Why Arsenal should NOT keep back four for Chelsea clash

After Arsenal played so much better in the second half of the first Europa League group game this week, there will be Arsenal fans hoping that Arsene Wenger sticks with the system of playing a flat back four that he turned to after the sloppy first half showing against FC Cologne, but I think it would be a mistake.

Perhaps the fact that Arsenal achieved such a comfortable and comprehensive win over Antonio Conte’s Blues at the Emirates almost exactly a year ago might make the boss consider going with a back four as well, but things were different then.

For one thing that beating by Arsenal saw Conte switch his own tactics with Chelsea to a back three and with that set-up they returned the favour with a 3-1 win at Stamford Bridge in February. I also think that Wenger’s decision to change things against the Germans at halftime was in answer to having to chase the game and also to get Kolasinac on and keep Bellerin on at the same time.

Away to Chelsea we want Arsenal to be hard to beat, first and foremost and a back three should be more defensively solid. I would like to see Mertesacker in the middle with Koscielny and Mustafi either side and those three defenders have the ability between them to handle anything Chelsea can throw at us.

Updated: September 16, 2017 — 7:49 pm


  1. I am not convinced by back 3 for Arsenal… Arsenal are that much efficient which one needs to be in the back 3 system… As I said earlier that we should switch to 4-3-3 formation… This is the one formation we used to use until we brought Ozil and switch to 4-2-3-1…. There are numerous benefits of 4-3-3 system…. Front 3 three can press Chelsea’s Defenders while they don’t have ball… Middle 3 can pack the middle of the field and make Chelsea’s time more difficult to play…..
    And most importantly our front 3 expose the pockets of spaces between there Central Defenders and wing backs.. In back 3 formation your wing backs are little advance in their positioning and if your wingers or Wide players of your 4-3-3 can expose those pockets of spaces when their wings back are little ahead… We have Xhaka who can be instrumental in cross court wide range passing…
    So I would go with 4-3-3

    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Kolasinac

    Ramsey Xhaka Elnenny

    Sanchez Lacazzate Welbeck

    It’s is useless to play Ozil these kinds of games because won’t create anything nor he will help defenders… He won’t press Chelsea’s back 3 which Sanchez and Welbeck will do….

    1. Anyone know if Ozil is fit for today?

    2. If we do …. we will too often be caught with only 2 at the back !

  2. we need to keep the three at the back against Chelsea, with koscienly, mustafi and monreal we need to be at our best to beat them

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