Why Arsenal should listen to Giroud on striker target

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans and other people who follow football will be quick to say that our France international star is not going to be completely objective about Kylian Mbappe and the transfer rumours linking him with Arsenal among a host of other big clubs, because the arrival of this highly rated young striker would surely make it harder for the big man to get a game for the Gunners next season.

But I think we could say the same of any big name forward that Arsene Wenger signs this summer and Giroud must be aware that his boss is looking to sign a top class striker for Arsenal, so I reckon we should keep that in mind when we hear what Olly had to say on the speculation surrounding his fellow countryman, as reported by Metro.

Giroud seems to think that the 18-year old Monaco starlet is being linked with a big transfer too early in his fledgling career and that the best thing for Mbappe would be to stay where he is for now and continue to learn and grow as a player.

The Arsenal man said, ‘I will not go against what you say about him.

‘He is a good kid, a kid, young man, forgive me, who is full of maturity. But I think we should leave him alone a little.’

We certainly do not want to smash the club’s transfer record for a player who might wilt after a move to the Premier League, so is Giroud right about this Arsenal transfer?



  1. Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation, ??to rock the Nation!

    No! Giroud just doesn’t want to be in the shadow of some 18 year old kid … kid?.. I meant a potential Henry mark♊️. So of course Lamppost is going to suggest that Mbappe stays where he is.

  2. LoL
    Giroud has scored 98 goals for us. That’s great. But if he scored consistently for us like has done for France, we would not be discussing another striker

    He wants to play regularly for Arsenal, so I don’t blame him not wanting us to sign a Top striker but we need another Top forward. And perhaps two if Alexis leaves

  3. With no major signings on the horizon, Wenger must be willing & waiting to spend the majority of the War chest on Mbappe,?? right? ?

  4. Why so much discussion when Mbappe is not really coming to Arsenal? If Real want him, they get him. James+Morata moved out will give him enough games to go there. I wonder for last 5 years how many young players we bought that matured well! Even graduates, loanees? Teams like Monaco, Chelsea, RM, City have enough players in their academy to promote 1-2 from within each year. Even Porto an Benfica are doing gr8. We as a team have the worst scouting network, worst medical team and an arrogant manager who has lost his understanding of players and modern game, among any elite EPL teams out there. If Mbappe wants a good future, he will step away of our gossips, let alone joining Arsenal. I really hope now AW leaves in a year or 2, what I really fear is he has enough potential so sink us t even further. I hope that day never comes.

    1. Unless you have some inside knowledge then you are just spouting an opinion like everyone else, difference is your opinion is worthless.

      Last 5 years huh.. even graduates?
      Bellerin and Iwobi in our current squad.
      Martinez is our 3rd choice GK.
      M-Niles has been promoted to senior team for next season along with Reiss Nelson, both are good talents and if you actually watched any of our kids then you will be asking why they are not given more of a chance, we have some real great talent.

      5 players.
      Holding is a young player, got plenty of game time at the end and looked the real deal against Chelsea in the FA Cup final.
      6 players in 1st team now…

      To claim that CHELSEA do better than Arsenal in giving kids a chance and for them to mature at Chelsea more is a joke!

      Wenger has his faults but developing players is not one of them, if anything he has developed average kids like Gibbs into a player that has helped maintain UCL football up until this year. That is impressive! Chavski couldn’t have done that, they would need to buy in top talent like they did with Cashley and more recently with Kante.

      If Real Madrid want him they get him… PMSL!
      How many years after De Gea, still rumors and nothing official.
      Did they get Robert Pires when Arsenal and Real Madrid went in for him… Thought he was an Arsenal legend, not a Real Madrid ex player…
      RM do not get everyone they are after. they get a lot because it is RM… they do not get everyone though. They may get MBappe… They may only be bidding £75 million (converted from euros) which reports from Spain are suggesting and as such UTD could get him… Who has paid the most for a teenager?

      1. Except Bellerin, your names does not excite me, that is the problem. Holding is not academy player, he was bought last year. Gibbs, kid? he is 27 dude, he was kid 5 years back. Developing young players means making them world class, not making them average. That Southampton does better than us.

        Wenger prefers a starting XI when they are fit, his rotation is horrible, then players get injured, he gives chance to youngsters and suddenly the team looks weak with 3-4 of them. They are not given more of a chance >> whose fault is that?

