Why Arsenal SHOULD appeal Xhaka red card

Some Arsenal fans and football watchers did not have much sympathy for the Switzerland international star Granit Xhaka after he was shown his marching orders at the weekend by referee John Moss for a late and cynical tackle on the Swansea City player Modou Barrow.

I can understand this attitude to some extent because it was a blatant foul and Xhaka knew that he had no chance of getting the ball. Arsene Wenger clearly understood this as well because he said in his comments after the match reported by Metro that the Gunners would take it on the chin and would not be appealing to the authorities about the decision.

Well perhaps the Frenchman should take another look at the tackle and consider changing his mind about that appeal. For one thing the straight red means that Xhaka will have to sit out the next three domestic games and even though we should still have no problem winning against Middlesborough, Reading and Sunderland, we do not want to weaken the squad if at all possible.

In fact those games are the sort when you would want the more adventurous Xhaka to start over Coquelin but that is not the opnly reason for appealing. Squawka.com reports that the former EPL ref Mark Halsey thinks Wenger should appeal as the card should have been yellow instead iof red according to the rules.

Halsey said, “I thought it was a reckless challenge by Granit Xhaka on Mo Barrow but one that should have received a caution.

“Law 12 states the challenge that endangers a player’s safety with excessive force or brutality is serious foul play – and this tackle did not meet the criteria for a red card.

“I would not be surprised if Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has another look at this incident and the Gunners decide to launch an appeal against the three-match ban.”

So should Arsenal think again and launch an appeal to get our summer signing’s potentially damaging three match ban overturned?


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  1. crazygooner says:

    If we don’t appeal,how many matches will he miss?

  2. Budd says:

    If we appeal then we risk FA to actually increase the ban (I think it is a 3 game ban for a direct red). Same thing happened at LIVMNU earlier but there the referee didn’t even show a card. Our problem is the bad luck we have being refereed by most incompetent refs in the whole island: Moss and Dean. I wonder if we can actually put a stop on this somehow but I doubt it.
    Anyway, if there are three games Xhaka can actually miss are the next three. Fourth will be against the scums and we need full squad to chose from. besides, plenty of game time for him as we play UCL in between. On the other hand, if we don’t appeal then refs will do this all the time against Arsenal. Tough call on the club although to be honest, I wouldn’t give a darn and appeal it anyway. You can’t change the rules of the game during the play.

  3. mohawk says:

    This was what I call a “reputation red.” Xhaka is known for red cards so the ref dutifully obliged.

    I don’t think the appeal will matter either way. They likely won’t rescind it and they won’t tack on more penalties because it was not really a red card.

  4. Darwin says:

    Maybe the Boss feels, its better to take away some attention away from Xhaka, given he still needs to fully adapt to PL. He will play in CL/Cup games, so there is scope for rotation and rest for players.

  5. Tidan2 says:

    There is no way they will take away the ban.

    It’s simple, if you intentionally tackle a player without going for the ball then it is dangerous play.

    Even if you can convince yourself it wasn’t that dangerous there is also that fact that the tackle anywhere else on the pitch would have been a yellow on its own, but it was also cynical in nature so it’s pretty much two separate yellow incidents mashed into one.

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