Why Arsenal Should Cut Their Losses and sell Walcott!

As Arsenal failed to finish in the top-four for the first time in over twenty years, there are a lot of factors which are believed to be responsible for the club’s failures this season. Apart from the uncertainty in terms of management and the futures of key players, perhaps the biggest factor in this regard is that a quite a few players have failed to show up this season, and none more so than Theo Walcott!

Playing in his tenth season for the club, the Englishman has once again failed to live up to the vast potential he showed since moving from Southampton as a 16-year-old. Problems with fitness and consistency have plagued the winger throughout his time in North London and I believe that the club should finally cut their losses on a player that has failed to prove himself despite being afforded numerous opportunities to do so.

Apart from his lack of consistency and his inability to stay fit for an extended period of time, I believe the new formation is the last straw when it comes to Theo’s future in an Arsenal shirt. Despite a couple of decent performances, it is now certain that the England international is not capable of leading the line, nor is he capable of playing at wing-back, which is well illustrated by the fact that Nacho Monreal, Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Hector Bellerin and Alex Iwobi are all ahead of him in the pecking order for the wide positions.

Needless to mention, getting rid of the lacklustre winger will free up upto £110k from the Gunners wage bill, money which can be used to tie down the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez to new deals. But with that being said, I really hope the money from any potential sale will be used to bring in new talent who can contribute more significantly for the Arsenal cause. The Gunners could really use some reinforcements, especially in the form of a striker and a centre-back.



  1. bran99 says:

    very good idea, but knowing Wenger you could find ourselves witnessing new improved contract for Walcott.

    the kid who caused a red card for Koscielny against Everton was really strong and pacey, liked his style of play, he caused so much unrest in our defense line.. wish we could go for him and let Walcott take off to wherever he likes

    1. sunny says:

      Basically with Wenger and Arsenal nothing to be expected more , any other team would have convinced Sanchez and Ozil to stay, pay them higher, and sell people like Walcott,
      Even with attitude problem you must keep players like Snachez. Ozil is frustrated because hi can not pass to some one who can not run fast and finish his pass, Sanceh is frustrated because of other team members.
      United also not winning but they managed to keep players like De Gea who was hevily linked with Madrid, I do not see an reason other than the ambition of the club as as reson for the downfall, do u think u can win with owner like Korenki
      Look at the owners of Leiscter , westham spurs, all want to win

    2. Taxi4Wenger says:

      If ozils offered 275k as per news,

      Can you imagine walnut would also ask raise from his 140k to maybe 200k for equality?

      Only at arsene fc and his followers.

  2. Atid says:


    With 36 players at the club born 1995 or before, we have to let loose at least 11 players, whether that be sold, loaned, released or simply delisted only matters if we need money to spend.

    However, I think we need to let go of 15 at least, just to free up space for 5 signings. May be we need to let more go but here is my list of 16
    Asano – loaned

    In addition to this list there has to be doubts about others like Cazorla and Wilshire who are already set to miss the start of the season. Obviously there are the likes of ozil, alexis, chamberlain who are into their last year, whilst szczesney, martinez, Gabriel, coquelin, elneny, chambers and even Welbeck still have the jury out

    1. Taxi4Wenger says:

      Sell wenger
      Sell kroenke
      Sell emirates
      Sell arsene apologists too

  3. Kedar Damle says:

    As I mentioned earlier in last article that we should go for Mahrez and Sigurdsson…. Both are good players… Sigurdsson having 13 Assist with Swansea….. He is good quality attacking player…. We will get both players in 35-40 Millions….
    Both can give us Ariel threat as well when it comes to dead ball situations likes of Corners and Free Kicks… Another Player which I see for short term solution is Defoe…. Though he is 35 but still he has pace and finishing ability better than Giroud and Welbeck…. Defoe gonna be short term solution only for a year not more than…. And in this year if we manage to get something then we would attract bigger players…. Should Arsenal sell Walcott?? Then Yes… He is been Pathetic from last 10 years…. Such a waste of Money…. Should Arsenal Sell Sanchez?? then if we are getting 45-50 Million for a want away player and with only 1 year left in his contract then we should let him go… There is no point in stopping the player who don’t want to play…. It will certainly affect his commitment towards team and game and it will also affect the atmosphere and moral of the team…… We can look elsewhere for his replacement likes of Gotze, Hamsik, Or may be Isco or James Rodriguez from Real Madrid….. If all this happens then our team will bit strong enough to compete…. But this is not going to happen anyway….. Board will not allow Arsene to spend money in the market and even if board sanction any money then Arsene will waste it on wrong players And panic buys……

