Why Arsenal need to DROP Wilshere for Leicester clash!!

Look Arsenal fans, before you start slating me for being anti-Wilshere, I am actually one of the writers on here that have been supportive of the young midfielder over the last year. And I have been really pleased to see the real Jack Wilshere start to appear on the pitch again recently.

I still think that Arsene Wenger should drop him from the starting line-up for the visit to face newly promoted Leicester City on Sunday. One reason is that the Gunners will have Aaron Ramsey back in the squad and his suspension for the Besiktas game means that the Welshman will be a bit fresher as well as carrying more of a goal threat.

The main reason, though, is to protect young Jack. The most important thing for the 22-year old this season is to stay injury-free and he has started every game so far this season. Now that is only five games and we should not expect him to break down after that, but why risk it? After all, Ozil, Cazorla or Rosicky cann all do the business for us in that number 10 role.

Leicester will be working hard and getting stuck in and Jack does have that tendency to invite challenges. Also, with his form being better, Wilshere is very likely to play in both of the England games during the international break and there is nothing that Wenger can do to influence Roy Hodgson on that. So I reckon it would be a good idea to give the lad a little rest before he joins up with England. Do you agree?

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  1. It’s been said a thousand times on this forum: rotation, rotation and rotation.

    Trip to Leicester is a perfect opportunity to start Podolski/Campbell.

    1. We need to have 2 first eleven and rotate in every game

      this is to keep everyone fresh and happy…….

      38 games per season

      19 games each if we rotate….

      1. Add cup games and Champions League..

        At least 7 UCL matches, 6 in Mickey Mouse cup and another 6-12 from FA Cup depending on how far we’ll go. So we looking at +60 matches.

        1. 57 games last season.
          Plus internationals. 10
          incl friendlies.
          Plus com shield
          3 pre season.
          71. possible games.
          32 starts + 12 subs = 44.

    2. I had started doubting wilshere for some serious time now…but after the besiktas game, i realised the boy is still good but is just shadowed by ramsey when they play together. So in conclusion; if those two start a game one has to be the shadow of himself since they play the same role, i’d rather they be rotated just as it needs to be done to carzola n’ ozill because they play the same role.

      1. Arsene Wenger should stop using Ozil as a winger and use him in his natural wing which 10 in other to let this guy show what is made of. Wizardsut Ozil. Let Wilshere rest

    3. Absolutely!

      Poldolski Ozil, Ox
      Ramsey Chambers
      Monreal Kos Mert Debuchy

      subs: Sanchez, Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ospina/Martinez, Flamini, Sanago

      I’d bring in Flamini in the 2nd half and move Chambers to the back line to rest Debuchy, and give Ozil some rest by bringing in Rosicky or Cazorla. Sanchez has been working his *ss off, I’d give him a day off unless we need a second half spark.

      Leicester City is a litmus test of whether we will see proper rotation this year. My lineup or some variation of it should be plenty; if the people who worked so hard against the Turks are not rested we may not pay now, but it indicates that we may well pay later through overwork.

  2. This a joke? Wilshere was man of match on Wednesday. Keep playing him.
    Ramsey was below par to say the least for about 2 seasons but wenger kept playing him and it’s paid off

    1. I don’t usually do this.

      But Jack as man of the match? What game were you watching?
      1. He threw away a brilliant chance and shot it wide in the opening minutes.
      2. Made a tackle that could have easily been a penalty on a bad day. He said later on after the match that he had touched the player.
      3. He had a lot of misplaced passes.
      4. It should have been his goal when put through by Mesut, instesd it deflected of his leg and fell on Sanchez’s path which he scored.

      But yeah i get you. Jack is a Gunner through and through. He is the ANGRY YOUNG MAN.Shows a lot of passion by getting into reckless tackles and runs like a headless chicken.

      P.S.- Ox was more worse than Jack. We should have been comfortably been 3-0 by halftime. And if Rambo had been on the pitch you would know i am not talking out of my ar*e.

  3. Just today morning read the Özil Telegraph interview. Atleast it will quiten down some of his critics. Its good he came out all guns blazing.

    Even read the Wenger interview of Özil. Hopefully this kills the buzz of making him the next Gervinho or Arshavin.

    He directly said to us that is position is best on the centre or right side cutting in with his left foot. But plays on left for the team not his choice.

    And whats this with “he shows less passion” bullsit. He runs more than average distance covered.

    What do you want? Send him to school where they will teach him to Roarrrrrrr?

