Why Arsenal need to give Nketiah a pay rise right now

The youngster Eddie Nketiah gave an incredible Arsenal debut by pulling the Gunners reserves back from the abyss against Norwich last week’ and has shown Arsene Wenger why he fully deserves a new contract with a massive hike in wages, although according to reports they are only going to offer 15,000 GBP a week initially. It may not sound like much but it is a massive increase from his current 2000 a week, and a hell of a lot of money for an 18 year-old!

One person who thinks that Nketiah is a future star and who knows him better than most is our very own striking legend Thierry Henry, who wrote in the Sun: “I worked with Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah when I was with the Under-18s and I was delighted to see him grab two goals in the Carabao Cup win over Norwich in midweek. Delighted but not surprised.

“He is a great kid and was a pleasure to work with. He was always on time, listened hard and was a good worker, willing to learn and improve.

“He will always score goals, even when he’s 60! He is just a killer in the box, as he showed against Norwich.

“He’s not a fancy player, all stepovers and drag backs, but is just lethal in front of goal. He doesn’t need many chances.

“He gives and moves, is quick, he is a fighter — but in the right way — and has an amazing leap on him, as we saw for his second goal at the Emirates. And he has just the right amount of confidence.

“If that guy plays, he scores. Simple.”

Well, you can’t get a better recommendation that that can you? I can fully see him being promoted to the Arsenal first team very quickly and could easily take Giroud’s place as a striking supersub in the near future, and when he builds himself up even further he will be a shoe-in for the Starting XI.

Sign him up quick Arsene!



  1. GunnerLoy says:

    He “should” play..but the Big Wenger ball might hit him down to remain in the under 21’s. Like it happened to other youth stars like Jeff Adelaide, Jon Toral, Jerkinson, Bilik…
    Wenger has not finished giving Giroud chance to play…then Eddie? Maybe Europa League Super sub maybe. Thats d best I can see

  2. Krish says:

    well.. that escalated quickly.. it was one good game.. we should just wait and see if he continues to impress no unnecessary expectations on him

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      But the Arsenal way is to ALWAYS reward players that haven’t actually done anything yet. I really hope Eddie’s a big success, but he could flop, and still manage a minimum of 6 years at the club, earning a minimum of 70k p/w. Either way, he’s sorted for the foreseeable future.

  3. Sue says:

    He came off the bench & did something that Walcott & Giroud didn’t do all game…..scored not once but twice! He deserves some extra cash

    Well done Eddie

  4. Declan says:

    Cash solves everything, Bentner on 52 grand a week proves it yeah!….

  5. Jonm says:

    What also impressed me was right at the end of the game he had the ball in the opposition half, and given that he had two goals and was looking for a hat trick, what did he do? He headed for the corner flag. Look what happened to west ham at the weekend, same situation, headed for goal and a few seconds later had conceded a goal and it was a drawn match.

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