstrating such an anomaly this time around, it’s something that Wenger needs to address. How long can he sit in his technical area, and just not be bothered about Giroud or Sanogo going scoreless or useless game after game?

Ramsey can’t be the single man to do all the running, be it with his marauding runs into the box, or doing a layoff for a team mate to pounce upon, or a strike similar to that one he scored against Liverpool at home last season. He just can’t be the ‘comprehensive source’ of Arsenal’s goals.

Ozil, just like David Silva of Man City, will create of plethora of chances for Arsenal, but will score only a handful of goals over the course of the season. And mind you, Ozil is not brought in to score goals.

Sanchez, Walcott and Podolski are three of Arsenal’s forwards who can play as a striker – but will never render Arsenal as many number of goals as Sanogo and Giroud can – due to the position at which each one of them plays.

So when the going gets tough, it needs to be one of Giroud and Sanogo absorbing pressure and making sure that they play their roles to perfection. Arsenal and Wenger will find it tough to fight for the Premier League title, if their strikers strike a barren run in front of goal, and show no signs of making a turnaround for the good.

Bottom Line: Midfielders and Wingers can’t be your main source of goals. It simply has to be your ‘strikers’. Joel Campbell, too, has to be looked at as a striker at some point of time, or the obvious solution is for Wenger to buy a proven hitman….


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    1. 6 weeks injury to ibrahimovic means cavani’s deal has been ruled out… Or mayb wenger might actually be going for sum1 else (lavezzi) , jus like he did with Ozil Trumor of Di Maria)… Fingers crossed!!!

    2. It does not work that way, a midfielder scoring many goals is just a bonus, but as a striker that’s what is expected from him (the difference)

          1. If you’re gonna attack someones intelligence, at least spell the insult wrong. Of course Messi is a forward. But not in the traditional sense at all, we have a bit of flexibility to try the same. That’s what I was implying

    3. Rabiot looks to be the solution Wenger wants to sit deep. I can see why with his left footed play he offers balance and great passing ability. Also got an eye for long over top through balls that the likes of Sanchez and Walcott would like. But if we have Giroud he won’t be running onto them types of balls. Giroud is a box player, while our midfield is the moving type, full of runners. It works.

      But if a player comes along than I would be open to consider. As Sanago is learning and injury prone, Giroud needs to May chances to get a goal, Campbell is untried.

    4. I’d rather us get a solid DM + CB and play Theo up top. Glimpses of Thierry-esque finishing were seen on multiple occasions (e.g. vs City).

      1. I’m not trying to attack or poke fun here, but what makes you think you know more abput the player than training staff and scouts? What if they believe they have found the next John Terry on the cheap? It’s not the same as years past where Wenger would bring in someone no one knew or someone everyone passed on out of the bargain bucket, this kid is HIGHLY regarded. Surely they see something. I remember reading the same things about Chambers……. shoulda bought Aurier, he is better blah blah, gonna be hard pressed to find someone to echo that statement right now ( I know, handful of games, kid had looked amazing though). Young does not necessarily mean sit and wait to bloom. Young could be bring in and be effective and bloom into something world class tomorrow

    5. Seriously telling me that Wenger can’t sign Balotelli and tame him. Balotelli is the ideal striker for Arsenal. He’s got strength, height, flair, and a proven goalscorer. Every manager is avoiding him as if he is a 18th century plague or something. He is a chance i would be willing to take. If we can get Balotelli to be able to manage his inner demons, there is no doubt that teams will tremble at the mere presence of Arsenal with Mario as our striker.

      1. There is clearly something WE don’t know about the Balotelli situation. Finding it hard to believe absolutely no team will give him a run

        1. It might be because he’s a complete nut case who would completely screw up the Arsenal dressing room and ruin all team spirit.

          1. Agreed. It’s too bad that he would do just that, destroy the chemistry. Obviously he is very talented.

  1. A striker’s job is to score goals,even if they do nothing for 80mins like Van Nistelrooy as long as they get the goals that’s all that matters,Giroud must be 2nd choice we will never move forward in the Champions League with him as our 1st choice striker and only delusional fans will believe we can!!!