  4. GILBO says:

    I haven’t a clue how Walcott ever got into the team, I have seen Sunday Park footballers with a better football brain and skill.

  5. citrenoogeht says:

    On Sunday, after the end of a dreadful season with issues both on and off the pitch, it was confirmed that we had missed out on a Champion’s league position. The last thing I wanted to hear was Wenger saying that to compete next season all we would need is “one or two additional players.” This quote was ill timed and insensitive to Arsenal fans who were just coming to terms with the realisation that we would be playing Europa League football next season. I was particularly upset by this train of thought by Wenger because it emphasises all that frustrates me about him i.e. he is reactive and not proactive.

    I am very concerned about Wenger’s proposed remedy to our problem because our team needs major surgery. As far as strengthening our squad is concerned Wenger must approach it with a three pronged attack.

    1) We hold onto our important players at all costs.
    2) We need to sell our deadwood players (Walcott included)
    3) We need to buy established class players (none of the nonsense of potential for the future business).

  6. john says:

    I think we should sell theo Walcott as our new formation does not suit him, we need a centre half, a attacking midfielder a holding midfielder a striker a left back and a goalkeeper.

    1. Atid says:

      Agree with positions and the numbers, although we should only go for a keeper if he is better than Cech and szczesney. Out of the six signings u mention that would be my 6th most important.

      If we cannot afford a world class Striker or cannot attract one without CL football, then I would happily accept someone like mahrez instead and try to tempt alexis into being our main centre forward. He hasnt really been tried as the striker in the new 3421 formation and I think with mahrez and ozil setting him up he would score even more than this season.

  7. muff d says:

    this post was needed 5 years ago
    a decade of never reaching his full potential
    now on 140k
    only under wenger lol

  8. Rob C says:

    Slightly harsh considering hes scored 20 goals in 38 appearances this year. Good squad player to have. How many wingers out there scored that many this year?

  9. Gunners4life says:

    Yeah um this will not happen nor should it! People such as the person who wrote this article apparently has no football knowledge or does the individual look at stats.
    Selling on and bellerin would be a steal for what teams are willing to pay they both suck and their end game but look great before sorrry it’s the end game that wins not the flashy style you wish Theo should have!
    Giroud king of the 3 yard goals outside not much at all!
    The problem I notice is that since Theo doesn’t have the dribbling skills ox has that means he sucks blah blah or if he wasted as many goal scoring chances that 28 games no goals Ramsey waste or welbz waste you would be screaming for his head as usual!
    People are so used to the pretty soccer the past arsenal brought you, you expect everyone to be that quality but here is the thing, i wouldn’t sell Theo just for the fact the morons who wrote this story actually thinks arsenal will keep this formation so selling a player because of a formation is ludicrous and stupid so I suggest you take your heads out your asses and learn something before speaking! Theo is staying bellerin and ox are out! 19 goals for Ramsey ox bellerin Gibbs 12 goals between good call morons lol

  10. Arson_FC. says:

    Walcott had one top season in ten.
    10 mill fee and 40m salary =50m.
    What have we won?
    Chambers 16mill Debuchy 12mill
    cost 28 mill together + salary 18m =46m.
    Bellerin was free and is much better than both.
    Wellbeck 16 m Perez 16 m = 32 mill
    Wellbeck is useless and Perez has been ignored.
    Gabriel 16 mill Mustafi 30 mill 16 m salary =62m.
    Holding cost 2 mill and is just as good.
    Xhaka cost 30 mill Coquelin was free and is just as good.
    Chamberlain 12 mill + 15m salary = 27m.
    Iwobi free and he is already better than Ox.
    Ozil 42 mill and 28 mill salary = 72mill. What have we won?
    Sanchez cost 35 mill and 18 mill in salary.
    53 mill has been good but what have we won?
    2 billion on players and salaries in ten years.
    Nothing serious to show for it.
    It really is time for change.

