Why Arsenal should agree to Alexis Sanchez transfer bid?

Unfortunately for Arsenal fans it is looking ever more likely that we will have to go into next season without our star player Alexis Sanchez, as the Chilean has just one year left on his current contract and the failure of the Gunners to challenge for the Premier League title or even claim the usual Champions League spot appears to have made up the Chilean’s mind to move on.

This is going to be a difficult thing for Arsene Wenger and the club as players like Alexis do not come along very often and when they do, it is usually a battle of the very biggest clubs to sign them. At the same time I do not think there is much point in Arsenal trying to hang onto him for the last year of his contract, but we do still have some say in what happens.

In that respect I think Wenger and the board should be trying to ensure that the striker does not transfer to our EPL rivals Man City, as many Arsenal transfer rumours are suggesting will happen. A move away from England would be so much better for Arsenal so I think we have to move quickly and make a deal with Bayern Munich, especially if they are offering the player a big salary hike as a report in The Mirror claims.

Even if the German club are offering a transfer fee lower than we could get from Man City, do you agree that we should sell Alexis to Bayern Munich?



  1. Doesnt matter who he goes to .
    Do you think City wont buy someone just as good if they dont get him ?
    End of the day forget what other teams do we are Arsenal and we shouldnt care about others.

    1. 30 goals and 16 assists in one season
      who they gonna buy instead

      neymar?! lol

    2. We should sell him to the highest bidder. Maybe some of us have forgotten the past and think once again that we should believe the hype and that we can win the PL but that is naive.

      We are not competing with City or Chelsea we are not PL candidates. So selling him PL giant won’t impact us. Besides, why not ask for Aguero in exchange and some cash or Cost in exchange?

      1. That was meant to be or Costa (from Chelsea). We should use Sanchez to get a player in exchange if a big club wants him.

      2. “We are not competing with City or Chelsea we are not PL candidates”

        janssen so what are we then, a championship division level team? Never heard so much crap. We finished 3 points behind City and you’re saying we aren’t premier league candidates.Exagerrate much? Chelsea finished 10th in 2016, behind Stoke and they were still considered Premier league candidates and expected to challenge for the title this year. Arsenal missed out on 4th by a few points and now where not even premier league candidates.

        Selling to a premier league club will heavily effect us. The joke is the same people that say sell to the highest bidder are the same people that slated Arsenal for selling RVP to Manunited and helping them win the title and will be the same people criticising Wenger if he did as they recommended and sold Sanchez to City for the extra money. I’m not even a Wenger fan but he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

        As for us not competing with City or Chelsea, I’m pretty sure we finished above them in 2016, you know last year, so I don’t get why you put them on such a high pedal stool. AFC on their day can beat anybody in the premier league. With all the players going out of City this summer they will be playing with a new squad who will still have to adjust to the league. Key players for City and Chelsea will be leaving or have left already.

        When Tottenham and Liverpool brought in a lot of players in one go with their Bale and Suarez money it didn’t work out so well for them. Leicster won in 2016 and were no where near the same team this year, there is no guarantee Chelsea can replicate the same success next season either. Anything can go as there are too many factors(injuries,suspensions,poor form other player distractions), the league could just as easily be won by Liverpool,Tottenham,Manunited or Arsenal next season as opposed to the team’s you expect(Chelsea and Man City). Things aren’t so clear cut, if so Leicester would have at least made top 4.

        1. You’re so deluded mate lol

          When have we last won the league? Areenal football club know where they stand. As a fan yes I want more I’m a winner in every walk of life but AFC are just not up to that level. We are a cup winning team.

          Sanchez is going to City to win the title. I will give you a tenner if we win the league in the next 5 years dont stress yourself out man or women its football. Watch your health and dont stress and accept we are just below elite teams

        2. Your post is pretty long and full of hot air and here is why, we Never had a chance of resigning rvp because like Sanchez he was ambitious and as for Chelsea finshing 10th let’s face it they just wanted mourinho out and they kept all their best players and added quality one thing that wenger has forgotten how to do and as for Leicester city they are an anomaly and they weren’t realistically gonna defend their trophy. The guys is right we are not championship contenders and while we finished 3pts behind city we also finished 18 behind Chelsea

      3. I dont agree with all that u have said but you’re spot on that we are not rivals to Man City. Nor are we to Chelsea or Manchester City and scarely at the moment spurs.

        stop being deluded fans and pretending that we are actually a Top Prem team we are 4th at best. When you come to terms with that you wont stress the whole season! Lol

  2. What better way to signal your intention to challenge by selling your best – your ONLY good player.
    I don’t know – if Sanchez goes I simply cannot see Arsenal replacing this player and I certainly can never see us finishing in the top four again.
    If he goes we are sending the message to the top players that we are a selling club – no one would want to join a club that shows so little ambition.
    Trouble is I CAN see him leave Arsenal and I CAN see us failing to attract a suitable alternative.
    I would love Wenger to prove me wrong but his track record has been so poor recently..

