Why Arsenal owe Man City thanks for 2 BIG favours!!

Arsenal should thank Man City by Sam P

I know that I am one of the more optimistic fans in the global Arsenal family and I am definitely in the minority here, but I have not yet given up on the Gunners winning the Premier League title. I know that Chelsea looked unstoppable while Arsenal were dropping further and further behind, but last season showed that the lead can change hands quite easily and a good run or bad run of games can have a huge effect.

So even though Man City are direct Premier League rivals to Arsenal, I was glad to see them beat Southampton at St. Mary’s today, because it puts the pressure on Jose Mourinho and his players, especially as they could only manage a point against Sunderland.

They also lost their star striker Diego Costa for the next game against Tottenham and I’m surry Gooners, but I want our north London rivals to win that one. A draw would be almost as good but I am also thinking of stopping Chelsea matching our invincibles season. And then Mourinho takes his team north to face a resurgent Newcastle, while we go to Stoke.

Anyway, the Man City win means they are just six points behind Chelsea and that could start the old squeaky bum thing going in their players. Arsenal are still a sizeable 13 points behind Chelsea but if they wobble while our momentum keeps going, that gap could soon disappear.

As well as City doing us a favour in pressuring Chelsea, they also knocked a lot of confidence out of our next opponents Southampton, exposing their defence with three goals. So as long as we manage to do the same and beat the Saints on Wednesday and the spuds can take something off Chelsea, maybe news of the death of Arsenal’s title challenge has been premature. What do you think?

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      1. maurine did the same last year, and then still mounted a challenge. managers don’t say what they mean always. maybe they want to tak pressure of the player?….just a thought

  1. 0-3 at home would have hurt the Saints.
    Only time will tell how they respond.
    At home Arsenal should win but will we?
    I will tell you at about 9.40 pm Wed 🙂

  2. I just hope that SOMEONE beats Chelsea…I would really hate them to go through unbeaten…..Hopefully it will be us if no one else has by then

  3. If Podolski doesn’t start a single game b4 January, then he has my full backing to hand in a transfer request.

    1. I like him as a player, but dont think he had not adapted well with our team, go hidden in game too frequent and offer very little in defence. We already have a natural replacement for him and his name is Danny Welback, a way more around attacker, better work rate and also can play in center when need be. Moving Welbeck to the left also allow us to sign a better striker to lead the line. I rate Giroud and Welbeck but with them up front we are just top 4 side, no BPL or CL challenger.

  4. Trust me Chelsea will loose by then….not worried bout that at all…did u watch there game yesterday?…he plays the same strong bk four every game yea and its good..but now the games ar gonna stack up 2 a week and terry wont last dont forget thay still in the capital cup…the question is can we take advantage of it…..on current form I thinkwe can I bbelieve we can…..thanks for a positive article for once…lets get together and bring our team up…im all for arsenal wenger or no wenger I support arsenal till I die…..now lets do this….when the going gets rough we stand in it trust me it cant get any worst..arsenal fa life

  5. All we can hope at the moment is those in front of us drops points while we gain and we do not owe mancity a thing, they needed that win.

    I am just hoping chelsea lead will be in single digits by january, the team is really getting difficult to pick upfront, just wish we had that liberty defensively, but i am rather confident in the strike force used in the last match, which offered 3 types of strikers. pace, tricky and hold up play. If the chances made were finished off it would have been a more easier game, but barring injury i expect to see them scoring a lot more goals.

    Kos is back and the defense looked more comfortable , in all honesty though we need at least 2 CBs and one DM, why, well the injury Kos has will continue to reoccur especially in heavy weather or difficult matches, its like sprains in cold weather, he probably will need surgery eventually, mert also will be feeling the work load over the pass seasons, the DM i would gladly take Moussa Sissoko what an engine that young man has, but i think it would be ridiculous if newcastle actually sells him, that would be like taking gas out off a car, without him newcastle would run the chance of getting relegated

    1. Sissoko is a box to box midfielder not a DMF but yeah he’ll be like a poor man’s yaya toure, i think we should go for him.

  6. @ the writer SamP, wishing Spuds to beat Chelski and say we draw our next game will mean they will be ahead of us…would rather see Chelsea and Man City keep winning and teams like Utd Liverpool Southampton and Spuds lose or draw more frequently allowing Arsenal a good chance for 3rd spot, coz thats all we will get at best this season!

  7. Well, the only positive I took from the game yesterday was that Southampton might fall low in confidence, and we might take advantage of this. It’s very, very hard to win the PL, but Chelsea did not have the best start in history of the league for instance, at this stage man city did not have the same quantity of points as last season, I believe they had 2 points less, and they crowned themselves champions. So, you never know with the best league in the world, I’m just expecting that our season has just started. COYG!

  8. Eh don’t really care about Chelsea or City to be honest, City play that same Sunderland team Chelsea drew with come Wednesday. What if they draw and Chelsea win? What if we lose to Southampton? What if this ends up pushing Chelsea on a winning run?

    Don’t really care what other teams are doing because we are not them. Chelsea will not have been pleased to draw with Sunderland and will go out to smash Spurs especially since they are at Stamford Bridge, games in the Capital One Cup won’t hurt them because they always rotate for those matches and they have a whole second 11 full of internationals they have rested. Felipe Luis, Schurrle, Mikel, Remy, Cech, Ramires etc. Let them do what they do

    City have been underachieving all season and their result vs Bayern will Spur them onwards, they have no Capital One Cup and have an in form Aguero . In addition they are closer to Chelsea than they have been in a while and that could push them forward.

    Southampton have no European football and have a rest of one week between matches, that’s their first loss in a while, as such they will come guns blazing for us.

    United are on a run, no European football etc etc.

    My point is that the most important thing is what Arsenal does, not anyone else. 10 points separate 2nd and 10th. Even less separate 3rd and 7th and of those 5 teams Arsenal is the only one with Champion’s League football . A loss on Wednesday could see us fall as low as 10th and we have yet to win vs a team in the top half of the table. In fact we’ve only won vs teams currently placed 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 19th.

    Forget everyone else, let Arsenal focus on Arsenal

  9. We have no chance of catching Chelsea. That was clear the moment the transfer window closed. The only question is how many points we will finish behind them (10, 15 or 20)? Spurs are a competitor for a final 4 spot so we need Chelsea to win that game.

  10. All our players need to do is work as hard as Sanchez the whole 90 mins, and we will win most of our games, in fact it will be possible not to lose. Arsenal play well, dominate but then switch off in the last 20 mins. I really do believe we have the technicality and skill in our squad to win the EPL or at least make 2nd or 3rd, but when it comes to the mindset, we are frail and inconsistent. This needs to change. 80% of being successful is hard work.

  11. Man City did themselves a favor by winning the match. Now we should do ourselves a favor too by winning our own match against Southampton. If you win a match against a title rival, mathematically it is 3 points but logically it is 6 points!

  12. For a change I like this very positive article! I haven’t given up on the tittle as yet and I know Wenger said it but he knows Chelsea can falter. They haven’t had as many injuries as their competitors. Imagine what will happen if Cahill, Fabregas, Ivanovic,Hazard, Matic, or Oscar are injured? Thats the equivalence of our own injuries to Koscienly, Wilshere, Debuchy, Ozil Arteta and Theo? But it looks like no one is realizing that, they are just obsessed with Wenger OUT!

  13. …And the just shall live by faith. It is not how far but how well we end it. I still believe Arsenal will surprise a lot of sports pundits this season by winning something great. May be champions league, or premiership i can’t say but all i know is that this year will be remarkable for ARSENAL. We can do it…

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