Why Arsenal should not expect an easy win over Fulham this weekend

After Arsenal’s three wins over Palace, Leicester and Bournemouth, many Gooners are expecting that a visit from our London rivals Fulham should be a walk in the park for our newly confident starting XI, but I must admit that I am not as confident as most fans.

To give an idea of what we can expect to come up against, I need to remind everyone that Fulham won the Championship last season whilst scoring 106 goals in their 46 League games.

Marco Silva has spent fortunes to improve the team this summer, and it seems to be paying off as they are incredibly still unbeaten in their first three games of this season, including draws against Liverpool and Wolves, and a very hard-fought win over Brentford. They will be as confident as Arsenal are this weekend, and will not just lie down and let Arsenal walk all over them.

They now have Bernd Leno in goal, who will be eager to prove a point against the Gunners, and have brought in winger Manor Solomon amongst many other experienced arrivals. And of course Mirovic is on fire for the Cottagers.

Last night, Fulham lost to lowly Crawley in the League Cup, but considering Silva made ten changes to his team, I think we can totally discount that result and notice that the Fulham team we face will have had a week’s rest, just like us.

Ye, Arsenal are in very confident run of form, and long may it continue, but we also need to be aware that there are no easy London derbies, and this is a very possible banana skin…

Darren N


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  1. I understand this fear considering how Arsenal got humiliated by the “Lesser” PL teams last season. But seeing the kind of matches are having this season, players look ready for the EPL for the first time. Looking back to the last season, even when Arsenal was winning games, it never felt assured and positive. Our players looked surprised by their own win when they won and that hardly is a reassuring thing to watch. But something is different this season. So, I think Arsenal can get a win against Fulham. I just don’t think Arsenal will get a clean sheet though.

  2. For sure,it won’t b an easy stuff bt remember we are da wounded lion since last season.da narrowly escaped was so painful bt shall b our morale booster

  3. The above about Fulham is partly incorrect.
    Muniz has gone on loan to Boro.
    Wingers Solomon, Wilson and Kebano are all out with injuries
    Fulham squad is threadbare and will be lucky to draw against high flying Arsenal this weekend

  4. Fulham managed to score two goals against Liverpool, so they’re not pushovers. There’s no reason to worry though, because of many factors

    1. Against a Liverpool team that was there for the taking, mitrovic will have a battle on his hands in the air xo I wish tomiyasu is re-instated

  5. They just got knocked out of the Carabao cup, because Marco rested his first string players to be ready for us. This, is the first real test to prove how solid we are.

      1. Trust me if we beat Fulham, he will say that next match is the first real test..if we then win its becomes the next… And then the next and then the next.. That’s how you move a goalpost when you don’t support a manager.. No pon intended..

        1. @Mark 2.0
          You need to get outta ya feelings there bucko. Just because I criticised the coach for his past failings, doesn’t mean I don’t support him and or the team. In case you haven’t copped on yet, it’s “Arsenal FC”, not “Arteta FC”…IJS

  6. A team that hasn’t lost any of its first 3 games in the PL and has even drawn against Liverpool? That’s gonna be a hard nut!!!

  7. I think all gooners understand what you are saying. Last season we were disgraced by lesser teams, and all these cost us a place in the top four. So considering the form fulham are experiencing this season, it will be no walk in the park

  8. We should get 3 points, we need to keep the momentum running. The belief is there only Saka needs to come to the party.

  9. We are in a much better place this year than last year. I realize this won’t be a walkover, but unlike last year I am excited rather than worried before a game like this.

    Whisper it only, but I can’t shake the feeling that Arsenal will surprise a lot of people this season.

  10. Yep. Games like this against newly-promoted clubs are dangerous. Fulham are unbeaten in the PL and have rested players for Saturday. If anything, their exit from the league cup is likely to fire them up – a lot depends on the attitude of the Arsenal players, hopefully they gained experience in this kind of game last season.

    When you miss out on the CL by 1 point, it should be ghames like this that you regret, not games like Spurs or Newcastle away. This game makes me think of Burnley 0-0 more than those other losses.

  11. I cannot agree with you more. The premier is in fact one of the difficult leagues in the world. There are no small teams – gone are those days

  12. The game is just an easy win with cleansheet for us bcos how confident and fast arsenal is currently now will be too difficult for them to handle

  13. Let Fulham come with their full squad, I am not afraid and I am sure Arsenal will beat them …… 3pts again for us COYG …….

  14. We last lost to Fulham in 2012 2-1 away.
    At home though in the Prem., we’ve played them at home 27 times. Winning 21 and drawing just 6 with NO losses.
    After the game on Saturday, it’ll be 28 wins for the Gunners and we’ll still be top with a 100% winning start.

