Why Arsenal SHOULD get Marco Reus

The Possible Answer for LW/ST? by AndrewAB

As many others have stated, LW/ST seems to be a real area of concern for Arsenal fans. I don’t think Jack or Santi are the answer for left wing & as good a job as Giroud does he doesn’t inspire the front line of a title winning side. The solution I pose is Marco Reus. Based on other posts across the site I don’t think I need to convince anyone that he’d be a fantastic signing but more importantly I think he could be exactly what we need at the moment.

By getting Reus we’d get a WC left winger with 42 goals and 39 assists in 94 matches. He not only has the ability to make that left side a fortress but also the ability to add some great penetration, goals and crosses which we clearly lacked in the most recent Crystal Palace game. Not to mention the fact that he has a killer shot & isn’t too bad on a dead ball. Furthermore, everyone may say we’d need to get a WC striker still and perhaps advise me that that’s where we need to strengthen but by signing Reus I’d disagree. A front three with Reus, Sanchez and Walcott (all interchanging roles to some extent or another based on performance) would undeniably be a goal-scoring extravaganza and all three have proven that they can deliver on the goal scoring front.

Now to the technical issues: Reus has recently rejected a new contract and the fees muted for him this summer has dropped considerably thanks to Bayern’s big mouth. So i believe a £30/35 million would certainly give Dortmund something to think about (Plus I don’t think any arsenal fan would mind paying that kind of money for a player of that quality). Furthermore, we could easily double his reported £60,000 wages, we have a great German presence here at arsenal, we have Rosicky and we have London. I think, at this time, we can offer him more than most teams can (even the Barca’s & Real Madrids) and he can certainly offer us plenty too!

I think the great struggle in most peoples minds is – with, as reports suggest, there is one marquee signing left, then should it be LW/ST or CDM? It’s difficult but to be honest if we got Carvalho and not Reus I wouldn’t be disappointed and if we got Reus but not Carvalho I equally would not be disappointed.

We are Arsenal and we manage our business the right way and I’m proud of that. We are not City so i don’t think we can hope to get a WC left wing at £30mill + and powerhouse CDM at £30mill + so i think we have to look at the bigger picture. Reus now and a strong CDM later or vice versa. Either acquisition will improve our team dramatically for the coming season and, when both positions are sorted, I struggle to think of a single team that could frighten us.

This is my first article so please go easy on me. I’m a Gunner like all of you – I love my club and I just want to share my opinion with all the other great fans of this club.

Many thanks and COYG!


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    1. And he can play alongside his idol, and then take his Jersey when he retired. As he said Rosicky is his idol. come on you reus.

      1. And his “career threatening” injury seemed overrated since he played just yesterday.

        But unless BVB buys a replacement, he’s not going anywhere.

        1. have you ever watched any of those three you’ve mentioned as mediocre? honestly what are you basing your evaluation of them on?

    2. Cazorla podolski chamberlain Campbell sanchez gnarbry rosicky etc etc all of these will need to play LW when Walcott is back and giroud playing up top!! So talk to me again about needing a left wing!! I think your find pace power left feet goal scorers all covered in the above! I agree cazorla not my first choice but sanchez Campbell and chamberlain are as good as any! Holding midfielder please although since Arteta made captain I know we are not going to get our wish! Also I hope wenger uses Campbell or sanchez through the middle when giroud not playing as sanogo is miles off being good enough!

    3. yeah reus + william + def = 69mill
      we were going to bid 51mil for cavani so I say use that plus sell poldy for 12-15mil + take loan or differ payment

      1. Seems like people do not like comments about Reus not being availeable. They do not realize that Reus’ motherclub and favourite club is the one and only Borussia Dortmund – his current club. Yes, his idol may be Rosicky, but what makes people think he’s going to make him leave Borussia Dortmund (again, favourite AND motherclub of his) for Arsenal? I laugh when manure-supporters talk about Reus and Hummels, i shake my head when fellow gooners do.

  1. I REALLY want him to come to arsenal, BUT lets be realistic we wont get him. Seriously how many times do Dortmunds chairman, Reus himself and Klopp need to say that he will stay with Dortmund!