    1. So you keep saying . . . I take it you don’t have another record you want to put on for a change? Boring.

  2. i would personally go for wilfried bony, why ?

    already adapted to the pl, strong as foock, proven goalscorer, affordable, great age.

    cavani if we would get him is a huge gamble at that price and wages. plus he needs to adapt bla bla id say we should find a striker within the pl already. bony or dzeko would do the job

    1. ive been saying bony since his vitesse days-
      is he the world class striker we crave -no but there is no one else available-
      wenger wont pay 50 for cavani

      he would be better option for us than giroud and sanogo

      1. an for those repeatedly shooting me down regarding diego costa, its taken him 17 mins into his debut to score.

        still stand by my belief he will hit 30+ in his debut season

        1. yes every top 4 club has his topstriker costa , aguero, sturridge, rooney. no 30 goals striker is killin us. look back at the stats of previous season, goal difference is horrendous

  3. fully agree with the article, people always say our midfielders or “forwards” should be scoring more but the fact is that having a world class striker isn’t just about adding more goals, its those crucial goals, the one’s only a van persie, suarez, henry can score. The type of goals van persie used to score that won us matches, like against liverpool in the dying minutes, only certain players can produce that kind of magic on a consistent basis.

    Suffice to say we dont necessarily have to build our game around one player, suarez scored a sh*t tonne as well as sturridge last season so it is possible to accomodate more than one goalscorer, but we need a player that we can rely on to score consistently otherwise we will find some games difficult to win

    1. That player is Lukas Podolski, but he’s not merely the goalscorer he could be when he’s being played on the left wing. Poldi on top needs another striker to give him room, but 4-4-2 without a midfield engine like Vidal/Vieira is suicide.

      Lets say we get Vidal though.


      could work, might be too offensive, and where’s Ramsey(+Wilshere) gonna play you also may ask.

      As for Özil, he’s looked upon as the new Bergkamp, so why not put him up top. And for a bit more defensive approach, switch Walcott/Sanchez with Debuchy/Chambo and put Bellerin/Chambers on the right back. Lots of possibilities, but i think Arsene will stick with the 4-2-3-1 for a couple more years

      We could also pay Giroud + lots of money for Cavani, but i dont really see that happening anytime soon, so the best would be to let Wenger do his job himself :))))

  4. Wenger is a stubborn man!!! I love the guy in every other way but his over loyalty to some players sickens me some times. He had a chance to sign Ballotelli a proven scorer who won the league with city for 25 mil or less and he didn’t and he’s known for 2 seasons we need a 25+ goals/season scorer yet he continues to stack up on midfield/wide out players lol

    arteta-wilshere-flamini-ox-diaby-miyachi are flat out garbage!! yet they’re still on our roster, why not sell these guys and buy carvalho/balo/reus/manolas?? another top 4 for us, its like he’s used to mediocrity

    1. thank you… and BALOTELLI, FABREGAS & DEBUCHY .. were good deals! Sanchez added to that selection was going to get us the title! sometimes i just feel like shooting wenger!

    2. Balotelli is not proven he’s never had a single season where he’s scored 20goals in a league season,he’s overrated we should be aiming for the likes of Falcao who showed against us 1 chance 1 goal yet he had been out injured for 6months

  5. Why didnt we sign FABREGAS as a DM ( thats the position he occupies with Chelsea) sometimes i just want to shoot wenger for real!

    1. He is playing a holding/box to box midfielder, much like Ramsey. That is not a true DM. Fabregas is much too short and one paced to be a DM. His tackling is not the greatest either.

  6. Remove the goals from Madrid scored by CR7 and Angel di Maria and see where they fall off.
    Strikers should be our main source of goals?

    Did-you-know fact that Germany played most of the World cup without a recognised striker and the final goal that won them the cup was from a midfielder.

    Still striker should be the main source of goals , is it?

    1. if I do have CR7 and Di maria, then I will be surely happy with what i have in Benzema. We don’t have that quality mate and there’s no comparison whatsoever.
      Strikers are made to score goals and then come other things

    2. A season is about 50 games,it’s easier getting away with not having a striker for a tournament where 6games are played,Spain also won Euro 2012 without a striker so what?We need a striker and none of our players are on CR7’s level so stop talking nonsense!!!