    1. I think people in EPL want to see players running on CAMERA to label them useful. running when not on tv is not counted good enough.. sad fact of EPL i guess…

  4. if Wenger doesnt play Cambel this weekend, he probably will never play him… Sanchez needs a break along with Chambers… playing so many matches cannot do them any good

  5. Here are my 5 reasons for dropping Wilshere:

    1) Ramsey

    2) Ozil

    3) Rosicky

    4) Cazorla

    5) Me

  6. Play wilshere, he needs a run in the team. Yes rest him at some point but jack plays on confidence and should be given the chance to build on his fantastic display in the besiktas game. All I’d like to say I when arsenal needed a player to step up, jack wilshere did in a big gam. Well done jack

  7. Szcz
    Debuchi Mertz Kos Monreal
    Flamini Ramsey
    Chamberlain Ozil Podolski
    Subs: Martinez Chambers Coquelin
    Diaby Cazorla, Rosicky, Campbell

        1. If Campbell starts that’s ok by me
          but Ox is senior.
          Sanchez must be rested otherwise
          he will be run into the ground like Ramsey last term.
          Diaby won’t play its simply “justifies” him being paid.
          Coquelin and Ryo could be on the bench for the same reason.
          There are so many political games managers
          have to play to keep the different parties happy.

  8. Looking a player cannot play 8 hours of football every month. He shouldn’t be collecting his £5m+ wages.

    Wilshire has had enough rest in the last 2 seasons what he needs now is matches. Same goes with Walcott when he returns and eventually diaby.

    Sanchez and ozil are our marquee signings, you shouldn’t be spending almost £80m on 2 players then resting them in the 2 main competitions.

    How many times do madrid rest ronaldo? Or does barca rest Messi? In la liga or champions league?

    No the time to rest ozil or sanchez is against Southampton in the cup and hopefully in the last 20 mins of a match when it’s won.

    For now I would be playing our best possible x1 at all times, that would be 4411 with ozil playing just behind sanchez. chamberlain wilshire Ramsey and cazorla would be my midfield. With debuchy mertesacker koscielny monreal as the back 4. We should be going for the jugular from the off, then looking to bring some of the bench (chambers flamini rosicky campbell podolski sanogo) on when the game is done and dusted. Even without Walcott, giroud, diaby, arteta and gibbs that is not a weak bench by any means.

    1. @atid ”
      Looking a player cannot play
      8 hours of football every month”.
      Its all relative.
      A race horse competes two minutes
      per fortnight for nine races and then
      is spelled for five months.

  9. @davidnz: roz for ozil (gives ozil a rest),
    campbell for chamberlain gives ox a rest (maybe he doesnt need it tho)

    but i like using sanogo/pod/ramsey:.

    rotation! keeps the bench game-fit & the “first XI” rested & reduce injury

  10. Dear Arsene,

    Could you please fix it so that Ozil plays no. 10.

    Yours Sincerely,


  11. Ozil is not even the best CAM at Arsenal. Sorry, that’s for Rosicky. Cazorla also provides more goals+assists combined from that position.

    1. Stop bashing the prince.. Don’t want this whole sight to go into melt down because of your ozil criticism..

    2. TR>MO…….well if he is, discuss the following and tell us all why that is the case.

      TR last 4 seasons in PL: 86 apps 5 goals 7 assists
      MO first season in PL: 26 appearances 5 goals 9 assists

  12. I felt the reason why Wilshere had a good game was because Besiktas allowed him too much space. Wilshere needs space to do those his lazy runs. He could and probably should have been sent off in the first half. That said, his general play was still much better than anything Ramsey has posted this season. Other than the goals Ramsey has scored, his displays have been terribly anonymous and underwhelming. Still obviously lacking fitness.

  13. Enjoy Ramsey and his goals…Willshear needs to improve either his goal or assist tally and why can’t he? he keeps sleeping on the ball or keeps needing too many cliché touches before he puts on his shooting boots. I like the lad only for his courage and he don’t take shit*.

  14. OT but looks like Remy is off to Chelsea. People can say what they like but I’d rather have signed him than sign no striker. Hope AW has an ace up his sleeve.

  15. Yes I’d start Ramsey with Wilshire on the bench.
    I am more concerned to see if Arsene can prepare the side for an away fixture and also keep actively involved in the transfer market.
    Hopefully we have deals lined up and paperwork ready. As we know no deals can go through without Arsenes sign off.
    My preference would be:
    CB – Anyone Wenger thinks is good enough.
    DM – Kondogia, (can play DM, CB and LB).
    STR – Anyone again that Wenger thinks will add to our team. Reus or Cavanni would be fanstastic.

  16. @card087. Agree, I quite like Remy but Wenger clearly has an issue with him or he would have been signed already by us.

  17. I predict that one striker will be bought and Poldi and Campbell will be sold in this window.
    I hope I am wrong and that Campbell is not being played as Wenger thinks he’s not fit or sharp yet.
    Poldi I think is a cert to go but only once we sign a replacement.

    1. @rick
      If only they would sell him to us. But i think offers from a few La Liga clubs are on the table…

  18. Campbell is set to be loan or sold…

    what a pity….

