Why Arsenal should NOT let Podolski go!

I have just been reading that the Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski is on the verge of leaving the club and going to play in Italy for the Serie A champions Juventus and I am not happy. With at least two years left on his contract, we are not under pressure to sell him and although Arsenal may have more striking options for this season, we are not exactly bursting at the seams.

The most bizarre thing about this Arsenal transfer news in Metro is that the idea, apparently, is for the Turin club to take him on loan to make sure he works out for them. Is it just me, or does this sound like it is all good for Juventus but not so great for us?

What if we replace Podolski and then they give him back? And what if we don’t replace him and then pick up a couple of injuries to the front line? It does tend to happen to us after all. I don’t5 think we should even be thinking of releasing the German unless Wenger has a very good replacement coming in. Despite an injury ravaged season, the 29-year old was really starting to look at home in the Premier League, completing games and looking faster and stronger. And his strike rate was the best at the club.

Why let him go just when he was looking the part? And on loan? Really Arsenal?

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  1. I don’t care whether Poldi leaves on loan or on a permanent deal in case we can get Reus or someone of his quality during this transfer window.

    1. Oh wait it is in the Metro, must be true then.
      I’ll just go mortgage my house and place a bet based on this sure fire info.

      Seriously admin, rehashing nonsense stories from the Metro, a website that runs 3 conflicting stories about a single player at the same time on the same day!

    2. Wenger needs to move and get Reus and Cavalho.

      As for Poldoski I would sooner see Wenger go than Poldoski he is a great player and Wenger is an idiot not house him more the statistics prove that he is good far better than Giroud.

      Wenger is to tight to buy a striker because according to him there prices is inflated.
      I have news for Wenger they score goals thats why.
      With Arsenal and Wenger he believes that they are a waste of money and he wants his midfield players to score the goals but they are not as good as strikers.

  2. Podolski is a fan favorite and a great player, also a great person off the pitch. However if it means he makes way for a top class striker or winger, then so be it.

    1. Wenger on signing a new striker:

      “We have Sanogo who will be an important asset, we have Giroud, we have Lukas Podolski, we have Joel Campbell, who can play centre forward. We have Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott coming back. Let’s not forget that. All of our opponents look for strikers as well and nobody finds a world-class striker available who is better than the strikers you have.”


      1. No disrespect to samogo but if we go in with him for the rest of the season. Good bye title chances

      2. Chelsea signed Diego Costa who is better than Ba, Torres and Lukaku.
        Liverpool signed Balotelli is as good as Giroud if not better. Stuuridge is also there.
        Man Utd already have V.Persie and Rooney.
        Man City have Aguerro, Dzeko, Negredo and Jovetic.

  3. I am Poldi’s biggest fan at Arsenal. My family is German and I have followed him his entire career. I love having the best finisher in the league with Arsenal.

    But I also understand the business of football and the timing of career progression. It would make some sense if Poldi left at this time. Arsenal could still get some cash and Poldi could still have some good playing years left on his career perhaps with a club of his liking.

    If he stays I will be absolutely thrilled – a favorite a player with Arsenal = great. But if he departs I understand the reasons and timing behind it.

    1. Talking sense wow.
      The Prince is 29, and, I would think, wants to play football. He is never going to be a nailed on starter for us, and, it may be that HE has asked for a move. Surprised that he would go to Juve however, as regular games may not be guaranteed there either. Thought he may go back to Cologne.
      We have young players that can play wide left, and with Theo back soon, we have plenty of options there.
      Lukas is a great guy, and we would ALL miss him, but, I think it would be a good move for him, at his age, and would NOT hurt the team. Wenger just MAY have a young top class player in mind to replace him in the squad already, and the guy knows this.

          1. giroud’s stll not arsenal firrst team quality ANY FKN way u put it

            RVP, Henry, Wiltord, Kanu, Anelka, Iceman Bergkamp

            u think giroud would even be able to play back up to them? Fkn Adebayor the lazy sloth was more clinical and efficient than giroud will ever be, for all the s**t he copes bendtner was and would’ve been better then olivier if no for arrogance, Giroud IS NOT good enough for arsenal, maybe yaya one day But not Giroud, NEVER. The fact that podolski’s being kicked out instead of giroud makes ZERO sense, at least podolski takes his chances

            arsenal need Cavani

            1. fans still don’t get it. i don’t know how you can be a fan and maintain such ignorance.

              all of us know that arsenal need more quality at striker.

              but that has nothing to do with giroud and it does not make giroud an enemy to fans.

              unbelievable ignorance.

  4. In a bit of confusion towards transfers. As everyone knows I love Reus and believe we need a lw as we get heavily exposed there. Theo can do the job up front and Alexis may need time to settle. But I also think we need a pure out right striker like cavani as we don’t have a world class striker in our squad. Thumbs up for striker, down for lw.

