Why Arsenal should be favourites to beat Liverpool on Saturday

Last season, which ended with Liverpool as runaway Champions of the Premier League, Jurgen Klopp’s team were practically unbeatable and destroyed every opponent with ease.

But by the time they came to the Emirates to play Arsenal, Mikel Arteta out-tacticked Klopp and secured a 2-1 home win against all the odds, and just six weeks later we faced them again in the Community Shield and beat them on penalties..

Obviously if the game was being played at Anfield this would be a completely different story, but it isn’t, so accoding to history and the stats Arsenal should always be favourites when playing the Reds in London..

So, with Liverpool being favourites at around 5/4 to win Saturday’s game, I need to explain why I think that the Gunners are an excellent bet at 2/1 or even better. Obviously during lockdown I am not going to go to the bookies on the high street, so I always look for bookmakers using euteller or other similar payment options so I can place my bet online.

So, onto my reasons why I think that Arsenal are a brilliant bet this weekend. What if I told you that in Liverpool’s last 20 trips to Arsenal they have won just two times? Also, ten years ago, in 2011, the Reds beat Arsenal 2-0 but since then they have only beaten the Gunners once at the Emirates, and that was a crazy 3-4 game back in 2016.

It’s fair to say that coming to the Arsenal is rarely a happy event for the Liverpool players and fans. If the game was played at Anfield I would be suggesting to definitely bet AGAINST Arsenal, who haven’t won there since 2012. Can you see a pattern developing here?

Although history can have a big effect on the outcome of a game, we also have to consider current form of course.

Arsenal have lost just one of their last 7 home League games (and that was 0-1 against the Champions elect Man City), so you can safely say they are in a good streak at the Emirates at the moment, whereas Liverpool have lost 6 out of their last 8 in the League, with their only wins coming against Sheffield United and Leeds.

So, yet again, I am a complete loss to understand why the bookies make Klopp’s team the favourites in this match?

If you add to that, that having blown their chances of retaining the League title, Jurgen Klopp will be concentrating fully on having his very best team fit to face Real Madrid in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Klopp is well aware that the UCL is his very last chance of glory this season and will have his full focus on going to Spain and will want to keep his best players fresh for that.

Can anyone argue against my logic that Arsenal should be the favourites on Saturday?


  1. gotanidea says:

    “Klopp is well aware that the UCL is his very last chance of glory this season and will have his full focus on going to Spain and will want to keep his best players fresh for that”

    Arteta would likely think similarly about EL, so Arsenal shouldn’t be the favorites

  2. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    picking favourites without fans is even moreso about player availability/selection and tactics…so until that information is forthcoming the team higher on the table should be considered slight favourites…I would suspect that Arteta will rest some players, with the EL in mind, so a tie might be in the offing…it will be interesting to see who’s carrying injuries on both teams and if those are serious enough to scratch them outright or if all or some will be available as later game subs…I can only hope Marts will get some significant minutes finally

  3. Mogunna says:

    They will play best team to win game, set positive mode for CL.

    Think they will be pumped up, extra motivated.

    Eager to get back at us after poor recent confrontations.

    They will be on killer mode.

    Past 2 seasons where hectic for them, hard to recover or keep up

    As Real, back to back years; must start slow and build up.

    Real is looking that way; build up, in a precise timing. Not good to play now..

  4. ken1945 says:

    Some interesting facts there Pat, there’s everyone thinking we had a terrible record against every top four club for decades!!!

    I think that both teams are in the same situation, both with important games mid week and PL status…. the only advantage we have is the injury situation.
    Should be a win for us.

  5. Kev82 says:

    Yes our record against them at the emirates is good so I expect us to continue that tomorrow! I remember our record at Highbury in the 90s was poor against them, some really frustrating games that Robbie fowler penalty that should have never been giving and McAteer scoring the rebound and also that Steve McManaman rocket, I think I flipped a lid that day 😂

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Liverpool in the 1990’s were no mugs.

  6. S.J says:

    I believe they will not beat us at the Emirates. I am having a feeling it will be a score draw.

  7. Victor 14 says:

    I heard that david luiz and xhaka are out from the match

  8. Innit says:

    I think we will lose. I don’t see us winning most of our remaining matches in PL
    I’m putting all our hopes for some kind of happiness or positiveness on EL

  9. jon fox says:

    AS SOMEONE WHO KNOWS A GREAT DEAL ABOUT BETTING AD PAT, I can tell you that history has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on games played this season.