  7. we only needed 3-4 players this summer.. a world class DM .. A world class Stricker ( SANCHEZ IS A GOOD SIGNING BUT IS NO STRICKER) , someone to replace SAGNA (DEBUCHY PERFECT) and a goal keeper! thats all we really needed instead they went and blew money on other players!

  8. Classic case of tapping up

    Franz Beckenbauer talking out of his ar*e about Rues:
    “I can imagine him at Bayern very well,” he told German newspaper Bild.
    “If you can get a player of his class, you need to try it.
    “I am sure: if he doesn’t go to Bayern in 2015, he will probably go to another big international club such as Real Madrid or Manchester United. Dortmund are unlikely to be able to hold on to him.”

  9. Gibbs out for 3 weeks (i.e. 3 months because this is Arsenal) with hamstring problem. Sanogo is also out with a hamstring injury but less severe. Koscielny, although able to play against Besiktas, still has his achilles problem. So far we have played one game in the PL. One f*cking game! This is unbelievable.

    Get the CL qualification done tomorrow so we can get our signings done early because the need for defenders just jumped from urgent to critical. At this rate we’ll need another player like Chambers who can play CB/LB/CDM.

  10. Mourinho praising cesc qualities but he doesant realise he is indirectly praising wenger since he is the guy who moulded cesc

    1. Yeah but just watch. If Fabregas scores a goal, he’ll jump into Mourinho’s arms like the Portuguese is his second father or his lover or something.

  11. I think we should just get each of our forwards ( the guys that will be deployed among the front 3) score at least 15 goals

  12. I have to agree with is article, I had a surgence of hope after our recent acquisitions, and I still do however after looking at the other teams realisticly, namely city and Chelsea, I would say that we are cruising to a 3rd possibly 2nd place if we are lucky. We need a better striker. I cant remember the last time a team won the prem without atleast 1 really prominent striker – united with RVP and Rooney, City with Aguero and Dzeko, Chelsea with Drogba Previously>

    1. Chelsea, and City have had shedloads of money to spend over the last 5/10 years, and, have built a squad of top players with it, whilst we have been financially restricted.
      Chelsea or Cty SHOULD win the EPL simple as that, due to the depth.
      Realistically we SHOULD be vying for 3rd place, however, money does NOT always guarantee success.
      Just do not understand how some people believe buying a top class CF would suddenly make us favourites for the EPL/CL.

      1. Its quite simple really. Top class Cf’s score goals and lots of them. They do not miss the sitters Giroud misses on a regular basis. I’m not saying Giroud is completely hopeless, but he is too one dimensional to be versatile enough to score goals needed in different situations. Pass a ball across the goal face and yes Giroud will score. Give him a free header and he is normally pretty accurate. But do not ask him to dribble past defenders and score. Do not ask him to shoot from far out and score.

        We need a striker who can do all of the above. Wright, Smith, Wiltord, Henry, RvP could all do it. Giroud cannot. Sanogo will be a better striker than Giroud by the time he hits 27 years, but we cannot wait that long. Arsenal definitely need a top class striker up front if we wish to win the double and even have a good shot at the CL.

  13. burnley 1- fabragas 0, i am sorry, but my admiration for Cesc ended today seeing him in that awful royal effing blue!

  14. as for the article, true… we are strong enough everywhere accept striker, how to compete when you are not consistent at taking legitimate chances from the striker? yes, we will get goals and production fr Olivier, but to win the league, you need consistent pressure, to me, he is caught out of position too often to get the easy goals, with our midfielders creating, the striker should get 25 goals per year,

      1. simple, we were top of table more than any other team last year, only loss in back that started was sagna, we managed last year w arteta & flamini, of course I want to strengthen there, but the glaring issue to me is at striker, we have a full complement of good to mediocre strikers, adequate but not going to compete season long against city and chelsea, in my opinion, back line fine, DM needs upgrading, attacking midfield strongest in EPL, central striker??? put a thierry henri on this squad in his prime, we win the league,

    1. they are complete in every area, we are not

      a dm will not be enough

      chelsea are better right now,

    2. We wont win the league until we sort out our own problems. Chelsea were stronger than us last season and have strengthened in areas that needed addressing. We still have not done that bar Sanchez and Chambers and Debuchy are replacements, not reinforcements.