  2. ST Alexis
    LW Reus CAM Özil RW Walcott
    CM Ramsey CM Khedira
    LB Gibbs CB Koscielny CB Mertesacker/Chambers RB Debuchy
    GK szczęsny/Ospina

    With this team, we can challenge for trible this season.

    1. If we loan out Sanogo then there will be space in our squad for Reus. If it’s true that Khedira is available for a really low price now, then we have the money to afford both of them. Signing them both would make us Champions League contenders, let alone just title contenders. Can’t see it happening though, but I guess you never know until the window is over.

  3. This is sort of silly and obvious. Translation of this article’s title: “Why Arsenal should get a really good player who would really make the team better.” End of article – the title translation explains it all.

  4. At the end of the transfer window, I’d love to see our lineup:
    Debuchy Mert Kos Gibbs
    Ramsey Ozil
    Walcott Reus

    Bench: Ospina, Chambers, Manolas, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ox, Giroud.

    With a team like this, we’d be Champions League contenders and Premier League contenders.

    1. Matt agree partially from the offensive side of things but do you not think our LB is injury prone light weight and tactically naive at times.?
      Mertesacker slow and debuchy not much of an improvement on jenks?
      With 1 or 2 additions in defence your predictions will be more realistic..

      1. Gibbs is crass, and Debauchy not much better than Jenkinson.
        That a joke or what.
        Mert IS slow, true, but, has great positional sense and a cool head, which, I prefer anytime to a speedy CB, that lacks those attributes.
        Fact is WHOEVER we have playing for our team, SOME will not be happy unless we buy THE best player, at least in their minds, to replace them.
        Buy this player and this one, and we will win the EPL and UCL, rubbish.
        Chelsea, City, are favourites for the EPL simply because thay have had the money for the past 5/10 years to buy players that we could not.
        Barcelona have a good team, but, RM have spent an absolute fortune, and, along with BM, must, be clear favourites for the Champions League.
        One or two players, within our budget, will NOT make us favourites for either trophy, NOT, to say we can not win one, but, as a few have said, we keep buying players, we HAVE to let players go, and, no guarantee that those bought will flourish in our league, meanwhile, we lose a lot of very talented younger players, and end up like Chelsea, or Cty, with NO British players, huge wages, and still, no guarantee of success, only the club in financial difficulty. Of course, SOME fans, like Leeds and Portsmouth etc, really do not care about the future.

        1. Good analysis and a welcome retort..
          Agree with everything you said but I’m not joking as in my opinion debuchy is not ‘that’ much of an improvement on jenks..Gibbs is ok but injury prone and tactically naive (people will always have an opinion) And we lost out to city Chelsea and Liverpool partially down to our snail defender mertesacker..
          People forget we have been hindered and handicapped by the building of the stadium and can’t compete with petrol teams and Russian criminals as of yet.. I just hope this season and next we show more desire both on and off the field to become champions …

        2. All defenders look as a liability when you don’t have a real CDM, flamini and arteta are not real CDMs… At least not the ones we need.

      2. Totally agree sick note Gibbs is average!
        And Monreal even worse.
        Mertesacker always a liability when being run at but helps us massively with aerial threats.
        I think debuchy is decent.

        1. Egg you can’t have an opinion if people see us always saying the same things.. I think we need to wait until the transfer window closes to assess our season..
          But I’ll agree with your comment.. And most of your others..
          2\3 players are needed still needed mate..

  5. Reus could be the marquee signing.
    Podolski could go the other way to make room. We haven’t had the class on the left since Pires and Reus would make us much more balanced.
    Also we would have Sanchez, Reus, Cambell to possibly turn into a prolific striker.
    Anyone seen Pablo Alcacer? Looks very promising for Valencia and knows where the goal is!!

  6. Manolas seems to be on his way and almost done…
    Khedira rumours seems not to die down…!! Is there a window?

    In an ideal world I would love a top LB (Gibbs is just average at best and injury prone… That is why Monreal does not complain because he knows the skinny LB will get injured at some point).

