Why Arsenal should consider turning Bukayo Saka into a full back permanently

Bukayo Saka has made a strong case to be converted into a full back full time.

Arsenal has been blessed with having Bukayo Saka in their team this season and the youngster continues to show his worth.

He has played well on the left-wing as a winger and has continued to impress as a left-back for Arsenal this season.

The youngster has played more as a left-back than as a left-winger thanks to the series of injuries that our left-backs have suffered this season.

Saka is developing into an exciting attacking left-back and I think he can make a career for himself in that position.

He has said that he prefers to play as an attacking player but expressed his willingness to play wherever the team wants him.

Saka can become Arsenal’s Trent Alexander-Arnold. The Liverpool youngster was a midfielder as a youth team player at Liverpool and has become one of the world’s best full-backs because of his ability to make an assist.

I know that Trent Alexander-Arnold is a right-back but it is the principle I am talking about here, a young full-back that is basically a winger as well, a fully-fledged wing-back.

Just like Trent, Saka is not the best defender at Arsenal, but his ability to make a contribution to attack makes him a valuable asset.

I understand why Saka would want to play further forward, but I also believe that he can become Arsenal’s creative force as a left-back and Mikel Arteta should consider helping him develop his career in that area.


  1. off topic: I think we should first be worried of retaining his service in any capacity at the club. On Topic: He can do great things as a full back even better than Arnold, but i still think he will be even more devastating to the opponents as a winger.

  2. Seriously!!! The limits of that strategy were clearly exposed yday … he’s way to fragile for that … Too easily pushed around for defensive position … great crosser of ball and willing to take on opponents … play to his strengths … we need proper full backs on both sides so tierney and Cedric had better start playing soon along with Marin in hope we can begin to build a proper defensive unit coz what we have now is shambolic

  3. As a defender Saka is almost as bad as Bellerin.
    Why try to shoehorn him into a position he’s clearly stated he does not want?
    Do we really want to force him to sign for another club, one that will be more than happy to play him to his strengths?

  4. This subject is becoming tedious.We have spent 25m on a fine young left back who has been unfortunate with injuries but who will go on to prove what an excellent player he is.Saka will never be make a first class full back but he could well be a terrific left winger.We have far more pressing issues to address, namely the entire spine of the team.

  5. You must be joking. he is a complete liability at the baclk. Watch the second half V Everton. he makes too many mistakes every games.

  6. I was surprised how good Saka’s defending was last night, he made some good interceptions and tackles. It was noticeable though when we got possession in defence he was hugging the left touchline high up the pitch but the likes of Ceballos, Xhaka and others ignored him. Our most proactive defender was Mustafi, at least he was hitting passes forward to Saka, Bellerin and Pepé. Bellerin has noticeably lost his pace and Pepe’s first touch at times was pathetic and being so one footed, why is he playing on the right and not on the left? But, as @Grandad says above, as well as a Saka is doing, he is a left winger and we have a proper left back in Tierney to return soon.

  7. I swear i dont know how this guy ( Luiz) keeps getting big club contracts. He has beautiful hair i know but my god. Just read that somewhere. someone explain to me really why?

  8. saka is arsenal best winger and he can play in any position the club need him to play

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