Why Arsenal should forget Aubameyang and go all out for Carlos Bacca

With it looking likely that Arsenal are now in the market for a top striker that could score the mythical 25 goals a season for the Gunners, we are being linked with many outlandish names in the transfer market. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one for example, but it appears that Borussia Dortmund are not going to see a mass exodus from the club following the departure of Jurgen Klopp.

In fact their sporting director, Michael Zorc, said today in the Star: “[We are] not interested in selling Aubameyang.” I can’t say I’m too bothered about that especially as the price is purported to be £40m, which is too much of a gamble as far as I’m concerned…..

Of MUCH more interest is Carlos Bacca, who has got a buy-out clause of half that amount, and has had two brilliant seasons at Sevilla, scoring 49 goals (not to mention the 28 for Club Bruge the season before that!). The Colombian international has been linked with a move to Liverpool, but the Sevilla sporting director Monchi (real name Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo) has not yet been contacted. “We have not received an official offer for Bacca,” he said. “We are not in negotiations for any important player.

“I’m no fortune-teller but top strikers in the market there aren’t that many.

“Bacca has averaged 24.5 goals, 21 goals in his first season at the club and 28 in his second.

“I hope no one pays his buy-out clause.

“It’s a risk we take but we can’t do anything about that.

“We gave him a new contract 10 months ago and I believe he and his family are very happy here. But I cannot predict the future.”

Although he says that he hopes no-one pays the buy out clause, the fact is that they bought him for €7 million according to Wiki, so that would amount to a nice little €23 million profit for Sevilla which is certainly not to be sniffed at, and I am sure they are looking to sell. Bacca’s agent Sergio Barila has also made it clear his client is for sale with the Scousers not being the only interested party. “We have had lots of interest but so far there has been no official approach,” he told the Guardian.

“I spoke with Carlos on Wednesday night and we agreed we need a real solution. Clubs are telling him not to sign anything until they have made an offer but we are still waiting. Liverpool and another English club are among those that have shown an interest but there are also clubs in Italy. What is clear is that they must meet the release clause but at this stage nobody has.”

I like it when they just say “another English club” as we all know that Wenger hates being mentioned in despatches. Perhaps we are already going for him. I certainly hope so!

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  1. I like the idea of Bacca in our team, he adds a different dimension to our attack, Mobility. He fast, skillful and a good finisher, so he can complement Giroud by sharing the burden upfront, offer a different tactical approach by playing as the cf by himself, gives Giroud rest and competition up front.

    1. Baca is not as mobile as you thin ma friend. He’s actually not that fast. I rather have dzeko…dzeko actually fits our style of play.,.

      1. Think dzeko would be perfect for us and a steal if the 15 mill askin price that’s going around is true, with theo Olivier and dzeko we’d have 3 different types of strikers for every occasion! Also was thinking for Dm lets get asier illieremendi , really think he can grow into world class player if not let’s convert jack , never thought I’d say that but he looks the part playing there for England

        1. You forgot welbeck, we would have dzeko/giroud/welbeck/Theo…that would be a list of great attackers to have in our team.

          1. cant say i know much about chew-bacca …but besides his decent goal tally he is very loyal to han solo

            1. Phillipe Auclair of ESPN has tweeted that Schneiderlin has two offers on the table and has chosen Arsenals offer. He says its all not ironed out yet because there are still some things to go over… maybe he wants game time confirmation.

              So there ya go, the ball is back in our court. Probably be back in utds tomorrow. Or ping pong maybe better describes it.

          2. Haha, didn’t forget him just wouldn’t have him in the squad never mind the starting 11! Would much rather see Akpom given a chance

          3. But only one will probably play 90% of the games. The other 3 will have to share 10-15 minutes sub appearances 🙁

  2. okay seriously……. I’ve been thinking……. What if Cech didn’t care bout London after chelski……. (And seeing as Manure are about to Lose De Gea to R.madrid and would need a Replacement….needless to say there are host of other Teams in need of him)….. Would we have gone all out to bid for Cech or possibly beaten the other Teams for his signature? OnLy asking…….. Keep the Thumbs coming anyway

  3. Carlos Bacca in La Liga for Sevilla: 71 appearances, 34 goals. For a 28 year old, not really good enough, is it?

    1. Spot on, that’s what I’m trying to say, bacca not good enough to win us the bpl…we need a classier striker, I regret losing out on martinez . well done to atletico for signing him. They got the real deal in the market

    2. But this is the problem Mick. Higuain has 35 in his last 69 league games and Benzema has 32 in his last 64 league apps – and people are absolutely gagging for them. To be honest I find it all a little confusing on here when it comes to strikers/CF. 98-99% of the forwards who could possibly be available are at best goal every other game strikers. Aguero’s career league goal/app ratio is almost smack on 0.5 and they don’t come any better than him (aside from those two dudes at RM and Barca).

