Why Arsenal can relax about Man Utd transfer plans

While Arsene Wenger seems content to bide his time over the Arsenal transfer business of the summer, it looks like our Premier League rivals are being much more proactive, especially the team we pipped to avoid the Champions League play-off games.

Manchester United have already completed the transfer of the young Dutch forward Memphis Depay and Louis van Gaal is not done by a long chalk. According to the rumour mill, United are close to a couple more big name transfers and they will still have bagloads of money to spend even if they do get their men, but I do not think that we have much to worry about.

According to various rumours from Spain, reported by Metro, there is a good chance of them getting the Spanish international defender Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid, either as part of the De Gea deal or just an outright purchase.

I hope they do because I watch a lot of Spanish football and while Ramos might be a powerful and experienced centre back, he is also a liability and would probably spend half the season suspended. The other big name being linked with them according to another Metro report is Bastian Schweinsteiger and although the German may have won everything in football, he is no longer a regular starter with Bayern Munich and his powers seem to be on the wane.

Add in the time it takes for players to adapt and Arsenal should have nothing to worry about from these two. And just for good measure, check out the Daily Star report that casts doubt on the value of the transfer of Depay, with Ronald Koeman suggesting they have paid way too much for him and that Depay will struggle in the Premier League. There are also suggestions that the young player has a real attitude problem, so maybe we Arsenal fans should not be too bothered about United making all the transfer running.

Are you concerned about van Gaal and United next season?

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  1. if cech happens, i’ll be sad for ospina but it means we re doing business and weakening our rivals for once.
    if de gea leaves, man u will expose out on their defensive woes. soo many games that guy saved them. hope cech can do the same for us, even though our D is far better. good days to be a gooner if this happens!

    we’re not far off if cech happens. wld be one down, two to go. what a massive, massive boost a WC keeper would be. wld instill real confidence. you know what? we could get away with playing terribly for once and win ugly more.

    over and out.

    1. Exactly!! Vidic and Rio at the height of their powers were an insurmountable wall….
      Smalling has shown promise, but Phil Jones is more a utility than a specialized CB. Even if Ramos is added, that’s just one piece in a far from stable defence.

    2. Arsenal close to agreeing transfer fee with Chelsh*t for Cech – BBC SPORT.Would be amazing to look at mourinho’s face when Cech turns up against Chelsea and puts up few world class saves and give Wenger first win over Mourinho.COYG!

      1. Plus, chelsh!t can hardly get upgrade for what they already have, when you have Matic playing alongside c*sc beside hazard and willian with costa up top, you can’t upgrade that so easily with whole your money. Meaning we can catch up with them with some few additions. Still CECH_ing.

  2. Other Teams will strengthen and buy some players just like us, that is for sure…..Worrying about manu or other teams is not the main thing…..If we start the season well and play the way we did in the 2nd half of last season, then I am not worried about other teams…..Other teams should worry about themselves on how to tackle Arsenal…..We are on the rise once again with improvements in the past two seasons….

  3. stop worrying about united. The only reason they made the top 4 is because of De Gea and Brendan Rodgers.

  4. With De Gea looking certain to leave, they are losing their best player by a country mile…
    He saved them sooooo many blushes due to an inexperienced, sub-par defence that is a shadow of their previous selves.
    Seriously, everyone, including myself was nervous when names such as Falcao and Di Maria were added but LVG not only failed to utilize them, but also seemed to demoralize them and whenever I watched them, their displays seemed passionless. Oh and of course Luke Shaw… You know? the previous player in team of the season, 30million dollar defender… It says a lot when the creativity of Mata, Rooney and Di Maria was often passed up in favour of Fellaini in an attacking position and relying on Ashley Young’s delivery from the wings… Seems more like a Tony Pulis or Big Sam tactic than a title contender one….
    I may be selling them short, but I’m yet to see any form of indication that LVG is the world-class manager and tactician he is made out to be… On the contrary, I’ve seen an ego complex and sub-par man management, with multiple selfish, positional experimentations that make Ramsey on the wing look like a stroke of godlike, tactical genius!!

    Sorry to ramble, and I’m aware that when United, Chelsea and City make big signings there is going to be a flurry of ‘what’s Wenger doing?’ ‘I want signings, now, now, now!!’ comments. But people, the Cech signing will not only strengthen a core position substantially, but also set a new unprecedented territory. That sickly feeling when one of our previous players is moving to a rival and we know all to well the sheer quality that they will bring. The mighty Mourinho, forced to accept that a players loyalty and servitude to his current club is bigger than him, and his rivals will be stronger for it! I personally think if we can wrap this transfer up in the coming weeks it will be a serious signal of intent.
    Do you not think rival fans are thinking ‘what United are about to lose in De Gea, Arsenal are about to gain?’