    Wenger always likes his favourite players…

    keep playing the same set of players till they drop dead

  19. I disagree. If anything, he needs a chance to build off the back of an impressive showing in midweek.

  20. Bull Sh*t…. Wilshere deserves to start ahead of Ozil if we are to go by the last game..

    Lets play players on form not on reputation, cost and favoritism..

  21. Rest Sanchez and maybe either center-back for Chambers, I wont care as long as we win. Campbell and podolski need to play at some point. Start either of them while the other to come-in from the bench. Play Wilshere, he needs this for confidence, he’s the future of arsenal and England…a gunner at heart, may be substituted or come in as a substitute.

    Debuchy Mertesacker/Chambers Koscielny Monreal

    Diaby/Jack Ramsey
    Ox/Cazola Ozil Campbell

    Martinez, Chambers/(BFG), Flamini, Diaby (Jack), Santi (Ox), Rosicky, Sanchez.
    BUT CAMPBELL SHOULD START, OTHERWISE WHAT’S THE NEED OF KEEPING HIM? HE CAN COMFORTABLY WALK INTO AC MILAN’S FIRST 11!! Play him agnst small teams for experience. With theo, Arteta and Gnabry coming back then you’ll discover we have depth. One more signing (striker or (/and I hope) centre back and I’ll be a happy gooner!

  22. Wilshere aside from a few good moves against besiktas has been awful this season. He doesn’t deserve to start games on current form but AW seems obsessed with him.

    Wilshere has zero end product and can’t hold onto possession. Like it or not he has been very poor this year so far.

    What concerns me most of all is where Wenger is playing certain players in bizarre positions. We could be so much better if he used people like Özil and Cazorla in number 9 or 10 always. Play with width using Campbell and Walcott and revert back to 4-4-2 more but he perseveres with formations and tactics that don’t suit the players he has.

    That’s the real worry for me.

    1. Ozil in # 9 position? he can’t even score from a penalties….

      And by your logic Ozil too should not start as he has been a liability, he had about 6 good games at the start of last season.. Had a very good game against Napoli at the Emirates, had a good game against Everton in the FA CUP at the Emirates.. But has since been a liability, so we should drop him too?

      You guys have already made up your minds about Giroud, Arteta, Monreal, Cazorla, Wilshere, Sanongo, Flamini, Mert etc… You want them out. But I would rather have these guys in my team as they give their all each game even if it’s not working.

      1. I meant false 9 for Ozil and he proved he can do it at Madrid. He flourished at Madrid in that role.

        You can’t also say you guys have made up our minds about them other players. I was talking about Wilshere and he has been very poor this year and I think he is immensely over rated. That’s it.

  23. The lad put in a good performance in his last game, all he needs now is some encouragement that will boost his confidence. Now drop him and he is back to doubting himself and confidence back to zero…

    I love Ramsey and he is our main man, but let Wilshere start the game then take him off in the second half for Ramsey. We need a confident squad, lets not shoot down their confidence..

  24. Whilst Ozil has huge talent – he is also a big liability since he doesn’t tackle or track back. Carzola isn’t as good a passer, but he gives more to the team, Id reluctantly drop Ozil it gives us a better shape, and allows a true lefty to play such as Campbel or Podolski

  25. Well I have been Anti-Wilshere plenty. I feel he should not only be benched for this match but until he has the pay to match the number on his back. HE IS NO number 10. when was the last time Arsenal or any team had a Number 10 that can’t score goals or even rack up assists. It is his style of play and diminutive size that gets him injured all the time. He goes from being in possession of the ball to having a heavy touch and now he is reaching out or sliding in to win the ball back he just lost (with his QUALITY dribbling into players not around them) YES on very rare occasions he pulls off some flicks and one touch play but NOT constant enough. I would take Hazard Oscar or even Cecs Fabergas over Wilshere. As a English player Wilshere’s on the ball ability is rare is he was spanish or Brazilian he would not even get a look from the National team coach. Even Willian (the Brazilian and Chelsea mid not William Carvalho) is more effective in behind the strikers. then Wilshere. and playing even deeper he is a liability defensively He is NO defensive mid and his tackling is dangerous to himself. and often poorly timed Wilshere’s first-half tackle on Ramon Motta was a PK but he got away with that one. And many say he is fouled himself often because of his skill on the ball but really it is he shows too much of the ball and defenders feel they can win it and then both players go for the ball come together and Jack bing the smaller gets the worse of it. NOW all that said is he better the 80% of the players in England YES but so I would never say he a crap or is just rubbish just not the player Arsenal need to move forward to build a title wining team with Rosicky, Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey and even Podolski that can al play in that attacking mid role he. I see him as just one more player like the many we already have. When what is NEEDED is a Yaya Toure or Vieira type of Strong box to box mid that can defend WIN the ball brush off tackles like they are flies and drive forward. (and also has the ability to score goals) Wilshere is Extra and not as good as top international’s that play his position.

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