Why Arsenal should NOT risk Ramsey for Man City

When the Arsenal Player of the Year for last season appeared to turn his ankle on that awful £G artificial pitch in Andorra right at the end of the Wales international game this week, Arsene Wenger must have been cursing his luck. It was the last international game of the two week break and we seemed to have escaped unscathed until Ramsey limped off worryingly.

We no know the news is not that bad, as Wenger’s pre-match press conference reported by ESPN revealed. But the Frenchman admitted to fearing the worst after Rambo missed so much of last season with an injury that was thought to be minor at first. So his relief was palpable and totally understandable.

Wenger said, “He has a little chance to be available for Saturday. It is an ankle sprain, a minor one, for sure.

“I would have been haunted in my head by last year’s injury that was much more serious than expected at the start. It turned out to be three months, but even if he is not ready for Saturday, this is a short-term injury.”

I just hope that the concern outweighs the relief and makes the Prof err on the side of caution with his star midfielder. Of course we could always do with a fully fit and firing Ramsey on the pitch, especially against an opponent as strong as Man City, but I think it is more important to look at the long term view. Arsenal need to keep our best players fit for the whole season and we know that Wenger has, in the past, over played certain players and then lost them to injury.

Another reason why it is not worth the risk is that Ramsey has not yet hit his top form, while Jack Wilshere has really started to grow into that role again. So I don’t think we will be weakening the team by playing Jack rather than Aaron in the middle and then Ramsey will definitely be fit and fresh for the Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday. Do you agree?

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  1. If hes not 100% fit than dont! Play jack who can run around the niddle and get kicks form city…i smell a red card on their behalf. Later on put rosicky in and jack out..

    Ps i predict 5:2 welbz to score debut hat trick

    1. I’d play the Ox in Ramsey position and use one of Carzola or Ozill in front him not both and then use the other for the mid week game.
      Joel Carzola Sanchez
      Arteta Chamberlain

    2. stick jack in there, play ozil ahead of him with flamini as our holding mid, we have no other options than flamini. playing chambers at holding mid would be a little risky today IMO. And do not forget rosicky the lad has a point to prove and today would be a good chance to do so. I say either jack or thomas.

  2. i’d risk calum at DM because i dont rate arteta (too slow) or flam (too clumsy) v city.
    i’d play ramsey if he’s 100% bc he gets back better than wilshire; otherwise wilshire.
    also he plays thru the middle faster than does wilshire and tomorrow it’ll be super important
    to transition quickly rather than doing dawdling along in midfield.
    at LW, i wouldnt play cazorla ; preferring campbell bc of greater speed + he gets back:
    debuchy per koz monreal (gibbs for dortmund)
    ramsey/wilshire, chambers
    sanchez OZIL campbell

  3. Wilshere, ozil, sanchez vs yaya, Silva, aguero. What about welbeck, what bout fernandinho, gonna be tough can’t wait, wenger wins id tear off that news paper page and smoke weed with it!!! Coyg

  4. COYG let’s get the 3 points to give us the confidence we can maintain a strong challenge for league this season
    Oh to be a GOONER

  5. Aha! Londoners u are the twelfth man on that pitch, give us a shout, give them a run, lets rump upon dem Babylons

  6. We want aomeone who’s comabative and mobile on the pitch. Flamini should come on if we go ahead. I’d like to see chambers in for per m, or even at dm with jack along side him. I hope im wrong but predict bfg will get exposed again today, I hope hes sharpened up since the everton game 🙁

  7. Sell wilshear so we dont have him as an option plus our new sighning diaby and maybe try to swap ozil for fab. Kick out arteta and use the cash we accumulate to buy a dm and a cb and we are good to go.

  8. @lolmose. Try and sign fab, wtf?! Get over him hes not ours and shouldn’t be. Sell wilshire? Bit too early and drastic to suggest that.

    1. I get u bt i am of the opinion that maureen rates ozil highly and might accept a swap. Frankly ozil is nt good. Wilshear on the other hand can compete with ramsey and again nt good enough, his spot should go to a new young prospect like zelalem. My opinion

  9. It is a good thing to be optimistic, as a fan; you always hope your team wins. But Arsenal fans can be extreme optimists, often unrealistic in their assessment of their team and its chances of winning particularly the big games.

    We do hope to win this game against Man-City, but we must accept the fact that they have a better squad than we do. Hence, if we win, we must thankful and happy. But if we don’t, we should not crucify our players and talk ill of our club.


  10. Arsenal are stronger than
    last season. More pace
    more goal scorers
    more experience.
    I expect a super charged ,
    rumbustious memorable occasion.
    Home win Arsenal 5 City 1 .

  11. Use the 1-4-5 formation for guaranteed goals or 5-4-1 formation for guaranteed draw. I prefer latter, Park the Bus

  12. Wilshire out, start chambers and flame. We must be very defensive and park the bus against an awesome city team

  13. Sanchez body language in team photo worries me looks very unhappy while all the others are laughing and joking he looks so miserable like he does not want to be there think he is struggling to adapt to London life and is regretting his decision to join us!!

    1. arteta today said how sanchez has been putting in extra training sessions and how emthusiastic he is towards addapting so thats not the problem. he is the new guy and still getting used to england. maybe youve never lived work abroad from my personal xp it can be very lonley

    2. Yeah, he looks very serious in the pics. It’s not bad to have a guy who often means business around, keeps everybody focused.

      Maybe he was like: “Shit, can’t believe these guys just have the Charity cup and FA cup only and they are rejoicing like this”

  14. Play Rosicky / Cazorla, Arteta and Wilshere in Midfield.. Play Welbeck as a long striker, Play Sanchez on the Right– Campbell on the Left… If not Wilshere then The Ox… The Keeper and Back 4 should pick it’s self..

  15. Ozil on the left again?? hope not ffs!!
    No Cazorla, Rosciky, Ox Campbell. Surprised to see Ramsey and Wilshire on the pitch together.
    Glad Ya Ya is not playing 🙂

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