      1. Not trying to downplay our need for more players but Costa, Luis and Cesc were all replacements (for Lukaku, Cole, Lampard).The only reason Chelsea look much stronger this time around is because the one position they were truly lacking in was the striker department, and they have him now. We still lack a quality DM + ST. That being said, we should all calm down just a tad bit, this is Burnley after all, and had Costa not scored everyone would be calling him a flop etc.

    3. I think them buying cesc and costa will cost us the league.
      I hate mourinho but i admire how he ruthlessly assembles his squads and addresses all weaknesses. Last season they needed a ST and CM and they bought it.
      We need DM, CB and possibly another forward (LW or ST). Were defo getting a CB But im hearing were signing Rabiot as our DM which would be extreamly disappointing.
      And a World class forward would bring us up to chelseas and city’s level.

      1. HE did, however, remember, Abramthebitch opens his bottomless wallet for whoever Maureen asks for.
        IF Wenger had the money over the past decade that countless Managers of Chelsea have had, especially Maureen, WE would have a better team than Real Madrid or whoever right now.

    1. you really think khediras enough? smh come on hes not makelele-

      we need a cf, a defender and khedira- a khedira he isnt always injured lol

            1. Yeah, too right, we need a new squad every season otherwise we won’t have all the up-to-the-minute fad players and I won’t be able to boast to my mates down the pub. If Wenger doesn’t buy 2 world class players for every position on the pitch then I really can’t see me watching them again. It is a diabolical situation for a football fan to have to put up with. Imagine other teams having to put up with this nonsense.

    2. FFS not Khedira again.
      Listen carefully: Kheidra missed 68 matches through injury for Real Madrid.
      Do you want a winning team or champagne names for the treatment table???

    1. lol!!! it hurt me too!!!!!! hope Ozil will do better because he is the reason wenger didn’t get back Cesc

  15. @luvdaguns
    lol We need Khedira and Reus and we might stand a chance but I am just going over old ground.

  16. Giroud’s poor goal scoring form?
    What? He’s played a bit part in 2 games and scored a stunner in one and played a huge part in the winner on Saturday. WTF are you talking about?
    Sanogo’s clinical finishing?
    Seriously, three of those 4 goals were sitters my grandma could have scored and we buried her 10 years ago. Sorry, but his so-called “raw talent” is not good enough to be leading the Arsenal line, he should be sent out on loan. I have been watching Arsenal for 44 years and I have never seen anyone in an Arsenal shirt look so utterly out of their depth as this kid does. What I don’t understand is if we are prepared to give Sanogo so many games, why are we not giving the same opportunity to youngsters in the reserves? Personally I am hoping to see Campbell given a run out soon, surely he can’t be any worse than Sanogo’s been.
    Yes we could do with another striker, at least on a par with Giroud. But, we now have a team full of goals, once we have Theo back and Sanchez fully fit, and with Ozil pulling the strings and Ramsey picking up the scraps. I think Olivier will prove once again that he is far more than a goal scorer (thankfully). I fully expect Theo, Ramsey and Sanchez to be scoring well into double figures this season and a lot of them will be down to the exemplary hold up play and distribution of Giroud. I guess we will have to hope Olivier can improve his rather poor ratio of shots on goal.
    Something no one has mentioned since TV left is what we are doing for a 3rd choice left back? Gibbs has glass legs and is now out again for at least 3 weeks. I assume Flamini but maybe Chambers can do the job, he seems a very competent young man and a great buy.

      1. Hey that’s rich – can you imagine muffdiver or ANY Ollie G hater giving credit where it’s due? Not in this lifetime buddy!

    1. Totally agree with you Al the gooner! Sanogo looked too raw out their Saturday and definately not ready to be our 2nd striker, and the goals he scored at benfica WERE tap ins. The article lost all credibility when it mentioned about his clinical finishing, AND the fact that he would or should get more goals than Sanchez and Walcott and podolski coz the play the wings wtf? Didn’t podolski score 15-16 goals last season from the wings and didn’t Walcott score 20 odd goals from the wings season before last? Sanogo doesn’t look like scoring 10 goals this season let alone 20 even if he does have the advantage of playing the st role and not from the wings.

