Why Arsenal need Premier League transfer for Coquelin cover

I am not saying that there are not a lot of top quality central, holding or defensive midfielders around Europe because there are. With Arsenal in dire need of someone in that position to shore up the Francis Coquelin shaped hole in our team, the football rumour mill has been whirring with many names.

William Carvalho of Sporting Lisbon, Rabiot of PSG, Lars Bender of Bayer Leverkusen and many more have been linked with a January transfer move to north London and they have all been linked before and are all good players that the Arsenal fans would be happy to see the manager sign.

But I have some concern about all of them and for one big reason. We hear so often about the problems that players can have when coming from abroad to play in England. It can often take a few months or even a season or two before even the best players get used to the different demands of EPL football.

But Arsenal cannot afford to wait as we need whoever comes in to hit the ground running and that is why I think that the boss must look to the Premier League for Coquelin’s replacement. A look at the chart of the players with the best stats for tackling and winning duels, there are quite a few midfielders in among the defenders.

So we have names like Brady from Norwich, Kante from Leicester and McCarthy from Everton. For me, though, there are two stand out candidates from the Premier League in Victor Wanyama and Yohan Cabaye. What do you think Gooners, should we go for a Kebab?

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  1. the first time we have a genuine dm since gilberto silva, what like 8 years…an we dont think to buy cover for him.


    1. Hahaha .. Coquelin was the cover!
      And wenger must have stepped in some serious lucky dog ? that day!

  2. Guys i dont know about you but i think a striker should be our priority
    we have the fastest defence the best keeper
    but we create lots of chances which go to waste
    Im sorry but thats how it is
    Giroud seems to score once per game and let it lie
    he doesnt lead a comeback and doesnt score more than two per game
    the pressure os on our midfield to keep creating chances then finish them

    1. giroud scores one per game even two?
      if that was even remotely true- we wouldnt need a cf!!

      but yes without theo threatening his place, giroud of old returns

      1. if wenger could have given more
        chances to chambers we could be seeing him more than a match for dier and stones
        if walcott stayed injury free we would be having a special player now
        If chamberlain also stayed injury free and had more confidence in himself he would match sterling and would be very capable in stepping ssnchez shies when called upon.
        Onto you wenger please fix that
        many of our players predicted an ox year but we are seeing very different things

      2. The other thing we tend to forget about Giroud is that he is that he can come on as a sub and make an impact which not all strikers can do.

  3. Ok,so we need a DM,I agree with that.BUT,we can’t win the title without a striker.I don’t know if we need a clasical striker like Cavani(who want’s to leave Paris) or a “fake 9″like Griezmann.And I think if the price can be a resonable we shoult buy Gotze as replace for Cazorla/Sanchez,if they get injuried.

      1. No.I say: In January we should bid for Gotze(if he is available,and for the right price)and for Cavani OR Griezmann,that “or”is because Wenger could make a tactic with a tipical striker,or with a”fake 9”.For our team both tactics will work.So the first move should be a class striker.Football is about goals.

    1. False, when we had RVP we failed to pose any threat for the exact same reson we’re currently failing even with Ozil and Alexis. NO DM = WEAK MIDFIELD = BAD DEFENCE = STUPID GOALS CONCEDED

      1. We have a DM,but central midfielders does not help enought the team with their work rate.I hope Wilshere will be back soon.The defence with Koscelny,Mertesaker and Cech looks better then other season’s.The problem is that the team play very well,create many chances,but DON’T SCORE.Sanchez is LW,Ozil CAM,they score and create almoust all goals but where is the striker?If we score all chances the other team’s can be “scare”of us and we don’t concende goals every game.I prefer Arsenal to win every game with 4-3…5-4…3-2…not to make stupid draws with weak teams.

  4. Tell that to Wenger NOT us. He is the most stubborn manger in the PL.

    I am convinced that he will Not buy a DM
    He will hope Chambers or Bielik will be another Coquelin. I hope so too because that’s our only chance

    He is more likely to get attacking players

    But remember January is notorious for not getting top players. Very difficult to get players in January

  5. Did someone say Kebab? ?
    what kind of kebab… Doner or shish?
    Decision, Decision…. can’t we just have both? ?
    Why does everything have to be treated like a Wenger transfer window? ?

  6. The dictator won’t buy a single person, he’s still living in 1999 talking about viera cost this, petit cost that, old dog its 2015 man city has 3-4 different franchises and you’re still talking about 1999. This old fart has to go, maybe he can go play bingo at the old folks home and talk about the good old days.

    1. hes marmite in the flesh
      bit like charlie adam

      u either love him or promise to shoot him in the next life

  7. Bob, the Boss may not sign any of those players you’ve mentioned. If at all he has the intention to sign 1 or 2 players and decided to sign including a DMF to hold fort till Coquelin recovers which I doubt he’ll do. The player or players he’s likely going to sign may not be any of those high profile prayer like Cavani. But he could sign a less glamorous but top quality player who is less or not heirrad by the media.

  8. Latest injury rumours!

    Sanchez’s hamstring injury is not as bad as wenger feared, he should be back for the City clash.

  9. i agree we need a dm for sure to cover for coquelin but we shouldn,t buy one in this transfer window we all know the reasons why,top players not available,overpriced….i know people will not let me forget about kim kallstrom but we should go for quality experienced players,someone who has many people to prove wrong,motivated to impress other clubs,who is in search of a new club and a new nice contract/move,all in all someone who has everything to gain by performing well!!!!

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