Why Arsenal should go for Pep Guardiola

Should Arsenal join the race for Pep Guardiola?‏ by SS

Hi Gooners,

Suddenly the two of the most sought after football managers in the world are available and with Chelsea and Manchester United desperate to sign a world class manager, both have become hot properties overnight. Man City with its ex-Barcelona colleagues, Pep is expected to go there. But this has not disheartened either Chelsea or Man Utd.

Having said that, Pep himself is a avid lover of the style of football Arsenal play and may consider this as an option. Pep may have to build new teams at Chelsea, Man Utd or Man City while Arsenal is a very young team with some world class players at their pick. With Wenger’s contract expiring next year, Pep may be a great choice to replace him. And if Arsenal wins the EPL this year, perhaps Wenger may be persuaded to step aside to make way for Pep in the summer?

But Pep believes in small tenures at the helm and than move to face a new challenge. He managed Barcelona for just four years even though he had the best team to manage and a cabinet full with trophies. He is saying good-bye to Bayern after s very successful three years. So with Arsenal, which believes in having very long terms for managers, can Pep be good choice? He will certainly move on after three years, whether he succeeds or not. Or shall we look for a manager who can successfully fill the big shoes of Wenger, and work for a longer tenure?

I think we should sign Pep and assign Thierry Henry as his assistant. Henry will learn a lot form Pep and will be fully prepared to take over when Pep leaves. Thus we will have a sweeter transition period and an Arsenal legend to manage afterwards.

Opinions divided Gooners ?……..


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  1. We would all love that but it’s never going to happen. Arsenal’s next manager is probably an unknown somewhere selected by Wenger himself

    1. honestly I dont care who takes over from wenger as long as he/she will uphold the values of the club and of course inspire the team to win lots of titles

  2. Forget Pep for Now…………..I think the TitLe should have been “why Wenger should win the EPL….. Before handing over the Reins to a good successor”

    1. I agree, love or hate AW, we have to let this season pan out. Whether by luck or brilliance we have a beautifully balanced side that can take a game to anyone it feels like. I would hate to think it was wrecked because of continued speculation and turmoil. I had enough of that when Dein left.

  3. or perhaps the TitLe should have been …….. “why pep should make up his mind and decide if he wants citeh or arsenal” and make his intention clear…… Or he can **** off!……. Alot of futuristic event will depend on if/when Wenger Lifts the EPL…..which i ****ing want to see happening

    1. Pep wanted to come to Arsenal in his playing days,
      But Wenger blanked him ?

      For sure, he wants to come and manage Arsenal, but you have to realise that Wenger will remain the manager as long as he keeps delivering the bare minimum.

      I’m not bothered if Wenger stays for life, as long as we start winning the major trophies!

      1. Guardiola should go to PSG for a while and wait till the Arsenal job is vacant, then maybe we could do a manager swap deal since the French club wanted our manager so badly.

  4. S. Salker, I don’t think it gona work the way you’ve opined. Save something out of the normal, the Boss looks to wind down his current deal which ends at the end of the 2016/17 season. And there is the likelyhood he could be given another 3 year deal by the Arsenal board when his current deal runs out. Moreso, if Arsenal win the current Premier League title capaingn and possibly retain the FA Cup for a 3rd year running. Ucl title could be added to the duo titles. Don’t forget that Arsenal FC now have in place a culture of stability in the area of football management at the club which they won’t like to see distorted. Pep is a top class coach, but he may not be able to manage Arsenal under the prevailing no over spending policy in the transfer market at the club. And the Arsenal youth development which Guardiola and Jose Mourinho may not hv time for, which is part of Arsenal philosophy. These managers are big money transfer managers as they rely on the already made players in d market to win titles for them.

  5. My personal pick would be Joachim Löw or simeone

    Guardiola to Manchester City a done deal, according to Kicker. He’ll reportedly take over next summer

    1. Read Wenger has contacted Pep. Not saying it’s true but apparently that’s the case from a well respected Bild reporter.

    1. michy batshuayi / icardi / pato would be better options kokorin is a 2nd choice player at dynamo not sure we should go for him

  6. Wenger needs to retire sooner or later. If we win the leauge then its the best for him to say goodbye.

    I dont believe in Gurdiola bec his football Philosophy is bs to me. You dont need to be a great manager when you have players playing for you in the calibre of messi or the other bayern players.

    Tiki taki is pointless aswell. Anti football and time wasting. No one wants to see a game of football being wasted by looking how the team maks over 200 passes with the keeper alone.

    What makes me question wenger is, why he hasnt given the chance to some other loving arsenal legends to work with him and with time pass his knowdlege and work towards them.

  7. Arsenal need Pep in the future due to the level of commitment he expects and players like Wilshere,Arteta,Gibbs won’t survive the team and it will happen if the move go through. And on other matter of importance where Per goes on to say players look for Ozil at every given opportunity which is just bollocks and what if the team has 0% confidence in themselves then how will slow Per make a forward pass where he plays in a league filled with negative tactics like the one used at Norwich to foul Alexis. Premier league does not have talent and he just opening up to the world of his teammates importance. Arsenal should not end up like Van Persie or Fabregas when the team was reliant on them two.

  8. And this bs tllk of, this player is impossible to buy is pathetic aswell. If Arsenal offers 15mil for Wanyama, Koeman will accept it without a doubt.

  9. even thou it was not the point u were making, it’s interesting to see “by luck” and “a team that takes a game to anyone it feels like” in the same sentence. i think we should give a credit to AW when it is due. and he better win the f##kin title!

  10. I don’t really believe in this idea of one manager taking a less experienced one under his wing in order to build a succession. (Like Salkar suggests Pep should nurture Henry). Has anyone ever known this to work? Even when a long-serving manager picks his successor, does it work? (like Ferguson / Moyes ?). And do the best players ever become good managers of the clubs they graced as players? (Shearer Newcastle anybody?) .

    1. Yes, Mourinho was Sir Bobby Robson’s assistant, and then him, Koeman, Guardiola and Enrique all assisted LVG at Barca.

      1. And Imo I think Wenger is grooming Arteta to be a future manager, he stated the player has the intelligence and right attitude to be one, I think that’s why he’s still at the club even though we don’t need him anymore.

  11. I am afraid to think of Arsenal without Professor Wenger,I believe Wenger is always right .I agree with Ks-Gunner that somebody especially one of our legends should deputize him while being groomed to take over after Wenger.

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