  17. Chelsea look strong. Still don’t rate costa at £32M though. He’s a good poacher but he can’t score goals on his own. Fabregas looks incredible for them though, I forgot what a talent he was. Such a shame that Wenger didn’t grab him. The reason why this Chelsea team will probably win the league is because they have a mixture of tricky players but also big guys that stick a foot in. We have incredible tricksters but haven’t got the big guys that will bully in the middle. We NEED to add that to our team, whoever it is.

    1. @alexhare, remember – this is a guy who paid to leave us. If Wenger just adds on the players we need, all this “we should’ve signed Fabregas” stuff will go out the door.

      That assist was sick though…

      1. I agree. Fabregas wasn’t needed but I still would’ve liked him back. He might’ve been a twat, but that would’ve meant he would’ve had to prove himself. It’s academic though because he’s at Chelsea!
        th14- he scored them goals in preseason though. I think he’s a good player, I just think his price has been inflated and he’s been overhyped. He suits Chelsea’s playing style so he’ll probably score a hatful but we shouldn’t be jealous as he wouldn’t suit us. He’s dirty and isn’t especially pacy so is the opposite of what we need. I think Reus fits the bill perfectly. Next summer we have to be at the front of the queue for him.

        1. I agree costa wouldnt suit us, you saw how he struggled for spain. Hes built for a counter attacking team like chelsea.
          But dont underrate him he is top class and he is actually alot faster than you think.

  18. Chelsea playimg Burnley not us. Chill.
    329 mil vs 20 mil.
    And the game is not yet over. Lets see how the Chavs fair against teams like Stoke and Palace.
    Hold your horses.

  19. Beautiful cross by Fabregas. Well, it’s good thing we didn’t get him, even for the sake of not letting him go to our rival. At first glance it looks like we ‘sold’ another world class player to our rivals.

    1. really disgusted seeing him in a chelsea shirt, worse so that hes clearly not lost his talent in any way…wenger but have an ace up his sleeve

          1. @muffdiver
            I think a Cf and a DM is out of the question. What I think is we might get a proper LW and cover for our defence.

      1. Hold your horses… let’s not judge him on the one game against a newly promoted side. If we’re going to start doing that then we may as well say Shelvey’s as good as Suarez with the goals he scored.

  20. Mates relax AW said he isnt finish spending yet wen last u ever heard that from AW, I think u should leave ur comments about us needing dm cd & st wen tranfer window iz closed cause u never know what AW got up his sleeves. coyg

  21. Gibbs is out (up to 3 weeks) again, nothing new with that as the “boy” is incapable of staying fit more than 2 months at the time… And he is Arsenal first choice LB… What a f*cking joke and he is not even a good player!!!

    He obviously does not work during his time off (typical English player who thinks he made it) when you have Ramsey looking so fit and healthy (he ran 11km against Crystal Palace).

    Here are the problems we are having… Despite the fact that Wenger clearly made an effort to bring more quality (add) to the squad (even though they are post for post replacements… Except Sanchez and Campbell), we still have those parts of the team that are “really” weak.

    We are still short of a defender…!!
    We are clearly in need of a DM… I hope the rumours about Adrien Rabiot are true because it is a great talent and that is better than nothing.
    As for Manolas, I hope he is on his way because we need someone.

    Koscielny even played with an injury against Crystal Palace…!!! I thought we were done with those bullshits !!!

    We need our Germans back asap, so Ramsey could go back to his preferred position and so is Wilshere (the bench).

    The last words will be for Liverpool…
    I mean COME ON… Make an inquiry for Campbell…!!! I have to give them that, they have some balls…!! At Arsenal we still remembered the Suarez episode and the cockiness of the Liverpool hierarchy. Those t*wat forgot very quickly… !!

  22. I can see cesc split opening our defence when he plays against us. Hope we will be ready to handle him by then!

  23. Tomorrow I m bracing myself for atleast two
    “Why not buying backFabregas was a mistake” articles.

    Please do not now cry over spilt mik.

    And now I am off to sleep in the hope* that tomorrow I read the headlines “Heroic comeback from Burnley to defeat title challengers Chelsea”.

    *Hope is the pillar of life.

    Usually philosophical when drunk.

  24. Dam this chelsea team looks deadly well balanced and top class players in every position.
    And then you have city, another power house.
    Wengers got his work cut out for him this season.

  25. @juhislihis

    I agree with your comment.
    Remembered what happened when we sold RVP to Man United? We gracefully and basically handed the league to them (not like we were ever in contention)…
    I won’t be surprised if the same thing happens with Fabregas and Chelsea…!!