    1. Can you imagine our last season without him? He won’t get the wages abroad, so I think if he won’t sign, we have to keep him, signal our intention by signing quality, hopefully get back into the CL, and he won’t want to leave. The contract renewal should’ve been addressed in the middle of last year. Negligence at best, incompetence at worst.

    2. “If Sanchez goes I simply cannot see Arsenal replacing this player and I certainly can never see us finishing in the top four again.”

      Funny, I remember when people were saying the same when RVP left.

      As for us not finishing in the top 4 again, that’s a bit extreme, considering teams have been relegated to the championship division and worked they way back up to the premier league, Westham and Newcastle come to mind.

      Have some faith in your team or support a team you can believe in.

      Arsenal constantly defy the odds. They consecutively finished in the top 4 after loosing Henry when people like you were saying back then that we wouldn’t finish in the top 4 anymore, the same said this when we lost Fabregas and again when we lost RVP. Last season was the acception to the rule and will be a one off. We started our first league game with Chambers and Holding in defence against Liverpool and let our best players have extended holidays because of the Euros. That won’t happen again.

  3. Irreplaceable player TBH … We need Sanchez AND more two attackers but it is typical Arsenal (Arsene to be accurate) …
    The 1st time I am not looking forward to next season with hope …

  4. Are Juve a selling club? did they not sell ther best player last year ? Do they care who any one else buys ?
    NO they dont so why should we.
    Is Alexis the best in the world? no so why cant we replace him belive me we will find someone who comes in and does the job maybe not as hyper but will make up in other ways so lets be positive and expect the best season in years to come cause its about time our luck changed.

        1. yeah mate nothing at all
          where as we are

          mans comparing juve’s squad to ours

          1. Except Juve bought a 30-goal striker with that selling money and Wenger will bring Yaya Sanogos brother, Nana Nogoal.

            1. Lol ?? talking of brothers, whoever signs Mbappe must also sign his younger brother who plays in the Monaco youth team, as well as moving his parents to that country. This could be a good opportunity for Wenger to sneak ahead of the chasing pack for this player.

              1. Not a bad idea !………………………………..

                I’m assuming you weren’t being sarcastic !

      1. “Juve and Arsenal in the same sentence?”

        His point is still valid. Juventus sold Pogba with a record price tag proving their players could be bought if the price was high enough. His point is very much valid.

        At this point Arsenal are no more a selling club than Juve are. Gone are the days of getting raped and pillaged. Southhampton are that team now.

        The joke is we are talking about Sanchez here who has never stayed at a club for more than 3 years or renewed a contract. Not being able to keep Sanchez does not make Arsenal a feeder club. He will move on after 3 years regardless if history is anything to go by.

    1. Can you remind me how we replaced RVP? Maybe if I remember I can join you in believing we will find a replacement just as productive.

  5. Let Alexis go.He is a good player. A very talented one.He was our top performer last season but to be honest he somehow distracted other players. He feels that he is too important and even bigger than Arsenal.Let him go.He doesn’t even compare to rvp.

    1. everythings ok with abit of giroud man

      COME ON!!

  6. Someone must have left a ‘TAP’ running at Man City, it’s leaked all the way to the Emirates. I don’t hear Wenger moaning about our players been tapped up either and why should he? when the clubs priorities are money and not trophies.
    It’s not about trying to keep hold of Sanchez anymore, the player’s actions clearly state that he isn’t staying for love nor money. what’s important now is to get the best possible deal from him. Arsenal need to spend big and pay big wages to attract the big players who will improve the team.
    Come on Wenger, pull your finger out and bring in the Top Top Tops that you keep banging on about, instead of more bargain flop flop flops.ffs!

    1. Wenger should ask for a straight swap involving 22 year old Raheem Sterling instead of accepting any money, At least we’ll get a decent young British player in the process, as well as covering for the outings of some of the core that’s rotten.

      1. Raheem Sterling is as headless chicken as Walcott, except Theo can actually score goals from time to time.

        1. He is 22 man ?? he won’t stay headless for long ?? and I’m sure that he can grow a better beard than Walcott.

  7. I would not sell Alexis even if they gave me 5 mbappes….. He is a player that come once in a lifetime… But if he go i wouldnt blame him.. The thing is that we are always short by the inch, we always need just a little bit.. Come on Arsene buy 2 world class players.. Make us great again..

