Why Arsenal should have nothing to fear from Watford

I am not trying to suggest that Arsenal only need to turn up to Vicarage Road on Saturday evening to come away with all three points against Watford, because we have learned to our cost many times in the past, and also during this current season, that you van never afford to be complacent and take victory over any team for granted.

Having said that, the Hornets should not be able to stop the Gunners carrying on our excellent Premier League form if we do turn up with the right attitude. They have drawn a lot of praise from the football media in England this season and having only lost two EPL games after being promoted from the Championship you can understand that.

However, they have only won two as well and they were against rock bottom Newcastle and against a Swansea City side that had gone off the boil after a strong start. Watford’s last two league games saw them draw at home with fellow Premier League new boys Bournemouth and before that they lost at home to Crystal Palace.

Plus their style should suit Arsenal as they like to pass the ball and will be under pressure to come forward in front of their home fans. Watford’s decent start in the league has been largely built on a solid defence. Their seven goals conceded is the joint lowest along with Tottenham, Man City, Crystal Palace and, of course, Arsenal.

With players like Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott and Alexis in fine form, you would expect Arsenal to be able to break them down and at the other end they have struggled, with their six goals also the lowest amount scored, so even if Koscielny is not quite ready to return we should be able to keep them out.

The question is, will we approach the game in the right way and get the points that should be coming our way?


  1. *keeps calm, nothing to fear*
    *Zagreb and Olympiakos night comes to mind…..*
    I just hope we take no one for granted, really.

  2. bayerns supporters group

    To protest @Arsenal’s outrageous ticket prices, we won’t be entering the away bloc for the first 5′ to show what the future of football is…..
    If @Arsenal want to charge £64 for the cheapest ticket, they can expect quiet stadiums and empty seats. That’s what they’ll get a taste of.

    sorry but i totally agree

    lucky u bayern fans- get to watch amazing players, win at the highest level and all for reasonable prices….

    am i jealous?? NOooooo

    1. Damn folks in England you pay that much to watch games?! that sucks..that kind of money can pay my DSTV subscription for all football leagues for 2 months. Arsenal should lower the cost of supporting the club man.

  3. We should not underestimate watford! although this game should be another 3 points, We should not go into vicarage road being too relaxed and overconfident, but remain focus play well and take care of business! Coyg!

  4. The most frustrating and unpredictable side in Europe is AFC…..put money on us winning against anybody at your own risk….not that we are not good enough to beat the best in the world ON OUR DAY and that is just the problem, you never know which AFC will turn up: the one that lost to Olympiakos and Zagreb and gave away a 3 goals lead against PSV or the one who ruthlessly and efficiently dispatched of the 2 Manchester sides home and away….

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