Why Arsenal should give this Spanish Star a Chance!

When Arsenal signed Lucas Perez in the summer, not many would have expected him to regularly feature in the starting XI. The former Deportivo man was supposed to be a squad player who stepped in when there was an injury or if one of our forward players was struggling with form. But with all that happening and more, somehow, Lucas just cannot seem to get a start.

Since moving to the Emirates, the Spaniard has managed just 11 Premier League appearances for the Gunners, with a majority of them being from the bench. However, when Lucas does get an opportunity, he makes an impression almost every time. The 28-year-old has displayed excellent link-up play, an eye for a killer pass and a knack of being at the right place at the right time, all traits that are lacking in Arsenal’s game at the moment.

With Danny Welbeck just back from injury and Olivier Giroud struggling for form, and with our wide men inconsistent as usual, I think it is about time Lucas Perez gets a run in the Premier League. Considering that the player is extremely versatile and can play anywhere in the front-four, it should not be hard to slot him into the side.

Despite Lucas being extremely professional about the situation, it is an open secret that he is unhappy and the possibility of him leaving in the summer is very real. Now although I would understand if the player is let go after failing to impress, it is certainly not right for him to be let go without even being given a chance.



  1. Guneal says:

    Arrogant Mr. Arsene whenever he is pressured by fans to buy a player, if he does buy he hardly play him. Even when his lover boys are obviously not performing he still won’t play park chu young. I back Lucas leaving Emirate 100% after all he was doing a wonderful job in la curona before clueless Mr. Arsene picked him to punish the fans.

  2. Gunner 4 life says:

    I really think he deserves a shot.. This man as we have seen.. Does try.. unlike some other players who give up.. Bournemouth game z an example over here.. He might not b a big name bt He certainly knows his duties as a Striker of the team. Surely deserves better.. # COYG

  3. Frank Taha says:

    Wenger should leave, we are tried with losing every time,

  4. Goonerboy says:

    When Campbell was still here, he plays and does well and he still wasn’t given a chance…it is pity, Iwobi should have been dropped a long time for Perez, am sure he will do better than Iwobi in any position but no…

    Even Walcott shouldn’t be starting all games,as he is inconsistent..our manager prefers some players to others and form is not his concern..sometimes you begin to wonder whether he sees what the majority is seeing…

    Another one is Ozil who plays 90mins all games even when he is outta form…the frustrating thing is we have many options to try new combinations…

    Take this as an instance…Ozil is not really doing well in the No.10 role now, remove him, Sanchez output has reduced on the wing, Welbeck is not very convincing as a CF…now Sanchez is more dangerous in the middle (CF/No.10) why not have this:




    And many more…but no let’s continue with the norm even if its not helping…God help us!

  5. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

    Wenger has his favorites. No one else really matters to him

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    You talk as if ARSENAL are the one depriving Perez of game time
    It’s no one else but WENGER

    I’ve heard many of us call for Perez……that’s how much we want him on the pitch
    But Wenger makes the final call…… And i can’t believe despite his performance when he’s come on, Mr. Potato head who sees nothing still thinks the £17mil signing isn’t good enough (what a waste of our resources) …. But he would willingly play his top under performers week in and week out

    It really hurts to give your heart for Arsenal whilst getting nothing in Return…..

  7. mick ford says:

    Walcott brings team down to his level waste everychance he gets unless its on goalline why should sanches ozil do their bit whenwalcott rams giroud iwobi waste every chance they get yet he wont play pirez who always does his part

  8. Janssen says:

    Arsene doesn’t like strong characters. When Sanchez got too much attention for wanting to win and being upset about losing Wenger moved Sanchez to his weakest position, left wing.

    Perez also must have a strong character, that must be why Arsene doesn’t play him. He is our best option on the left wing IMO and possible even on the right wing.

    If we want to win more games we have to put Sanchez back in the center and not on the left wing.

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