  8. West Ham United and Serie A giants AC Milan are the joint favourites to land Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere, according to the latest bookmaker odds.

    ?? Sell him,already!.. With a Buy one injury prone & get two free offer!

  9. No man is irreplaceable, we sold great players like: Henry, Petit, Overmars, Viera, RvP, and Ashley Cole. Milk as much as possible from this deal. Sell Ozil, Ramsey, Perez, and Giroud.

    1. Yeah right, Wenger would rather lose an eye than sell Ramsey.?

  10. Let Sanchez go if hes not happy to stay. Sell Giroud….even if he doesnt. There are realistic options out there: Lacazette, Costa, Rodriguez…Changing a player can change the way we play…which we need to do. Adopting wing backs and a three man defence means we can play lot more direct and to a bigger imposing CF which Sanchez is not. Weve seen seasons of tip tap sideways football and with frustrating low success in relation to percentage of football. Lets have two rampaging backs powering the wings like Walker and Rose do for rhe spuds……Ozil might as well do one as well cos we need a direct approach going forward…It worked well for Chelsea, Spurs and Leicester last season…

  11. They want Sanchez,give em in exchange 4 Aguero or Jesus. This Sanchez issue has been dragged for too long. He is that perfect yet Barcelona let him go? Wenger had in d past made lots of mistake and he is ready and willing to right his wrongs. What happened to loyalty ? Manchester had same issue for since Alex left yet all players never wanted out. If he wants to leave, let him leave! His chapter on d pages of arsenal’s history has perhaps vome to an end.

  12. Arsenal did not get a place in the Champions League, they should let Alexis leave just because of that, Alexis was wamazing this season and the team failed him. Besides, Arsenal can get money for the transfer, so it is not that bad for Arsenal. Let Alexis leave.

  13. Yo! Mantak, how many downloads did you eventually get for your Wenger Out track? ?? was it more than Fam 119 or less than Blud 56?

    1. dont gas him fatboy , u know that song was dead
      i heard some trap wenger out song

      wenger in wenger out
      13 years is a trophy drought

  14. wheres the protest when you need them??

    we lost the title even before the season starts….

  15. Hi the barrel yes we sold Thore players you mentioned but we did not replace them with players of the same, even quality we went to the bargain basement and bought the rejects no other club wanted.

  16. Seems strange why they would risk even more protests because plain and simple there is No ONE else of sanchez quality available… why would Wenger sign a new deal? This has got to be the board demanding he is sold if he won’t sign so they don’t lose money? Why else would he be sold Wenger wouldn’t want the backlash of it, especially if we are now targeting a Russian midfielder?

  17. No player is irriplaceable. There is no need keeping a player who is not happy. I urge Arsenal to plan next season without him. He should be appreciative for been a regular here. What is his current state at Barcelona before moving to Arsenal? New challange might always be greener.

  18. Sell to Bayern even if it’s less money
    For Example if City offer £50 million and Bayern offers £40 million then sell to Bayern
    At least we won’t be strengthening our rivals like we did with United and RVP
    We literally helped them win the PL


    Sell to City if they give us Aguero or de Bruyne

  19. Let’s be realistic there is no replacement for Alexis so if we do go into the season with him on our roster then we should go all out for the title while finding another player to build around if (god forbid) he leaves on free next year

  20. If we win the pl next season with Sanchez in our squad, trust me he will sign 4 another 5 yrs. What we have 2 do is bring in proven players in key positions & enter next season believing & working hard 4 d title & we will get it & even more. God bless AFC.

  21. Gone are the days when players would play for the love of the club. Players these days either play for the money, the trophies or both. Alexis is no different and has realized he can’t get the trophies he wants at arsenal. So he’s now holding out for the money. Knowing arsenal, they would never offer sanchez the money he wants and they’ll never let him go for free next season. This means unless arsenal does the most unarsenal thing to do, which is offer him the money he wants and sign world class players, sanchez is going to leave for bayern or city. We also have to note that, apart from losing millions if he goes for free next season, there are other repercussions that will surface if we force him to stay eg creating a poisonous atmosphere in the locker room which will distablize the teams unity.
    If I were wenger, I would take out about 90k from what I’m offering ozil and add to what I’m offering sanchez knowing no clubs are keen on signing him. If he’s not happy with it, I will be more than happy to let him go for free next season. He hasn’t lived up to his price tag anyway so it’s 40 million already lost a long time back.

    1. I think he’s lived up to and exceeded his expectations tbh, it’s the manager who hasn’t lived up to his 8mil per season price tag. A player can win all the trophies they want but it’s upto the manager to put them in the best possible position to do so and wenger and the club has failed miserably.

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