    Fact is we are still light in the middle and I mean in power and our left side is just useless…!!

    Fabregas pass for Shurrle was just diabolical…

    1. But we’re more concerned about not upsetting players in our team by benching them the occasional game and bringing in better players. Then the injuries kick in and we become baffled when we have no quality to come on from the bench.

  26. Guys on here acting like we lost our first game smh , by the way bernley jus got promoted that iz xpected & look who dey playing. COYG SUPPORT THE CLUB!!!!

  27. Jamie Carragher, commenting on our last game said that Arsenal were a consistent top four team but he could not understand why we did not buy a top striker to give us a real chance of winning the premiership. I think he is correct.

    Off topic, Febregas looks fantastic in first half against Burnley, i hope we don’t regret not buying him back.

  28. @Brada b
    What’s pissing everyone off is we can all see where we need to strengthen our squad but nothing is happening at the moment.

    1. The transfer window hasn’t closed yet so I will no pass my judgement , I will keep my calm for now & support the club !!!

  29. Pathetic fans. Chelsea playing newly promoted burnley at home and they are immediately epl champions.what will y’all say about man city who defeated newcastle at james’ park?

          1. @Brada b
            Are you telling me that Podolski is now going to be a great left winger and is Mertesacker going to get some pace. If you are talking about Theo and Ozil I have to agree with you.

  30. Just look at Chelsea

    Diego Costa has been a goal machine so far. He scores every game, including tonight

    I don’t get why Wenger doesn’t get this especially considering our glory years first with Ian wright and then Henry and Bergkamp. Even RVPs last season with us, he was league’s top scorer. If he had been with this team we would be unstoppable

    We need that consistent goal scorer. That perfect finisher.

    This does not include, Giroud, Sanogo or Podolski. Maybe Sanchez

    I know it’s not going to happen, but it’s still possible to get Falcao, Cavani, Martinez or even Reus would be good as we can make Sanchez or Walcott into a striker

    We need that little bit extra fir glory

  31. look we knew chelski would be stronger this season and man city would be up there…we have known for 2 years that we lack a strong DM and a lethal strike force…as with case of ozil the frog has come up with half a solution with sanchez…and which will fail to bring the best from the quality players we have…will he change..i doubt it

  32. Foresight Gooner, thank you for hitting the nail at the head. Balotelli with all the credible attribute you have listed is been ingnored by the boss. God saves Arsenal attack line.

  33. Arsenal Defence:

    Which team in Europe football, challenging for major trophies (I will assume we do even though I have my doubt) goes into battle with 6 defenders ???? (And you look at it, may be 2 or 3 are top class).

    Wenger is dreaming… Still keeping his “small” “injury prone” and “not good enough” players.

    Why are Diaby, Gibbs, Wilshere and some more still involve in the Arsenal first team???

    Can Gibbs fight for a first team spot at Chelsea? Not even in “Coucou land”…!
    Can Diaby pretend to a first team place at Chelsea? Impossible !
    Can Wilshere…. i won’t continue because we all know, he will be warming the bench there!

    So why are they still here???

    If Wenger really wants to make us title contender (I doubt it), he will go into the market (even n those few days left) and make it right…

    Because, unless Ramsey stays injury free, Arteta finds his legs again, Koscielny and Mertesacker stay fit, Giroud finally make it 20 goals in the league, Sanchez get on it quickly and performs, Ozil finally justifies his price tag,etc… I cannot see it.

    Anyway, tomorrow, is crucial (again)… We would not want to miss on the CL cash.

    1. The thought of Mourinho pissing on oneself at every opportunity would be enough for one to finally get mad and go out and splash over £100m on quality but alas not Mr Wenger.

    2. I for one am happy that we are still showing a level of loyalty to players that have been brought through the academy or have been at arsenal since teen years while still competing at the highest level which is more than Chelsea and City can say. Yes it is nice to make big signings and sometimes they are needed. Fabregas has been quality tonight but he didn’t show loyalty to us so why should we show it to him? No point in Wenger jumping the gum to sign players that might improve the squad, either make big signings that will definitely improve the squad or show loyalty and use our youth players. If Wenger believes Wilshere can fulfil his potential this season then I believe we should trust him, he’s delivered for us consistently since he arrived and during a stadium rebuild.

