Why Arsenal SHOULD buy this Premier League Hitman!

Why Arsenal Should Move For This Proven Premier League Striker! AT

With just about a month to go in the current Premier League season, there is already talk about who Arsene Wenger should be bringing in to the Emirates when the transfer window opens in the summer. Considering that Arsenal still lack a prolific goalscorer, the Gunners are being linked to quite a few across Europe, including Palermo’s Paulo Dybala and Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuain. However, I believe that the striker that Arsenal should really be looking at is the Aston Villa hitman Christian Benteke, especially now that Villa have conceded that they will let him go if their valuation of the player is met.

As reported earlier on JustArsenal, the Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood was quoted as saying: “If a player doesn’t want to play for the club any more and the club he wants to go to meets the valuation, it’s best to let them go. It will be just a market value – what’s out there. I don’t want to talk about selling Christian when I’ve got no intention of doing that. So it would have to be a lot of money for someone to get him off us.”

It is easy to understand Sherwood’s stance on the issue, while he will be reluctant to let his star striker move to another club, he is well aware of the fact that Benteke really should be playing for a bigger team and should a big-money offer come in, the former Spurs boss will certainly not stand in the way of the deal, so I believe that Arsenal can get him if Wenger is indeed interested. The Belgian international has a very impressive goals-to-game ratio and he is already a hit in English football.

In addition, just like Giroud, Benteke is also very adept at holding the ball up using his big frame, so Arsenal really don’t need to tweek the system if he’s playing up front. With great pace and power to go with aerial prowess and lethal finishing, I really think Christian Benteke will be the perfect addition to the Gunners squad. With the quality of midfield creativity that Arsenal have, I have no doubt that the 24-year-old will have a far better goal return as well. Here’s hoping that Le Prof moves swiftly to sign him!


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  1. @admin why is my comment awaiting moderation.@admin why is my comment awaiting moderation.

    1. If we buy Benteke, we might as well give up on playing beautiful football again. We’ve all loved our recent run of form, but I’m sure 95% of Arsenal fans miss the magical football we used to play. It’s working but it all seems to be a bit huff and puff. Giroud is a great player, and I love his style but we need another top class striker, and if we are going to sign someone, it has to be someone who can play decently with their back to goal, hold the ball up and let our Mesuts and Santis get to the ball, play intricate football, and finish well, not just a powerhouse who feeds of through balls and crosses. Wenger seems to be doing great in the transfer market lately, so I’ll leave him to choose the striker for us but it is not Benteke.

      1. Way off topic, but I don’t see why Jenks should be sold this summer. Jenks has been solid at the back and decent going forward the 10 times I’ve watched West Ham this season. Debuchy is already 30 and when he is no longer high quality and fans are complaining after every appearance in about 2 years, do we go out and buy another right back?

        Jenks should be loaned out again next season, preferably to an attacking team with similar style, like Southampton if Clyne leaves or Swansea as Rangel is getting on a bit. After a year we will reassess it after considering Debuchy’s performances. With Bellerin and Jenks we don’t need to buy any right-back for almost a decade.

      2. I do find these kind of posts amusing. “We don’t need this guy, we don’t want that sort, we want to play this way”…..go on son, dying to know the player you’re after, or are you just the sort who sits shaking his head and never offers up a solution?

        1. I’m not the type who just sits there complaining about every decision and finds reasons to discard everyone’s opinion. All I’ve said this entire time is that I don’t think Benteke is the player for us. I’ve watched him a lot ever since he came to the Premier League so I know what I’m talking about.

          My solution is to buy Lacazette, who i know very well. Everyone is going on about Dybala but all I’ve seen are youtube clips and a few of his best matches so I’m not one to judge. Even the Higuain you are always on about is a much better option than Benteke.

          The truth is Benteke is average on the ground. I would take him any if it was as a replacement for Welbeck but now we need someone who is better than Giroud. Do you seriously think we can compete with Real Madrid and Barcawith a strike force of Giroud, Benteke and Welbeck. C’mon seriously?

          I’m not disrespecting Benteke, in fact he was my favourite player in the league his first season here and still is one of my favourites, but is not what we need right now.

          1. I think there’s your issue right there, you’re trying to go from not featuring in the league title to challenging Real and Barca. Make no mistake that’s where I want Arsenal to reach, but we need to walk before we run – let’s get a team that can dominate England before we talk European stages.

            I like Lacazette, but I know Benteke is a bag of potential and proven in this league….not my first choice as you’ve noted I like Higuain in terms of ST’s, but I don’t appreciate the raw deal a player like Benteke gets as if he’s somehow beneath us. He’s not woeful with the ball at his feet like you and others have suggested, he’s not Giroud level in link-up play yet but he has pace, strength, intelligence, and finishing ability in spades. The guy would flourish in our team and I think players of that ilk need a little more respect from fans who have this snobbish attitude.

            1. Giroud knows how to play hold up, and he is very good at that. What is the point of buying someone who fits into Plan A when we have already a complete squad for it? We need a Plan B striker, who can complement our beautiful game again.

