Why Arsenal should HAMMER Leicester City in EPL start

Coincidence is a funny thing, and a coincidence is all it is, but it does seem strange that the new Arsenal fixture list for the coming season has put us up against Liverpool and Leicester City in the first three games, just as it did last season.

Arsenal fans will obviously hoping that this is where the coincidence ends as well, because the Gunners got off to the worst possible start last year by losing at home to Liverpool (and when you consider they pipped us to the final Champions League spot by a single point that loss looks even worse).

We then drew the next game with Leicester but that did not seem quite as bad as they were the reigning Premier League champions, but anything less than a win at home to the Foxes on Friday will feel like a bad result because they are not the same dangerous team as they were and at the same time we are in a much better state.

Last season Arsene Wenger was missing a whole host of key players but this time we should be much stronger, even if the likes of Ozil, Ramsey and Cazorla are not available. The main reason we should be very confident of an Arsenal win, though, is the opposition. We know that Riyad Mahrez is pushing for a transfer away and their pre-season has been shaky to say the least, with defeats against Wolves and Burton Albion and a draw against MK Dons.

They did manage to beat Borussia Monchengladbach in the final friendly but they are surely in no sort of form to trouble Arsenal, so can we finally get off to a good start this season? We certainly need to.



  1. gotanidea says:

    I believe Arsenal can win, if they have Monreal, Kolasinac, Lacazette, Iwobi, Welbeck, Chamberlain, Cech and Elneny in the squad. Leicester City would be tougher to be cracked, because they already know Arsenal will play with 3-4-2-1, but we don’t have any passenger in the squad this time.

  2. Zimbo says:

    Why should we expect miracles on the pitch when we are not investing in the means to achieve those miracles? All Arsenal fans would agree that we need reinforcements to win something this season yet we only bought Lacazette and Kolasinac came for free. Beating Leicester then being hammered by the entire top 6 is useless. Wenger should just buy the players we need and sell all the deadwood.

    1. Anton says:

      I just upvoted you after reading your first sentence! Spot on!

      1. Jan says:

        I just read you have upvoted him so I upvoted you both.

        1. Stephen says:

          You have been upvoted because you upvoted them both. Welldone.

  3. Simon Templer says:

    I have watched football and especially premier league to know that what the line ups says and what happens when the whistle goes off are different kettle of fish. So lets keep all the talk till the referee grabs the ball.

    1. DarkPope says:

      This one will be fun to watch with mike dean refereeing! Already looking forward to it! Win or lose

  4. David D says:

    Interesting read Bob, I would say that Arsenal should beat Leicester on Friday only because Arsenal are our bogey team and not for ay other reason!

    Looking at the number of injuries you have, it might not be such a walk over. Plus Leicester have signed some good players this summer – predominantly Iheanancho, but also Iborra the Sevilla captain.

    I’ve never read too much into preseason friendlies, thank fully!! Mahrez could go either way. Either he’ll be poor because he wants away OR if he has any sense he will play his best game ever, as he will be “in the shop window”!

    Too often last year Mahrez didn’t show up for matches and he just wasn’t interested. Your more than welcome to him for £40m 🙂

    Anyhow thank god the footy is back I’ve missed it. Hope you have a good season (except on Friday) and please finish above Spurs!!

  5. Simon Templer says:

    How Arsene always succeed in fooling we Arsenal fans year after year and get our hopes high at the beginning of every season without doing the basic thing in football which is having quality players, is beyond me. All he does always has been, buy one good player then surround him with so many horrible players, with time the person’s level will drop as well.

    He did that to Ozil, bought Ozil then surround him with pregnant women. Ozil came to Arsenal as the world acclaimed assist master, we all watched with agony match after match where he was providing the simplest pass and nobody to put them into the net. With time he got frustrated and his quality started going down hill Now not even mid table teams can bid for ozil due the level he has dropped.

    Same thing happened Alexis, the guy works like a horse with little or now assistance from the ladies he is playing with. Frustration set in and he is about to bail. It is just heart breaking to watch my darling Arsenal this way.

    1. RSH says:

      Wenger is a master manipulator. And I truly must give him credit for surviving every storm that has come his way. I really thought it was over after the Bayern 8-2, but he finds a way to crawl out of the gutters. Ontop of that he still has the support of the majoirty of the fans. Truly a genius.

      1. DarlingbudsofArse says:

        10-2 NOT 8-2. I wish it was 8-2! Lol?

      2. Jan says:

        Well he did not fooled me!
        And I just cant believe this …am I the only one?
        Hope not though

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s amazing how people get hoodwinked into thinking we’re title contenders EVERY time a new season starts. I would have thought that after a fifth place finish, and no CL football, people would have FINALLY cottoned on!

    1. RSH says:

      Wenger in at beginning of season, Wenger out when we start to drop points in November, but we pick up a few in December, before completely collapsing and rebelling in Feb-March. Rinse, and repeat until Wenger decides he’s done with his fun and games. Fans love to fall for it every time. This year gunna be no different, haha.

