Why Arsenal need to focus on the Wenger trophy

After Arsenal take on Premier League new boys AFC Bournemouth on the south coast later today, there could be even more pressure piled on Arsene Wenger and the team by Louis van Gaal and Manchester United. Hopefully Chelsea can do us a favour at Stamford Bridge and stop the Old Trafford team from winning.

The fact is, though, that despite United having been pretty awful for most of the season, they will start the day just five points behind us. And with Arsenal having dropped into fourth spot that brings up the possibility that we hear about every year of this being the season when the Gunners fail to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League.

We have always managed to avoid this prospect under Le Prof and that is why it has been dubbed by those wags of the football press as the Wenger trophy. Now I am not saying that Arsenal should be happy with achieving this once again, although most clubs would give their right arm for a place at Europe’s top table, but that it might be a good idea for the Arsenal players to stop thinking about the title for a while and to focus on finishing in the top four.

The result is the same to be fair, that Arsenal need to win as many games as possible. I just feel that all the title talk is not really helping the squad right now. Whereas focusing on staying ahead of United and catching the spuds might just be the thing to sharpen up our focus. Do you agree Gooners?

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  1. 4th is not an achievement because a scenario like this happens we get it then get Bayern in the champions league group come 2nd face Barca in the knockout stage then get knocked out,we need to win the league if not Wenger must go!!

  2. The Wenger trophy days
    are a thing of the past.
    Arsenal is right on course to
    lead the club to the EPL title.
    I think Wenger should extend
    his contract three more years
    As Muff says COYG and “We’re gonna do this” 🙂

  3. What ever your on davidnz get of it.
    The way our opposition is lineing up managers for next season, let alone players, we’re going to be in for a rough ride. Money no object Wenger is well past his sell buy date. New manager is a priority plus new medics.

    1. Embarassing coming from an Arsenal fan, if we aimed for the title we wouldn’t have to worry about making top 4. With the author’s mentality you’re basically allowing the board and Wenger to rely on mediocrity and fool you into believing we can challenge for the treble.

  4. Wenger is getting too much backing from the Board that he doesn’t seem to bother about the fans feelings or the progress of the team. He has no fresh ideas again. How can a team like Arsenal have only one natural striker (Giroud) and manager is not bothered and won’t look for a good back up? Hand over the chances we had against Southampton to another top team, they would have lost 0 – 4. Can’t Wenger be moved upstairs in another capacity?

  5. Most Arsenal fans are as deluded as Wenger himself. Any person who means well for d Arsenal at dis point would be worried, really really worried. Look at this Scenario….
    City- Pep
    United – Mourine
    Chelsea – Allegri or New Manager
    Liverpool – Klopp with Summer to spend
    Spurs – Top4 finish, Spend in d summer.
    Now, Pep as a manager can attract any player, plus they’ve got d money to spend as much as they wish, Mourinho can attract players plus if he goes to United, they’ve got a name that attracts. Chelsea will sure have less games next season, so will fight in d domestic front with new additions. Spurs are a London club, relatively young players and playing in Champs Lge will attract players to them, Klopp of course will Refresh his team in summer, with Money and history of the club. Now, where does Arsenal Stand? We don’t spend big, we don’t compete, we have a manager that’s not serious, and cares only at making money for the board. The only hope we have is dis season, but that too is sliding away….
    1. Wenger
    2. Arsenal fans…
    3. The board.
    But the Fans of we weren’t sooooo WHAT, could force Wenger Out, and board to change. Reason with me, U know this is the truth yet, U will thump me down. But it’s OK. U have Ur right to. But I know I Luv dis Club!!!!
    GOYG, COYG!!!!!

  6. [The Cherries] VS [The bottLers]

    coming soon!!!

    I see alot of folks say “we are gonna score Loads of goals against em today, such that could never be counted”….. Bull****

    How many goals(scored and conceeded) are y’all expecting from the match?

    Let it be known we couldn’t score more than 3 goals in our last meeting….. Can we build on that today?

  7. Ok. Just say we beat Bournemouth (I know, BOURNEMOUTH!!) Our next game is Leicester at home. We ripped them apart away. I know that we may play into their strengths, but just say we win again. Two points behind Leicester, who will still be top, with twelve games left, and 36 pts available. Also, as well as our big game next week, it’s also the small matter of Man city vs Tottenham. Anything less then a win for Tottenham there, and we could be back ahead by the end of next week. It’ll be all happy again, until the next blip, when it will be Wenger out again. Grow up.

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