Why Arsenal should consider using Alexandre Lacazette to sign Timo Werner

Arsenal could possess a fresh exciting forward line next season if they are bold and have the right vision.

Arsenal will be expected to make several signings when the next transfer window comes around and there is every chance the club could spring a surprise.

If Arsenal’s defence continues as it has recently there may not be as many changes as what was expected just a few weeks ago.

I am of the opinion that other positions need to be refreshed if Arsenal is to do better next season than they have this campaign.

One position I believe that needs an overhaul is the attack, and I propose that Arsenal should look to bring in Timo Werner of RB Leipzig.

The German will be highly coveted in the summer and there is no reason why Arsenal cannot be in the hunt to sign the 23-year-old.

He would be an expensive acquisition for sure but I think Arsenal can get him with a player-plus-cash deal. The player Arsenal can use to make this deal happen would be Alexandre Lacazette.

The Frenchman did score on Sunday afternoon, however, he has clearly gone backwards this season but he does retain a decent transfer valuation.

For his part, Werner has already scored 20 times in the Bundesliga and on current form he will continue to find the back of the net.

Arsenal cannot continue to rely on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and it is looking increasingly likely that he will also be sold in the summer.

That means that the Gunners will need to bring in at least one high quality forward and Werner looks like an ideal replacement.

Losing both Aubameyang and Lacazette need not have such an impact if a player of Werner’s calibre is brought in and with Nicolas Pepe, Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah, Arsenal would have a fresh young attack to build the team around as the old guard moves on.

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  1. Its upto MA but tbh i dont rate timo werner.He is a top player but we need someone taller and with a strong physique to support MA system.

    And i am very happy for the team,specially lacazette and i hope he continues scoring now.

    Is is true that the man city ban is upheld??

    1. You don’t want Werner because he’s not tall and strong but are happy with Lacazette who is shorter and pretty much the same frame as Werner?

      And who is is this tall and strong ST currently supporting Arteta’s system in our team? Don’t say Auba!

      1. Ya because we have players who has werners skillset and strengths.What we need is a physical striker who can do the dirty work.Laca is capable of it but sometimes his height lets him down.

        MA’s system attacks are mostly laid from the flanks so having a taller striker will help the wingers and when linking up play we need a good striker who can hold the ball,a striker who knows how to use his body to link up plays.Laca’s height is the only issue i see but he is way better for MA system than werner(like aguero for man city).And if the issue is pace then we can use the likes of martinelli/nketiah/auba as the main striker to make those line breaking runs.

        So werner is a no for me.He is a good player with loads of potential though but i think we have other areas to strengthen.


  2. This is not a good proposal, EPL is different from Bundesliga. So, no sane club will do a player plus cash in this situation. Personally, l say a capital NO

  3. Man if even MA convinces Werner why would lacazette join rb Leipzig and I think Werner is destined for Bayern or less likely Liverpool we should sign someone like odsonne Édouard or Kevin volland who will suit MA system and can be easily be signed for 40 M

  4. No no no. Lacazette is proven goal scorer in the epl. He is only having a bad patch like all players do. Timo Werner is not better, and not epl proven.

    1. This would be a fantastic swap.

      Why would Werner come here? Only if the big boys can’t afford him to be 1st choice. Can he replace Firmino? Doubt it. Lewandowski? I don’t think so. Griezmann or Suarez?

      If not, then we have a chance signing him. Sending Laca that way would definitely sweeten the deal.

      And in case you didn’t know, Werner has scored 86 goals and assisted another 37. So that’s directly involved in 123 goals in 145 appearances. And he’s still 23! Bundesliga is also little tougher than Ligue 1 so he wouldn’t take that long to adapt.

    2. What is His highest season goal tally
      The only person proven a goal scorer is auba
      Thou lacazette is a good player

  5. Its good to have but I do not think we can get this deal done as several clubs will be chasing him.
    But not a bad idea . However the best thing for us would be to tie Auba to a new contract

  6. I dont think the deal will work. First and foremost Werner should come to Arsenal, he will have bigger clubs chasing him and his current club is better placed than Arsenal in terms of European football. Secondly why should Laca leave? He is used to the PL and has just scored and definitely it will shoot his confidence upwards. He not only scored the 4th goal but also assisted Ozil for the 3rd goal. Every striker has his bad phases(Louis Soares for Barcelona, Benzima for Madrid had their own bad phases). Laca is still a top quality striker and has a tremendous work rate. I dont think MA and Arsenal FC should let him go and also tie down Auba to a new contract. If we make it to the CL( via the EUL or the top 5) certainly Auba will stay put.

  7. I believe during this rebuilding process we would want to rebuild with young and gifted players and timo Werner fits the bill of another striker to replace both Lacazette and auba.., if we really go for him a full pre season might be enough to get him ready for our style of play plus there no loss in getting him.,, only 23yrs old., gonna be a superstar and auba is not getting any younger so why should we give him another contract My opinion is that we sell him in the summer invest in Timo for the sake and future of our club.., bigger picture is needed

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