    The reason we have lost a great deal at Anfield is simply because LIVERPOOL HAVE USUALLY HAD A BETTER TEAM WHEN WE PLAYED and the crowd greatly helped them too.

    Past seasons results are a complete irrelevance to any game of today. How I wish this obvious fact could reach the brains of usually intelligent folk who constantly use this red herring as a false reason for predictions.

    1. Wyoming says:

      Both managers will be desperately seeking underdog status and will be full
      of praise for the ‘great’ opposing manager and his team of ‘world class ‘ players especially their phalanx of super human strikers who are all in ‘incredible form’.
      Of course their own team is struggling with injuries and form and must take all their chances to have any chance at all against the world’s best team.
      Both managers will slyly refer to all the unlucky decisions which have gone against them this season by match officials and VAR to extract every last drop of advantage leading into this huge match 😊

  10. ken1945 says:

    So I assume Jon, that our splendid record at home, is down to us having a better team and our crowd getting behind our team?

    Kev82, I’m still getting over that final at Cardiff, where we played them off the park, until Owen got two late goals – I sat in my seat for ages, just trying to work out how that happened.
    We should have won by two or three goals.

    1. Kev82 says:

      I know Ken that still bothers me to this very day, we absolutely dominated that game and Henchoz handles on the line.. stone wall penalty and he should have been sent off.. that goal from Ljungberg was worthy of winning that final, I was devastated after that game.

  11. S.J says:

    I wonder the team that will turn up tomorrow. Arteta’s favorite players, Xhaka and Luiz are a doubt for the game with illness and knee damage respectively.

    Ceballos, Holding, and Mari might take their places in the first 11.

  12. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I think it won’t be only David Luiz and Xhaka who will be out of the match. But Saka and ESR could as well be out of the match too on the Arsenal side. That means 4 regularly playing Arsenal Premier League game starters could potentially be out of the match tomorrow. If the injury reports that I’ve read on arsenal.com remains unchanged but later change for the better to at least see ESR giving a game time to play in the match.

    i wouldn’t want Arteta and the Gunners 20 for the match who he will select for it rest on their owes to think Liverpool could rest some of their best players in this match for their Real Madrid UCL match next Wednesday night.

    This could turnout to be a false thinking by Arsenal who also have an important ELC match to play at home against Slavia Prague next Thursday night to think about. But will Arsenal prioritize resting any of their available to play top Gunners in the Liverpool match for Slavia Prague? I don’t think it will a wise decision taken if Arteta does that. The same thing I think applies to Jurgen Klopp who I don’t think will rest any of his top players fit to play in this match for Real Madrid. Would he? Doubtful.

    So, therefore the Gunners will do better to prepared themselves full well for a royal battle match against the Reds at the Ems tomorrow Saturday in the PL. A match which Arsenal have to win and must win it.

    My predicted 442 playing formation style Arsenal’s 11 starters and their on the bench 9 Gunners for the match to win it are as follows below. But if Arteta will agree with me

    Chambers Mari Maglhaes Tierney.
    Willian Partey Elneny Odegaard.
    Lacazette Aubameyang.

    Bench: the 2nd choice goalkeeper to Leno. Bellerin Holding Soares Cebbalos ESR Nketiah Balogun? And 1 other Arteta will name.

    My predicted final score-line in the match is: Arsenal 3 Liverpool 0.

  13. Nick says:

    I admire your confidence, and I hope you are right. However, I really cannot see that myself. Last season was completely different, we won 2-1 against a Liverpool side that were celebrating their first league title for donkey’s years, and as a result, they weren’t that interested in the match as they didn’t have much to play for.

    This time around, they need all the points they can get for a place in the top 4 (which is not a trophy, by the way!). They will be up for it, and I can’t really see us getting a result against an interested Liverpool.

    For anyone who doubts this analysis, I present the 1997-98 season, where we went 18 games without lost since the defeat against Blackburn in mid December. This 18 match run contains a 10 match win sequence which includes the famous 1-0 away win at Old Trafford, to overturn a 12 point deficit to win the title. Once the job was done at home against Everton, we then proceeded to lose the next two matches. 4-0 away to Liverpool and 1-0 away to Villa.

    That said, I hope I am wrong, and we come away with all 3 points.

  14. McVivien says:

    Resting players never won the current and the coming game. Those fit let them play and give their best. As an Arsenal fun every game matters and should be treated as a final. We should not fall into a trap of thinking that Jugen will rest his best fit players

  15. JW says:

    Great Article – It is about time we had some comedy on this website!

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