Why Arsenal should NOT attempt transfer of `new Sterling´

The rumour mill is getting up to full speed as the end of the Premier League season draws closer and as usual, there are plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours to pick through. We know that most of them will come to nothing of course, or Arsenal would end up with a squad of over 100 players.

One rumour that caught my eye this weekend, reported by The Mirror, suggested that Arsene Wenger has been keeping a close eye on the England under 20 international Rolando Aarons who joined the Newcastle United youth team after spending a few years with Bristol City.

The Jamaican born winger has been compared to Liverpool´s Raheem Sterling due to his electric pace and style of play and with just a year left on his contract and with talks over a new deal on hold, the possibility of the Arsenal boss making a move this summer has apparently increased.

But I have to wonder why Wenger would go for a relatively untested young player dubbed the new Sterling when he could go for the real deal. With Sterling apparently stalling on a new deal under Brendan Rodgers and with Liverpool looking like they will miss out on the Champions League places, Arsenal could have a good chance of getting Sterling himself.

We have had enough years of Wenger looking for hidden gems and if the Gunners are to mount a serious title challenge next season we need players who are already producing, not players with potential that may or may not be realised. Do you agree Gooners?

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  1. ‘New Sterling’? I didn’t realise Sterling was this big star. Can hardly be the ‘new’ somebody when you’re just a year younger..

  2. Sterling hasn’t even reached 21 yet and there are already people stupidly referring to some players as the “new Sterling”. I mean seriously? We don’t even know if Sterling is capable of reaching the definitive top level, how come are people so ready to start comparing youngsters to him?

    No wonder English football players never really reach super-stardom. They’re overhyped like crazy until they burn out.

    1. Also, JA needs to quit letting articles like this being posted.. they’re just a waste of time and server space.

  3. I’m a fan of Aarons he would be a great addition to our u21 for the right price.he would make a good cheap future investment.

    He had an excellent game against c palace this season were he scored and got mom.

    As a fellow jamaican I’m happy to see lads like him and sterling doing well.

  4. Right now a DM is of more importance to back up le coq, incase of injury! Someone like schneiderlin or kondogbia!

  5. Yes i definitely agree. We have a whole youth set up that may contain gems Jelalem Crowley etc. Its time to better the Arsenal first team. We have two or more players competing in each position and any who have not shown enough quality over the best part of two to three seasons should be worrying in my opinion. Worrying not because they are bad players, but Because we have money and high expectations.

  6. was reading online somewhere today that barca were willing to let pedro go for about £15 million this could be a bargain for a quality player and if corzola(who cost £18miillion) decides he wants to go next year back to spain we have his ready made replacement in pedro he is hybrid of sanchez and corzola(great two footed player)skilled in the barca hard working style and energetic and at 27 he would be at his peak and can score goals from wide areas we would have added edge to our attacking play if we cant get reus he would be a great second chioce would be a better investment than aarons me thinks.

    1. Cazorla was like £13m wenger pulled of the transfer coup of the century with santi. But that is all media bull sh*t cazorla is really happy in London and can’t stop saying enough positive things about the prem.

      He is raising a family in London and I don’t see them leaving anytime soon. I will eat my hat if he leaves next year or I’ll strip like that Colombian journalist lol

  7. By the way,did anybody notice Kondogbia’s composure in the French team midfield yesterday….plus assisting OG’s goal

  8. i personally think british players get easily selected for the national team especially strikers a good few months&goals you,re in,in some countries it takes players years at the highest level before getting a look in!!

  9. AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHH! I hate it when players are referred to as “The new…”!

    I saw an article recently saying Henry felt daunted, replacing Anelka. Was he ever dubbed “The new Anelka”?

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