      1. If you look at Aguero’s goal tally for Man City it’s well above 0.5, of course every player isn’t going to score as many when they’re still quite young at >24 compared to when they’re in their prime. Those stats on Benzema, Higuain and Bacca are for their prime. Aguero has only just turned 27. Now he’s in his prime, and this season in all competitions he scored 38 goals in 42 appearances. Tell me that isn’t great? Well above 0.5, that’s for sure…

  4. “Liverpool and another engLish club are among those that have shown interest” ……… Why do we always think The un-named english club will be none but ARSENAL?

  5. If we were ruthless in the gk department even though ospina did little wrong why not being the same when it comes to ST position which in my opinion the most one need upgrade…. Maybe because ospina cannot speak french….
    I’m gonna repeat this comment every time and then….

    1. You are not wrong. Giroud has not had any real competition since he has arrived at the club. Better striker is a must this summer. Same thing the majority of fans have been saying for a long time yet it keeps getting ignored.

      1. better players than giroud available now that are not near 30 or gonna cost near 50 million?

        1. never said top class strikers dont come cheap. Arsenal have money in the bank and need to spend it.

    2. We need an upgrade, but I don’t see baca as an upgrade. He is not that good. I think he’s on the same level as giroud. I rather have dzeko. Bacca is not the kind of quality striker we want and I’m sure Wenger won’t be signing him

      1. Dzeko has had 2 more seasons in PL than OG has had just 9 more goals. His league goal/game ratio is less than OG. How is that any sort of upgrade?

  6. If we are going for second class st I would prefer Benteke anytime over Bacca

    1. I wouldn’t mind us getting Benteke. He looks a really good striker again after his injuries, and he’s an Arsenal fan apparently so that always helps. An upgrade on Giroud and is still relatively young at 24, whereas Giroud is 28 – in his prime. Despite being younger and having played in a worse team, Benteke still has a better goalscoring record than Giroud in the PL:

      Benteke: 42 goals, 88 appearances at Aston Villa
      Giroud: 41 goals, 97 appearances at Arsenal

      Benteke would be a good signing. Averages pretty much 1 goal every 2 games, around the same as Higuain, but is much younger and has managed to get those goals playing for a much inferior side in Aston Villa compared to Napoli.

      1. Benteke is on the same level as giroud. We need a better striker. I rather give more playing time to welbeck and use Theo than getting benteke. Sorry but if he was good enough we would have got him by now. Sad we lost out on Martinez

  7. perhaps Wenger is watching……. Someone must be discovered in this COPA AMERICA ….. L()L

    1. Looks like we may need it. Wenger said all the very best strikers come from S America. What does this say for the privileged and well educated/trained when seemingly poverty breeds better quality.

      Not that all SA’s are poverty stricken but Wengers comments where aimed at the literal street footballers and in many cases no footwear, and no pitches in similarity to some African communities.

      Its a pity Africa for some reason dont dole out the same type of numbers and quality in there strikers. They have produced some truly great strikers but mainly a reliance on speed and strength in allot of cases. Whereas the S Americans can seem just so gifted.

