Why Arsenal SHOULD let Man United have Debuchy

Time is fast running out for the Arsenal and France right back Mathieu Debuchy to find himself a new club before the transfer window closes. In fact Arsene Wenger said this morning that his chance of a permanent move away from the Emirates was no longer possible in the time left.

But there is still time for the defender to get a loan deal at another club, even though the early front runners Aston Villa and Sunderland no longer seem to be in the running. I have read that Arsenal’s demands for a fee and Debuchy’s wages might have been too steep.

However, the Daily Mail is reporting that as well as the French Ligue 1 club Bordeaux, our Premier League rivals Man United are a late entry to the fray. And I think that a loan to Old Trafford could be the ideal move for Debuchy and for Arsenal.

United are desperate for cover after losing five possible full backs to injury and getting Debuchy would definitely help them. Not enough for them to challenge us for the title but perhaps enough to help them take points off our rivals. Man City, Leicester and Tottenham all have to face United, as do we but of course the loan deal would mean Debuchy cannot face us.

So should Wenger do United a favour and perhaps give our title hopes a boost at the same time?

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  1. WHY OH WHY SHOULD WE WE EVEN ENTERTAIN THE IDEA OF HIM GOING TO A RIVAL!!!!!!???? we want them to keep suffering and be weak so when we face then we “could” have an advantage. We have stopped selling our players to direct rivals and let united deal with their own mess.

    1. End of the season sell him and get someone else, I wouldn’t mind Martin Montoya..He wants regular first team but has failed to get at Barcelona and even on loan at inter. If we can give him around 15 games a season (in all competitions) it will be better than his role right now as a spare that keeps getting moved. He is not that bad and will be a step up from Debuchey also he would try fight for a place and give Bellerin a challenge (which I hope will keep them both sharp in matches)

        1. SO give me a player who you can count as “the best” who can come in possible take back-up role but would try fight for first team given Bellerin a real challange..remember the main reason he left on loan is because the Alves and Alves played alot of their matches (hardly any rotation).

          I am not saying sign the kid but lets loan him and see..

          oh yeah Bellerin was a youth reject from Barcelona dont forget that!!!

            1. Chambers are you serious??? the guy is not cut to be a second string player yet he makes far to many mistakes can not get off the pace like a proper flank right back.. Chambers is like a 5th wheel player we play him when we are really short.

              1. Bellerin is the future, everyone can tell he has world class potential so why would we need Montoya ?? We should get someone experienced to compete with him, a player similar to Monreal would be good enough.

          1. Fail, he wasn’t a reject, Barca wanted to keep him like Fabregas but he left because he didn’t want to take chances wasting his time on the bench with false hopes. And he was converted from RW to RB so that practically makes him an ARSENAL academy product.

  2. He has just be loaned to Bordeaux if I’m correct. The only player I would have loaned to Man Utd is André Santos by the way with a strict clause of him having to be fielded 90 mins a game.

  3. well wenger made manure champions by selling van the captain to manure, so selling deadwood to them wont make any diff.

  4. This is a strange one, as Debuchy was training with the rest of the team today, which is unusual if he was really going out on loan.
    Some reports suggest that wenger blocked Utd’s move for Debuchy and some reports say that the player is off to France.

    Breaking news!
    Jack Wheelchair is out for the rest of the season!

    Is anyone really surprised about that?
    I know that I’m not.

  5. I can’t believe that someone is moaning that he doesn’t want Barcelona’s youth rejects ??

    If their so called youth rejects can get into our first team as teenagers, then that’s telling you something, right there! ?

    1. Uhmm Bellerin wasn’t a reject, just letting you know this. And he was a RW in Barcelona, he wouldn’t make it into our team either if he stayed as a RW, we converted him into RB because that’s where his potential lies, something Barca couldn’t see.

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