    If he gets Khedira (big “if”), Wilshere option will be a loan because his playing time will be less than nothing. As for Diaby, we know the score. We will be lucky if he gives us 200mins this season.

    1. I think he’d start a lot more if he wasn’t injured as much. But it may, that’s why I think we should loan one of our younger players out this season, but not Ox, I was thinking Sanogo. It’d give the option to play people like Alexis, Walcott or Podolski upfront, freeing a position in the wing for Ox to play. Obviously this wouldn’t be our first choice option, but we should be rotating the squad regularly this season.

  7. I think we are getting Vargas

    I’d prefer Reus, but looks like we will get Vargas on season loan

  8. Reus in – Poldolski out: spend 15 mil
    Manuals 8 mil
    Khedira 15 mil

    Flamini to cover LB if need be.

    That’s 38 mil totally achievable.

    I would be a lot more comfortable believing we
    could achieve something special this season.

    The squad would have quality depth to handle the work load.

  9. If we are to sustain a true challenge in both the league and champions league we have to do 1 of 2 things..
    Prioritise or buy more players..

    After having such a good start last season we effectively ran out of steam due to injuries and too many big games in a row..

    I believe that the qualifying for the CL will again put us in a very competitive frame of mind for the upcoming league games (Chelsea and city on the horizon) and hopefully beat some of our nearest competitors..
    It’s now down to Wenger we don’t see a repeat of last seasons problems and he strengthens In the coming weeks..

  10. As much as I fear to say this, if Rabiot/Manolas deals are through, I doubt we will go for any more CDMs. It will be a far from perfect transfer window for Arsenal. Looks like from today’s reports these 2 are sure deals. But if we can add Reus to that I will take it, may not be the perfect but better than I desired for.

  11. Dortmund will play the moral card on Reus and try to convince him to sign a new contract through the year. This is very risky and dangerous, bec it would be wiser to sell him now for something more then his contract clause, then waiting next year for Bayern to come up and beat every team out there for his signature.

    Reus would make sense, bec with him we would be able to play with a false striker. Something Arsenal is made to play.

  12. Be glad when the transfer window shuts and we can draw a close to these simpleton wish-lists – perhaps we get back to moaning about what we have instead of moaning about who we should get – at least till the January window – god help us then if we are not 12 points clear at the top. Seriously an 8 year old could conjure up these lists of players we should buy, those we deserve etc. I’m not adverse to a bit of day-dreaming but really it is getting a bit a tedious now. Not sure why people are getting applauded for the “wisdom” of wanting to buy the best players in the world – “hey I’ve got an idea lets create the best football team ever known to man by buying every A-list world class player in existence, can’t be that difficult can it”. Whatever the subject, some dreaming clown comes up with “Reus, Cavani and Khedira and I’ll be happy”. Come on, I’m hoping at least half of you guys on here are attached in some way shape or form to football reality.

  13. We have enough players who can play on the left siden even sanchez looked more comfortable on that side of the field. I think due to the coach favoritism some players are given all the time in the world to develop while other players are given few opportunities. I have no doubt that gnabry would have made the right or left side his by now if he was given the opportunity

  14. We have enough players who can play on the left siden even sanchez looked more comfortable on that side of the field. I think due to the coach favoritism some players are given all the time in the world to develop while other players are given few opportunities. I have no doubt that gnabry would have made the right or left side his by now if he was given the opportunity

  15. I didn’t know we have problems in the left flank area..
    Reus is an amazing player, world class. But, Santi Cazorla on the left is crucial. Why? He is a good passer, he helps keeping possession. That’s one of the reasons why Wenger plays him on the left.
    Podolski is our best finisher at the club, probably the best left foot in the PL.
    Let’s not forget Campbell and other youngsters (like Miyaichi) who are knocking the door seeking first team chances.

    I would be happy if he joins us. However, I don’t think that it’s possible simply because we have enough players that play there.

  16. BVB won’t let him go. Not until january at least. Lets just have some faith in our players. This same team without summer additions won us the FA cup and with thoes additions, they gave us the community shield. Lets all hope for the best this season. COYG!!!

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