  5. And one other thing why are we talking of getting rid of the Prince when we still have miyaichi and coq on the list who unfortunately arnt gonna provide anything this season whereas when podolski plays you know he is gonna cause some damage with that hammer

    1. Yes, but Ryo and Coq will likely not attract cash buyers and they also are both more likely to be accepting of little or no 1st team playing time – they are simply different caliber of players and thus are in a different situation. They will likely only go to “lesser” quality teams.

      1. I’m just thinking about 25 man squad right now so we have to get rid of some of these list cloggers. If you tell podolski exactly what his role is in the team I reckon he will stay for this year playing as a sub and start when needed and then will be back to cologne next season

  6. If he goes, it is to make room for someone better hopefully. He wasn’t a key player anyway. He only played 90 minutes a handful of times and is very expendable if quality comes back in return. Bye Bye Poldi.

  7. Wingers: Carzola, Campbell, Walcott, OX, Gnabry and Sanchez….

    6 players for 2 positions

    ACM: Rosicky, Ozil and Carzola

    3 players for 2 positions

    no place for Pod in midfield…

    1. Yes, the club is loaded with midfielders as is Wenger’s plan. But the club was loaded with midfielders LAST SEASON also and Poldi was essential in the 2nd half due to the heavy schedule and all the injuries.

      How many are too many? I don’t know. You may indeed be right. But clearly it is not quite as simple as you try to make it seem. For another example players like Gnabry and Walcott are not really in conflict with Poldi for playing time – different positions and roles.

  8. One comment on Campbell. I recently read several comments claiming that Campbell was terrible in his few minutes on the pitch vs. Everton.

    I rewatched the game to ensure I had not missed something. I thought he played fine. He put some nice balls in the box – the kind of low-percentage / high-reward passes that attackers make when a goal is needed. His pace also was evident when he was able to get back quickly for some defense. His touch was not perfect in all cases but this is really his first tiny chance at Arsenal football.

    Campbell came in with the contingent that clearly helped Arsenal score two. Overall I thought Campbell looked fine and I am confident he can really change things up with his pace and creativity.

    His performance was nothing like the reports from “KJ” the idiot and some others.

    1. comments and reports are based on price tag…

      if Campbell was signed for 50m, there will be better reports and comments for him….

      at this stage hes not good enough

      we need to spend

  9. If there is one striker in the I am comfortable with his goal returns, its prince poldi. Pls Arsene, keep my prince. We want additions to strenghten the squad not subtraction cos Wenger is not looking at the attack as a department he wants to strengthen dis summer. Not wit his accolades on Giroud.

  10. poldi deserves to play, at 29 he needs to complete his career on the pitch, wenger wont play him other than after the 70″, so he should go, but not a loan deal, makes no sense?

  11. If Poldi is sold, I am sure we will not replace him. Wenger is not looking for a striker/winger who can be really considered an improvement on Poldi, for this window. We have improved Sanga, Fabinaski, Jenk. Agreed. But team more or less still is the same standard, compared to the top 4. Everyone improved, what did we do special yet? Alexis is good, but always we post Arsenal spent 66m, where are effective is below 30m yet. JUST NOT ENOUGH

    1. Fans favourite players

      Mvilla, Mbigwa, Capoue, Sissoko, Diam, Cavani, Falcao, Chicarito, Carvalho, Gustavo….

      Wenger must spend and sign them

  12. We need a world class striker. Sell Podolski and loan Sanogoal.
    Loan Arteta and Diaby and sign Carvalho.
    Buy a quality CB.

  13. Try again! In most of the comments I`ve made it sound like I`m bagging Wenger and , to a certain degree, I am. He took back Flamini ,no problem, good move,(lucky) but other than that he has not encouraged players with EPL experience that I know of. God only knows for what reason he rejected Fabregas who is the one man who, not only can, but predictably will, sink Arsenal this season. Maurinho has the drop on Wenger. Fabregas will do for Chelsea what he could have done for Arsenal, raise their confidence and lead the way, and Wenger calls himself a professional?
    Finally, I feel a little sorry for Chambers. Very young, very talented, thrown in because we didn`t give `slow coach` the push and making his start in the toughest competition on the planet with a new, unsettled, untried side ,whose fans are expecting the `earth`. Wow! sorry kid!

  14. Sad that the Prince is leaving! Have seen some of his international goals for Germany, they are clinical and superb. He scored some great goals for the Gunners too.
    Just watch; He will be banging in goals a dozen at Juventus and we all will be regretting.
    Better to sell so-no-goals instead of the prince. Wenger, Please don’t let him leave!

  15. Too late… even Wenger wants him now Poldi will still leave. Gonna miss you Poldi. Good player but Arsene’s Arsenal is not for you.

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