  5. RVP Di Maria
    and Falcao were flops
    and the Utd defence
    is a shambles especially
    now De Gea is leaving.
    So basically Utd is starting over from scratch.
    Van Gaal is under enormous pressure.
    City are under major restructuring as well.
    Win or be sacked for Pellegrinni.
    2nd = failure for Chelsea besides
    Mourinho usually only stays 3 years.
    Wenger is expected to go close this season.
    Rogers will be sacked in May if not before.
    Spurs change managers every couple of years.
    Can see a lot of carnage come June 2016.
    No wonder Gazidis is already in
    lowering expectations mode.

  6. One signing I’d be curious if Wenger is considering is Berahino…
    Before I get thumbed down because it’s not Higuain, Benzema or Martinez or whoever your dream targets are, he’s a pretty classy forward for a 21y.o.
    Versatile.. Can play anywhere in the front three. Likes to get in behind and IMO would make a brilliant supporting forward. Whenever I’ve watched him play he just seems to have a confidence in his game and abilities that lead me to believe he could be a very dangerous player for a bigger club.
    Our system affords a lot of freedom to our wingers and inside forwards. Ox offers something different with his powerful running, getting to the byline and beating his man, but seems to want to collect the ball deep and create off the dribble rather than establish himself as a consistent scoring threat. Berahino strikes me more as a drifting into channels, one-touch then Bang! type of forward, which our system has shown can be quite successful.

    1. At 30mil pounds that’s his asking price,Berahino is just another over priced english youngster who will never be world class!

      1. The whole ‘world-class’ thing gets thrown around waaay to casually.
        We have dribblers, creators and flair players galore. But we only have three proven forward scorers in Sanchez, Giroud and Theo who will in all likelihood be our first choice front three next season.
        As I’ve pointed out in previous posts, there’s no guarantees in a lot of the big name strikers being linked with us in terms of adapting to the league and productivity in their first season. We’re sooo close to having a strong squad with no apparent weaknesses. A hungry youngster who knows the league and is happy to compete for his place and play a role off the bench, not a previous club’s go to superstar who’s having a tough time adjusting, finding form and not playing week in/week out (Soldado, Di Maria, Falcao, Cuadrado, Lamela, Markovic, Balotelli) may pay more dividends over the course of next season.

        I’m not suggesting it’s a guarantee…. But a lot of fans were screaming out for Soldado, Falcao and Balotelli when they were available in their respective available windows. I personally don’t think they were fit to lace Giroud’s boots this season, and in all likelihood, next season as well…

        1. Sanchez cost us 32mil and West Brom have already said their asking price is 30mil,I would much rather take my chances with a player from the continent like Higuain than an english youngster playing for relegation candidates!

          1. You’re aware he was the joint sixth highest scorer in the league? a 21y.o. with, yes, a team battling relegation so a much, much lesser supporting cast?
            Higuain 16 league goals.
            Berahino 14 league goals.
            Yes, Higuain is the far, far more complete forward and if it was a choice between the two obviously Higuain. But don’t be so dismissive of a rising star in the league who was a bright spot in an otherwise bleak season for West Brom…

            1. Players from the continent have proven time and again to be better than english players that’s why the best players in England are not english,average english players like Berahino,Sterling,Kane etc are over priced their talent doesn’t match their price tag!

              1. So if he’d put up similar numbers in a lesser league and was a different nationality you’d be more open to him as a potential target??
                Your only real argument seems to be ‘he’s english, so he’s over-rated’ while neglecting the fact that he’s had two very productive seasons for a young player. As I pointed out, 2 less league goals in a much more competitive league for a much weaker side…

  7. MANU has too many problems to solve plus with de gea going it will b the hardest thing to fill in…..
    i m just sad to c ospina go he did no wrong bt nw if after this szczesny doesn’t solve his attitude i will very angry

  8. I’m concerned that we have nor made any signings yet…I however do have a theory that immediately we sign Cech, all the other signings will follow almost immediately. I feel Wenger has not made other signings because if he did, Maureen will see our threatening quality and ensure thwarting our efforts for Cech. At the moment, he simply can’t see the other cards that Wenger is holding. I’m sure the other signings will come immediately after Cech.
    But as I said earlier, this is just a theory.

  9. Instead of talking about the weakness of Man U, we should rather get busy strengthening Arsenal And mentioning them (Our weakness) now before the window get to a close.

    1. … before the window gets to a close? It doesn’t officially OPEN until a week tomorrow!

  10. Thanks @ GunnerJack. I know the window will open by August Officially. I just don’t like the fact that we direct this energy towards our opponents. we can use that to for request for more signings for arsenal.

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