Why Arsenal SHOULD NOT let Rosicky leave…

Tomas Rosicky has spoken openly about his wish to still play regularly and has admitted that he wants to talk to Arsene Wenger about letting him leave this summer, but an interview with the young Arsenal striker Chuba Akpom has highlighted the reasons why perhaps Wenger should hang on to the veteran midfielder.

“I speak to Tomas Rosicky a lot,” Akpom said on the official Arsenal website. “He is a legend and he is always giving me advice and telling me what to do more of.

“The one thing he always tells me is to always be moving, so you make a movement and if you don’t get the ball you then make another move to ensure you are available.

“He also encourages me to mix my game up: to take a few touches here, then the next time to take one touch and then spin away. He knows what he is talking about, he’s world class so it’s great to learn from these types of players.

“When I look around and see the likes of him and Mesut Ozil… these are people you play on Fifa with, that you watch on TV, so for me to be in the changing room with them… it’s amazing.”

Wenger is famous for only offering one-year extensions to players over 30, but this insight into how the more experienced stars can help in the development of our young stars. It was revealed last week that the 33 year-old Mikel Arteta has been coaching Arsenal’s Under 13 squad, so perhaps Rosicky could pass his invaluable experience on in the same capacity?

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  1. Tomas is a great player. He’s had a positive influence over many many Arsenal players over the years. Everyone loves the guy. And he is a super sub for us. If we need firepower and goals, he would be my go to more often than not. So I sure do hope we get to keep him. He’s most definitely worth a roster spot. But at the same time, I understand that the man wants to play.

  2. Id love if we finally went on to win the league next season and then Tomas leaving Arsenal as England Champion and decides stay here with Eve WHam Swa fulfilling game time. Leaving as a double FA cup champ wouldnt be bad either… fingers crossed.

    1. Don’t mean to be pedantic …BUT..

      As an AFC player he is a Gunner. Us as fans are Gooners. Unless Rosisky was a AFC fan before he played for them he can’t really be a Gooner. Although I guess his love for the club could grow during his time there to convert him into a Gooner..?Anyway…all that said; he could soon be a Gonner!;)

      Gunning, Gooning, Gonning:)

  3. Sczeszny and Walcott are the ones who should be allowed to leave,we must not be held to ransom by bench players,Sczeszny wants game time then he must leave and if Walcott wants a pay rise for being injury prone then he must leave!!

    1. Why should Walcot leave??? He is worldclass!!! He is fast!!! He scores loads of goals!!! He dribbles perfectly well! There’s no one like Theo out there in the world, HE CAN’T BE REPLACED!!!




      ……………….. wait for it……………






      ………..he is f***king English (the Queen’s first cousin) and therefore deserves to be paid any amount he desires.

  4. He must go, he is past his best and is wasting a slot.
    That slot can go to WC player, not player past their best and about to expire.

  5. Schez

    All players linked with a move and must go in the summer.

  6. I want Rosicky at Arsenal, he’s a fantastic player. Is he still good enough to get in the team? Yes, but not for every game. Rosicky wants to play more, whilst he still can. If he wants to go to play more I don’t really want us to hold him back. It’s a different story than a player leaving because they think they can do better elsewhere. Rosicky has been with us for years, he’s proved he’s a loyal gooner.

  7. His legs don’t have the miles a 34 year old football pro typically does. We shouldn’t be holding him here if he wishes to move on, we should be gracious in dealing with his situation.

    You don’t marginalize a player by having him rot on the bench and then stop him leaving to be happy – that would really stink considering the player we’re talking about.

    1. With Cazorla playing so well centrally and trying to fit Aaron Jack and Mesut in there it has gotten tough for the Maestro. Personally there where times i would have opted playing Rosicky over Jack Aaron and Mesut… Mesut was injured for good part so that should have accounted extra game time… considering Jack has been out also… yeh Wenger should have played TR more in my opinion… even if just to rest Cazorla or last twenty minutes at least.

  8. @Craigzwe
    Think of all the bandage and xray costs we will save unloading that lot.
    We could afford Ronaldo, Messi and have change.

  9. OT: France have scary team, Boss and OG on bench, i would like to see OG with Lacazzete in second half, and Fakir, both Lacazzete and Fakr are amazing, plus Shneiderlin in DM, i looked on some stats, guys we have best dm in EPL, COQ stats are by far spectacular, not even Matic can come close, crazy, dude has 98 tackles, while second has 60 LOL COQ MACHINE

    1. People forget so easily all the previous transfers which were falsified. No wonder some people are so frustrated when Arsene only brings in x amount of players and whom are the ones of his choosing. This is the fans who draw up a whole new Arsenal line up i am talking of… not the ones who believed we seriously needed a CB before signing Gab and were in urgent need of a DM before Coq and are now close to possible title winning team.

  10. France does have an incredible depth of talent, perhaps sans Germay the best collection in the world. Unfortunately for Le Blu, much like there European counterparts the Dutch there always seem to be an internal issue or some external circumstance that prevents them from reaching the ceiling of there potential

      1. And France is getting a home beatdown by the fighting Dunga’s.

        I specified collection of talent, not necessarily best in form teams @ the moment.

  11. Tomas Rosicky is an arsenal LEGEND!!!
    plzzzzzzz gime him an extension….. i mean forcing a club legend out is like going down to chelshit’s level…
    Age is just a number for rosicky. Just look at him play and try convincing any1 that he dowsn’t deserve and extension..

    TR7 <3

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