Why Arsenal should forget about Higuain transfer

After the reported Arsenal transfer target Jackson Martinez confirmed this week that he would be moving from Porto to Atletico Madrid, many Arsenal fans´ thoughts turned to the Argentina and Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain, who was the subject of a massive number of Arsenal transfer rumours when he was set to leave Real Madrid a couple of years ago.

We were led to believe at the time that Higuain was ready to put pen to paper and join the Gunners and now that he could be set to move again, it is no surprise that Arsenal are one of the major contenders, according to the football media at least.

Well I for one do not think that Arsene Wenger should be trying to sign the 27-year old and this is nothing to do with the Napoli chief saying this week that they would not accept any less than the massive amount of his release clause. I just do not think Higuain is the answer.

Yes he may have a decent goal scoring record but he has also been playing in teams that provide a multitude of chances for him, many of which he spurns. You might think he was unlucky to sit on the bench for Argentina last night, while Aguero and then Tevez were picked ahead of him. He did score the winning goal in the previous game against Jamaica after all but if you saw that game you would know that he should have scored a hat-trick at the very least.

With Aguero nursing an injury that was Higuain´s big chance and he blew it. Do Arsenal really need another striker that misses more chances than they finish?

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  1. He’s not worth the money there asking for him. Go and sell him to some other club with mug written on their forehead.

    1. Higuain has a huge release Claus and defiantly not worth it. Why don’t we go in with a 20 mil deal for dzeko.it would be a huge steal

      1. Higua…….. Who? what are they smoking drinking brewing and they must be eating the wrong mushrooms down there, I wanted us to sighn him but for max 30 million

  2. We dont get players we are linked with for a long time. We’re not getting Higuain, and in that case we’re not getting Schneiderlin either so dont hold your breaths.

    1. Schneiderlin is very good player, but i would rather have Vidal, Vidal has same mentality like Alexis and we didnt have crazy fighters since Viera we need them for Stoke away LOL

  3. Higuain has played with Ronaldo and plays with messi in the national team for which there is pressure to score goals at 1 to 2 goals a game, for a player like giroud would be happy to score 4-5 continuosly then a barren spell of 10 games. Players like ozil can’t wait for giroud but knows that higuain is better one, anyways by the end of transfers period he will get antsy cause Napoli president can’t attract anyone because teams at their level Roma have intentions of building new stadium and in England west ham provide better chance of wining major honours in next 10 years. since Rafa has left and the World Cup disappointment will force him to rethink and make a play for it by telling the press he may wants to leave

  4. Higualin is generally a better goalscorer than Giroud but not worth more than 25m.

    I dont really know if there is a striker out there that is available for 25-40m and is much better than what we have.

    Dont tell me lacazette as he is not tested – he could be another Giroud, Higuain not that much better and very expensive, Martinez gone to Atletico, Benteke could be better than Giroud but injury prone and at 32.5m a lot of money for what might be a very small upgrade. Dybala went to Juve, Everton are not selling Lukaku, Falcao who might never resemble the player he was is probably on his way to Chelsea, Cavani is not for sale, is Bacca really and improvement? Aubomeyang is not for sale and i am probably forgetting some.

    The fact of the matter is, this is a crap-shoot at the moment, very risky to spend 40m and get a Balotelli. We have July and August, if someone of quality for the wings or the Striker position is available like Greizman or Draxler, or even Aubomeyang or Cavani I think Arsene will make a move.

    Until then let’s get Vidal and create the strongest and deepest midfield in Europe.

    1. When Draxler become a striker?deepest midfield in europe?we’re not gonna buy Vidal when we’ve still got Flamini and Arteta around

      1. We have the best midfield in England it’s a fact. Why else would Mourinho refuse to sell us Ba ? Ramsey and Wilshere best british midfielders, Cazorla the best b2b in the PL, Ozil the best playmaker in the world, Coquelin more of a defensive beast than Matic, Ox the most versatile player in the PL, Alexis and Walcott on the wings, need I say more ?

  5. Higuain for €90mil? I will rather stick to what we have than spend that much money on him.. what are they smoking at napoli. The truth is there are no world class goal scorers in the market that will be guaranteed success.. I can only think of messi, ronaldo, suarez, aguero, lewandoski, tevez and neymar as the only goal scorers that will guaranteed hits at the moment and would be worth any investment but they can’t be bought. Even cavani, costa, benzema, higuain, falcao, ibrahimovic, martinez, dzeko, bacca would still be a slight risk even though we know what they are capable of , as you have to consider their form, price and age, not to talk of people like lacazette, benteke, bony, griezman, icardi, dybala, vietto, kane. They have a 50/50 chance of been a hit or a flop and that is why signing any striker has to be well thought out. I have trust in wenger to bring in the right person.

  6. many papers claiming Vidal to Arsenal is done especialy La stampla from Chile, which broke news on Alexis to Arsenal, damn if we get him, people say where he will play, he can play everywhere, which is amazing, add his fighting mentality and quality, Cech and Vidal would transform our team to world beaters, considering our injury record this signing makes sense, but i still doubt we will sign him and for 21m LOL

  7. I’m not Wenger but if I was, I would get Reus for £50M…make TW14 a striker. He’s enough competition for Giroud, offers a different style. We could use both of them in some matches. Reus is a proven goalscoring wingers – he could get us 25 goals+assist.

  8. Well waiting to see who is going to be added, i think we have enough to challenge for the title, but further addition would even make me believe more, i actually expect us to release players from our squad who are on the out skirts.

    Yes we see that one more addition to DM would be great, a pacey forward would be sweet and anything else would be a bonus, with all of the positions mention there are internal solutions, yet to be tested properly

  9. The president of napoli is ridiculous. Still gutted back then, why arsenal couldn’t afford his price when they could offer suarez 40 millions.

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