Why are Arsenal trying to sign Andre Gomes?

Why sign Andre Gomes? by Robnet

Making more than four signings in a single transfer window may cause instability in a team. So far, Arsenal have not only made five signings but have also just moved out of their comfort zone and taken a bold step to bring in a new manager, Unai Emery. He himself recently admitted that together with his team, they have to first of all know the players, the players also have to know these new arrivals well which will definitely take some time.

Already in the middle of the park we have very good players, Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhaka, Matteo Guendouzi, Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Maitland-Niles, Lucas Torreira, Mesut Ozil and Mohamed Elneny. But Unai Emery still asked Calum Chambers to train as a midfielder. If Unai is surely the best choice Arsenal had to make, he should guide these talents into world class players.

So many teams even in the premier league have struggled after changing managers. Take for instance Manchester City, one of the best coaches signed with them but for a season, they tumbled and misfired – yet in the next season, they steadied and set record points in the premier league.

For now Unai Emery has to work on the mentality of these players until they can deliver to his standards, while the fans will have to give this team time to settle before we talk of more signings and replacements.



  1. NIFTY says:

    You are one of our problem. With fans like you Stan will continue to manipulate the club anyhow he wants

    1. Ryan says:

      Spot on. He is Our major. He is talking about man city. Maybe he was asleep when guadiolar took over a man city team that had world class players. Am sure he doesn’t know that Arsene Wenger left a wrecked team for Emery (apart from abumeyang) to takeover. Maybe we should enter next season with the same set of players. Yeye guy. Ode!

      1. Adepholly says:

        You called player like Laca, Ozil, Ramsey,Kosc, Monreal, Miki etc wrecked players? that is not good. The coach should take time to study the players at his disposal now before making massive overhauling. Are you expecting us to win the league this season? That might not be possible except by miracle. we should limit our expectation to top 4 finish. and build a good team for next season.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Maybe to replace Ramsey. Andre Gomes totally failed at Barcelona, therefore I’d prefer Arsenal gamble on another CM like Meyer, if they really want another CM

    I believe this is just a rumor spread by the media. But I believe Arsenal have launched some offers for Kingsley Coman and got rejected

    Because the Premier League will start soon, I think many of our current players would be offloaded and we could see the arrival of a new winger

  3. Omar Khadine says:

    Robnet, the reason behind why AFC is trying to sign “Andre Gomes”a no brainer. “Gomes” is an attacking box to box midfielder, much like “Ramsey” but with superior pace. Barca wants “Gomes” off their payroll and wants deal done this week. “Ramsey” is procrastinating in accepting a New Contract.

    In the circumstances, AFC has put heat on “Ramsey”; Sign or be Sold! Either way AFC moves on!

    Now to sell “Ozil” and sign “Ousmane Dembele”; Arsenal needs a speedy “winger striker” and “Dembele” can operate on either wing with both feet plus the relationship from the past with “Auba” and “Mkhitaryan” !

    1. Diana says:

      While some may want Ozil to move on, that will not happen, at least not in the next two seasons. So next question is who does he need to perform at his level best and what play would celebrate his ability.
      Gomes is a decent players but would not add anything we don’t already have. As part of proving himself, he may be an asset. I think the strength of the rumour will tell you how far the Ramsey contract negotiations are. While he is an good player, i doubt he has any current suitors and his delay is trying to assess the market. If he is still here at the end of the transfer window and he hasnt signed, his offer will go down. So he has technically about two weeks to finalise his future. Sadly, unlike Sanchez he doesnt have a lot of leverage to his contract negotiations. Only reason he even thinks he can negotiate 200k a week is because of Emery’s indication of building around him. 150k is the most i would give him, but nothing more than that.

    2. Midkemma says:

      It is good to see AFC acting when it comes to Rambos contract, they are not sitting back and allowing Rambo to dictate what will happen next, it appears AFC are taking the initiative so they are in as much control as they can be.

  4. BarryShitPeas says:

    Mohamed Elneny is not a good player. He is a cheap experiment from Basle. He was awful at the World Cup and has not positively contributed to Arsenal’s League/Cup performances since he signed. In Emery’s position, I would have him out the door immediately.

    Andre Gomes is a failed prospect at Barca and is not required. Max Meyer should be seriously negotiated with, salaried fairly and brought into midfield. Same with Bernard. Both are talented Free Agents. Gelson Martins was a big miss.

    Ousmane Dembele should be recruited on a season long loan basis to support Mkhitaryan on the wing – we can then seek to negotiate a permanent move after Barca mave their moves in the market.