    3. Lol its not that bad were getting a CB for sure and wilshere doesnt make our XI aswell.
      We need a CB, DM(not rabiot), and a world class forward (LW or ST) then we are level with chelsea.
      And trust me ozil is alot better than you think put ozil in that chelsea team with hazard, schurle and costa all making runs and he’ll show you why he was called the best no10 in the world.

    4. There will be a new CB and Bellerin will play frequently. Belittle that if you want, but ultimately you will be the one to look the fool.

      This dump on Whilshere is utter shit.

  34. The end justifies the means. By next year january we will know who is who.chelsea defeated all the top teams but won notin

  35. You know there are times when I love Wenger like when we win trophies or when he gets signings like Ozil, Sanchez and Calum. However, there are times when I think he misses the obvious like a CDM and a top striker. I understand we had limited funds over the last several years, but now we can’t use that as an excuse.

    An epic example was a couple of years ago, United just lacked a top striker. What happened? We sold them RVP (the best striker in the league at that time). We handed United the PL.

    The Premier League champions over the past two decades had top strikers ie. Aguero, RVP, Drogba, Tevez, Van Nistleroy, Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, Cantona, etc

  36. Should have got fabregas back and sold wilshire he is finished will never fulfil his potential spends more time on the floor so frustrating could have been world class now just average and that’s all he will ever be!

    1. why???… looking forward to another 4th place finish?…arsenal need quality at all levels and the whippet cant deliver that he is a one trick pony…would go and buy the colombian kid asap…its clear that we will finish 3rd at best without some quality signings in next couple of weeks..

  37. The NBC Sports commentator cant take out Chelsea’s dick out of his mouth for a minute. 😀

    1. I hate the NBC announcers, I wish they could go kick rocks. They got nada positive to say about Arsenal, but ride every other teams’ d*cks. Luckily the fans around them on Saturday were loud and obnoxious. It kept the sh*t they were spewing from their mouths at a minimum.

      1. true. The NBC commentators are pretty anti-Arsenal. Very pro United. Remember last year the commentators and ppl in the studio were overjoyed when they beat us last season.

  38. I have been a fan since Ian Wright , I can say the last few years have been frustrating, and I’m optimistic but at this point we have only signed Sanchez , while City were much better then us last year and Chelsea are much stronger,
    I don’t want Vargas and manolas
    I want top players , or I predict a top 4 finish again nothing more

  39. Seeing Cesc play well hurts me, I know for a fact he doesn’t feel right at Chelsea, I can just tell Arsenal is where he wanted to be but Arsene turned him down.

  40. One game gone, and you’re all salivating over Chelsea….vomit…try to get some belief in your team.
    Long, long way to go.

    In Arsene we trust…

  41. We don’t need Cesc, we have Arteta, Cazorla, Rosicky?
    The fella is class, he can make Chelsea play wengerball and will slaughter every other player for assists.
    Worst decision wenger has made since signing stepanovs.

    1. so if we sign Cesc, where he gunna play? Ozil, we invested 42mill in, Ramsey you’d have to be high to drop. And as for CDM, just about everyone on here has been calling out for a hard tackling, no nonsense type player to add physicality, so none of that “Fabregas can play there” nonsense because he cannot. Trust in the players we have, my goodness…

        1. Willian plays further up than Cesc, Essien doesnt even play for them anymore, and its not like Ramires is world class or anything, good player, but not on the level of Ramsey/Ozil, so the comparison isnt there. Chelsea did need a more creative player, and they got one, and I doubt anyone is going mad that Ramires got dropped for him.

        2. essien gone to millan like 2 months ago. willian plays on the wing only dout is ramires who may be sold or has to get use to being a sub player

      1. Yeah your right, he isn’t able to play in multiple positions and because we have players we shouldn’t buy superior ones.
        Apologies I will keep faith in the players that are ageing are have stagnated.

    2. Fuc@ing thumb me down, will have it done with anyone who thinks another player will beat Fabregas on assists this season.
      Anyone want to pipe up with someone?
      Anyone care to explain why Fabregas couldn’t have replaced Rosicky or Arteta?