    1. It will read 4 – 0, advantage The Gunners, at the final whistle, come Saturday! 😅
      Many do not yet realise it: Arsenal will blow most teams away this campaign, simply because it is ‘our’ season… The required fundamentals (attitude & attitude) have just come together, and will only get better. ✅

  15. I am pretty sure of our win against Fulham, if anyone think Fulham is not a pushover then arsenal at this moment is a hard nut that can not be crack easily, history is very important and is about to repeat itself,
    For the past four meetings with Fulham they have not won against us, and currently we are the best team not even Liverpool or at best I can say man city.
    Up Gunners fans expect nothing but a sure win against Fulham.

  16. One thing about the PL is that no team is easy, and you will never have an easy win; I agree with you, and MA is doing a great job; I hope he mentally prepared the players for the win

  17. This game probably be our toughest game to date, this team got goal in them for sure, am happy we are actually playing them at home now.

    No sign of their wheels falling off just yet, not sure what’s in Leno contract if starts against us for this one.

    There will be goals in this one, I would be extremely happy with a 3 nil but that wouldn’t be easy.

  18. Good game for Jesus to move up the goal scorers chart, He is needs to be up there with the top 9s…A brace or a hat trick will do…. minimum 20 goals this season from him and I Know he can do it.

  19. Yaa Gunner will win. The spirit in the players is self motivated and result oriented .i. Expected 2 -0

  20. I think our players are well motivated this season compared to previous 2 or 3 seasons , so our players will fight so hard to get a hard win from Fulham. Our style of play has completely changed this season and arteta deserves the credit

  21. So many fans talk about the players’ new mentality, strong spirit, hunger to win and so on.
    I think that these adjectives apply more for those fans that are blind believers, over optimistic, than to the players. Fans that are analytical and studious don’t fall for that. This Fulham match is a tough one, like all in the PL.
    Luckily October will put us in the right place.

  22. The in-form table toppers Arsenal @week 3 into the campaign are very very confident indeed to keep topping the table @week 4 and beyond in the campaign this season. And even up to season’s end will Arsenal top the table to claim and claim their first Premier League title win in 18 years.
    Therefore, the Gunners will not jeopardize their being on top of the E P L to sacrifice by not beating Irons at the Ems on Saturday. Just for the reason of Fulham are newly promoted to the EPL this season. And have played well in 3 matches in the campaign garnering 5 points to Arsenal 9 points garnered.
    Are Arsenal the mate of Fulham in the EPL? The answer to the question is capital NO!!!
    And for this uncomparable motivation stand between Arsenal and Fulham, Arsenal will certainly walopp Fulham by 5 goals to nil in the game @full-time. And coast home comfortably collecting all the 3 points in the match encounter between the duo club sides.

  23. There are basically no easy matches these days, but I feel Arsenal will find a way to win this. We seem relax at home, so there might not be a cleansheet. A 3:1 win for Arsenal is what I am predicting. COYG

  24. I agree with NYG on this one. Yes Palace away was a good test but Fulham are currently a better team. I don’t care if Liverpool have started badly – a draw vs them tells you a lot about Fulham’s character. They score goals, are frightened of nobody and are on a roll. Yes I expect a win, but only if we concentrate for 90 mins and play confident attacking football whilst taking nothing for granted. Press and play at the right pace and our system takes care of the rest.

  25. Fulham scoring twice against Liverpool should not be under estimated. Which means there should be no fouls in box by Ars defence.as well as well good cover up as support to avoid free space. Strikers left to prove themselves as Scorers. Shame for them to stay as strikers even with 10 target shots.

  26. My preview is a realistic comment to the statement by the author to say that Fulham should not be underestimated.

  27. We need to possess a kind of arrogant confidence as a fan base that’ll translate into the Stadia on match days boosting our players and giving them that added lift to go and win games. The invincibles had an arrogance about them, they already defeated their opponents before match days. They just make that come to light on match days.

    These guys are no invincibles but we need to start making them believe they are capable of much more than aiming for top 4 on a yearly basis. They play for The Arsenal for cruying out loud.

  28. I know it alondon derby game but I am arsenal will pick all the three points ,looking at the front trip of Gabriel,Bukayo ,and martinelli goals wll be scored just for fun.

  29. I dont expect the Fulham game to be a walk in the park, in fact no game in the PL is a walk in the park. That said, I think there might be a few changes in the starting line up for the Fulham and the Villa game, to keep our strongest starting line up fresh for the United game next weekend. We might see starts for ESR, Vierra and Tomi against either Fulham or Villa. I also expect Jesus to score a goal or 2 against Fulham.

  30. Ramsdale will have to be on his game and fully concentrated !! I hope either Fabio or Marquinoz will be
    introduced to the Emirites crowd in the second half..

  31. Arsenal will beat her opponent on Saturday. The guys are in high spirit right now. Right now, I am dreaming how arsenal will obtain her first 24 points before meeting the big guys.

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