Why Arsenal should DROP Monreal for Hull match

There have been quite a few success stories at Arsenal Football Club this season when it comes to our individual players and their performances. As well as some excellent showings from last summer’s transfer additions Alexis Sanchez, David Ospina, Danny Welbeck and Calum Chambers, there have been Gunners like Giroud, Ozil and Coquelin showing vast improvements.

Two of the players that highlight this are the two Spanish full backs Hector Bellerin and Nacho Monreal so it may seem strange to call for the left back to be dropped for the away game at Hull City later, but I just think that the game will be more suited to our England international Kieran Gibbs.

Arsene Wenger suggested this week that Gibbs has been playing through niggling injury problems this season but that he is now fully fit and ready to go, so I reckon we should unleash his pace and attacking instincts on the Tigers of Steve Bruce.

Their 3-5-2 system makes them compact but also vulnerable to good use of the flanks and you must agree that Gibbs and Bellerin are our best attacking full backs. I bet Gibbs will be raring to go as well after seeing Monreal play very well in his place for much of the season. He has an England place to nail down as well and I think this could be the perfect game to showcase his talents. Would you start with him or Monreal?

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  1. I want to finish 2nd so I want our best players playing. I know you don’t win anything for 2nd but it looks good, it will feel good to place above United and City, it will set us up nicely for next season, if we win the FA Cup then the community shield match will truly be 1 vs 2 and it will feel good to win the FA Cup AND finish runners up in PL.

    So I would play Monreal

    1. Absolutely agree monreal all the way. I’m getting worried about Gibbs he really hasn’t improved and defensively still looks pretty lost. Besides the game against middlesborough I can’t remember a game where he was class.

    2. Looking Forward to seeing Bournemouth, watford and whoever joins em next season……. Hope they do better than the Leicesters, QPRs and burnleys of this season….. Too bad! Middlesbrough aren’t coming tho

      1. Watford and bourne re great….I don’t fink boro actually deserve it….they re to defence minded( a jose mourinho skul product) who would ve followed his footstep

  2. strongly disagree. Monreal’s crosses and final product have been exceptional of late. He doesn’t have as much penetration as Gibbs but currently Monreal is a far more rounded player.
    If we’re looking to stretch them and utilize the flanks replacing Ramsey with Theo, Welbeck or even Wilshere is the obvious choice.
    Our current midfield has played a lot recently. With heavy congestion and two huge games of the F.A. Cup final and United away still to play i’d like to see Santi, Ozil, Sanchez and Coquelin rested for at least a game each.
    With the players now available and the league wrapped up, a long-term injury to a core player would be disastrous. A lot of fans insist on playing the best-team every game but then wonder why our injury table is always full. A better rotation system needs to be implemented.

  3. No discrimination…….i like em both…and while they both have their strenght and weakness (gibbs- attacking minded, monreal-defensive minded)…we should be looking at the hull’s front Line…..i see an aluko, henandez and n’doye capable of causing a few problems with their pace….. We saw what hull is capable of against pool….we can’t have both gibbo and bellerin constantly bombing forward leaving a back line of just mert/gabriel and kos….this game is crucial

  4. @josh 37. Agree about monreal starting and also that a littke rotation may be wise however look at Chelsea they’ve virtually played the sane team all season and except for recently had very few injuries. Maybe their training methods and post match recovery is better than ours, or itccould just be they are made of metal and us cotton wool!

  5. @soopaaeon. Spot on! For me its always got to be bellerin and monreal or debuchy and gibbs.

  6. Monreal to start along with Bellerin on the opposite wing, it’s been working well and at this stage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Every point is precious for the remainder of the season. We need to remain focused and don’t take any team for granted and that goes for Villa as well in the FA Cup final.

  7. Wenger says our 2015 form has made him rethink our summer transfer plans because the squad is strong enough,he’s making excuses already,2nd would be an improvement drastically but we shouldn’t be forgetting we are a whopping 16 points behind the champions!

  8. OT: I was going through different articles and comments on those articles….. I found that almost every gunner is afraid of losing. We are afraid of Hull, CP and other bottom half teams. It’s like you are afraid about your friend that he will fail in the exam without knowing about his preparation and all. Guys we have a stable manager and he is building a team give him time, we are almost there… And for those who wants Wenger out…. guys no one is perfect but together we can achieve a lot…. Stay with the team and support, 2 or 3 new players with this kind of team chemistry be ready to lift the EPL…. Atletico Madrid…. that team had good player with very good chemistry that’s why they won the season 2013-14…. No one was like super star kind of ……. Let’s cheer for Arsenal for 2nd and FA Cup winner and thn start preparing for next season glory….. Hope for the best….

  9. I think Arsenal new reigning defense line is now the balance and now the reputable: Ospina…BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal. If we see a change to this defense line formation, it means this is a problem that warranted the change. The boss has played what is considered to be an alternative defense line formation to this one in the FA Cup semi final game against Reading FC at Wembley last time out as: Szczesny…DebuchyRhino’koscielnyGibbs. These are the 2nd strongest Arsenal defense line formation. 2nd strongest in the sence that, they are not regularly played these days to be tested as the purported 1st strongest defense line are being played, test and have passed the exams with almost distinctions in 9 games. I think the 2nd strongest Arsenal defense line, the no. 2 formation have suffered some injuries problem which Debuchy and Gibbs have had. The consequence of those injuries is the formation of now Arsenal no.1 defense line formation that have relegated the now no. 2 Arsenal defense line formation to no. 2 position. If the boss wants to take a gamble, he could play his no. 2 defence line formation away to hull. They are good and very strong too as they have proved their worth recently at Wembley. But Gibbs will need to more careful with deflecting the ball towards his goalkeeper.

  10. Drop Monreal, I suggest the writer of this article starts watching Arsenal games a bit more closely!! He had another awesome game against Hull and there was no way Gibbs would have performed as well!! Anyways this should motivate Gibbs to increase the level and compete with Monreal #COYG

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