Why Arsenal NEED Chile to WIN Copa América!!

There is little doubt that the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez will be a major factor for Arsenal if we are to challenge for the Premier League title next season, no matter which top, top players the manager might bring in to the club during the summer transfer window. His overwhelming vote as the Arsenal fans’ player of the season highlights what a massive impact Alexis had in his debut season.

But if his international team makes it to the final four of the Copa América tournament, we have already heard Arsene Wenger say that the Gunners will have to do without our star man in the first few weeks of the new season, so you might find it odd that I want Chile to win the cup, especially after the World Cup hangover that was so evident for Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil.

Alexis is a different animal, though, and I do not think his burning desire to play and win will be lessened by winning the South American championships, but rather enhanced by it. I reckon he would come back to north London buzzing and determined to replicate the international success at club level. Let’s face it, after winning their opening game, Chile are already in the quarter-finals.

Also, Chile winning would mean disappointment for Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, who all have key players likely to be playing for our Premier League rivals, so any blow to them is good news for Arsenal. Finally and perhaps the best reason for us to hope for a Chilean triumph, is that Alexis will need to stay fit for them to do it and that should make up for us missing him for a couple of weeks.

So have you got your Chile supporting hats on Gooners?

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  1. I’ll be pleased when the transfer window closes to stop this type of article, then we can get back to the mind numbing articles on peoples thoughts of who Wenger should pick, and what position they should play, along with the equally tedious teams laid out in formation!

  2. Please sign Vidal and Vargas to make Alexis happy….okay maybe not Vargas, but get Vidal. He is a quality player who is good on both Attack and defense.

    Vidal or Gundogan or Kondogbia or Krychowiak
    Cavani or Lacazette or Reus or Greizmann

  3. I d be real happy if Alexis won.
    But I have a an argentine brother in law. River fan. I love him very much and I was crushed to see him last year so…..

  4. I didn’t think I would say this but I am starting to believe that we may not need a world class striker, if we sign a world class winger. I’m thinking either Pedro or Rues. What does everyone else think?

    1. which of the pedros are u referring to?……. The one at barca already signed a contract extension….welcome to planet Earth

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