  2. Buy Schneiderlin,Depay and Pedro.Sell or don’t offer contract: Wilshere,Arteta,Rosicky,Diaby,Campbell,Sanogo,Ryo and Flamini.Squad will be relieved of deadwoods and will be brimming with quality.

    1. Ok,but lett a complete comment man,if you sell all the central midfielders,who you buy to replace them?Wilshere is still a full of potential young player,we need them if not in the first 11,as backup player.And remain Coquelin for CM/DM,that is all for you?Or you want to see again Ozil/Cazorla as CM and the team doesn’t play anything?

    1. 2 years ago every gunner wanted him when he was linked with dortmund. At 24 i think benteke could be a steal.

  3. Just sign two players of top quality that is reus for WING or CF and kondogbia/wanyama/schneiderlin for DM.. If possible then go for lacazette/higuain/ jackson martinez as well for striker then we are ready to go for next season m really excited for next season if we add these 2 or 3 quality players and sell 5 6 deadwoods then we are serious title contenders no doubt about that.. Imagine this line up for next season:
    ospina bellerin koscienly gabriel monreal coquelin cazorla alexis ozil reus lacazette/higuain/ giroud
    backups: sir shesny debuchy per chambers gibbs kondogbia/wanyama/ schneiderlin ramsey walcott wilshere ox welbeck… this is a top quality side with quality starting eleven and bench.. COYG!!!.. R U AGREE GUYS???

  4. If we consider that Benteke is as prolific as Giroud does, then I doubt about Benteke’s link up ability to open and create chances to other Arsenal players. That’s another Giroud strong point this season.
    My opinion, we should buy different type of striker to make different approach on specified games.

  5. Lacazette please.

    With Poldolski, Campbell and Sanogo being sold.

    Diaby, Flamini and Arteta out.

    Kondogbia / Schneiderlin in

    Although we letting many go, we still adding depth as the ones going are on loan or always injured anyway.

    1. Podolski contract till 2016
      Campbell 2016
      Sanogo 2017
      Rosicky 2016
      Ryo 2016
      Might be harder to get rid of the deadwood than you think 🙁
      Only Diaby and Flamini are out of contract this summer.

      1. Rosicky and ryo are both out of contract in June, sanogo is 2016. Flamini has a year, but arteta and diaby are both out of contract too.

  6. Chelsea only have
    one real striker, Costa
    and two average back
    ups Remy and old Drogba and they still win the league.
    Asenal has Giroud Wellbeck Sanchez Ramsey Wallcot
    Chamberlain Akpom Gnabry + Campbell.
    9 goal scorers. So no we do not need another striker.
    Ozil in ’13 Sanchez in ’14 . Who will be the marquee signing in “15?

    1. Remy average? Pull the other one mate….he’d get 20+ goals leading the line in a decent prem league team. Absolute fail by Brenda to pass him up at Liverpool.

  7. Yeah let’s buy someone not as good as Giroud. We will definitely win trophies that way…….

  8. Toral may get his chance to showcase his talent next season,i’ve been following him and im happy with his performances

  9. There are no world class strikers out there that we could buy. Giroud isn’t good enough to carry us to a title, but he’s good enough to be a title-winning striker. A striker isn’t the only option to improve your attack.


    I posted this attack/midfield yesterday, but it’s worth making the point again. Is there a better attack than that in the league? I don’t think there is. Buying someone like Reus could have just as big an impact, if not more of an impact, than buying a striker.

    But really, are we that far away?

    We’ve scored 5 less goals than Chelsea in on less game, despite having Giroud injured for 3 months and having to be carried by Alexis. Worth noting Özil being injured too, at the same time. That was a hinderance of our attacking play too. Who have Chelsea had injured? Costa has had a few injuries, but has missed no where near as much as Giroud. They’ve had no equivalent of Özil being injured either.

    We’ve also conceded 5 more goals than Chelsea. This actually impressed me. Playing Monreal, Debuchy and Chambers as CB with Mertesacker for months, having pretty much zero cover with Flamini as DM, yet only conceding 5 less? Decent. Shows how few we’ve conceded lately with Coquelin and Kosc back. Plus keep in mind Chelsea play a lot more defensively than us. Meanwhile, again, zero defensive injuries for Chelsea.

  10. Rosicky till 2016 before he leaves Arsenal? And he was crying foul looking for an extention to his contract haven played his best football for Arsenal. A discussion on another addition of a top striker signing by the boss to his strikers force may be difficult than we first thought. Because so many names have since been mentioned and are being mentioned for Arsenal to buy. But which amongst the mentioned names will Arsenal possibly buy. I had mentioned striker names too, like Lacazette, Harry Kane and Charlie Austin for Arsenal to buy one out of them. So let!s wait to see which striker the boss will finally signed up in the summer. Of course the boss will not sell Jenko to any team. He will keep him at Arsenal for option and depth.

  11. Benteke is quality, anyone who says otherwise is being a snob because he plays for Villa. I bet Giroud wasn’t half as good as him at 24 so it might pay to be a little more open-minded than clamoring for the Lacazette/Dybala types.

    Still want to see us buy Schneiderlin and Sterling, if we buy a proper ST I think that says to Welbz that he’s a winger – and I’m not sure that’s going to be the case.

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