Why Arsenal should extend Lacazette’s contract this summer

Why we SHOULD now keep Laca

At the beginning of the season I think most Arsenal fans were up for selling Laca. He only had a year left on his contract, had never been a regular starter, and I would say most of us are fed up with seeing players leave on a free!

The situation has since changed with Auba leaving mid season, meaning we could not sell Laca in January. As we move into the summer transfer window, and regardless of where we finish, it seems a new striker is incoming, possibly even two!

The question is, how should we keep the squad competitive, and have depth, especially if we have extra European games?

At the moment it looks as if Nketiah and Laca are leaving in the summer, which leaves us with Balogun as our only recognised striker. So do we sign a new striker, with Balogun as our main backup? Try Martinelli up front? Sign two new strikers?

If Laca would be happy playing more of a squad role next season onwards, I would keep him as our main backup striker and sign another striker for the starting XI. Nketiah is simply not even good enough for the bench, so I am happy he can go.

Why is this my favoured option? Whilst Laca doesn’t get enough goals, he is a great team player. He seems to love the club, and has plenty of EPL experience under his belt. Any new player coming from abroad needs time to adapt to the EPL, and think relying on Balogun and to a lesser extent Martinelli, as the backup, would be a risky move. Even riskier if we sign two new strikers from abroad, with no guarantees either will adapt.

We also have to realise that Arsenal will probably go for a younger forward, so Laca’s experience would really be needed. If Laca would be happy continuing in more of a squad role, like he was doing pre Auba exit, then I say keep him, whilst a new striker beds in. Given Laca’s age, he’d want at least a 2 year contract, which I feel is still good for the club as well. It gives us the option to sell after a year and get a little back if we want to.

What is your favourite striker option for the summer? Mine is option A.


Sign a new striker

Laca/Martinelli main backup

Balogun loan


Sign a new striker

Matinelli/Balogun main backup


Sign 2 new strikers

One of the new strikers/Martinelli main backup

Balogun loan


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  1. Option C for me. Nketiah isn’t good enough and has no long term future at Arsenal. Balogun hasn’t come close to looking the part for the EPL yet, and can’t be counted on. Will Marinelli work out as a No. 9? Maybe. But maybe not. And he’s doing well where he is. So for me it’s buy 2 strikers, one of which must be a proven / marquee signing.

  2. We are paying for past mistakes. Sanchez Ramsey Mikitarian Kolasinac Socritis Mustafi Torreira Guendouzie Ozil Willian Aubameyang cost us mega. If we fail to make CL then Lacca is gone. If we make CL then Laca might be offered a new contract but one year with a much reduced salary. But with 72m Pepe still on the books just let Alexa go and find some one younger.

  3. Good points, just that he will not want to be a squad player. I’ll rather we sign a new striker, then have Balogun as backup to play Capital one and FA cups against significantly lesser oppositions. Pepe and Martinelli can also step in, in the odd event that the new striker and Balogun are not available. If we can get Luka Jovic on loan with an option to buy for the whole of next season, then we can focus on properly addressing our midfield. I’m sure he’ll come good in the premier league

  4. I’d prefer Option B, which is signing a new CF with Balogun, Biereth, Moller and Edwards as his understudies

    Lacazette is still the best linker, challenger and defender in the front line, but he will only get slower. The new CF doesn’t have to be our main goalscorer, but he must possess all Lacazette’s strengths and should be faster for high pressing

    Calvert-Lewin, Watkins, Isak and En-Neysri aren’t prolific goalscorers, but maybe they have better stamina and faster than Lacazette? Whoever the new CF would be, he must have Lacazette’s, Odegaard’s or Smith-Rowe’s work rate

    1. I think Watkins would be the best from your list. I think he’s got that strikers instinct and desire plus, he doesn’t seem like a player that would rest on his laurels and become one dimensional. He looks like he’d be up for getting involved physically like Lacca and providing the same sort of menace. Lacazette, is worth his plaudits because even though he is aware of his limitations and doesn’t have the potency of being the striker he once was. He is willing to alter his game and adapt to a new style of play that continues to help Arsenal. Watkins seems to have a similar attitude but has also got ability to be a good striker at the same time.

      1. Watkins always impresses me with his performance, everytime I see him play against us. He could handle our CBs easily and he’s quick

        He also said he was a Gooner. But I think Arsenal will choose someone several years younger, for the resale value

  5. It all depends on where Arsenal finish in the season. If we make it to the CL I think Laca will be given an extension to which I think he will agree since he loves the Club, provided its a 2 year extension. If we make it to the EuL, still I hope Laca will be given an extension and he agrees. However, if we dont make it to europe, the whole scenario will be different and I dont think Laca will stay either. Point is I was always vouching from the beginning for Laca to be given a new contract because although he is a bit out of form in scoring goals, which I must agree he should do on a regular basis, he brings so much to the game that he compensates for his lack of goals. He involves the other attackers, draws defenders and creates space for other attackers and is a team leader and passionate for the Club. All these factors should be taken into account and Laca should be given a 2 year extension, get another striker either from Europe(David/Zapata) or from the PL, DCL and Laca could be our main back up. Nketiah must be sold and Laca’s contract must be extended.

  6. Ideal scenario is to get one new striker we can be highly confident can be our main man, which will likely be expensive, and a second who’s either a bit younger and less of a sure thing, or who can play well in other positions when needed.
    If not I’d say the best scenario would be to get laca for another year. I don’t think he cares about not starting every game, didn’t really complain when he was dropped before and he always puts in the work, the issue is his wage.

    1. His wage shouldn’t be a problem for the club,if he were to sign an extension we would save money not having to pay another fee.

  7. Club should let Laca go. Doesn’t score enough, wages too much, and no long term future.

    I would like to see a young striker like David, and then a more experienced Plan B striker who offers something different; hold up play, aerial threat, Giroud type plan B.

    Hopefully club looking into 2 different strikers so we could offer something diffent and capitalize on all our crosses.

  8. Arsenal should definitely buy a new striker in the summer. Karim Adeyemi would be a perfect fit. And by strengthening the midfield with Fabian Ruiz, Christopher Nkunku and Aurelien Tchouameni, Arsenal will move to the next level. Lacazette should be offered a one year contract extension for the same wages or less.

  9. A decent peice of article admin one thing you didn’t mention though is that the kids seems to feed and thrive off Laca a genuine team player

  10. any re-upping of Laca would be a failure from both a recruitment standpoint and a “process” perspective…the only way this could be construed as a palatable option is if he were willing to sign a one year deal at less than half his present wage and we likewise sign a top notch Striker come the summer window…now I’m hopeful that the latter happens, but I very much doubt the former notion would be an amenable option for Laca

  11. Jonbo, You cannot in all seriousness possibly think LACA is the answer to our striker problem!! He IS a large part of the problem and though he is a full out tryer, he is not a scorer, does not much assist actual goals, is clearly slowing down and is spent after 65 mins or so.

    He MUST be replaced with better and let go. To keep him is to lose ALL ambition for next season. Top attitude and workrate but not anywhere near good enough. I am amazed you think as you do!!!

  12. Option C
    Main striker: Gut feeling Calvert is our number 1 target this summer.
    Backup: looks like Laca is leaving regardless of whether people want him to stay or not. Imo Origi is a no- brainer to bring in to replace him. He is experienced at 27 years old and has a knack of scoring goals in Important moments which will be invaluable for us. If we offer him a good financial package and assure him of a genuine fighting chance to be a starter I’m sure we will be an attractive club for him.
    3rd choice: Balogun comes back from loan as Eddie heads for the exit.

    Strikeforce next season:
    Calvert Lewin

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