  7. waal2waal says:

    i see leicester trying to bring it to us in a physical way (friday) they’re now a premiership winning club (no doubt); but arsenal create chances upon chances upon chances same as when we were without a no9, but now we have *lacazette in an attack that every defence will find nerve racking. teams won’t be able to cope, everything’s changed, the pressure will be irrepressible – 1-nil to the arsenal.

    1. DarkPope says:

      When was the last time arsenal kept a clean sheet?

      1. Admin says:

        Four of our last seven League games were clean sheets….. and we won SIX of them….
        Wed 26/04/17 Arsenal 1 – 0 Leicester City
        Sun 30/04/17 Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 0 Arsenal
        Sun 07/05/17 Arsenal 2 – 0 Manchester United
        Wed 10/05/17 Southampton 0 – 2 Arsenal
        Sat 13/05/17 Stoke City 1 – 4 Arsenal
        Tue 16/05/17 Arsenal 2 – 0 Sunderland
        Sun 21/05/17 Arsenal 3 – 1 Everton
        What was the complaint again?

  8. AndersS says:

    It seems like we it’s been so many years now, where we start the season:
    – having failed to strengthen where we need it most
    – a number of players injured or not “ready” physically
    – with everybody except the fans believing we are title contenders
    This year we can add a complete mess regarding players contracts. A number of the best players, which we really need, have short terms left and may be leaving, whereas several of the players, which we don’t need, seem to have long terms left, and can’t any other club, which will pay their inflated wages.

  9. we should ask our self this question Kyle Walker is worth 50 million why is ox Chamberlain only 25 if he is so good. are they just looking for a squad player the full fill The English quota just think about it good players want to play football not just sitting on the bench getting a salary for me all these players can be replaced with better players Welbeck would be a better right side winger back than bellerin Chamberlain but wenger wouldn’t consider that because it makes better sense sell the ox for 40 million and bellerin for 50 million invest money in jean Michael seri William Carvalho Virgil Van dijk Riyad mahrez

  10. ?Kofi says:

    OT: Lucas Maura to Arsenal?
    I wouldn’t mind as he’s a winger.

    We need win against Leicester. that’s all.

  11. ?Kofi says:


  12. ?Kofi says:


    I wonder.
    But it was 10-2 on aggregate. So unacceptable. ?

  13. john_gatal says:

    every games must win.not only opening games.its depend how player react with their mentality..

  14. Billwilliam says:

    OT: I had a bad dream that some teams are sniffing around for Lacazette before his PL debut. Please Wenger slap £150m on him. We all know there is inflation.

  15. jacob says:

    we need.3 more players..a defensive midfielder,a centre back n a winger, ,,wenger shouldn’t get carried away

    1. Jan says:

      But he did already…
      I hope he’ll be jobless in January 2018.
      Its my wish for christmas present.

      1. Jan says:

        I mean…am I asking too much?
        Mom Dad..anyone?

  16. ruelando says:

    I think arsenal will break the spell of losing the first game, it has been our best pre-season for a long while now, with the majority of players getting good game time.

    Going to be interesting, i expect both of our new signings to start and arsenal dominates the game, hopefully, our finish will be on par with our goals (3-0) victory for

  17. big g says:

    It’s the first game of the season and a win is needed from the off, we want to be the team that sets the pace while our rivals hopefully faulter. We should be able to dispatch Leicester without to much trouble. Liverpool is a must win game and we have to stop Mane repeating what he did last season which was put the first dent in our own title hopes. Lets hope we continue our good defending from the end of last season.

  18. Shortboygooner says:

    Arsenal are better than leister. They are no more than a mid table team. Simply put. We are a top 4 team okay okay. Top 5 but we still rank higher than 15th – 8th which is where Leister are more than likely go finish. Only top 4 team to consistently beat Leister for the past 6 seasons as admin said.

    Resource = KEV any updates on transfers? Should lemar deal not be done as well as jadon deal ? What about Siri and carvhallho ???

    1. Jan says:

      Those wins against LFC doesnt mean anything…you know that, right?

  19. Jay says:

    Here we go again.Let us be positive going into our first match.So we were very wary of the team selection against chelsea but we came out strong.All this team need is total support from fans.I watched the Manu match yesterday we all saw some of their weaknesses considering how much they’ve invested the last 4yrs.Players should judged based on their performances not on transfer fees.

  20. Mohit says:

    I think as team, Arsenal lack a mid-fielder who wins challenges, supplies to the front-line, some one like Gerrard. They need to stop pursuing Thomas Lehmar since the deal wont go through. Instead they should sign Riyad Mahrez, Siri and Virgil van Dijk. Also they should lay off a lot of players as they dont fit in the squad any more. This would make Arsenal really strong and big title contenders this season.

  21. simeon george says:

    Arsenal wenger has more chance this summer to wine trooping if the only try to put things in place.
    Arsenal have the best team so far in this summer, so the stand the batter chance to wine all the cup.Pravo arsenal wenger this time round

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