Why Arsenal need to forget about making Carlo Ancelotti their new manager

Arsenal is not for Carlo Ancelotti at this moment in time

After firing Unai Emery from their managerial position, it is understandable that Arsenal has been linked to every single manager that hasn’t a job at the moment.

The club’s decision to make Freddie Ljungberg their interim manager hasn’t turned out as well as they would want and fans have begun asking for a reputable manager.

Some of the managers on their list of targets have not enjoyed enough success in their career, but the likes of Max Allegri and Carlo Ancelotti have enjoyed lots of success.

The latter has just been fired by Napoli and several news outlets have already started reporting that he is close to being named the next Arsenal manager, but I don’t agree that he is the right man for the job.

Make no mistake, Ancelotti is one of the most successful managers we have seen in this generation. He remains with the third-highest winning percentage for a Premier League-winning manager after Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, I believe that firstly, the Arsenal dressing room is too divided for him. He has never really worked with a team so low on confidence and turn things around.

Secondly, he remains a divisive figure, being fired in his last two jobs shows just how much division he can cause in teams before he leaves them.

Additionally, Ancelotti traditionally manages teams that have either one of the best squads and they are underachieving (Napoli) or teams who have almost unlimited resources to bolster their playing staff.

Ancelotti is a great manager and I can’t take anything from him, but he is not the solution to Arsenal’s problems now.

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    1. The man is finished same like van Gaal . He got sacked by Munich then Napoli . He must just retire or coach Everton as I see they are ambitious forgetting that they are small team only need to survive in premier

    1. Look at his recent record: he took over Napoli from Sarri and made it worse. Making a club with the 2nd or 3rd best squad in the league go 8 or 9 consecutive matches without a win is no mean feat. And do you remember how we beat his Napoli in BOTH legs last season?

      And his training sessions only work to keep top players top. Has never done what Arsenal need right now – improve a squad filled with too many misfits and the club not willing to spend on too many replacements.

      Admin is right. Taking Everton from lower part of the table to 8th or 9th is more suited to him, especially as they will probably outspend us in the summer (remember – a large part of our budget will go for continuing instalments)

  1. Lol… I’m happy now, I’m relieved actually.

    David Ornstein
    Fluid/changeable but current sense:
    – Arsenal want situation settled asap but right man over quick decision
    – If No1 pick available, gets done
    – If available in summer, FL holds fort
    – If No1 pick unclear, FL holds fort + has chance to impress
    – #AFC not seeking Ancelotti profile

    Glad Ornstein revealed all that hours ago, stop troubling yourselves. Freddie’s taking charge till the summer, unless either of Arteta or Allegri is available.
    If that’s not the case I wonder Who TF the NO1 is that they’ve been waiting for all along then?
    Or they suddenly waiting for Zidane or Simeone to lose their jobs?

    Everton can have Ancelotti

    1. Ornstein is most often correct and the best judge of the near future club developments. I very much doubt that Allegri would agree to work under Kroenkes ownership and little spending money with around 6 outfield defenders needed to give us a serious chance of challenging. Plus other positions too. I firmly believe the club will end up with Arteta next summer but would prefer Allegi, even though I BELIEVE THAT QUEST IS HOPELESS. If Freddie can reassure the board he will keep us up, then they MAY now, it seems, leave him there til May. Hope they do not keep him, personally. Much will depend on our Dec Prem results as to ditching or keeping Freddie til May.

      1. I agree with Jon, I would also prefer a new manager in place before next summer to use the rest of this season to prepare for next season rather than Freddie staying in place till next summer and a new manager only being able to start towards the end of next summer after the Europa Cup.

        We need to get something out of the remainder of this season and an interim manager can not do that.

  2. I agree,Ancelotti would be a wrong choice.He has won everything in the game thus no motivation to fight.Again after Bayern he indicated his desire to go back home to Italy &I think he is reaching the end of his carrier. I doubt if he can fire up this squad.
    We need a hungry manager with something to proof.To me Potchetino would be a better bet.He is still young & he has shown he has the capacity. Now may be the time for him to actually prove he is a great manager.
    I just hope he tags along T.Alderweid &C.Erickson who will be free agents in the summer.This two can be a great boost to our squad.

  3. I don’t believe in Ancelotti. Sure, he is a big name manager with loads of experience but he is also getting older and his last jobs have not exactly set him apart.

    I would hope for Poch, who has the right balance between experience and youth, but would be happy to gamble on Arteta who knows the club and has had a few years working alongside one of the world’s best managers. On the off chance, Arteta can become Pep, he is worth the gamble.

  4. I would take Ancelotti with Freddie until the end of the season, if it means we end up with Allegri, poch or Benitez full time after. Not a lot to lose on that score, we keep Freddie and he can work with Ancelotti. But i only see that as temporary at the moment.

      1. If you read the post you will actually realise what i said. If it means us getting one of the top managers that probably aren’t Available until the summer, i would take Ancelotti on until the summer with Freddie. Who knows if the temp arrangement worked out, it would be a win win.

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