    2. To be honest giroud has a point, we all want top players and no one can doubt this kids potential, Huge money comes with huge expectation, martial was no different. He should stay where he’s n develop more,wenger would b the perfect man to help him as a player and a person, but r we fan at this stage willing to give him time to adopt…..

  5. ?? Has he signed anyone yet?
    [ ??Freebies not included, this doesn’t effect your statutory rights ]

    1. Nothing wrong with stealing the best left back in Germany for free. Whilst a salary of £37.5m over 5 years is hardly a freebie.

    2. Why wouldn’t the Bundesliga player of the season not be included as a signing? Just because he was free doesn’t mean he isn’t a signing!?!? He is currently the highest wage earner in Arsenal at 150k per week. He will be a starter for Arsenal next season. This is the kind of delusion Arsene Wenger talks about often. If we signed the guy for 30m like he is clearly worth, would you count him as a signing then? 😉

    3. I think that the quote is slightly misinterpreted. I think what Giroud is saying is that we should stop hyping him up further and further. As is what happens to the in favour young players at the time. Last season we were all on the Pogba train. The guy has a little dip adapting to a below par club in the best league in the world. Next minute: Pogba is a complete and utter failure!
      Lets put it this way… If we sign Mbappe and he scores 12 goals and 7 assists, he will get destroyed by the media. Arsene Wenger will be the shite on the bottom of your shoe. Fans will call for his sale, demanding the next flavour of the week. Yet how many 18 year old players come into the Prem and achieve those figures in their first season? Did he ask to have a 100m price on his head? Did he REALLY need to be talked up to the point that he could never live up to the hype? Was Olivier Giroud right? 😉

  6. Same transfer window as the last 5 start off wanting WC, as time goes by fans become desperate an eventually want anything

    Man City go after a player 2 days later it’s confirmed on sky done deal

    Arsenal go after a player 2 weeks later still not done eg Mustafi

    1. So how come I haven’t seen Alexis in blue yet?
      2 days later… Well they have wanted him for more than 2 days.

  7. West Ham in for Giroud lol??
    According to The Mirror, West Ham are ready to pounce for the France international by making a £20m bid – the same amount that French club Marseille, another potential suitor, are prepared to offer up front

  8. The Rumour Mill has awoken ?
    Liverpool Exclusive: Klopp willing to pay Arsenal £40m for Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Yup, One freebie IN and unlimited OUT’s available @Arsenal’s bargain basement, show us the colour of your money!

        1. they’re just selling papers. What a crazy coincidence this report comes out hours after Ox scores for England.

    1. EXCLUSIVE: MANCHESTER CITY are ready to make Alexis Sanchez the highest-paid player in their history.
      ? £275,000 a week and they hope that Arsenal accept their £50 million offer. Which is £10 million more than what Munich were mentioning.

      1. Only £275k a week… Ooops I thought we was going off Arsenal fans opinion on wages, if that was Wenger offering him that much I bet you would be insulting Wenger, telling the man to pay Alexis what he wants.

        1. Lol ?? nah, not me, I personally couldn’t give a Fork about players wages.?? that’s none of my business ??
          I’m just sharing the latest news to my fellow Gooners, who are interested in it. Yeah, I know that some don’t care for it or even wanna moan about it but hey there’s nothing else doing on the football front regarding our club. Mbappe to Arsenal will get Wenger’s ass kissed & licked for sure… Ramsey style ?? morning Boss ?

          1. You don’t need to share it, we all read the same sites, how about trying to come up with something we don’t all already know or at least come up with some positive or constructive. I’m fed up with reading anti arsenal comments on arsenal blogs. Heavens sake we get enough with talkshite and the sun scumbags.

    2. Tell them we want 40 mil plus 1 pound and then say no.
      Couldnt take us selling anyone to them after the Suarez saga.

  9. Who cares what Giroud has to say? We’ve seen enough to know he’s not good enough to bring us EPL title. We need a top striker, and though Giroud is decent, he’s not good enough. It has been said over and over, and by Mbappe himself, that he himself will decide what he wants to do. Whether he stays at Monaco, goes to Real Madrid, or Arsenal, he will do what is best for him.

  10. The lamp post is scared of a kid. Sell that donkey to Westham as soon as possible coz Arsenal won’t win major trophies when the most slowest striker is leading the line. He scored 98 goals after how many games?
    First time I see a striker who always faces his own goalkeeper when he got da ball. Since he came to Arsenal, I’ve never seen him dribble past one defender. But some supporters see him as saviour

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