      1. err rosisky is a bench player and arteta plays the defensive role none of which cesc does, if cesc were to come to arsenal he can only be played 2 positions ozil and ramsey so that wont happen so no matter how much it hurts we just have to get use to it.

        1. Yeah that’s it, he can only play two positions?
          Ramsey and Ozil did well while they wasn’t injured, wouldn’t pay to have anyone class to come in on share the load.

      2. F@ck Fabregas…he left, get over it.
        He had a terrible last season with Barca, but he had a good game against Burnley. Big deal.
        He can’t lace Ramsey’s boots btw.
        You want to spend 25mil on ANOTHER creative midfielder, one place where we are very strong. Brilliant.

        1. Yeah your right, dunno why Chelsea bothered with him a?
          They have Oscar, Willian, Hazard, salah, and some others as well.
          Mourihno must be a idiot

          1. That’s right. Mourihno is a genius. His players are oh so much more talented. So change allegiance if a win over Burnley is that fricken impressive!

  42. People going crazy because Chelsea beat BURNLEY… calm down, long long way to go. Transfer window still open. We won our first match. Why ppl not happy??

  43. Lying little snake….Costa left his leg out …embarrasing.
    One thing sugar-daddy Abramovich can never buy you….CLASS.

  44. Ramsey said the orher day that the boss, (wenger) expects him to get up and down the pitch. Tonights pundit commented on cesc being given the motm he said “matic’s security and control in front of the back four allows fabregas the licence to be creative without concern”. Over the last few days we have seen matic, mikel, Fernando, fernandinho, yaya t, schneiderlin, I could fo on and on. How difficult is it to buy the dm presence we need.

    1. spot on, but transfer window still open, so hopefully Wenger realizes we are very weak in this position. For the most part Ramsey still does bomb up and down the pitch regardless, but I do recall a few games where he sat back pretty deep with Arteta, instead of going for forward runs. FA Cup Semi’s match comes to mind specifically. He was very reserved that match, same in FA Cup final mostly until… the moment 🙂

  45. Agree with comments above. Wilshere has to prove that Wenger was right to keep him instead of buying Cesc. Because if Cesc has great season and Wilshere spends more time injured or face in grass then Wenger is gonna look silly.

  46. Wenger didn’t buy cesc because we have ozil and ramsey, willshire to me doesn’t come into it. No doubt though that Jack needs to come of age this season, for him and us I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s his year.

  47. Early days gooners. Chelsea might have looked good last night, but they are also going to have some shockers this season. It is pretty naive to judge a team after one game especially after a newly promoted club. Our downfall last season was against the top clubs. We lost against those clubs because of poor defensive discipline and the fact that we did not have a proper DM to protect the back four.

    I wrote an article last season about our losses against Chelsea, Liverpool and City and the verdict was that we were caught off guard when they countered. Gibbs, Sagna were caught out of position several times. We have Debuchy now who is quicker and far more disciplined and will provide decent cover on that right flank. Mertesacker was caught with his pants down because of his lack of speed. We now have Chambers who is quicker, so this is another area covered. Our two biggest areas that need improvement are DM and CF. Arteta is getting old and just cannot cope under the pressure against the best clubs. Those three teams ran riot in front of our defense because he just couldn’t cope. It also didn’t help that Sagna and Gibbs were still back tracking. Arsenal need to utilize our quicker player more effectively, but its no good having all these pacy players like Walcott, Chamberlain, Sanchez etc and a cart horse up front like Giroud. We need a Cf who can run with the ball and terrorize defenses. We sorely lack this and if Wenger does not buy a goal scorer like this, we will struggle to certain games. We cannot keep relying on our midfielders to score goals. That is what a CF is for.

  48. Like Seriously we need a world class striker , Giroud is not doing bad but he’s not also doing good enough and Sanogo is no way close to what we want and need now. We need a STRIKER a good one on that, we need to have even more dangerous strikes / players on bench.
    We can’t be missing goals all because we hoping that someday a kid will grow up, we tried this for so long, and what do we get? They end up switching to other teams with thought they need a trophy which Arsenal can’t provide for them so they leave.
    Lets spend this money and get good STRIKERS; Balotelli, Cavani etc. BOARD, and come less of this young shall grow and when they grow they make a switch…So SAD our brought ups are leaving us for our Rivals.

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