    Coman would be a quality signing. Further depth on the wing would be superb. Auba & Lacazette will need supply from outside the middle of the park.

    I do not know why teams like Burnley, Newcastle, Brighton, Wolves, Leicester, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Southampton or Fulham are not smashing the doors down at Arsenal for players like Campbell, Jenkinson, Welbeck, Perez, & Cech I don’t know. All could contribute to a mid table league campaign where survival in the Prem is so essential for them all.

  5. Mobella says:

    ←Brutal summary of Arsenal’s transfer window – Could do better and make less profit? and 3 thoughts on “Why are Arsenal trying to sign Andre Gomes?” Is this a bad cop good cop thing.

    1. Admin says:

      Every reader has a different opinion and are entitled to them.
      You too are welcome to contribute to the discussion..

  6. Innit says:

    It’s better to keep Ramsey over getting Gomes.

    1. Diana says:

      True, because its like trading one player for another of same quality and ability. Others may even argue Ramsey is better (i personally don’t agree).

      1. NIFTY says:

        That is what I’v been saying are we upgrading or we are just signing for the joy of it. Apart from torreira and lei can u say leno, sokratis are improvement to what we have. kos and even mustafi at his best are better defenders than sokratis. Leno was also guilty of individual errors last season, but we were suppose to address that in our new keeper. For guen is just arsenal doing a Beliek, signing an academy player and presenting him as a first team signing to give us a feeling we signed a player

  7. Amitosh says:

    Gomes is low on confidence, no regular playing time and failure to make first team did not help him. He is good, and at least can give us same minutes as Ramsey. Practically we cant sell Danny and Ramsey, as we are low on English home grown quota. So, one of them goes, along with 1 GK. At current market he should be a bargain buy though, less than 20mil

  8. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t know Gomes, never seen him play to my knowledge. But if what is said about him brought in to possibly fill the Xavi vacancy, then he’s not like Ramsey. Maybe yous have seen him, making the reports wrong, I don’t know.

  9. Chris K says:

    Man our fanbase is properly divided eh?

    Shame we can’t all just respect we have our own different opinions, none of them more right or wrong than the next.

    Nifty and Ryan, Stan clearly couldn’t give a duck about the fans and their opinions else he’d have personally removed Wenger long before Wenger stepped down. I don’t think at this point many fans argue than stan is most definitely not the man! IMO, The fans that are the problem are those pointing accusing fingers at other fans trying who are to support the club!

    As for the article I agree that we should not pursue Gomes (I consider him good, but without really adding any additional value to a well stocked midfield) and if indeed we are in fact still in the market for another then it should most definitelt be a left back we are looking for.

    I think overall, people should give Emery a chance. Guess which young World Cup Winner just spent the last season being coached by him… I guess some people will say, “But Mbappe
    was already a class player before moving to PSG”, but I suspect those are the same people that would say Wenger would have made Mbappe worse if he came to Arsenal so make of that what you will. I’m personally looking forwards to see what he can do with the likes of Iwobi, Bellerin, Maitland Niles & Guendouzi.

    I’ll save my judgement until Feb when we should have a good idea of how the summer shake up has really gone.

    1. NIFTY says:

      Thanks maybe the article got to my nerves and i couldn’t control that. I’m sorry for that. I’v no issue with Emery bcos for me he is a excellent coach nd he will definitely be the reason we will perform well next season. My problem is with the board, who are the decieving with a transfer kitty of 50M. So when we continue giving reasons for their action it’s hard to take. Arsenal we know is worth more than a 50M transfer kitty for a rebuilding process

  10. i personally i don’t see the reason why arsenal want to sign andre gomes, it will be good if we have players like nzonzi in our team not gomes, and let us also add another impressive forward and i think ousman dembele can best fit the place.

  11. Natnael says:

    I started reading your nonsense article to find out if you were to deliver any progress about ‘Andre Gomez’. But I ended up getting none of it and I couldn’t even find any clear point what message u want to deliver to fans. Plz remember we fans want to read about the real situation of Arsenal, the team we love regardless.
    Worst it’s posted by admin, no words!

  12. Leeroysgooners says:

    Making more than four signings in a single transfer window may cause instability in a team.
    Surely this is a tongue in cheek dig at wenger that’s gone over every ones head? maybe I’m wrong only the writer knows but that is the dribble he used to quote even thou he made 8 signings in the summer of 1997 and won the league that year just my 2 cents

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