Why Arsenal should consider selling Lacazette instead of Aubameyang in the next transfer window

Arsenal is prepared for a long summer that should involve a lot of activity in the transfer market.

Players are expected to be bought and sold by the Gunners when the window opens but one player the club doesn’t want to lose is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon star has been Arsenal’s most important player in the last two seasons and his current deal expires after this season.

It is understandable that Arsenal is desperate to keep Aubameyang and I think that they should do that at all cost including selling Alexandre Lacazette.

Lacazette has been a fine player for Arsenal but the Frenchman has never really had a spectacular season as an Arsenal player.

I believe that he should be the attacker that Arsenal sell, here are my reasons:

I think that Aubameyang deserves what he is demanding from Arsenal and if they can get Lacazette off their payroll they would be able to pay Aubameyang the £300k per week that he is demanding.

I also believe that Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah will become better players next season and they can support Aubameyang in terms of scoring the goals.

Lastly, I think that Lacazette is too unreliable for us to trust to score the goals that we need.

Put all that together and it is a no brainer that Aubameyang should be kept and if necessary, Lacazette sold to raise the money to pay Auba.


  1. I would definately sell Lacazette regardless if Auba goes. I don’t believe he suits Arteta style of play and we could get similar output from Nketiah and Martinelli. If both Auba and Laca leave we could get approx $90m to spend on both attack and midfield.

    DM: Zakaria – $30m
    CM: Szoboslai – $25m
    CAM – Korku – $20m
    ST: Oduard – $40m

  2. Our priority next season needs to be giving as much game time to Saka and Martinelli. These are generational talents and we need then starting. Laca gets in the way of that

  3. Martinelli, Nketiah and Saka are definitely players for the future but shouldn’t be starters yet. They need more matches and experience. We need better players until they’ve had a couple of more years under their belts

    Maybe the exception is Martinelli. He can start in midfield as a winger opposite Pepe but Nketiah and Saka are FAR from good enough to start

    1. Saka had play time e to show he is ready to start and bench anyone in this team as LW, did it even played as LB.

      1) he is the only real LW, Martineli is not but can’t play there, not as Saka though.

      Therefore to put Martineli ahead is completely retarded, even he won’t agree as much Saka is great on that wing.

      I won’t compare toAuba, he is not a LW, but CF, and Saka is best winger we have in team today, rather he play in back of that wing, atats confirm….

      Now, can Arteta play him and bench Auba if he wants to keep Laca in center? Or bench laca and everyone to keep Auba as CF with Saka as LW?

      Let’s see, Tierny is back. He played Saka over Kolas for his input in attack, making him work twice more playing winger and leftback at same time.

      Unless we want to makes aka a LB, this makes no sense and he would have to get as good in defending which he is not trained as…

      Like making Mane a LB because he can run back! Bayern or Reds, Barca, real will then sign him to play as a winger.

      1. Both should stay if we can sign Koulibaly and a beast as DM, or they best go elsewhere to win titles. We can devellop with youth as during Wenger until he was trying to rebuild for title when trying to bring Suarez but Kante. He had it but Kroenke ruined it!

        Wenger buildpt without money, with youngsters and started to bring seniors after stadium paid for as promised, but got jerked as he was for a decade keeping legacy and fans going!

        Kroenke ruined Arsenal by using up Wenger til he could!

  4. He is been used as Niles who did not give as much in attack, he is no winger! Bayern or a top club will get him and he will blow as a great midfield he is.

  5. Either Lacazette nor Auba need not be sold. Instead you should consider selling Xhaka and Ozil

  6. No I don’t think any player should be kept at all cost aside Messi and Ronaldo. If Aubameyang doesn’t want to accept the offer before him he should be sold and never to run down his contract. We on daily basis debate here the outcome of keeping player at all cost in Ozil. And before anyone argue that it will be different him, did anyone see lost of form in Sanchez coming.

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