    1. Taxi4Wenger says:

      Jembut said you forgot the last 2 fa cup titles.

  11. Frank says:

    Walcott probably shouldn’t be the first one to pack his bags, especially if Sanchez leaves and we won’t have the buying power now that we haven’t got CL football.
    I think about 8 players need to be replaced but not Walcott, not yet.

    1. Frank says:

      Sanchez, Ozil and Ospina are probably gone and possibly Giroud.
      Players that need to go now are,
      and possibly Welbeck (he just doesn’t score or create goals and that miss against Everton was embarrassing)
      That is a big clean out for one summer.

  12. Raoh says:

    Look a wholesale should be on the cards…some players here never fulfilled there potential and others simply never will be worth that much again like Walcott as an exemple. Statiscally his best season. He hasn’t been influential as one of the the tenured figure at the club.
    As much as Wenger could be deemed too nice it and fully responsible for those shortcomings, it trickles down from ownership’s lack of leadership and a board that are more bankers than football person. Those 2 factors leading to Wenger holding so much power and the club depending on him at so many levels…just a joke! Wenger would have been more ruthless and probably changed a few things much sooner.
    Imagine if the owner was a bit more involved, coming to top 6 games at home, big UCL games, making sure that communications between manager and media would be of a similar tone (how many times have we had Wenger deny what the board said and vice versa), and freeing up extra cash out of his pockets when a special player becomes available because he wants to see the best at the club but more importantly he wants to win. Had it been somebody a bit like Abramovich we would’ve had. Instead of bringing Sanchez, Özil and Cech in a different window they would’ve arrived at the same time…that’s what an owner breathing football, emotionally involved and wantig to win is about.

  13. amb98 says:

    Most of the British core need to go. Jenkinson, Ramsey, Gibbs (assuming we sign a LB), Wilshere and Walcott definitely. Would like to keep Ox and definitely Holding and would like to keep Welbeck as a squad player as you can never question his work rate and desire. Jury still out on Chambers- he might be useful if we play a back 3. Unfortunately this will not happen as Wenger is too arrogant and stubborn to admit that his plan of building a British core has failed miserably.

  14. Ozzy AFC says:

    Said this three seasons ago and got lambasted by the lies of Josh 27 or whatever his name is
    Walcott is undertaken Ted, lazy and a bottle job and has been so for a while
    We’re lumbered though, who is gonna meet his wage demands ? And Wenger loves him along with that other clown we have Ramsey who also needs to go in my opinion

  15. Ignasi says:

    Knowing Walcott is on £140k makes me want to kill myself.

    Surely he’s not on that much!???

    Apart from scoring in an FA cup final against a related/terrible Villa team, what has he truly done to help arsenal outside of performing well in small windows when his contract is running down??

  16. Vlad says:

    Unbelievable… People praise Ox, who in all honesty has done very little in recent years, but want to sell Walcott, who’s not always been consistent, but who contributed quite a bit in terms of goals and assists. Same goes for Giroud, who’s been nothing but a loyal servant of the club, and who scored some important goals for us, while not complaining about his limited game time this season. SMH at some of the comments.

  17. Nomad says:

    People can’t stop hating Walcott for no apparent reason. 19 goals!

    Why did Arsene stopped playing him? Because he didn’t want Theo outscoring Alex. Theo didn’t start at least the last 9 games and yet his goalscoring ratio is 38:19. Open your eyes and stop this clueless hatred towards Theo. He is the second-best performing player of the season when it comes to what matters in football which is goals and assists.

    On the other hand, what did Welbeck, Ramsey and Ox did that Theo didn’t? . If you really wanna judge Theo, judge him when we get a different coach. As long as this idiot is coaching the players, I refuse to judge any player.

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