  8. Although on the question of DM, i would really like a back up/ challenger to Coquelin, as much as i do like him…We have to address and be prepared for the fact that injuries happen in the BPL. Although Once again I hope its not Vidal. Its not about his ability (he is a good player, i cant deny that), its not about his moral compass (quite frankly i couldn’t give a flying F@?K if he was an alcoholic) but what it is about him that gets under my skin is his complete lack of professionalism. He has had a few incidents (all alcohol induced) most notably His crash in in his native Chile during the Copa America. I’m all for having a drink, especially when celebrating…. nothing wrong with it, but how many of you the day before lets say an appraisal or an audit would get sh#t faced stay out until 5 am and then turn up for work? Well thats what Vidal did (The night before a match), Better he got into a fight (not with another player) but a Fan of a rival club…. Whenever your in the public eye your going to get crap from alot of people a professional would be expected to walk on by, especially when you don’t the person’s mental state, weather they have a weapon on them. And finally the drink drive incident, he drove his 250k ferrari drunk with his wife in the passenger seat. Morality aside there is a variety of things that could have gone wrong there namely, he could have lost his life or injured himself , he could have killed his wife or killed or injured someone else.See but it didn’t, but what happened (Under UK statutes i dont know about how they are dealing with it in Chile) was that he committed 3 separate offences, careless driving, endangering the life of another and drink driving.Now back onto the topic of morality remember Luke mccormick, incase most of you don’t know he killed a 8 and 10 year old boy via drink driving (he had a pint and 6 shots of sambucca) there was no malice or intent, he didn’t go out to kill or injure anyone unfortunatley it happened. Now people cited his age as the reason as to why he didn’t make informed decisions and that at he’s age he wasn’t aware of the consequences ‘bollocks’. As i mentioned in the article about vidal there seems to be a repetitive nature of stupid decisions and apologies but nothing hasn’t learnt his lesson. Its not a question of morality with, its just every decision you make has consequences and if you constantly disregard them, you’re not just a bad egg you’re a liability.

      1. I’m simply stating his professionalism is questionable, people usually learn from their mistakes, yet he makes the same mistakes, irregardless of the fines he incurs (which are supposed to be deterrents). He’s 28 not 20 and has experience playing in two best leagues in the world, at 28 You’re supposed to be a model professional someone who has developed mentally and physically through the experiences of the past. He aint learned Sh@t…

    1. rumours are psg have nana lacazette hidden away in a bunker in the siberian mountains…waiting for him to sign the contract
      this autumn…coming to a cinema near u…
      taken 4 – this time its personal

  9. The Germany clubs don’t want to sell us their players, do they? From £28m, it’s now gone up to £40m for Aubameyang. Incredible, insn’t? God shall help Arsenal. Amen!

  10. After yesterdays heroics I won’t be surprised if Liverpool are now after Peru’s hat rick here Paolo Guerrero. They’ll be up to 10 signings at the end of the window at this rate.

    It is true that there aren’t many world class strikers around but for certain there are alternatives to Giroud.

  11. Its hard for wenger to find a better striker than he already has in this transfer window. Im happy even with Walcott as our main striker if he can stay fit with his pace he can be better than Giroud

  12. Blah! Blah!Blah!….Carlos who? why? I think we should go for Pele at No 10. I think we shouuld go for Gullitt, perhaos also go Gordon Banks for home grown. Maybe Makelele for that defensive role.
    Perhaps as a finisher…we need Marco Van basten.

    You keep throwing up names…well so will I…yours better than mine?

  13. aint so sure that arsenal is the other epl club.. Very sure wenger is bidding for someone unknown to the public.. Lets just hope its a great surprise #Draxler or lacazette in mind #coughs

  14. Just give Walcott a try for one season. At the moment, he’s our number one striker I believe (he was preferred to Giroud in the last 2 games of last season). Hopefully, Akpom is ready in 2 seasons time to give us more options up front.

  15. If chelski buy griezman we will struggle to get passed them I suspect..can’t get excited about Czech though he is upgrade but just don’t think current gks cost us more than 3 or 4 points last season… If we don’t bring in world class DM and striker it’ll just be another season listening to excuses and complaints of the frog

  16. I d go for his cousin Chew. as a DM.
    He would scare the ¨**t out of any player and stop any attack…even if it is a counter attack…even if the empire strikes back.

  17. Carlos Bacca isnnot that good of a striker, seems to be one season wonder. Loook at his goals, none of them are individual effort, long range strikes,great technique, just tap ins and clear chances. Judge him for his career, not hus last season performance

  18. These articles are getting stupider by the minute. “Heard a name, better tell everyone he is awesome!”

    No, he can go to liverpool and score a couple of goals and end up in China in two years. Arsenal don’t need him.

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